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Exclusive: NEC right votes to bar Asian woman and keep all-white, all-male panelists to select council candidates for borough with 23% BAME residents

Right-wing NEC members refuse to make way for Yasmin Dar – including deputy leader Angela Rayner, NEC BAME representative, Sandwell Sikh member

Right-wingers on Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) voted this week to block an Asian member from a panel to select council candidates for a West Midlands borough with 20% Asian residents.

The panel is being arranged to select local election candidates for Sandwell borough – and two white, male representatives had been put forward. An NEC representative elected by Labour members told SKWAWKBOX how events unfolded:

There is going to be a joint panel to select the council candidates for Sandwell Council. The area has a sizeable BAME population. The grassroots representatives asked one of the two white male candidates to stand aside in favour of [fellow NEC rep] Yasmine Dar – so the NEC’s representation would be gender balanced and there would be BAME participation.

They refused to stand down so it went to a vote. The left lost.

Angela Rayner voted in favour of keeping two white men. So did the NEC BAME representative Carol Sewell. So did Gurinder Singh Josan . So did Alice Perry, another councillor. It was absolutely disgusting.

One of the two white men who refused to step aside is the new chair of the NEC’s equalities subcommittee.

Right-wingers on the NEC have a sorry history of voting on the wrong side of issues. Rayner helped to prevent left-wingers taking key positions on important NEC subcommittees; Sewell voted against including racism in the scope of the investigation into the infamous leaked Labour report; Josan voted to block Labour members from voting online in key meetings during the first lockdown.

Party leader Keir Starmer last year appointed an all-white LOTO team to run a ‘diversity review’.

The NEC’s input on a joint panel to decide who stands for the party, in a borough where almost one in four residents are Asian or black, will now be the exclusive preserve of two white, male men.

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  1. We had the leadership. We had the NEC. We had the membership, the largest number in Europe, a willing public and policies to last thirty years. All of that… ALL of it, was taken for granted. All of it was overlooked and sacrificed over and over in a desperate, craving “to be loved by them”. “Them” being a war criminal whose minion who BELIEVED and SAID – ” September 11th was a ” GOOD DAY to BURY BAD NEWS “.

    1. We had ALL we needed, EXCEPT the respect for FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND plus members.

      1. We had much MORE than what was needed, except self-respect and the TRUE HUMILITY to realise we are NOT a virtue signalling tribute act.

      2. We had a MIRACULOUS opportunity to transform the Labour Party and this country for generations to come. All of it was sacrificed on the alter of the ALTAR of THE BROAD CHURCH which is high on the left right up shrouded behind low fog and clouds. The right of the Broad Church Alter is low, very low near the ground. All the extravagant offerings slide into the gluttonous snouts and fanged mouths of slithering creatures, pigs and monstrous things.

      3. No. Three other things we didn’t have, ALL of which were crucial,
        And, frankly, so obvious they shouldn’t need restating, particularly here.
        We didn’t have a massive majority in the PLP.
        We didn’t have control of the party clockwork.
        We didn’t have the whole MSM propaganda machine on our side. THEY DID, AND THEY STILL DO.
        Jeezus, how many more times does it need explaining?
        Please stop accusing the left of weakness – the right had advantages built up over decades that just turned out to be insuperable.
        If it were up to me next time we still wouldn’t play dirtier than them, just smarter.

      4. We had ALL that was necessary. YOU are part of the problem. You are failed history. You had your chance over decades YOU FAILED!!! Get over it and get out of the way!!! I was expecting your can’t do post. Waiting for the shill hunter’s too. You all are part of the problem of repeated failures. SHUT UP and stop blocking change.

      5. ps and you are dirty. Read your post every time someone suggest change. You are EXACTLY like shill Shill Hunter. You both try to frighten off new posters from the get go. We need more Maria Vasquezes. Don’t be put off Maria. Check McNiv’s old post. His type will keep things the same way whining about what we don’t need instead of using the abundance we have. If Ken listened to the likes of McNiven, Ken would have never stood and never won TWICE!!!


      6. windchime – Maria isn’t new, she has been commenting on here for ages.

      7. i know Maria isn’t new. I’ve replied to her for ages… since October 2019.

      8. David McNiven, u r more wrong now than in the early hours. What u say are crucial are NOT crucial. If they were, Ken Livingstone would not have won TWICE. George Galloway would not have won with his SINGULAR MP … himself. Jeremy would not have come from the fog, hidden from MILLIONS including me. When he appeared at the Leadership and set out his stall, Jeremy WON THREE TIMES counting the two coups. THREE victories DESPITE the lack you shout about.

        Despite those increasing victories, every single action and inaction between and after the victories, was to APPEASE the unappeasable. To appease the despicable. To appease those who were openly stabbing him in the front repeatedly. The appeasement continues to this very day DESPITE whip removal and other indignities.


        Your pathetic post above and throughout the period when ANY suggestion of transformation is presented is meant to frighten others to say nothing and keep things the same. WHYโ“โ“โ“

        Just like Weirdo Shill Hunter, you have NEVER given your plan or suggestion except “have a “revolution”. You have suggested that rubbish several times. No details. Will transformation occur and be sustained without what i suggest ie a change of attitude and defeatist cultureโ“โ“โ“

        QUESTION – Why was TOM WATSON recommended for a peerage โ“โ“โ“

        QUESTION – How does that help “the Left”


      9. “We had ALL that was necessary” – clearly not or we would have won.
        You accuse me of “blocking change” but you’ve suggested nothing that could possibly be called “change” – unless you count “Don’t lose again!” as valuable advice.
        You haven’t actually suggested anything of substance – nothing whatever.

        If I’m guilty of anything it’s suggesting this blog might be more credible if these comments pages weren’t full of the endless amateur psycho-babble IN CAPS and emojis that’s your stock-in-trade.
        If the Moonies had a football team you could be its manager and the team would think you were an amazing football genius – “We’re guaranteed to beat them if we score more goals than them. Remember that and we can’t lose.” (awestruck silence)
        If the Moonies had a political party you could manage that too. Easy peasy.
        There appear to be a couple of your Moonie mates here ‘liking’ your comments – only the kind of suckers who fall for cults could be gullible enough to think the garbage you spit out like a broken copier is political gold.

        I hope most people smart enough to read The SKWAWKBOX see your bullshit for what it is – but I’m not a natural optimist.
        If you’re what they call a ‘bot’ (and I have my suspicions) then I suppose the joke’s on me ๐Ÿ™‚

      10. David McNiven go with your other disingenuous chum the Shill Hunter Supremo. QUESTION – What’s YOUR planโ“โ“โ“

      11. ps and as above u invent stuff people have never said. If u wish to critique what i post then do that. Don’t critique your lies.
        Ps. many times since 2019 October, both you SH, RH and Shill Hunter another SH claim u don’t read posts, yet you comment with venom about post you claim are long etc. What is that if not an amateurish lieโ“โ“โ“
        You read every line!!! If people just whine with no positive suggestions for change, you are laughing in private. Any suggestion to change things, then u and your chums RH, SH and Shill Hunter spring into action to ridicule with your lies. At least SH openly defends his Keith. He is not pretending like u and Shill Hunter. SH is in the Party, you are not, so what do suggestions to transform the party have to do with youโ“โ“โ“ Odd that.

        As for SHILL HUNTER, who knows wether he’s a member or not. He is amongst the only three who drill posters on what CLP etc. He has NEVER said which is his CLP. Funny that. Methinks you and Shill Hunter are frauds or you would give suggestions rather than what you do.

      12. David McNiven – “unless you count โ€œDonโ€™t lose again!โ€

        If u were honest u would have no need to deceive an lie like Shill Hunter. Who ever said “”unless you count โ€œDonโ€™t lose again!โ€” โ“ U put your lie in quotes which deceitfully suggest it was said by me. It most certainly was not. It is the sort of trite offering that comes from someone who repeatedly calls for a violent revolution right here on ie you David McNiven.

        At the top of your dishonest post, u say “clearly not or we would have won”. U r right about that. ie we lacked the WILL to use what we had. We lacked what i have been suggesting ie stop moaning. Learn. CHANGE. Stop repeating the same errors that u, Shill Hunter and Smartboy are happy with. Those are some of the qualities we lacked. With those qualities, plus what we had eg the Leader, the NEC, the willing members, and THOUSANDS expressing their hope and support with chants up and down the country – “OH JEREMY CORBYN”,, … with those qualities we had MUCH more than was necessary. Ken Livingstone showed that TWICE despite the most despicable actions against him by the Status Quo and MSM. So did George Galloway… even being accused of helping Saddam Hussain. Did George keep his head downโ“ Did he hideโ“ Did he try to appease those who were attacking him openlyโ“ Noโ—๏ธโ—๏ธโ—๏ธ
        George Galloway went boldly to the USA and defended himself against the lies๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰

        THAT is the quality we need.


    2. Signpost, sometimes I believe that most of the Socialist Campaign Group suffers from Stockholm syndrome. It is clear that the “broad church” only works when the right of the Party is in charge. They tolerate the left in order to give them a much needed veneer of social democracy, from time to time they allow us to have a few MPs that have already brain washed into believing in the mantra of the “broad church” and loyalty to the Party at all cost.
      They keep telling that splits from the Party make us weaker. I don’t believe this to be truth, it most certainly makes the right wing of the Party weaker. All the split from the right has failed that much is true. However, the only split from the left that of Livingstone when he stood as an independent candidate for Major of London he won against a well like it candidate Frank Dobson.
      I simply don’t understand why Corbyn hasn’t stand as an independent for the position of London’s major. What did he has to lose: he is in his 70’s and no matter as to whatever he wins his Court case against the Party comes the next General Election he isn’t going to be the Labour’s candidate for Islington North. My guess is that he wouldn’t even stand us independent such is his misguided loyalty towards the Party machinery that sabotaged him.
      I will follow the advice of the Labour Black Socialist and only support the electoral efforts of worthy candidates.What was good for the JLM is good for me when it refused to support Corbyn is good for me.
      The only way forward as I see it, is to withdraw our support to candidates that don’t align with the left of the Party, that we lost? It would be Labour right wing candidates that would be defeated and lose their positions. They aren’t much different from the Tories, so nothing for us to lose, as we will be creating vacancies to be filled by socialist Labour candidates at the next round of elections.

      1. Maria – The only way forward as I see it, is to withdraw our support to candidates that donโ€™t align with the left of the Party

        Will anyone notice?

      2. Maria, whether incumbents would win their seats again without on-the-ground canvassing is a moot point.
        I believe most voters know how they’ll vote, and it’s almost always for party not individual anyway – and party-supported incumbents have the advantage.
        Sadly, I think Chris Williamson proved the party advantage.
        I wouldn’t put too much faith in withdrawing local canvassing support – the Post Office will still deliver leaflets and who knows, Covid or fear of it may prevent face to face canvassing in 2024 – more likely still if there’s a snap election when new cases are down enough the Tories think they’ll get a boost in the polls from free-movement-euphoria.
        Politics could have shifted completely to all-TV primetime advertising and nightly debates by the next election – what need of activists then?

    3. CORRECTION – whose minion BELIEVED and SAID on September 11th – “THIS IS a GOOD DAY to BURY BAD news”.

      Hands up anyone who BELIEVES that it is virtuous to “unify”, “work with”, “keep calm” about people with that mentality.

      Hands up anyone who does not see that all these decades later on July 29th 2020, LORD CHARLIE FALCONER showed the similar moral bankruptcy when he told his law firm that “COVID-19 is a GIFT that KEEPS GIVING”. Tony Blair’s ex flatmate CHARLIE FALCONER on whom it deposited a Lordship IMMEDIATELY after it deceived the electorate in 1997… is the type we are DESPERATE to appease. In the words of Dianne Abbot “did everything to love them but they did not love him back”.

      Falconer is the type whom John McDonnell said “WE SHOULD WORK AROUND”.

      QUESTION – Where’s the success??? Where is ONE success of that??? Just one. Point to ONE success that has put the welfare of the many, in a better place.

      Living is changing. Changing is living. Only the dead fail to change. They are changed by their dead state. Passive dead. It is shameful and the shame will continue until we face facts.

      1. That last paragraph is pure Sun Myung Moon bollockspeak – you get that, right?
        Might want to cut back on the weed a bit, Kid.

      2. piss off u nasty piece of work McNiv. U don’t fool me. U don’t frighten me as u do others. U with shill hunter are part of the problem. U do the work of the plants well, if u are not one.
        U are a fraud. U suggest revolution just like the environmentalist infiltrators. THEY planned all the unrests agent provocateurs to deceive the well meaning environmentalist. U r trying the same here pretending to want change but since 2020 October at every single mention of meaningful change you try to ridicule and discourage. What’s YOUR plan???

        Which is easier the violence revolution you repeatedly post OR taking the basic steps we could have taken and MUST take now??? You fool some. You won’t fool everyone. You are a problem. You are a fraud.

      3. windchimes – You are ranting, maybe it’s time for you to call it a night and get some much needed sleep.

      4. CORRECTION – “since October 2019”.

      5. “Whatโ€™s YOUR plan???”

        Glad to oblige. Again.
        My plan is to publish, while in opposition – as soon as possible in fact – a statement by the Left that once we have a majority (whether in Labour, another party or a coalition) we will enact ex post facto (retroactive) legislation enforcing honesty on politicians and on political commentary in the MSM in order that never again will the people be lied to.
        The effect of the legislation when enacted would be to enable prosecution of the instigators of falsehoods like the antisemitism scam, and of journalists knowingly propagating the same.
        These would be criminal offences of subverting democracy and imprisonment would be available to the courts – and almost inevitable, given the seriousness of subverting society’s most important institution.

        Of course the Tories and the MSM would go batshit crazy – but that’s what we want.
        It would lead to accusations, investigations and court cases by the score – but then we do have right on our side, as all of us here know, and Supreme Court decisions are what we need.

        The right’s first move will be to scream that we’re attacking the freedom of the press – our counter will be that no honest journalist or any other honest actor need fear a thing – the only “freedom” we’re attacking is the freedom to lie – the unpardonable, unconscionable “freedom” to subvert democracy.
        We can prove their lies in a hundred courts of law, and they know we can.
        Our accusers have all along avoided and are still desperately avoiding court – they rely entirely on MSM propaganda for that very reason.
        In court – they’re fucked.

        So we’re telling the Tories, the BoD, the JLM, the MSM and all the rest – “If we win an election – and if you’ve lied to subvert democracy – you’re going on trial and if you’re found guilty you’re almost certainly going to jail.”
        They then have two choices – to double down on the lies to try to keep us out of government – which risks them being caught out in even bigger and more ridiculous lies – or to behave with scrupulous honesty and hope thereby to earn clemency for past crimes.
        If they simply stop propagandising for the Tories and start telling the truth that’s all we need – the Toerags never win a seat again and most of them are in jail along with their backers anyway.

        You can argue that it won’t work but you’ll need good arguments – none of your usual vagueries. I’ve posted this a number of times and nobody has yet found a flaw. Nothing anyone’s been willing to state anyway.
        I say it’s a done deal with the right people running it, but just for the sake of argument – let’s say it DID fail.
        Would socialism be any worse off than it is now? No. Nothing’s worse than Tory government, right?

        I won’t ask what your plan is.

      6. McNiv, That is NOT a plan to transform the Left or Labour. How would that have prevented gifting McNicol a Lordshipโ“ Recommending a wrecker / saboteur / traitor Tom Watson for a peerageโ“ Encouraging lies and abuse by responding vile abuse from Margaret Hodge, with “I’m sorry you feel that way”.โ“ Encouraging more abuse by failing to suspend and expel an MP who boasted openly that she would “KNIFE JEREMY IN THE FRONT!”โ“โ“โ“

        How does your “plan” change that???

      7. McNiv – “…nobody has yet found a flaw.”

        Resembles Shill Hunters “no one has ever escaped from” his “head lock”.
        Yet deserted an “elderly man” in a gents toilet. Left the poor man at tbe mercy of thugs … to finish his “drink with a friend”.

        QUESTION – is that the training u get???

      8. David, you stated that ‘we will enact ex post facto (retroactive) legislation enforcing honesty on politicians and on political commentary in the MSM in order that never again will the people be lied to’ and it got me thinking;

        Have Labour members been mis-sold a product by Keir Starmer ?

        He stated on a platform/ stage during his leadership campaign that he doesn’t like selling himself, so would that mean that he was selling himself/ his product/ his pledges in return for a vote ?

        His pledges even have his signature on them so would that be classed a some kind of pre contract for his product/ pledges ?

        Maybe something for the more legally minded to look into ?

      9. Foggy, even if it were possible to prosecute/ditch Starmorrhoid, however it’s done, it doesn’t get us very far. They’ve all gotta go.
        The way I see it the only way we substantially increase our chances of a socialist government is by neutralising the neoliberal propaganda machine.
        Jeremy getting nominated was a happy accident – a fluke. We can’t count on getting that lucky again this millennium.
        We can’t even count on the ‘Oh, Jeremy Corbyn’ effect working a second time if he did agree to stand again.
        It’s all about the propaganda.
        If we could get the real truth out to the people about neoliberalism, socialism, modern monetary theory and the future of AI/robotics, the Tories couldn’t win a seat, the markets would be regulated almost out of existence, no corporation bigger than a SME would be tolerated, environmental issues would be taken seriously and nobody would be undervalued and ignored.
        Unfortunately for the present and for the near future, education and society have failed people so badly they naturally can’t conceive of human ingenuity being capable of achieving such a radically different society.
        People can take any amount of complex technological change in their stride but unaccountably they still believe the Masters of the Universe when they tell them no other kind of society is possible.

    4. “Them” also includes the noisy, brow beating, oh so fancy, COMFORTABLE, out of touch metropolitan set who have ZERO experience and worse yet ZERO CARE for those on the breadline, state subsidised wages, and other Tory horrors.

      That’s “them” whose detached niche and faux virtuous obsessions were PRIORITISED when we had MORE than enough to take action.


  2. “Party leader Keir Starmer last year appointed an all-white LOTO team to run a โ€˜diversity reviewโ€™.

    The NECโ€™s input on a joint panel to decide who stands for the party, in a borough where almost one in four residents are Asian or black, will now be the exclusive preserve of two white, male men.”

    Strangely that same “party leader” insists that only a very few Jews – specifically certain Jews of his acquaintance – are fit to judge whether statements or people (including other Jews) are antisemitic.

  3. What offeringsโ“ โ“ โ“ A peerage for McNicol, rescue for Ashworth, rescue for a war criminal, rescue for Hodge, cabinet post for deceitful Starmer… even a recommendation AT THE END the very end, a peerage for… yes TOM WATSON.

    We had more than enough and everything was flushed down the the alter that has ALWAYS slanted one way. But we lacked the HUMILITY and WORTHWHILE virtue to LEARN and TRANSFORM ourselves.

    WHY??? Because too many believe they have nothing to learn. Too many believe that their belief that they are so o o o virtuous enough, that no URGENT DYNAMIC MEANINGFUL action is necessary on their part to BRING ABOUT CHANGE for the many.

    So the predictable, predicted and OBVIOUS has come to pass. And STILL the failure to ask, is there nothing we need to change? ? ?

  4. HALLELUJAH Maria Vazquez
    ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰ I agree with every word of your post +++. Spot on. PLEASE help give that message here on Don’t be bullied into silence by you no who. We MUST SPEAK UP and OUT. But we must act with stealth. The Right Wing are stitching things up in their organised way. Because people left it is much harder to influence things, so we need more stealth and intelligence. We need frank analysis and stealthy action. Only what might produce results. The Right can now only be defeated by withdrawing ALL support and votes. ONLY vote for those who show they a willing to face off the Right. It is a delusion that if we do that the Tories will get a majority. Some fail to realise the Tories HAVE a majority BECAUSE of appeasement. The Right Wing of the party dangle that to frighten the gullible. The only way now to get change is EXACTLY as you state. We have nothing to lose.

    I also agree with you that Jeremy would easily win the London Mayoralty EASY and it would help demolish the lies that the public thought him too left etc and A/S. All total rubbish an lies. Sadly he has loud aggressive bullying crazed neurotic you no who ( Mr Can’t Do) don’t use the names or u might wake him up. Well remembered Dobson defeated by Ken. Then Ken defeated another stooge of the War Criminal the WMD LIAR TONY BLAIR – Oonagh King. So things ARE possible with self belief. Ken was MERCILESSLY attacked. He still won TWICE!!! So was George Galloway. George ALSO won and would have won again if he had not changed constituencies. That was his mistake. Farage also had endless attacks. He still achieved his aim … sort of. So SELF RESPECT and ZERO appeasement is the way. Nothing to lose.

  5. “We MUST SPEAK UP and OUT. But we must act with stealth.”
    Yup. Speak up, speak out – but stealthily, quietly, so no-one hears. SHHHH!
    jhc on a fucking bicycle.
    Am I “you no [sic] who?”
    Just idle curiosity ๐Ÿ™‚
    Heh heh heh…

    1. You are a nasty fraud McNiv. Your post above is a typical example of your bullying. You don’t frighten me. It will take several if you and shill hunter general to do that. You are both disgusting manipulative frauds. No genuine person would post that gibberish attempting to ridicule. While a student, i saw a film called Ridicule. It showed your type.
      When you have nothing to offer you try ridicule… and still you fail. U’ve been trying at least since October 2020.

      Moreover, you are not a member of the party so piss off pitiable fraud.

      1. CORRECTION -October 2019

        ps speak up and out to defend oneself, others and our policies at EVERY OPPORTUNITY ๐Ÿ”ด

        Act with stealth OBVIOUSLY re organisation and planning to return the “unity” and “support” Starmer and his gang gave๐Ÿ”ด

        Two separate items to change, Mr Ridicule Old Failed Ways devotee and Can’t do preacher. As u have no ideas except have a violent revolution, the shut up drink your cocoa and go to bed.

      2. I don’t see why you feel the need to tell someone in cyberspace you’re not scared of them – why would anyone be scared of anyone online?
        I speak as I find, as we all do including yourself.
        You complained recently about members at your Branch or CLP over I forget what – and you complain about me and about others here.
        You use every insult you can think of yet you accuse others of bullying.
        Do you think you’re being persecuted?

  6. The situation in the NEC is that if Yasmin Darr was from a wing of the party that supported Starmer there may not have been a problem with her being voted onto the panel. She isnโ€™t and itโ€™s more important for the right dominated NEC to break all ties with the previous leadership. If they had their way the other left members would be gone too.

    Skwawkbox and others may seem surprised by Rayners actions Iโ€™m not. Just after the election I spoke to her and she was extremely nice. Yet I do believe even then she was being false and only wanted a vote from another member. Sheโ€™s a careerist and is fighting to keep herself from being remembered as an ally of Corbyns. Sheโ€™s also got the inclusion of her name on a certain list given to the party which was demanded of Starmer for him to discipline them. Starmer has already started by disciplining Corbyn the others await their fate.

    Whether excluding Darr is a kind of unrecognised racism on behalf of them I donโ€™t know.

    1. BackofBeyond, I agree with your assessment of Angela Rayners pure and simple careerism. She is also cunning enough to gain points with both sides:
      Served on Corbyn shadow front bench
      the BoD considers her as a possible antisemite
      presently she is batting for the right of the Party
      However, should Starmer fall from grace and the left of the Party gains ascendancy once again, Rayners will pick herself up and parade her left credentials. In the same way that she is actively distancing herself from Corbyn, she will not wait to distance herself from Starmer.
      I guess that now due to the pandemic she isn’t sharing a flat in London with RLB but I wouldn’t be surprised if Rayners still maintain discreet contacts with RLB, ready to use RLB should she need to make a turn to the left in the future.

  7. Maybe it’s an honesty issue. Sandwell DO have BAME personnel in senior unelected positions. For example, their monitoring officer and Head of Legal services Surjit Tour. But my own experience of his time spent meddling at Wirral Council and in the local courts and tribunals suggests he might be a lot less than honest than the requirements of such a senior positon would demand and that any judge who takes Tour’s word as gospel would need to make separate, detailed enquiries if they too were not to have the fairness of their judgment sullied by such an encounter.

  8. Don’t vote for anyone on merit, selection should be based on skin colour & gender.

  9. This thread makes me comfortable in my decision to have bailed all those years ago.

    The right are NEVER – repeat – NEVER going to give those on the left a miserable fucking attometre – nevermind an inch.

    The ‘stay and fight’ types are pissing into the wind – just like the UK was in the EU with their ‘change from within’.


    Oh sure there’s a few unions murmuring their discontent, and a single leftist MP (To Trickett’s credit) using their own tactics against them…But you KNOW they’ll eventually replace stammer with another ‘moderate’ and they’ll contnue to stitch up boards, committees and delegation processes, so they hold all the cards.

    …And you’ll actually PAY them to do so. It’s absolute fucking madness. The right are akin to those parasites that infest rats and end up controlling the rats’ minds so they deliberately get eaten by the cats, in turn producing more parasites in the cat’s shite to infest the rats all over again.

    (I’m NOT calling the left ‘rats’ by the way; but I AM calling the right parasites, I’m sure you al get the analogy…you only need to look at bliar and his issue to see where it”s at)

    You may as well become the even worse ‘My party right or wrong’ red toerag types, because they’ll perpetually stymie the left at every turn and voting for them only emboldens and enables them to treat the left like shite.

    They’ve taken you for granted and alwayts will unless you take the medicine and rid yourself of them. You seen what happened when the aberration that was a Corbyn leadership happened. You see how they’re trying to ‘wash’ it now

    And STILL you think there’s room for a symbiosis.

    There just isn’t.

  10. Oh and if you’re after the main production line for the vast majority of them party political parasites, they can be easily traced to the labour and co-operative party.

    And then ask yourself where the co-operation’s coming from?

  11. Let’s see now. The blocked member wouldn’;t happen to be a socialist by any chance, would they?

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