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Never mind the national anthem b*****ks – Labour’s conference is doing all-white

Party’s excruciating and embarrassing anthem-singing gets hammered – and an image from the farce shows overwhelmingly white faces

Keir Starmer’s Labour has been entirely understandably derided for its morally and musically painful singing of the national anthem at the start of its annual conference this morning – to a curiously Tory-blue image of the late queen – but the sheep-like baas and bleats are only a small part of the problem.

The Labour right’s tame journalist-stenographers may have observed that there was no heckling among conference delegates – hardly surprising when the Starmer-Evans regime has been so busy purging any dissent – but there was also precious little sign of any non-white faces among those gathered in the very sparsely-populated Liverpool conference hall:

From what can be seen on the video, there was little sign of colour among the faces on the platform either – and it was not just the framing of a single shot, as the camera pans around the halls it’s still very hard to spot any variation:

Never mind the national anthem, Starmer’s doing all-white and not for the first time.

Shortly after conning Labour members into voting him in as party leader, Starmer convened a ‘diversity review’ panel – one made up entirely of white people and with the party’s most senior staff member of colour notably excluded – and spent a reported six-figure sum pursuing the leakers of a Labour report that exposed widespread and deep-rooted racism among right-wing Labour staff.

When selecting council candidates in the very diverse Sandwell borough, Starmer’s NEC allies voted to exclude elected black and Asian representatives from the process in favour of an all-white panel.

And of course, since the Forde Report that Starmer was forced to commission finally came out after a delay of over two years, Starmer and his cronies denigrated the report’s findings of abhorrent bigotry, misogyny, mental health abuse and a ‘hierarchy of racism‘, with a heavy dose of rigging and misappropriation of funds, and proceeded to ignore the black QC’s recommendations and act as if the report had never happened.

Of course, the make-up of the conference floor hides a number of well-meaning souls trying desperately to get the will and voice of members heard at Starmer’s Potemkin event, but the lack of diversity of opinion as well as skin-colour speaks to the fundamental disease of a party hollowed out of anything but vacuous forelock-tugging and utter contempt for democracy.

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    1. EDL was JDL, search them on Company House.
      Mr CAA among many other Neo-Labour Zionists, heavily involved in EDL and Britain First. Search it on Tony Greenstein’s blog.
      Check out the Far Right speak on LAAS YouTube Channel at their meetings, especially the one about Zarah Sultana!
      Yep the Neo-Labour Party TORIES are as Far Right as Zionism and Israel!

      1. There were probably more Black faces in conference in the era of Harold Wilson, Barbara Castle, and Jim Callaghan. And in the era of declonisation no one was making them sing a hymn to royalty and white upper-class birth privilige.

        The only way Starmer can only make the Labour Party any more alien to what it is supposed to be, is by insisting on Brown shirts uniform and a raised arm salute when he enters the room.

  1. Labour’s or should I say the worker’s biggest problem is trying to get a fair return for their efforts from the establishment, in my 75 years that has never really been forthcoming, yet here we are singing to keep that problem going to continue the disparity we increasingly have,

    1. “The UNDESERVING POOR” are not real! We are invisible (except for our vote) to them!
      The Neo-Labour Party TORIES’ minimum membership requirements: A Confirmed Thatcher/Reagan’s flavour of Globalist Neoliberal, Middle Class, White, Zionist, proof of anti-Socialism, anti-Marxism and anti-Corbynism, preferred Male Misogynist and Racist, belong to at least one Conservative Party Club/Group. Can’t make the One Party State work without a bit of mingling and mixing together.

  2. Perhaps the ‘stars and bars’ of the Confederate Battle flag would have been more appropriate.

    Perhaps that will be next year.

    Only 5% ahead in opinion poll in the Observer today.

    1. And most of the BAME/Muslim people in the PLP are in danger of deselection from Starmer’s Gestapo.

      (with the possible exception of Uncle Lammy – after all he doesn’t mind voting against the interests of other people-of-colour or supporting 19th C-type racist-imperialist wars)

      1. Bernie – I’ve not seen any evidence of that, The fact is that Keir changed the rules at last years conference to make it considerably more difficult to ‘trigger’ sitting MPs.
        Surely you must accept that that a CLP has the right to deselect their sitting MP?

      2. And Skwawkbox also pointed out that Ann Rothery – who featured as one of Starmer’s Gestapo’s victims in the Al Jazeera Labour files – “would have become the UK’s first black woman mayor” before falling victim to an anti-democratic stitch-up full documented in the programme.
        See –

      3. Bernie – …….and your issue is what, that another black female became Mayor in her place? 🤔

      4. Bernie – …and he was replaced by another BAME candidate who won his seat.

      5. A Black female mayor who backs austerity and, unilke the majority of people in Liverpool, isnt a socialist, and therefore isn’t Black in any meaningful sense You’d have to concede that whatever it is that governs Liverpool isn’t Labour and isn’t worth having- well, if you weren’t a paid spammer for the Starmer Tories.

      6. And Steve- you know perfectly well that that’s the OPPOSITE of what Bernie was saying- don’t lie about people, for god’s sakes.

      7. Ken – I’m simply highlighting how ridiculous his accusations of racism are.

      8. Every attack on Black party activists, including the Starmer-directed and totally unjustified(and unsupported by ACTUAL CLP MEMBERS in her constituency) attempt to deselect Zara Sultana and replace her with a useless white reactionary) can only be called racist. It can only be called racist for Starmer to refuse over and over again to defend Black female Labour MPs like Diane Abbott and Bell Ribiero-Addy against attacks on them based entirely on their race. It could only be called racist for Keir to condemn the removal of a statue of a slaveowner- therefore a person with no redeeming human balues- in Bristol, while calling BLM “a moment, not a movement’. And it can only be racist to pretend that policies massively to the right of the 2017 policies- as all of Keir’s are- can produce an antiracist government, since no one who wants those policies moved to the far right cares about racism.

        And it can only be called racism for Keir to act as if antisemitism- a form of bigotry everyone within the Labour Party under Corbyn always passionately opposed- matters, but anti-BAME racism doesn’t. There is no other possible interpretation, especially since, as we all know, there was never a massive increase in Labour AS under Corbyn or any increase in it at all.

      1. Ian – “The Labour Party is on track to secure a 56-seat majority in the House of Commons, new polling has revealed.
        Savanta research for LabourList shows Sir Keir Starmer’s party would secure 353 seats if there was an election tomorrow – an increase of 154 – while the Tories would lose 146 and return 211 MPs to parliament.
        The model indicates that the SNP would secure 48 seats (+4), the Lib Dems 15 (+1), Plaid Cymru three (+-) and the Greens one (+-).
        Savanta found a 12-point lead for Labour, with 45 per cent of people reporting that they would back Keir Starmer’s party in a general election compared to 33 per cent who said the same of the Conservatives.

        Please read the full article here

    1. If last year is anything to go by, some of these people might not actual be Labour reps, but actors/extras bussed-in to play a part?

      1. Bernie – Wow! Are you saying that only reps should be allowed to attend conference and that the membership should be excluded?

      2. And let’s not forget that some of these people bussed-in to play the part of adoring Starmerites are replacing those real Labour people expelled immediately prior to conference, in an act of anti-democratic fascism.
        Historians record the Nazis used to support their speakers in Munich beer halls using the same tactic of public spectacle engineering, and like Starmer backed up by security heavies.

      3. Bernie – Are you saying that ‘the left’ have failed to get their act together again?

      4. It’s not the left’s fault- and STOP putting the words “the left” in scare quote. There is no such thing as a person who is actually left wing, actually a socialist, who SUPPORTS what Starmer & Evans have done to the party. It’s can never produce socialist results to crush internal democracy within what was created to be the socialist party, and it can never produce anything any socialist could support to move that party’s policies massively to the right, to the MacMillan Tory policies Starmer has so far announced- and we can assume any additional policies he will announce can only be further to the right and can only make the next GE even more meaningless.

        How do you sleep at night, SteveH? How can you defend- unless you are being paid- the unjust persecution of thousands of party members, the actual abolition of the concept of “fair play” and “natural justice” in Labour disciplinary proceedings, the disgusting spectacle of a Gentile party leader feeling he has the right to accuse Jewish party members of antisemitism simply because they don’t support what is now a permanently right-wing and anti-peace and justice nationalist movement that achieved its objective in 1948 and no longer has any reason to exist AS a movement? A movement these people have every right to feel is a betrayal of their values, their humanity, and their identity?
        How do you defend hundreds of thousands of party members being made to feel they had no alternative but to leave the party because they were permanently stripped of any voice in how its run, what it stands for, who stands for it?

        How can you honestly believe that it even still matters if Labour wins the next GE, since it no longer supports anything but tiny, trivial increments of change, and tiny trivial increments, low-cost policies “pro-business economics” and a balanced budget can’t produce anything but Thatcherism?

        How much do they pay you, SteveH? You couldn’t be doing this for free. It’s not humanly possible for anybody who ever actually supported the core values of the Labour Party to defend every reactionary Starmer choice, none of which have gained Labour any actual new votes in any actual tests at the polls, none of which are an answer to anything?

        There is no way anyone could honestly believe that what Keir & Evans have done to Labour can produce anything in government that’s actually different than Toryism. The balanced- budget pledge itself guarantees deeper cuts than Thatcher ever made- when a Labour government is supposed to mean, if it means nothing else, that there will be NO cuts in benefits or services while it is inpower- and which guarantees savage, soul-crushing austerity that will do nothing but collective economic punishment for anyone who needs a government with Labour values.

        Why can’t you admit it’s all gone too far? That the nastiness and the embrace of extreme-right politics were never necessary? If you’re not being paid, how can you not admit that?

      5. Bernie – You mean the ‘armed police’ who turned out to be not armed. You are a joke.

      6. There’s plenty to agree with in what Ken Burch says. But there is not much to be gained in addressing the troll directly. It only makes it feel important.

        It is not just the absence of Black faces that is the issue here.
        Some of the stooges that have been placed into the auditorium have replaced our expelled Jewish socialist comrades.
        The fact that the troll jokes about this racism and the smearing of our Jewish comrades just reaffirms that ‘it’ is not worth acknowledging.

        Look at the pattern of its posts. First of all it denies there is any evidence of racism then when presented with reports jokes about it.
        That’s why some of us refuse to acknowledge it and when forced to, only refer to it as ‘it’ – because it doesn’t behave like an actual decent person and part of this community.

      7. Ken Burch – Just to support what you say about racism.
        The new census ethnicity data isn’t published yet but the last 2011 one indicated that Black, Asian and Mixed-Race groups add up to 12+% of the population. Yet they are practically un-findable in this conference audience imagery (and they’re doing this in Liverpool).

        The other reason I don’t acknowledge the troll directly is – as you point out – its habit of lying about or mis-summarising other people’s statements. It’s a typical troll trick and not worth engaging with.

      8. “Bernie – Are you saying that ‘the left’ have failed to get their act together again?”

        I think she’s just saying that the anti-democratic confidence trickster currently serving as leader of Labour is bussing-in accomplices who pose as a genuine members of Labour to look good for the TV cameras and the PtB. That’s all.

      9. In a Thatcher/Reagan flavour of Globalist Neoliberal One Party State, both TORY Parties are welcomed to each others Conference and Membership, that’s what boosts their numbers.
        I bet if you look in any Conservative Party TORY or Neo-Labour Party TORY Member’s wallets you’ll find two membership cards a red one and a blue one!

      10. qwertboi – Do you have any credible evidence to support assertions lies

      11. To be fair, if the party was going to bus in extras to fill seats, surely they’d bring in enough non-white people to make themselves look diverse and representative?

      12. If anyone is interested Skwawkbox identifies the Police at conference as the “SCO-19 armed unit”.

        Obviously the sort of fanatic who’d libel every single Skwawkbox article cited on this thread as a pack of lies probably won’t be satisfied by that.
        And what anyone who holds Steve’s work in such contempt is doing on this site offending its community, is another question?

      13. Given how infamously poorly Starmer’s public appearances are attended, even managing to bus-in nothing but white people would have pleased his team.

  3. Challenge to the new Middle-Class & Up, go to your local British (as some of you live abroad and to clarify any confusion) Council Estate go to the high rises and ask the “UNDESERVING POOR” whom you kicked out, to come and sing god save the king with you! Any time now especially while the Greedmongers, including the nonexistent “Opposition” are reaping their rewards off the backs of the suffering poor. Be sure to be PPE’d up to the eyeballs, because you may find yourself flying over the banister!

  4. 20% of the PLP are from an ethnic minority.
    Of the 65 ethnic minority Members, 41 (63%) are Labour and 22 are Conservatives (34%). There are two Liberal Democrat MPs from an ethnic minority background. More than half (37) of the 65 minority ethnic MPs are women.

      1. When I awakened this morning and had a good look at the news I thought I had landed on another planet and behold a EDL mtg…Sorry a Labour party Conference?..IN this different world on another planet labour were a working class party I served in with the occasional socialist policy and talks about wages and conditions of employment….war was a bad thing….respect for different colour,race and gender equality.I don’t recognise this version of Britain….maybe I will go back to bed and I will have landed in a jungle in the middle of nowhere land….Surely anythings better than this labour party nightmare?or whats happening to Britain whilst I slept along with millions of unsuspecting pensioners and working class people who just wanted a fair life free from debt and able to feed the hungry and the vunerable including their loved ones.
        .May God forgive these wicked people because I never will or forget.

    1. ..steve h hall,davidh………Class not colour…..the Torys have proved that,and the labour party are living in a middle class utopia were climbing the social scale is all that matters….A knight from Surrey and its not rocket science to see whats on the label and just what you voted for…!Idiots “

    2. Steve H….its just not credible any of your arguments especially as most people who belong to a party don’t fall for the whole propoganda hook line and sinker if they are members or activists..or even councillors or MPs.You peddle the same codswallop day after day without any questioning or disagreement with your labour party fascist endeavour.
      Why anyone would pay you I don’t know but one point is becoming increasingly clear you are a paid troll bought and paid for like your fascist endeavour labour party….The labour party as morphed into a version of the “Steptford wives especially you but who knows dressing up might be….your thing?…along with the sheep..?

      1. Joseph – I have no idea what you are prattling on about, do you?

      2. An earlier response to troll criticism of Ken Burch was…
        “The other reason I don’t acknowledge the troll directly is – as you point out – its habit of lying about or mis-summarising other people’s statements. It’s a typical troll trick and not worth engaging with.”

        Far from abusing people-of-colour, actually the reality of Ken Burch’s analysis of Starmerite fake candidates – Black or otherwise – is a reflection of Malcom X’s observations of a profiteering ‘house slaves’ being imposed on the disempowered .
        And regardless of barefaced lies, there is nothing to quote that would support smears of Ken to the contrary – particularly from those manipulatively claiming that false accusations of racism are rhetorically the lowest, while practising the same hypocrisies themselves.

        But it would seem the likes on this thread support Ken and not the troll!

    3. You’ve been rumbled Mr Chief Turd Polisher….You are a liar, a racist and a scumbag. We know what you are and who you are. Now go play with the traffic you nasty, nasty excuse of a human being.

      1. baz2001 – The above figures are facts (look it up in a dictionary)
        You are more than welcome to try and prove your accusations, perhaps you should pay closer attention to a person that you profess to admire “To falsely accuse anybody of any kind of racism is a major dishonest and dishonourable thing to do.”
        You are no better than those you profess to despise because of their false accusations.

      2. I am glad so many people here are citing examples of Starmerite racism and neo-fascist manipulations. And are also calling out racism for what it is. Thanks to Skwawkbox for all the sources

        By contrast Ken Burch made a very reasonable observation that a parachuted-in Starmerite candidate was neither representative of the Black community or the working-class, and a certain establishment troll invoked an unsubstantiated slur of racism against him.
        Solidarity Ken Burch!

      3. Bernie – You may have had a point if that was what Ken had actually said but he didn’t and you don’t.
        This is what Ken actually wrote
        “A Black female mayor who backs austerity and, unilke the majority of people in Liverpool, isnt a socialist, and therefore isn’t Black in any meaningful sense”

  5. The Monarchy and Church are fine when they have no part in your democracy
    Take them both down to the Vets and let’s see if it changes their behaviour

  6. I will never apologise for the colour of my skin, even though the Guardian Wokes think it’s the wrong colour. Representation issues & quota systems have nothing to do with equality.

  7. Joanne Anderson, not a black mayor? Not for long as the post has been abolished……….’A Black female mayor who backs austerity and. unlike the majority of people in Liverpool isnt a Socialist. and therefore isn’t Black in any meaningful sense’ sic joke………..NO, that’s enough racist stupidity. Joanne Anderson is a black female who happens to be the last mayor of Liverpool. Goodbye Wokes & thanks for all the fish!

    1. steve101704 – Oh for goodness sake grow up and stop being so naive, what would refusing to set a legal budget achieve?

      1. SteveH – you are telling me to grow up? Pourquoi? I am afraid I have a tendency to grow more sideways these days & I don’t recall mentioning legal budgets so please remind me.

      2. steve101704 – It was you that said “’A Black female mayor who backs austerity” Perhaps you could explain how she has backed austerity if it wasn’t by setting a legal budget and how you envisage she should have opposed austerity. 🤔

      3. No SteveH, I did not say that, I merely quoted what Ken Burch had said previously. Please read it carefully.

      4. It would mobilise and galvanise opposition to Toryism- setting what you call “legal budget” can’t be called anything but complete and permanent surrender to the Tories. It’s impossible to work within their constraints and still fight for a different vision of society and the future. And it’s impossible to keep asking for the support of voters if you give them nothing, as every Labour council that agrees to the Tory constraints does. It’s not Labour to reduce the agenda to “we’ll build convention centres even though building benefits no one but the rich, we’ll hold arms fairs even though there is no gain to workers from building and selling armaments in an era when all wars can only be anti-worker and reactionary”.

    2. There is an important truth in what steve 101704 says.
      The problem in the Labour Party at the moment is that there is no real democracy. This is because the cabal in charge- mainly consisting of MPs, Councillors and others with careers in politics- is afraid of allowing socialists to shape policy and share in decision making within the party.
      At one level they are afraid that this will offend the electorate and lead to their losing elections. At another -as the fake antisemitism crisis demonstrated- they fear a transformation of the party into a vehicle for anti capitalist and anti -imperialist policies.
      They are right to be afraid- the experience of the past few yeas has shown that ordinary people will flock to the party if it pursues radical policies and involves them in its government, empowering them by giving them access to policy shaping and electioneering.
      More important the world, with the UK on the lead, is headed for a massive restructuring of the economy, society and everything to do with them. Imperialism, in which the UK is reduced to the humiliating role of doing what it is told by Washington, is no longer viable, all it will bring is war and heavy taxation to support wars.
      We are going to have to change, stand on our own feet and employ the enormous wealth at pur disposal to end poverty, conquer disease and tackle the deep damage that hundreds of years of capitalism has caused.
      There is nothing mysterious about this. Everyone who thinks about it will agree. The Labour leadership know it to be true- they also know that when change comes their careers are ended. They fear democracy because it is a means of putting an end to a corrupt system, in whose rotting corpse they fester like the parasites thjey are.

      1. Don’t worry Holby the knight will take you back to the war days and all the rationing as well….Will he be thankful for your subs…NO..!

      2. bevin – Or to put it more succinctly there are too few of you to have any impact.

    3. Without wanting to be provocative, the only people who still use the term ‘woke’ or ‘wokes’ are old foggey’s who have no relationship to young people, who left the term behind them many years ago.
      As regards, what constitutes ‘Blackness’, it’s not just the colour of the skin. Everyone from Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali has condemened ‘uncle tom-ery’ or playing the house slave.
      As Uncle Lammy’s betrayals have demonstrated the colour of your skin doesn’t excuse careerists stabbing other people-of-colour, and working-class people in the back.
      Marginalised Black people have more in common with other members of the working-class, than they do with neoliberal backstabbers.
      And certainly forcing a race and class traitor into Liverpool is not legitmised by the colour of her skin.

      1. Maltesers
        Black on out side, White on the inside
        Obama sets the standard
        He could have changed the world, instead !

      2. Don King boxing promoter
        Cared not a jot for Black or White
        He only cared for green
        Keep saying it money buys most things but the best things in life are free

      3. Not only am I guility of being white but a double whammy of being old & ‘left behind by young people (what relevance does that have?) & personally I couldn’t care less whether anyone thinks this is provocative or not. Both Malcolm X & Mohammed Ali were racists who described the white race as devils & fundamentally disagreed with Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream of an integrated society. Keep on virtue signalling & shining your liberal badge.

  8. No need for a meme ! That image of the Labour platform group
    standing in front of Huge flags says everything!

    I lived through WW2 and believe me people didn’t stand
    around waving flags – too much else to do. Also – fabric
    was at a premium with clothing requiring coupons along with
    everything else not directly required by the War Effort.

  9. I see rachel reeves is dressed in her best tory blue at conference today…😙🎶

    1. Rachel Reeves and Establishment Reprobates will be creaming their jeans at the near-parity between £ and $ that is coming down the lane. Then as we kow-tow to the Pax Americana it will be ‘academic’ whether UK is the 51st State of USA or not. Academic!

      Not just Rachel of course. Economists from every major political party will be privately celebrating the prospect. Labour-wise, Gordon Brown, Ed Balls and the Milliband Brothers, who favour the “Trilateral” (‘too much democracy’) brand of Oligarchy.

      1. ooops – didn’t finish sentence..

        Labour-wise, Gordon Brown, Ed Balls and the Milliband Brothers, who favour the “Trilateral” (‘too much democracy’) brand of Oligarchy, will be preparing their merger plans for UK Labour and the US Democrats

      2. Two Cheeks
        You can read the full transcript of one of PWC’s core policies ‘Make Brexit work’

  10. which of these pledges by the labour party are true We “shall renationalise the railways.” .. ”
    .We shall stand by the labour pledges “if you elect me keir starmer
    .If you want you can throw them all away its conference season and Billy liar as a front seat..And at the Conservative and unionist party conference How” to wreck a major economy with a unique combination of schoolboy economics from the chancellor and “How playing away” moulded my economic policys for British growth by destroying the value of sterling in the start of a western world recession…..Truss me not?

  11. If ‘Steve Skwawky’ dislikes the colour of peoples’ skin in this photo, may I suggest he employs a 6B pencil to achieve his quota?

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