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Excl: NCC bullying and harassment case against Stanger ‘disappears’ as new Disputes chair praises him

It’s ‘fantastic’ to see notorious ‘racist’ troll back door-knocking, says Gurinder Singh Josan

Last week, the Liverpool Riverside Left Twitter account pointed out that Gurinder Singh Josan – the new chair of the Labour party’s second-highest and most influential disciplinary panel – had welcomed Luke Stanger back into the party, describing it as ‘fantastic’ to see Stanger ‘back on the #Labourdoorstep’:

But Stanger had been suspended by the party over a series of complaints of harassment, stalking, bullying and racism – and his case had been referred to the NCC (National Constitutional Committee), the party’s top disciplinary body, which has the power to expel. Under Labour’s rules, suspended members are not allowed to campaign with members – and if they slipped through somehow with complaints pending against them, this should not be welcomed by someone chairing the second most senior disciplinary body.

Stanger was suspended by the party in late 2018 after complaints of ‘abusive behaviour’ toward Labour members, particularly women. He had also caused outrage with racist comments against the Gypsy/Roma/Traveller community:

Stanger also admitted that two men had threatened and abused an Asian woman and her partner in a Brighton pub after he pointed out to the two men that the others were left-wingers, but claimed that he had no idea that this might lead to the abuse that took place. He also confirmed, in a post to social media about complaints against him, being asked by a so-called ‘moderate’ councillor to ‘build a dossier’ with the aim of smearing a Labour parliamentary candidate when it was subsequently leaked.

But now, Mr Stanger is back campaigning for Keir Starmer’s Labour – and the new chair of the NEC Disputes panel has praised his return as ‘fantastic’.

So Skwawkbox began to dig and was able to discover that Stanger’s case – including three new cases on top of the original reasons for his suspension – had been moved from the backlog onto the NCC’s docket to adjudicate only in late August last year – and had not yet been heard.

However, the case has simply gone from the NCC’s pending cases. A Labour source told Skwawkbox:

There’s no record of it pending. It’s just disappeared.

Skwawkbox understands that the NEC called back a number of cases from the NCC after Josan became Disputes chair in January this year, but the case against Stanger does not appear to have been on that list – so no record appears to exist of its withdrawal. It is simply no longer on the list of cases for the NCC to hear.

Skwawkbox contacted Gurinder Singh Josan on Wednesday, asking for comment by 6pm that day on the following:

You said it was ‘fantastic’ that Stanger was back campaigning. Suspended members aren’t allowed and his case was referred to NCC but seems to have disappeared from the NCC list since you became disputes chair. Any comment please provide it no later than 6pm.

Apart from a reply asking who was sending the enquiry, no response has been received at the time of writing on Friday morning, two days later.

But the evidence appears to suggest that Luke Stanger was quietly reinstated to the party – without any notification to the NCC that was responsible for resolving the serious complaints of racism, stalking, harassment and bullying against him – and without even any record that it was done apart from the disappearance of the case from the NCC’s docket. Whether he played any role in the reinstatement or not, Gurinder Singh Josan has stated that he considers it ‘fantastic’ that Stanger is back.

Luke Stanger has previously said that he is not willing to respond to any questions from Skwawkbox.

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  1. Further prove that nowadays the Labour Party is a FASCIST Party. Glad I am not longer a member.

    1. The back door reinstatement of a right winger who is being investigated for bullying harassment and racism and his warm welcome by NCC chair ( who clearly has a conflict of interest in this case) says all you need to know about about Starmers Labour.
      It is absolutely clear that this situation cannot continue indefinitely and the morally bankrupt party will soon be financially bankrupt too because members are leaving in droves.
      Starmer and the PLP cannot be unaware of the damage they are doing and where it is leading so we can only assume it is deliberate -they want to destroy traditional Labour so that the party can be reborn as a completely right wing party. This will create a two party system which will give voters the choice between a hard and a soft right government. This is what the establishment and Starmers Trilateral billionaire backers have been working towards so that they never have to worry a bout a Socialist resurgence. If by any chance this did happen it wouldn’t bother them – they would just do the hatchet job on any new Socialist leader that they did on Jeremy Corbyn .

  2. Now that the anti-member, anti-diverse opinions, anti-members’ democracy ‘new management’ is playing their war-games so aggressively and mendaciously, is it not time for NEC Members to consider their very membership of the party?

    Anyone with integrity would at least consider it.

    1. I have no doubt that the Left members of the NEC like Left members throughout the party have seriously considered resigning. I have no doubt either that the party will eventually split and a new party based on our shared Socialist values will be formed but as I have posted previously we have to do this at the right time- when we have the financial backing of the Trade Unions and when they come out and openly back us. If we “jump the gun” we will be wiped out just like Respect the SDP, Change UK UKIP etc etc were in the past.
      That is what the right wing wants and why we ( at all levels of the party) are being constantly urged to resign and launch a new socialist party.

      1. Smartboym as someone that agonised over many months over whatever to left the LP or stay and fight, at the end I decided that my personal integrity couldn’t handle staying as a member of what effectively is nowadays a Fascist Party.
        You mention UKIP in your post, they never won a single seat with the exception of a Tory that crossed the floor to UKIP. Still with only 1 seating MP UKIP managed to transform the Conservative Party.
        We have nearly 40 MPs that are members of the SCG, the more than they remain put in the Labour Party unable to campaign on the issues that matter from a Socialist perspective, the more compromised that they become and the easier it would be for Starmer to withdraw the whip from them.
        They wouldn’t be able to present themselves as resigning on principle and integrity, a narrative would be easily spin that they were quiet happy to put up with whatever to keep their cosy jobs, so why trust them?
        I agree with you that Trade Unions financial support is essential in order for a new socialist Party to be able to win elections.
        However, look at what UKIP achieved by enabling the Tories to lose elections? I am waiting to see what would be the results in Newham next May, how the independent socialist candidates perform. Also if the Liverpool candidates that have the Labour whip removed managed to get re-elected under a non Labour banner.
        Perhaps this is the way to go forward: to follow UKIP footprints: start winning seats in local elections and ensure that neo-Labour candidates lose their seats.

  3. When I was in Labour a prominent Right Wing, well known to the powers that be in Labour, member said about a famous Jewish actress (who supported Corbyn) that “She was Labour’s house trained Jew.”
    Half a dozen of us socialists put complaints in about this disgusting comment but surprise, surprise, the answer came back there was no case to answer!
    Would have been an interesting research project, put a 100 complaints in to Starmer’s Labour saying a Leftie said this and put in 100 saying it was a Right Winger (or 100 variants to make it more less obvious).
    Wonder what the results would have been?

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