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Labour Black Socialists accuse party of racism over deselection of black left Assembly candidate Cllr Preston Tabois

Group demands immediate reinstatement to London Assembly list

The Labour Black Socialists group has issued a statement supporting Preston Tabois, the Haringey councillor who has been deselected by the Labour party – despite being already reinstated to full membership after a suspension over social media posts that had allegedly been edited by complainants – and accusing the party of racism in his deselectio:

Labour Black Socialists note that Preston Tabois, a Labour Party Councillor in Tottenham, a Unite trade union activist backed by Momentum, and the only African Caribbean on the party’s list of 10 for the Greater London Assembly, has been removed as a candidate by a newly reconvened NEC panel, chaired by Margaret Beckett MP. Apparently, the cause for his removal is likely to be a Tweet from six years ago, for which he has already been taken to task by a previous NEC panel who recommended he remain on the list after he acknowledged the issue and apologised. The latest development is discriminatory and goes against natural justice.

LBS demand the immediate reinstatement of Preston Tabois to the Labour List for the Greater London Assembly.

LBS demand that the decision to remove Preston from the List and the Panel that took it be immediately investigated.

Our charge is one of racism based on a biased and unfair application of rules of the Labour Party.

Our Evidence

The NEC panel failed to consider the duty to equality in their decision and their duty to be morally and politically consistent.

A panel led by Ms Margaret Beckett should have the compassion and political sensitivity to know that political misspeaking is a problem that all of us can slip into quite easily. Recently, Ms Beckett was not suspended for calling a fellow NEC member, who was doing her job for the members, a “silly cow”. That is an old anti-feminist trope. And an experienced MP and NEC member should have known that was politically a misstep. Her apology for one of the oldest anti-feminist abstractions used by men was accepted. 

That same panel should have noted when Keir Starmer misspoke about BLM as a moment rather than a movement, his apology was accepted and he was sent off for a bit of unconscious bias training to address his alleged prejudices.

There is also great inconsistency in the removal of a candidacy from a member who acknowledged their Tweet from 6 years ago was wrong and apologised for it; and, for example, the lack of any meaningful sanction against another more prominent member who had an almost two-decade self-admitted corporate complicity with Apartheid when serving all the while as a Labour Councillor and now as a senior Labour Party MP. An MP who admitted profiting from a crime against humanity that affected tens of millions of black people. The same MP who, hypocritically, led a Council that had voted to impose economic and cultural sanctions against Apartheid South Africa. A person associated with complicity with Apartheid and who has not yet demonstrated the undertaking of suitable redress for those faults. Yet that MP is still a member and still has the Labour whip. In contrast to Jeremy Corbyn, an MP who had in fact spent decades fighting against Apartheid and still waits to have the whip restored. Against this backdrop, it is morally inconceivable that a councillor should be removed as a GLA candidate  for a tweet from 6 years ago for which he has already acknowledged fault and  apologised.

In Liverpool, the leading candidate was a black woman who had not said, or done, anything wrong. Leaked videos revealed that there were actually problems with what was said in court by the Labour party and what had actually happened. The cancellation of her candidacy for Liverpool Executive Mayor was completely unjustified. An unedifying mess has followed. In preference to the black woman cancelled by the Labour Party, the Tories are now going to exercise technocratic control over a Labour-majority Council that had never been ruled by the Tories.

The current Labour Party candidate in Hartlepool is not on the cutting edge of equality for all irrespective of differences in class, gender, ethnicity, religion and national origin. Yet, he remains a candidate after having been on a long-list of one.

The Labour Party has a duty to be consistent and its obvious failure to do so disproportionately affects black people. This is where its duty to consider the equality impact of its administrative decisions becomes relevant. 

LBS urges the Labour Party NEC to reverse its decision in the case of Preston Tabois. He is a good councillor, brings the perspective of working-class black people into local government and could have been sent for the same unconscious bias training that appears to have worked with Keir Starmer. Or the party could be consistent and ignore the issue as it is doing with the senior MP with a self-admitted two-decade corporate complicity with a crime against humanity.

The Labour Party has to stop this attack on black, Muslim and socialist candidates, especially those who want justice for all, including all people in Israel-Palestine.

It should not be that the Labour Party continues to prioritise clumsy (and in this case wrong and prejudiced) statements about anti-Semitism; but does nothing about, and even champions, those within the Party who promote policies that deny the equal right to dignity of Palestinians.

Also, the Labour Party has to stop giving precedence to structures that are not affiliated to, and have no standing in, the Labour Party when it comes to matters of discipline, suspensions and expulsions. 

Moreover, the Labour Party should stop cultivating this unsafe and unwelcome environment for black people, Muslims and socialists. The Labour Party, if it wishes to be a government-in-waiting, has to be a broad church. For the past year, there has been an unqualified commitment to shift the Labour Party to the right at the cost of black people, Muslims and socialists:

The Labour Party must reinstate Preston Tabois as a sign of creating a safe and welcoming space for black people in its house.

LBS would also request a more robust response from Unite, in particular, and the trade union movement in general. The TUC Black Workers Conference was held only a few days ago. This is an opportunity for unions to make the aspirations of those deliberations become real. The trade unions cannot be doing as little as they are in defending another trade union activist. Yes, he had a bad tweet – for which he had already been held to account, and for which he had apologised. In the trade unions we do not expel people just because they mis-tweet and misspeak. We train them. The trade unions ought to have more to say about this key worker’s suspension. 

This episode again demonstrates that the Labour Party is losing its way on equalities issues. This action by the party, as undertaken by the individuals on the NEC panel who have removed Preston Tabois from his candidacy in the GLA elections, arguably constitutes wrongdoing with a far more inequitable impact than anything Preston has done (and for which he has taken responsibility and apologised). With the range of allegedly discriminatory actions taken by the party in recent times it could well be opening itself up to a potential lawsuit under the Equalities Act 2010 (Public Sector Equalities Duty). The individuals involved in taking the decision to remove Preston have also now placed themselves under scrutiny of the Campaign for an Actively Antiracist Labour Party. 

We should all expect better from the Labour movement. It must act to address these deficiencies – within the Labour Party itself, and in the Trades Unions.


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  1. The Right are determined to disenfranchise the Left. Will they accept the blame when Labour crashes in May?

    1. No, no. If it turns out that someone must be blamed it will be as follows:-
      Liverpool – Derek Hatton
      Bristol – Tony Benn
      Anywhere in Yorkshire – Arthur Scargill
      Hartlepool – That bloody monkey
      It couldn’t be Starmer’s fault, he hasn’t been given enough time.

    2. @Paul

      Pop over to the guardian to today’s politics live thread. Pay attention to the top comment via recommendations.

      There is your answer

  2. Centrism lost 5 million votes
    JC’s success was a response to having to choose between two shit tory parties
    More and more it looks like Red Tories are hell bent on the destruction of the Labour party, JC came to close and now its deemed safer to get rid altogether

  3. They are perfectly right! The Neolabour Tory Party is a White Nationalist Party
    They are probably too scared because they know that the worst racist abuse came from many of the very same accounts that was screeching Antisemitism 2015 to 2020, all 0.00017% of it. While the serious abuse and real racism against non white MPs, Members was point blank ignored, there is a whole lot of answering that needs to come from the Neolabour Tory Party at the head office, because all these cases were reported! Where did they all go!? Maybe we can all help by reminding them and resending all our email complaints to their head office again! 2015 to 2020 left a dark shadow on the Neolabour Tory Party, they showed themselves in all their “glory”!
    Black People, Asian People, Muslim People, Traveller People, Romany People, Arab People were and still are COMPLETELY Silenced and Invisible!
    Neolabour is a Whites ONLY, Neoliberal and Neoconservative ONLY, MSM, Elites, Establishment Connected ONLY, Military before Nation ONLY Party!
    Comrades, Friends, Brothers and Sisters, save yourself a lot of heartache and unnecessary aggravation, leave their cesspit of hate and let’s focus on a New Party where we ALL matter and are recognised as People not Races/Religions/Sexes’/Ages/Status’ Just People United and Equal for the good of The People ALL The People as One!

  4. ….. this all seems strangely out of tune with what was passed at a recent NEC meeting (the silly cow one).

    “Labour is set to address Islamophobia and anti-Black racism by introducing new codes of conduct and bringing in new training courses, while also making progress on the establishment of a new BAME structure.
    At a meeting of the national executive committee (NEC) today, it was agreed by members of the ruling body that the party should make new efforts to address Islamophobia and anti-Black racism within the party.

    1. Fine words butter no parsnips. Let’s judge by the actions (if they come) not the words.

      1. Sorry, I don’t know what you mean by “Let’s judge by the actions (if they come) not the words.”?

        Can you please explain in more detail,thank you.

      2. Reply to Steve H
        It appears to me that while most ordinary members are not racist the party leadership under Starmer is racist in respect of Black members. The case highlighted above is only one of many examples available to support this
        Party affiliates such as the Labour Friends of Israel, JLM etc are openly Arabophobic and anyone who fails to support these Anti Arab, racist organisations is deemed to be antisemitic both by the them ( understandably) and our leadership ( not so understandably though fear is probably the motivating factor – they saw the vile treatment these organisations meted out to Jeremy Corbyn and don’t want to put themselves in the firing line too).
        Angela Rayner promised the LFI to expel 1000s and 1000s of us because we refuse to condone the abuse of Arabs in Israel, Palestine and Gaza by Israel. This makes it perfectly clear that Arab lives just like Black lives don’t matter to Labour under Starmer and Rayner. I firmly believe Labour will pay the price at the ballot box.

      3. Smartboy – Perhaps it has nothing to do with race. Apparently Margaret Beckett was one member of the panel, who were the other two. The current disciplinary procedures are far too opaque and as we’ve seen all too often they are wide open to factional manipulation. Roll on the new and hopefully independent procedures. Hopefully they’ll turn out to be an improvement on what we currently have. It’s a pretty low bar.

        As for the likes of JLM what amazes me is that the only influence JLM has is that which is granted to it by its affiliation to Labour, remove that and they are nothing more than another pressure group who will dwindle into irrelevant obscurity.. As far as I’m concerned it is well past the time when the tail should stop being allowed to wag the dog.

    2. Actions speak louder than words Steve H. The party hierarchy has made it absolutely clear that the only type of racism it opposes is antisemitism. It allows Arab haters like the Labour Friends of Israel to affiliate to our party , it turns a blind eye to anti Black racism and Islamophobia. Because of this we will lose the support of our BAME brothers and sisters who naturally will not vote for a party which disrespects and discriminates against them. I suggest the LBS raise this case and every other case of discrimination against BAME members formally with the Equality and Human Rights Commission as there appears to be no appetite for equal treatment and change among the leadership.

      1. Smartboy – I agree, actions do speak louder than words, and this looks like a step in the right direction. It is disappointing that previous administrations have failed to even recognise there was a problem.

      2. Steve H
        If by previous administrations you are referring to Labour under Jeremy Corbyn and Jennie Formby I would point out that neither of them are racists, and as the vast majority of the members are not racist either BAME racism Islamophobia etc was not “a problem” when they led the party.
        The same applies to Antisemitism- Jeremy Corbyn is incapable of any form of racism . Because he refused to condone or participate in the Anti Arab racism engaged in by certain members of the PLP via their membership of the Labour Friends of Israel and organisations such as the BOD,JLM etc he was wrongfully condemned as an Antisemite rather than being praised for being an upright honourable defender of the rights of persecuted and marginalised Arabs in Palestine Gaza and Israel.

      3. Smartboy – “I would point out that neither of them are racists,

        I didn’t say tor even hint that they are racist so I’m a little puzzled why you felt the need to respond in this way.
        Just as it would be ridiculous to claim that the Labour party suddenly became anti- Semitic when Jeremy became leader it would be equally ridiculous to claim the party had suddenly become racist against BAME members.

  5. Diane Abbot received more abuse than every other member of Parliament combined, now remind us all,
    where were the AS Scammers and Feminists then
    Would have them all shoved up a dogs arse and the dog cremated

    1. Talking of dogs in general and whippets in particular
      We played a game of football next to a whippet track, except it wasn’t whippets they were racing it was ‘Jack Russell’s ‘
      Now if you want ‘Northern’ then join me for an evening of ferret racing
      Regards from the ‘Kingdom of Northumbria’

  6. We should remember that Margaret Beckett and the labour right might not be democratic socialists, but they are enthusiastic supporters of late neoliberal-destroyed capitalism. And as centrist liberals, they are energetic promoters and enthusiastic champions of woke capitalism. Very few of them are ostensibly racist.

    They are though – to a person – ferociously anti-socialist, and it is Cllr Preston’s socialism which causes their bad behaviour here.

  7. We should also remember that the A/S Tzar John Mann was made a lord along with woodcock who left labour over sex offences and the vile Ian Austin were all supposed to be socialists

    1. Surely there should be a severe sanction against anyone who mentions the obnoxious J**n M**n.

  8. Following a members ballot Labour has announced that Joanne Anderson is Labour’s new candidate for the Liverpool’s mayoral election

    1. Are you trying to imply democracy in action? The ‘members’ only had a choice between her and the school boy who were imposed upon them.

      1. lundiel – I’m not trying to imply anything, I’m just reporting the facts. Any spin that you choose to put on those facts is entirely your own.

    2. Th Joanne Anderson that was first elected in 2019, that one?

      Happily, the good citizens of Liverpool have choices for their votes. Many will be disgusted by Starmer’s Labour and how it bends over backwards and cuts off its nose, just to spite socialism..

      Roger Bannister (TUSC)
      Katie Burgess (Conservative)
      Tom Crone (Green Party)
      Richard Kemp (Liberal Democrats)
      Steve Radford (Liberal)
      Stephen Yip (Independent

      If I lived in Liverpool I’d see three good left-wing candidates more deserving of my vote thany any Starmer trilateral party candidate.

      (Word to self: is it time to cancel that standing order?)

      1. We cannot campaign for another candidate but if i was given the choice it would be between the Green and the independent
        Now remind me how Peter Mandelson is still in the party

      2. Not only in the Party but is to chair some Policy committee! His Lordship must be delighted to be back in the sun. He’ll be taking Summer yachting holidays with Sunak soon. Independents are certainly worth checking out and Yes I’m thinking the Greens too.

      3. Is THAT “Roger Bannister” any relation to the 4-minute-miler from the Fifties?

    3. I saw your shite on twitter about the Skwawkbox, and I had a mooch through your posting chums.

      You belong here like a turd belongs in a swimming pool.

      Why don’t you go back up Irk Streamer on today’s politics live at the guardian?

      You don’t belong here centrist dad

      1. NVLA – If your 9:33pm comment is addressed to me then you are very badly misinformed I don’t have either a Twitter or a Facebook account.

      2. Steve H,davidh ..SH centrist Dad…Steve Hall of Bristol ,aka small mill town in ?…Youve taken down the ginge picture of yourself on bot and and had a “sping clean” so as to deceive.Now it makes me wonder what you are trying to hide?I suggest you have a good look at your deception,diversion politics and propaganda from HQ and take your own advice that youve now removed from bot sentinel and follow “The biggist room in my house is the room for improvement” …Youve l dug a hole for yourself with childish games and silly piss takes now you want everyone to believe you..IT doesn’t work that way like your slithering knight trust must be earned The right of the Labour party and the left wing try to huddle together and co are a prime example of why many decent people on here are flogging a dead horse.with the Labour party.

      3. Joseph – You are rambling again, I have absolutely no idea what you are blathering on about.

    4. And, since she’s a member of the right wing of the party, the fact that she is was the imposed Labour candidate- a candidate nobody but a tiny, unrepresentative far-right faction in the party wanted- is irrelevant and is not antiracist at all. Actual antiracism would have been accepting Anna Rothery as the Labour candidate, especially since there was no valid reason for the party to block her being the candidate.

  9. Joanne Anderson has been selected as the Labour candidate, in next month’s Liverpool Mayoral Election.

    She will be honest about her past.

  10. I put in a complaint to the Labour party in June of 2019, and added to the complaint further evidence below.

    To Labour party complaints department.
    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I made a complaint online to you on 6th June 2019 about Mr Tony Blair calling Mr Jeremy Corbyn “an Anti-Semite” I did receive an acknowledgement which said the complaint would be sent to the relevant department, could I add these observations to my complaint.
    During an interview at Bar Ilan university in Israel on 4th June 2019 Mr Tony Blair made a factually false allegation of Anti-Semitism against Jeremy Corbyn. When answering a question… “if he believed Corbyn himself was Anti-Semitic, Mr Blair said yes” Mr Blair did not refer to any specific allegation of Anti-Semitism against Mr Corbyn.
    A gratuitous and false accusation such as this without providing evidence is a grave breach of an ordinary person’s rights and does bring the Labour party into disrepute in breach of its own rules, it could also ostracize that person from society for life, in the case of Mr Corbyn a life time believer in anti-racism he could be forced out of his leadership and the country deprived of a Labour government, so the stakes are extremely high.
    Could Blair’s false allegation have any effect on Labour Party members or the average voter? Of course it could, because Mr Blair has a very high profile and having served as leader and Prime Minister of the Labour party for 13 years and Envoy to the Middle East quartet for many years, his views have enormous credibility, plus he is a lawyer, so he should know his words have consequences.
    Would the average voter believe Mr Blair? Yes, because of his high profile and credibility over many years people are inclined to say, why would Mr Blair tell lies? What could he possibly gain? Obviously nothing, so people would tend to believe him. Could you expedite this matter as soon as possible. Thank you.
    Harry Law. STILL WAITING.

    1. I remember election billboards, when tony “war criminal” blair was leader, that were antisemitic referring to michael howard, the then tory leader! I was so disgusted by them I had to hold my nose extremely tightly to vote as I did!

  11. In the statement by the Labour Black Socialists group it says the following:

    The Labour Party has a duty to be consistent……

    But they ARE! If you’re on the left you get suspended or deselected etc, but if you’re on the right of the party you DON’T.

    Yet again the fascists running the LP are playing games and messing with the emotions of the left – ie ‘right, so first we’ll give him the green light to stand as a candidate, and then we’ll deselect him some time later’. Laughs all round!

    Unite has condemned the move (machinations!):

    The union says that the removal of Preston Tabois, a bus driver and Tottenham Labour councillor, reveals the party’s ‘double-standards’ and is calling for the decision to be reversed.

    Mr Tabois had previously been endorsed by an NEC Panel, following a complaint about a tweet from several years ago. The panel explicitly said that Mr Tabois should remain a candidate.

    However, last night (Thursday) an NEC panel voted to remove Mr Tabois. No reason for his removal has been given.

  12. Last week Steve Reed (Shadow Communities & Local Gov Minister) announced that Labour would be holding its own review into Liverpool council and to that end the party has today announced the appointment of Sir David Hanson to lead the review, he will be assisted by Lady Judith Blake.
    The review will start next week and is expected to report within 3 months 🤣.

    1. Just on tha news alone, if I were a member of any Liverpool clps, I’d close down my membership instantly.

      Steve Reed, David Hanson and Judith Blake. Vey is mir!

      1. Paul…iTs difficult not to notice with the Titles rampent and the noses in the trough…Torys must be doubled up laughing at the hypocrisy of it all Working class knight from the backstreets of Oxted on the green Invites another Titled knight and “Lady” to pass judgment on working class peasants of the working-class movement the Labour party…Should have elected Brian Rix for a more forensic “Slapstick comedy show .At least we’d get a good laugh out of it..!

  13. Is this the same Steve Reed who posted a message saying that a Jewish businessman was “pulling the strings of the Conservative Party”?

    1. goldbach – I’ve absolutely no idea, why don’t you tell us all about it.

      1. goldbach – As there are several live feeds on the Guardian site no it isn’t as easy as you make out. Either give me a link or forget it.

      2. It sure is. I’ll copy/paste wiki rather than describe his antisemitism objectively.

        “In July 2020 Reed published a tweet labelling the businessman Richard Desmond a ‘puppet-master’, which is an antisemitic trope. He apologised and deleted the tweet after he found out Desmond was Jewish. Jewish Conservative MP Andrew Percy said “Alluding to Jews as puppet-masters is an age old antisemitic trope and for a Shadow Cabinet member to use this trope is totally unacceptable”.[35][36] Reed subsequently spoke of his longstanding commitment to Labour Friends of Israel.[37]

        He’s hardly an inspiring individual. Even other centrist freinds of surveillance capitalism, neoliberal excess and hating socialists probably find nothing nice to say about him.

      3. Toffee – Don’t be a numpty, all it shows is that I had forgotten about the article.

  14. When you think of all the things you could call Richard Desmond
    Proves the point centrists are as thick as pig shit

    1. This getting people’s accounts suspended is a favourite tactic of the Right, from the Labour party Right on. The Zionists have long employed it. I am currently suspended from fb (again) for calling out a Ukrainian neoNazi on an Australian site. But I am usually suspended following exchanges with Zionists or the Labour Right.

  15. Still no idea about Steve reed, wee Steve h?

    Here’s another sjwawkbox thread where you had plenty to deflect stammers hypocrisy about.

    You’re a liar and you’ve been found out one again.

    If you had any scruples or shame you’d fuck off and never return.

    But you’re a liar AND a shithouse, fully inkeeping with the object of your obsession.

    1. Toffee – So what great crime have I committed here.

      My original post was simply reporting the facts in a completely neutral way.(apart from me taking the piss at the 3mth deadline). Your problem seems to be that you read what you want to see instead of what is actually on the page

      My OP
      “Last week Steve Reed (Shadow Communities & Local Gov Minister) announced that Labour would be holding its own review into Liverpool council and to that end the party has today announced the appointment of Sir David Hanson to lead the review, he will be assisted by Lady Judith Blake.
      The review will start next week and is expected to report within 3 months 🤣.

      1. ‘What great crime?’ he squeals…. Once again, the aloof and innocence pretence shnies through – but convinces NOBODY.

        “I’d forgotten about the article.”

        Even the judge’d burst a blood vessel at your shithousery. If it was me I’d be building the gallows meself.

        Lad, your stamp is ALL OVER a thread – the topic of which you claimed you had NO IDEA about, then claimed you’d ‘forgotten’ , and you think you’re NOT a shithouse?

        You once more want proiof – there it is in black and white.

        It can go up int the wal of shame along with the classics: ‘The NHS was founded by remainers’

        ‘But 37% didn’t vote which makes the referendum undemocratic’

        …And now this.The gift that just keeps giving. What a colossal prick.

    2. Steve H..centrist Dad… “ITs time to stop engaging with the Labour left under Starmer,theyre a minority anyhow.” This Einstein Steve H Steve Hall centrist Dad as decreed on bot sentinel @boxcartrend.Double life multiple identities but same old Stevie boy 👦…?Looks like he kicking the baby out with the bathwater in childish tantrums…..IM Not Playing argh sulk…sulk..!

      1. Joseph – Was there a breakdown in communication between your brain and your fingers. What on earth are you ranting on about or are you still trying to work that one out?

      2. Mr Hill I havnt the patiance to deal with your Childish tantums.I am more worried about Johnson making plans for a International agreement to have rules in place after the Cv 19 episode.Thats not come as a surprise its just so sad that the majority of sheeple will go along with it. Everything is so predictable .and obviously abou t Total Control.

  16. Joseph, the wee prick’s spent that much time trying to delfect criticism from the object of his devotion, that he’s completely lost sight of what he’s said, and who about, in the past.

    Next it’ll be something along the lines of:

    “Yes, I said that – but I had no idea what it was I was saying at the time!”

    The exucses are worn out and being rehashed; everyone sees it and the gobshite STILL thinks he’s winning the argument.

    And you just KNOW the next line of defence from the imbecile will be ‘But I HAVE answered your question…It isn’t MY fault if you can’t see what *I’m (not and never have openly,/b> been) saying!’

    But hey? It’s not our fault if we’re not all as f*cked in the heid as he is. Wee steven can’t even keep an argument going with the correct poster these days, he’s that fucked up.

    And that’s even more reason to despise, rather than pity the idiot.

    1. Toffee its the time difference in the Caribbean bolt hole and the demon drink.Hes also fighting a loosing battle on here.Bot sentinel were more like him,but most of em are more boring than him.He comes here for the windup and the much needed overtime to keep the martinis rolling.He should be back on again as the sun 🌞 rises in the small “mill town in the Caribbean bolt hole.The lads in a mess and I just hope he can get treatment.I over there?

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