Fresh complaints against suspended ‘troll’ Stanger – also published Labour staff complaint against himself

Suspended right-winger subject of further complaints from women Labour members – and bizarrely self-incriminates by publishing letter from Labour Party
Luke Stanger, furthest left

Suspended anti-Corbyn activist Luke Stanger, the suspended anti-Corbyn activist considered a ‘troll’ by many Labour members, is the subject of a new complaint to the party about alleged bullying and harassing behaviour toward a woman member.

Stanger has also published a letter sent to him by the party about the investigation into earlier complaints, revealing that he has also been rebuked by Labour for his conduct toward Labour staff.

The new complaint, lodged by a Hove woman with the local party, revolves around Stanger’s behaviour at events arranged by Brighton Palestine Solidarity, where he has been shouting at and pursuing attendees and filming their reaction.

Stanger was filmed in return by one disturbed demonstrator:

Sound has been removed to protect identities

The complaint continues:

On Saturday, at the PSC stall in Brighton, he followed me around, with his phone on record, asking me questions. He stood behind me shouting at me. It was extremely threatening. He did the same to [redacted]. This is the third time he has appeared at PSC events and harassed [redacted] and myself.

Luke is using the name of the Labour Party in his shouty abuse. He is bringing the Labour Party into disrepute. He has targeted two female Hove CLP members to physically stalk and harass. He is trying to make [redacted] and I feel unsafe, even in the centre of Brighton.

I urge the EC to take a strong stand on this and demand Stanger’s immediate expulsion. No woman in the Labour Party should be bullied on the streets by another Labour Party member. That Luke Stanger is a particularly large male creates a greater threat to our safety.

Stanger has been accused of sinister behaviour by a number of other women and was suspended after an unrelated complaint for bullying. His case has been referred to Labour’s ultimate disciplinary body, the National Constitutional Committee.

Contacted for comment, Stanger described scrutiny of his behaviour as ‘nasty and vulgar antics’ and ‘libellous’ – and dismissed ‘intellectual capacity’ of the woman who made the latest complaint about his behaviour.

But bizarrely, Stanger also decided to publish a letter sent to him by the Labour Party about his behaviour in the case referred to the NCC – and it reveals that Labour’s ‘Governance and Legal Unit’ (GLU) has rebuked him, not only for bullying and harassing the party’s staff, but also for numerous breaches of confidentiality.

In sections of the letter titled ‘Attacks on Labour Party staff’ and ‘Breach of confidentiality’, the GLU tells Stanger:

You remain suspended from Labour Party membership.As you know, the investigation that led to your referral to the National Constitutional Committee included several allegations of bullying and harassment.

As you also know, you have previously been warned about attacks on Labour Party staff and asked to remove public attacks on them from your social media.

We have received a large volume of correspondence from you which contains unwarranted attacks and accusations about Labour Party staff.

You also continue to publish attacks on staff on social media on a regular basis.

The Labour Party does not tolerate harassment of its staff.

Despite the attacks you have made, we are clear that no staff have acted in any improper manner in your case. The individuals that you have repeatedly named have not been directly involved in the ongoing conduct of your case. The allegation that Party staff have acted with any political motivation towards you is not in any way accurate: the NEC took a decision to refer your case to the NCC based on all relevant evidence and your answers to that evidence, and staff are not responsible for that decision by the NEC.

Your allegation that staff have mistreated, bullied or harassed you is untrue and you have never supported these allegations with any evidence. None of the staff you have named have mistreated you in any way, nor even interacted with you.

Please confirm that you will stop attacking staff members both in correspondence to the Party and in material that you publish online. Please also confirm that you will delete all published material attacking or naming individual Party staff members.

Breach of confidentiality

It has come to our attention that you have published portions of confidential correspondence relating to your disciplinary case. Disclosure of confidential information may in itself constitute a breach of Party rules.

Therefore please remove all published material related to your disciplinary case.

Emphases added by the SKWAWKBOX

Rather than heed the GLU’s admonition, Stanger chose to publish the letter – and has done so with other correspondence, revealing that he is also under investigation for anti-traveller racism and for compiling hostile ‘dossiers’ against a Labour candidate, leading to a further complaint against him for GDPR breaches:

I am writing to report Luke Stanger…who in publishing his entire LP investigation report and a complaint letter to the General Secretary about me on the public platform Medium has committed a serious breach of GDPR. In so doing, women members that he has been targeting have been placed at risk of abuse. 

…I trust you will take this matter seriously and instruct Mr Stanger to remove both Medium posts (links below) immediately. 

Stanger continues to claim that he is being unfairly targeted and has bemoaned the supposed unfairness of his treatment during direct message conversations. However, the complaints continue to stack up about his conduct and he publishes confidential letters he has received about his behaviour and case.

According to the narrative pushed almost unvaryingly by the so-called ‘mainstream’ media and by Labour’s political opponents, abuse is a left-wing phenomenon.

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