Right-winger Stanger suspended for ‘abusive behaviour’

stanger cobbs.png
‘Lukey’ Stanger getting cosy with right-wing pro-Israel activist Simon Cobbs as Cobbs films anti-racist protesters 

Labour right-winger Luke ‘Lukey’ Stanger is considered one of the least pleasant pro-Israel and anti-Corbyn trolls by many on the left. His Twitter timeline is a sewer of retweets by antisemitism-troll accounts, hardline anti-Corbyn MPs and even Tory columnists like ‘Desperate’ Dan Hodges and he appears to be on very cosy terms with Simon Cobbs, who has been filmed behaving aggressively toward elderly pro-Palestinian protesters.

Stanger promoted calls over the weekend for the expulsion of left-wing journalist Aaron Bastani for daring to question whether the British Legion is doing well enough to help former armed forces members when some 13,000 veterans are homeless:

austin stang.png

This is ironic, because at the time he retweeted Austin’s comment Stanger was and remains, according to locals in his Brighton CLP (constituency Labour party) – suspended from the Labour Party pending investigation of allegations of abusive behaviour toward fellow members, including female members.

Stanger was also recently accused – unconnected to his suspension – of ‘obsessive, fixated behaviour’ by elected Labour official Seema Chandwani and Councillor Peray Ahmet. Ms Chandwani also claimed that others had contacted her privately about similar online behaviour, while Cllr Ahmet stated that women of colour are often targeted:


chand ahmet2chand ahmet

Stanger responded by accusing Chandwani of ‘pursuing’ him and bullying him.

Earlier this year, Luke Stanger apologised for a racist tweet about Roma travellers:


The SKWAWKBOX contacted Luke Stanger repeatedly over a period of several days to offer him the opportunity to comment on his suspension and on other aspects of the story as it developed. He declined each time.

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      1. I don’t think Psycopathy is listed as a disorder.

        Maybe not but ……
        Psychopathy is among the most difficult disorders to spot. The psychopath can appear normal, even charming. Underneath, he lacks conscience and empathy, making him manipulative, volatile and often (but by no means always) criminal.

      2. PS As for being unhappy……. No, far from it. Bullyboys (and girls) get off on intimidating people and harassing them. It is literally like a drug, and ALL Psychopaths are inherently sadistic.

      3. Allan, before wasting time or money reading the self-serving conspiracy theories of a previously-imprisoned cancer ‘magic bullet’ quack I’d recommend scrolling down to his references and bibliography in the Amazon Kindle sample pages.
        There’s often much to be learned from what authors have themselves been reading – and more than usual in this instance.

      4. Or, if anyone wants a laugh, look at Greg Caton’s Wikipedia page.
        For anyone who doesn’t already know, “multi-level marketing” is another way of saying “pyramid scheme.”
        He’s NOT the Messiah – he’s a very naughty boy.

      5. Disregard what David said, and research the matter yourself. And here’s a good starter:


        And just for the record, I know a woman – a good friend of a friend – who was diagnosed with breast cancer and, as such, changed her diet to a completely organic vegan diet, stopped wearing makeup and using deoderants – which she used to plaster on on a daily basis – changed her carpets for carpets made from wool (and got rid of her carpets with flame-resistant chemicals in them), and replaced her bedding etc likewise, started using natural soap and washing her clothes with non-chemical products, etc, etc, etc, and some five or six months later she was completely cancer free, and has remained so in the nine years since. But in David’s world, this is all quackery of course!

      6. First of all it’s good news about your friend.

        However, I guess we’ll never know whether her cure was brought about by the medical treatment she received, the lifestyle changes or a combination of the 2. Also it would be difficult to establish which, if any, of the environmental changes had any direct effect on her recovery.

      1. Allan, I made no criticism of anything or anyone other than Greg Caton whose book you linked to and I’d appreciate your not insinuating otherwise.
        Community college, pyramid scheme, accused Kevin Trudeau of fraud, withdrew offending book, sued Trudeau, Trudeau sued him back & won 5 million dollars, Caton went bankrupt, started another pyramid scheme, shut down by FDA, admitted fraud, supported GM then changed his mind, products banned, firearms convictions, jailed, fled to Ecuador to escape US jurisdiction, lived in Ecuador to avoid 2 year prison sentence for fleeing probation, allegedly.
        The accusation that one of his products caused a woman to lose her nose may or may not be true.

        Of course chemicals and modern materials can cause cancers but so can ‘natural’ products – and everything we’ve ever made was made from naturally occurring raw materials.

    1. Could it be David that the allegations and accusations made against Greg Caton were trumped up and false, you know, something along the lines of the accusations of anti-semitism made against Jeremy Corbyn and dozens of other people on the Left of the LP? And like a number of people who have exposed the dangers of GM crops and foods, for example, whose research has been dismissed and derided by the GM lobby, and ditto for glyphosate, etc, etc, etc.


      1. Oh, I’ve just come back to this page after typing out my last post, and I see David has now responded to my previous post, and his side-kick has also joined in the discussion. AGAIN!

        And given that you obviously haven’t read his book, isn’t it rather presumptuos of you to just dismiss it out of hand. And there is of course lots of other info on the web about Psychopathocracy going back decades, as I’m sure you are well aware.

        Perhaps you’d like to comment on the other website I linked to.

      2. Pyramid schemes are the province of crooks – but you believe whatever you wish.
        He denied the dangers of GM until he was forced to switch sides.
        Everybody knows convicted criminals aren’t allowed guns, even in the US.
        So no, in this case I don’t accept that the allegations were false.
        I did read the preface of his book before cutting to his sources and Wikipedia – if anyone can read those first pages and not become suspicious there’s something wrong with ̶y̶o̶u̶r̶ his critical faculties 🙂

    2. SteveH said:

      However, I guess we’ll never know whether her cure was brought about by the medical treatment she received, the lifestyle changes or a combination of the 2.

      I omitted to mention it because I assumed that it was obviously implied – ie that she didn’t have any medical treatment as such. THAT was the whole point in my mentioning it.

      1. Allan Howard –

        she didn’t have any medical treatment as such

        Well that may make your comment a little more interesting. Do you have a link so that I can have a closer look at the details of this unusual turn of events?

      2. Allan – Please don’t forget to post that link I asked for. This is unusual for you, you’re not usually so backwards in coming forward.

    3. David said:

      I made no criticism of anything or anyone other than Greg Caton whose book you linked to and I’d appreciate your not insinuating otherwise.

      And who or what did I supposedly insinuate you criticised? You just pull them out of thin air don’t you David!

      1. David said:

        I did read the preface of his book before cutting to his sources and Wikipedia – if anyone can read those first pages and not become suspicious there’s something wrong with ̶y̶o̶u̶r̶ his critical faculties.

        Could you elaborate David? And do you not have anything to say about the other website I linked to re Psychopathocracy?

      2. Allan, everybody and his dog knows psychopathy is over-represented in the establishment if that’s what your ‘discovery’ refers to. There is no doubt about it and never has been.
        Get over yourself.
        I’m wasting no more time on your nonsense – I’ve electronic repairs to finish off when I’ve had my coffee.
        Less of a challenge than it used to be but still beats the shit out of explaining the logical fallacies in an obtuse six-year-old’s conspiracy theories.

      3. Spoken like a true propagandist David…… who obviously wanted to avoid elaborating about what he said in relation to Greg Caton’s book AND explaining about who or what it was I supposedly insinuated he – David – was criticising AND commenting on the website I linked to re Psychpathocracy.

        THAT’S the second time in the past two or three days he has resorted to dismissiveness and derision to get out of a corner, instead of responding honestly and intelligently.

        Oh, but then maybe you weren’t feeling well again and didn’t get any sleep last night, as with the three nights you didn’t get any sleep prior to trying to intimidate me recently. You’re so transparent David it’s a joke.

        When cornered, go on the attack, eh David! And then leave the room feigning anger. Good luck with your electronic repairs by the way!

  1. Although we might consider his behaviour as sickening and utterly unacceptable, I do not believe that he is suffering some illness. His activities and vile behaviours appear to me premediated and planned. Good Riddance.

  2. Guessing Labour isn’t Lukey-for-short’s natural home.
    He has that freshly-kneaded and floured look – more the prison pallor of the far right than Labour’s right.
    Keep him well away from Akehurst or they might achieve critical mass and implode into a supermassive white hole.

  3. Ignore the Right Wing Barbarians within Labour and the Right Wing Barbarians without.
    Whilst some of the greatest minds on the Leff are wondering what can be done, in my humble opinion:
    Left wing, grassroots, bottom up, participatory, democratic socialism will crush Neo-Liberalism – collective success v individual success and one usually based on legal theft.
    We are the many, they are the few.
    The rich they are miserable, whislt working people have a laugh too!
    Solidarity & X.

  4. Would Chris Williamson still go out his way to give stanger a lift?

    I wouldn’t p**s on ‘lukey’ stanger if he was on fire – Not even if I could p**s paraffin.

  5. Asperger’s syndrome at some level perhaps ? He may like to get tested for it and seek help as this is not normal behaviour by any standards

    1. I suggest you read up on Asperger’s and then reflect on what you have said.

    2. “Normal” is as meaningless as “common sense” given that a mind is as yet an impenetrable tangle and that psychiatry is a blind, deaf and deeply damaged infant in mittens poking the most complex entity in the known universe with a stick.
      (Jordan Peterson is the same infant playing psychology as a competitive sport.)

      “Free will” is a fiction – we’re the sum of the genes and random influences that formed us – pride, shame or blame in or for whatever we are makes no sense.

      Labelling most our “malfunctions” is of little value, their being largely the result of stratified societies’ insults to our self-worth.
      When the last capitalist is buried and genuine equality replaces competitive bullying the lying, intentionally demeaning construct of “equal opportunity” will disappear, and much “mental illness” along with it.

      Or so I believe… 🙂

  6. My concern reading the comments above is the language and tone being used. Personally and I am from the CLP this post should be removed as its potentially insisting discrimination with some of the comments above.

    The left should be careful following the tactics of those on the right, they do negative press leaks, we should leave the party to deal with this internally.

    Please remove this blog.

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