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Longer version of Al Jazeera ‘Labour Files’ part 2 is now available. Watch here

Broadcaster reveals yet more appalling revelations of the conduct of the Labour right and the ‘mainstream’ media when Corbyn was party leader

Last night’s Labour Files programme on Al Jazeera exposed yet more of the sinister and anti-democratic behaviour of the Labour right and the fallacy of so-called ‘Labour antisemitism’. This morning, the longer version of the programme has been published, containing another forty minutes or so of the right’s secrets – including proof of outright lies – and the consequences of their actions for their victims:

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  1. On another point
    Is an atheist but believes in the Monarchy
    So he doesn’t believe in Santa but he does believe in Leprechauns
    Then again do we believe anything the fucker says

  2. The new york version of the labour knight of the realm says “hes a Jewish convert bringing his children up in the jewish religion of his wife.?.. Still then again we know hes a pathological liar so they could be moonys or Hari Chrishna…theyre definitely not Catholics.

    1. Judaism follows the maternal blood line. Starmers wifes mother was a gentile. So is his wife even jewish.

  3. Why do we have to wait for a Arab tv news channel to broadcast the truth …come on the left and jeremy fight back and lets hear all the grizzly details about the right wing control of the labour party when we thought we were in a Socialist revival and paid our subs for that…not a witchunt.?and the destruction of the only democratic socialists movment. In parliament.Accommodating the right is lunacy and its all water under the bridge now in Britain.

    1. Joseph O’Keefe, Corbyn still remains a Labour member, one has to ask why after all this god awful stuff being revealed. Does he truly cling to the belief that it can be reformed into a decent organisation?

      1. ………….Baz 2001 ….I think that after all the lies and deceit including muck thrown at jeremy Corbyn hes probably had enough of the labour PLP,but I think its beyond him to walk away from despite it being in his interest and a couple of hundred thousand who would sign up to a party he was a member of….Unfortunately thats how it looks to me despite the country needing a genuine and competent Opposition party….which is not difficult if youre not already bought and paid for.which most of the mps are.

      2. exactly baz , i would love corbyn to go all out for a new party but lets be reminded of the infitraters that have kidded themselves into the labour party , starmer for one.

  4. Just watched this and there is one word that sums it and 12 September 2015 to date up perfectly “Naïvety”!
    Naivety is what consumed the entire Corbyn leadersip with ONE THING, Fake Antisemitism alegations from far right Antisemites and Racists!
    It was Kinder, Nicer, Gentler Consumption by Naïvety that got in the way of fighting for the Real victims, The Palestinians, “The UNDESERVING POOR” who are the: the poor, the unemployed, the old, the sick, the disabled, pacifists, immigrants, minorities, ‘the not in the safety and comfort of the middle-class bracket’, black and muslim MPs and members facing daily, viciously racist and violent attacks on social media, etc!
    It was Naïvety that that held great people like Jeremy Corbyn hostage and focused on one single fake matter! It was Naïvety, as much as we like or hate hearing it, that cost us GE17 and GE19.
    Looking for the good in people is possible, the good in anyone that ever lived will be vissible if we go looking for it, but to trust, believe in, like, only nice, kind, gentle people and forsake the rough diamonds, who cuss and scream like banshees, just because they are uncouth is utterly naive. The killer, robber, fraudster did not get in the house being ‘uncouth’, they got in by being nice, kind, gentle.
    We can’t expect more repetition of all this stuff that we already know. We know where the source of the problem is, not BlueKeef, but the entire Neo-Labour Party TORIES all ~190 of them, and they must be anihilated at the next GE. The handful of remaining UK Labour Party, who I believe are doing a great injustice to The PEOPLE, by selling UK Labour Party, but can only supply Neo-Labour Party TORY, also deserve to go down the same path.
    The UK Labour Party is DEAD, we must move on and leave Nicer, Kinder, Gentler, Naïvety in the past and background, lets go find some badass Shop-Stewards to form a new Party for The PEOPLE, by The PEOPLE, based on Corbynism minus the Kinder, Gentler Naïvety, leave that in the office, as advisory for guidance!
    Never FORGET!
    Never FORGIVE!

      1. I believe if we leave the so called Right Wing (The Thatcher Reagan flavour of Globalist Neoliberal One Party State, Neo-Labour Party TORIES) out and ban Zionism as Terrorism and Israel as an Apartheid Regime, and any other national or international groups that may interfere/sabotage, that we’d have very little in the line of Treachery. It would stick out like a sore thumb.

        PS NO inbetweener Momentum, NEC, etc The PEOPLE Directly to the Party and The Party Directly to The PEOPLE!
        The PEOPLE decide, and MPs go back to being MPs, rather than glorified clelebrities!

  5. Nellyskelly….Corbyns a old man and a long time member of the labour party and a former leader now expelled from the parliamentary labour party…..Like all of us the change from living labour “to the wilderness is difficult especially after a liftime fighting for socialism.I think jeremys time as come and gone and the man deserves a rest.I can’t see him ever” turning “on the labour party and so seals his own fate in politics and the socialist revival.
    Socialism is not a party for burnt out battle weary 😩old men and that is a pointer for the revival in Ireland of the democratic socialists party Sinn Fein who will form the next government of Ireland thanks to the younger generation of irish.who have rejected neo liberal alliances in the Republic of Ireland one of the wealthiest countrys in the world…were even a roof over your head is considered a luxury.?

  6. Absolutely Joseph, we could have done with a Jeremy Corbyn the age of Tommy Corbyn. I reckon that Jeremy would have, sleeves up, gone in the gutters with us! Somehow we have to hand the batton over to the young’uns! We know that they are interested in politics, we saw them rise, but then disappear again.
    We need people to support their young 25 to 40 year old, Shopstewards to take the next step, but again we need a single movement even if it is an umbrella Party/Union, but we need that one voice.
    How do we do that, well need the likes of Jeremy, Chris, Marc, Jackie, Tony and a massive crowd fund campaign, times are tough, because we lost our Socialist Government to The Neo-Labour Party TORIES and their Project VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn!
    Some will say Corbyn couldn’t stop the “war”, but considering that it only started because BoJoke jumped for his American Masters and talked Zelensky out of it, I dare say, yes Corbyn probably would have stopped the war, I can’t say that NATO and USA wouldn’t be shitting all over Corbyn and Peace but as far as that starting point he would have and could have prevented it starting. Corbyn knew he and Socialism got old in Parliament and I reckon that was why he was so proactive in encouraging the younger people

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