Best comments of the day on Creasy’s attempt to shut down chat about her partner consorting with far right

Stella Creasy on David Cameron’s ‘resolutely right-wing’ chums. But it’s different for partner Dan Fox

Stella Creasy has attempted to shut down comment on Al Jazeera’s footage of her partner Dan Fox – a former Labour Friends of Israel director – meeting with at least one hardline right-winger with EDL associations.

Ms Creasy tweeted a statement that she said will be her ‘last word’ on the matter, claiming that Al Jazeera were being misogynist by not contacting her for comment on Fox’s associations:

The comment triggered a prize response from one of her constituents – and a series of other on-point replies:

And ‘Mrs Gee’ suggested that Ms Creasy would soon be telling people not to contact her about the matter, although that seems to be implied in Creasy’s original tweet anyway:

And ‘@Iwastoldofgin’ pointed out a certain irony given the absolutely horrendous and fictitious smear campaign to which Jeremy Corbyn and others were subjected over a period of years

In 2018 Mr Fox was forced to apologise for his ‘abusive and racist’ tweet about black Jewish left-winger Jackie Walker. Shortly afterward, Skwawkbox revealed that Creasy was challenged by colleagues and criticised by constituents for sending a ‘racist advert’ to a parliamentary WhatsApp group.

In 2009, Creasy observed that then opposition leader David Cameron should be judged by the ‘resolutely right-wing’ ‘company he keeps’. In 2022, it seems the principle has shifted somewhat.

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  1. Will Stella Creasy – now – be in trouble with Southside, for giving #LabourFiles the publicity, Southside were so desperate the three-part Al Jazeera documentary, shouldn’t have?

    ‘Don’t mention the war! I did, but I think we got away with it!’

    n.b. Last Part, this evening, at 2100, dealing with BAME discrimination within The Labour Party.

  2. You may not have seen this Al Jazeera News interview, with Matt Kennard of @declassifiedUK. It’s worth a watch :

    1. FANTASTIC! Thanks for that George P.

      Great job Al-Jazeera!! That nine minute report wonderfully summarises/condenses some of the key points from their 3-part series.

      Every one should be encouraged to watch it.

    2. Thanks George, and for the Zappa Profile Pic, Zappa is my comfort blanket and Beefheart my comfort pillow. My Shrooms without taking any Mushrooms :):):)

      1. 🙂 🙂 That’s Rory Gallagher, nellyskelly – but thanks, anyway. 😉

    3. For anyone waiting with anticipation for the third Al Jazeera episode, # LabourFiles – The Heirarchy – on BAME discrimination within the party, apologies for the false information I gave, earlier.

      Apparently, this episode will be released on YouTube, in the morning, and screened on their TV channel at 1300, tomorrow.

      No idea what the glitch was, this evening. Perhaps, legal? Dun’no!

      It may not, even, have been a glitch.

  3. If you want a labour party that is on the side of the people you must be a party of making the labour party collapse. Someone needs to start a movement just for that purpose…

      1. Greasy & casual racism pt 2

        Only took between December and the following February for greasy to ‘misunderstand’ or b>not realise just what constitutes casual racism.

        And very soon after, when ‘the brave’ john mann asked for evidence of racism in order to expel members, I emailed him with this evidence.

        Of course, he didn’t design to reply.

        Any ideas why that might be? 🤔

      2. **Deign

        Not ‘design’ – bloody autocorrect needs to read a dictionary.

    1. I say something fresh and new, the word/brand “Labour” is tainted. Something Revolutionary that will scare the shit out of the Establishment and keep them the fuck out.
      Now that we have the internet and Crowd Funding we don’t need them, they know that and they hate it. Finally The PEOPLE have the power, all they/we have to do is organise and take that Power!
      Remember how extraordinarily quickly they backed off when we started crowd funds, I am sure that there was one of our crowd funds that a group of one thing or another tried to out do with their own, seemed that rich people don’t like giving money away without a personal gain/return, Can you remember what that was, I can’t remember, I think it may have been Marc or Labour Against the Witch-Hunt something early I am sure. I’m sure it was on MSM also.

      1. When starting a funding drive, it’s vital that it is secure and that is getting harder and harder to achieve. After Canadas treatment of the protesters own bank account we should be wary. Let’s start a socialist war chest and get our foreign correspondent to look after it.

      2. nellyskelly – Is ‘blockchain’ the word you are looking for.

      3. Yes absolutely it has to be truly open source and decentralised it should be entirely in a cloud where only elected members have access with a separate book keeping team keeping an open record of funds. Just give it time, it is coming. I hope these protests will include climate and attract the young’uns.

      4. Steve, the only gullible idiot is YOU- you are the only person here who still thinks a Starmer government would do anything at all that’s to the left of the Tories…you are the only one who still defends Starmer’s unjustified and barbaric scorched-earth war against the Labour left and all socialists in the party(there is no such thing as a genuine socialist who defends the purges and the anathemisation of Corbyn)…YOU are the only one here who thinks a Labour victory would even matter now.

        Why did you abandon everything you ever claimed to support? Why are you fine with Starmer blurring the differences between Labour and Tory down to nothing? Why are you fine with Starmer being open to bombing Iran or Syria, even though only innocent civilians would be killed in either bombing campaign and even though nothing even mildly progressive could come of the bombings? Why are you fine with Keir aligning the party with white supremacists, Traveller-haters, and the Orange Order, when he never had to do that to gain votes and when such alliances make any humane, progressive, egalitarian policies impossible?

        Why are you defending the reduction of the Labour Party to an emptym ugly shell?

        You know perfectly well that none of what Starmer has done is justified.

      5. Ken – I haven’t abandoned anything. have you actually looked at the policies emerging from this year’s conference. (and last years). What do you have to offer apart from more Liz Truss.

  4. Stella Creasy and Dan Fox are well matched in my opinion.
    Just to remind people of the disgusting cartoon Stella Creasy posted which Skwawkbox refers to.
    The cartoon which degraded Black people was taken from a 1980s soft drinks advert which had been discontinued because of the outrage it caused even back them.
    Stella Creasy said that she did not know that the vile caricature of black men she had used was racist and she apologised. She clearly does not understand the nature of racism or recognise it when it is staring her in the face.
    Presumable her husband is the same and that is why he associates with the EDL and posts nasty comments about Jackie Walker

  5. Seems the #noshittakingmp is taking a whole load of shot for the shit she comes out with.

    1. Toffee. The only reason she’s an MP is her Mummy and Daddy run her CLP, and nobody is allowed to challenge her, and their interpretation of the rule book is shall we say, very flexible. Allegedly.

      If you get my drift.

      1. I’m well aware of that, baz. But it did need to be said 👍

        Walthamstow REALLY HAS gone to the dogs.

    2. Sorry to butt in here Toffee but it’s my first opportunity to post since I mentioned “foreign correspondent”. I didn’t write a name but look what happened. This is getting too easy. Don’t they have adult education in that foreign land?

  6. Mind you, thos is the same greasy that said skwawky had “bullied” her for asking why she was attending music gigs with high-profile toerag MPs. (The later disgraced hancock).

    Always the victim….

      1. Was that meant to be Pokémon pants??

        Seriously, turn it in. 😕

  7. “The Labour Party is on track to secure a 56-seat majority in the House of Commons, new polling has revealed.
    Savanta research for LabourList shows Sir Keir Starmer’s party would secure 353 seats if there was an election tomorrow – an increase of 154 – while the Tories would lose 146 and return 211 MPs to parliament.
    The model indicates that the SNP would secure 48 seats (+4), the Lib Dems 15 (+1), Plaid Cymru three (+-) and the Greens one (+-).
    Savanta found a 12-point lead for Labour, with 45 per cent of people reporting that they would back Keir Starmer’s party in a general election compared to 33 per cent who said the same of the Conservatives.

    Please read the full article here

      1. Then again as I said all along this kind of annoucement from The Commissioners is what I expected to happen all along, with voting being optional, of course.
        As I have also said in the past, if that is the case, if The Neo-Labour Party TORIES get Government, with a nation of profoundly desperate people, expecting The UK Labour Party as sold by Zarah, Andy Mc, “John, Clive, Richard, etc”, etc and then given Thatcher’s flavour of Globalist Neoliberal One TORY Party State on Uber Steroids (BlueKeef), the shit will hit that place so fucking hard that BlueKeef and Neo-Labour would be gone faster than they came! It would be very good for The PEOPLE’S Plight. That will be the time of awakening all the way upto Upper Middle-Class.

      2. nellyskelly – Perhaps you should bring yourself up-to-date by watching the Labour conference.

      3. nellyskelly – I’m smiling, are you?

        Still smiling about the one about keef ordering the peers to abstain on giving hungry kids a meal at school, are ya? 😒

      4. They can’t see/hear/feel all that Toffee, they are there in their little Middle-Class fluff bubbles floating just above the poverty line that is creeping up fast, at them, snapping like ravenous snapping turtles!
        They don’t wake up until they lost everything, then the smug disapears and the rivers of tears start until they finally realises NOBODY CARES!

      5. Toffee – Is that drivel really the best you can come up with, you should do yourself a favour and watch the Labour Party Conference

      6. I’m crying! Well, I would be if I was a member of the Labour party and actually wanted the vile reprobate called Keir Spurious Starmer anywhere near Downing Street.
        Don’t you know steveh, polls are one of the tools the billionaires use to ‘manage’ (“control”) the entire socio-economic-political environment that their tremendous wealth grants them ownership of. Polls change – and in extra-ordinary times like this, don’t actually need to relate to any measurable (experiential) reality – a bit like Fizzer vaccine testing.

      7. So we keep telling him Qwertboi, but he wont listen, these Neo-Labour Party TORIES are the petulant spoilt brats of Politics.

      8. nellyskelly – I think you’re talking bollocks but putting that aside for a moment where is the credible alternative that you are offering. Come back and tell me all about it when you have one.

      9. You killed it, with Project VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn, it used to be called the UK Labour Party, but now it is DEAD (RIP 13 December 2019).
        That squirming wriggling dead thing you call “Labour”, is full of Thatcher’s flavour of Globalist Neoliberal One TORY Party State Neo-Labour Party TORIES!
        Your Polls are Fake, Your Politics is Fake, Your Policies Are Fake, Your Word is Fake, Your Leader is Fake, Your GE2019 Win is Fake and Your next GE Win will also be Fake!
        Then and only the will you meet the Power of The PEOPLE, like a sledgehammer and therefrom will be reborn that what YOU killed!
        That depends if we don’t return the favour with Project VoteANYTHINGbutNeoLabourTORIES! Remember how you framed the Labour/Red Wall Brexiteers for your VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn? We won’t do that, we have nothing to be sneaky about, the Neo-Labour Party TORIES must be anihilated or there will be pain and sorrow!

      10. nellyskelly – I didn’t kill anything, you are more than welcome to try and prove otherwise.
        I voted for Corbyn, did you?

        You can scream n scream ‘Fake’ as long and as loud as you like but it won’t make it true and who will hear you

      11. Nobody is screaming.
        Everything is not about ‘you’, petal!
        You did not vote Corbyn, you voted VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn! Why would you spend 4y3m attacking the man and then “go and vote for him”!? And why else would you feel the need to keep telling everyone what you voted, without being asked and who it was that, according to you, voted TORY. You have no proof and I have no proof, but the truth hurts though, doesn’t it!?
        You and you NEO-Labour Party TORIES are charlatans just like the other half of the One Party State!

      12. nellyskelly – The reason I keep having to point out that I actually voted for Corbyn is that you keep persisting in saying that I didn’t. Whether you you believe me or not is of very little consequence to me but having said that I see no reason to not correcting your lies. You are welcome to point out any serious criticisms that I made of Corbyn prior to the 19GE

      13. You are welcome to point out the time I accused you of not voting Corbyn without you mentioning or insinuating that you did prior. You are also welcome to provide your positive campaigning and criticisms of Jeremy Corbyn 12 September 2015 to 12 December 2019.
        You won’t and you can’t, it doesn’t exist.

      14. qwertboi – You can live in denial all you like but the polls have been very consistent for months now and they were remarkably accurate about the outcome of the 19GE. Have you forgotten how consistently bad the polls were for Jeremy and Labour in Dec19.

      15. Have you forgotten how consistently bad the polls were for Jeremy and Labour in Dec19.”

        No. The polls were not bad for Labour and Jeremy, they were good for the billionaires’ (‘E stablishment”) Narrative. What was it again, “three weeks to flatten the curve”, OH NO, my mistake, “Get Brexiot Done”??

      16. qwertboi – I guess that here will be someone out there who is impressed by your comment. Did it have a point.

    1. Reply to Steve H
      How can any decent person rejoice in this news when you consider the depravity and pure evil which the Al Jazeera Labour Files documentary exposed.
      I genuinely fear a Starmer government – as one of the contributors on the Labour Files said – these people will be in charge of MI5 etc if ever elected.
      Their vicious attacks on anyone who is not a “friend” of Israel, the blatant lies and character assassination, the threats of beheading etc made my blood run cold. I suppose that makes me an “antisemite” too.
      In the circumstances I can live with that label. Its better than being part of a vicious Arab hating mob who delight in the suppression and abuse of Palestinians and set out to destroy anyone disagrees with them.
      It is particularly distressing that many elderly Jews, Holocaust survivors (like the late Hajo Meyer) or the children of Holocaust survivors, have been targeted for abuse by these pro- Israel elements.
      What these thugs would do to anyone who criticised Israel if they had the power of government behind them doesn’t bear thinking about so unfortunately the poll predictions to which you refer SteveH scare me and will scare many others as well

      1. Steve H
        Its not stupid to fear the existence of powerful vicious and depraved pro Israeli elements within Labour especially if the opinion poll you quote is accurate and Labour gets a landslide victory at the next election .
        If that happened the power these fanatics currently have within the party would extend to the general population. Anyone who didn’t share their hatred of Palestinian Arabs and who refused to applaud their abuse ( up to and including the killing of their children by Israeli soldiers) would be, just like Labour members are now, deemed “antisemitic” but rather than expulsion from the party they would face penalties imposed by them by the state.
        If this doesn’t scare you Steve H it should.

    2. ComRes, LabourList add a splash of Deborah Mattinson (hidden in a dark corner of course) and you could even convince the outlawed “UNDESERVING POOR” of such tripe, unless so arranged by the Commissioners, then it doesn’t matter who is convinced and who is not! I can guarantee you this though The Neo-Labour Party TORIES’ celebrations will be shortlived, a few riots and protests and a lot of dead people, then you will REALLY know the wrath of The British PEOPLE! We will not tolerate your mini Pinochet!

      1. nellyskelly – Oh dear, I see that you’ve run out of anything sensible to say again.

      2. nellyskelly – Please feel free to come back when you’ve managed to work it out yourself.

      3. Petal, I am an Old Man, I have absolutely nothing left to work out, as I said to you numerously your comprehension deficiency is your problem, I am not going to help you with that!

      4. Max never had the bollocks to take the shilling so he took the shekel and now he’s a freedom fighter for Zelensky and his beard.

      5. Zelenski the wannabe Che Guevara, but he has never been on any battleground and he forgot that his comrades are Russian and Gypsy Hating Nazis and no revolutionaries!
        The revolution is happening on the other side of the frontline! All 4 Ukrainian zones/breakaway Republics voted to rejoin Russia, under bombardment and fire from the Nazis and the EU reporters and overseers threatened and deathwished by the Europeans, their fellow countrymen/women!
        Far Right in Italy and soon BlueKeef/Max Headroom’s Far Right Starmerstruppen/Neo-Labour TORY Party, in the UK! We’ve seen them drool over Nancy Astor, their Hatred of Socialists, Black People, Muslims, “Fringe Jews”, Gypsies and “The Left” akin to that of Hitler. And some fucking morons, Socialists, Corbynites, “The Left” will still vote for the CNUTS who persecuted us since 2015! Then they will be very surprised when they come for us! When it is our turn again!
        First they…….

      6. nellyskelly – “Labour conference has passed motions expressing support for an increase in funding for defence manufacturing to ensure that the UK can better aid Ukraine and backing pay rises for local government workers at least in line with inflation.
        Ukraine, composite motion 13, was carried on a show of hands. The motion – put forward by the GMB – calls on Labour to support a “free, united Ukraine” and a peaceful end to the conflict that secures the territorial integrity of the country.
        The motion demands that the party support the provision of military, economic, diplomatic and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine and back calls for ICC investigations into potential war crimes committed by Russian forces.
        It calls on Labour to support a long-term strategy to “tackle Putin and dictators around the world” and for the party to back an increase in funding for UK defence manufacturing “so that the UK can rebuild lost industrial capacity and jobs, better aid Ukraine and ensure its forces are equipped to keep Britain and our allies safe”.
        The motion also calls for Labour to support the Ukrainian decision to apply for EU membership and the decision of Finland and Sweden to join NATO.

  8. On the subject of women in politics, anyone seen Georgia Meloni yet? No wonder the EU is terrified of her.

    We need more who speak like her, and much less like Creasey

    1. NVLA – So says the now self declared fascist. What is it that you admire about Meloni’s politics?

      1. So says the now self declared fascist

        From the EU fanatic who was warned about the scale and rise of the (far) right within that bloc/organisation.

      2. Toffee – We would now have a left wing President of the EU Commission if Corbyn and his team hadn’t run away from the MEP elections. What happened to that famous left wing solidarity.

      3. Her politics? Her speech was what I mentioned. She talks about the attacks on identity of the family,. On how we’re being turned into nondescript consumers.

        It’s going to resonate.

        I see also Sweden has elected a far right government. But Meloni seems to have rattled the EU most.

        I’m not into fascism. Especially Mussolini’s definition. Something the Labour does seem to idolise. Strange that

      4. So you’re a fascist as well as a racist are you Mr Turd Polisher? Approaching your boss’s level of nastiness I see. Excellent stuff.

      5. baz2001 – No, but until you’ve grown up a bit you should stick to your natural home and play ‘politics’ with the Tooting Popular Front. Have you come up with any credible evidence yet to support your lies.

      1. qwertboi – ….and you admire these people because?
        As I said above – What is it that you admire about Meloni’s politics?

      2. Comprehension skills of a Neo-Labour Party TORY,
        ‘Anything/Everything will ALWAYS mean whatever THEY want it to mean, regardless of what it ACTUALLY means’!
        You, BlueSteveH, read but you can’t comprehend what you’ve read!

      3. nellyskelly – ‘Thanks for your well thought through and cogent response’ – Jeeez 🙄

        Perhaps the fault lies with your apparent inability to calmly explain your position without ranting.

      4. No, I quite enjoy my communication choices and style and I can assure you that I am perfectly calm, any other Impression comes from your inability to accept reality, truth and facts and your strong need to create your own narative.
        I can’t help you with that, this is my communication and I will not be silenced by ANYONE with stupid alegations of anger, etc! If I am enraged I will generally say that I am enraged.
        I have no shame of my emotiions, taunts and petty ignorances can’t and won’t EVER phase me.

      5. ” What is it that you admire about Meloni’s politics?”

        I don’t. I abhor her and her politics. NVLA admired her plain speaking and recognised her moral wretchedness (fascism) by wishing creasy tried to copy her plain speaking. Me too. A heel-clip too every now and again from the fascist labourite wouldn’t go amiss. Read the posts properly SteveH

      6. qwertboi – I read your comments and I see no reason to withdraw anything I’ve said. 🚴🏽➡️

      1. I DID say “on the basis of this clip”. I freely admit I know nothing else about her, but she obviously isn’t all bad…

      2. timfrom – I’m struggling to find anything positive, have you read the article that I linked to?

      3. timfrom – I would encourage you to take a look when you have the time, she’s not a very nice person.

      4. After reading it I agree with Meloni’s view that the family unit is, one way or another, under attack. Most of the policies of hers criticised by the (presumably feminist) journo are, whether you agree with them or not, just measures designed to address this. I see nothing explicitly fascist about her other than her attitudes to immigrants.

        It will be interesting to see whether Ursula Van Der Leyen, a woman WAY closer to actual fascism, will follow through on her threats to deal with Italy for voting the wrong way…

  9. Toffee – Is that drivel really the best you can come up with,

    Well I would’ve come up with better, but my polka-dot pants are being washed today.

    BTW, are you denying you excused keef’s shithousery of allowing children to go hungry, by any chance? 😗🎵

    you should do yourself a favour and watch the Labour Party Conference

    And listen to the same tired arld shite (from the same so-called labour bollockites) that we’re subjected to by you, each and every day?

    No thanks. I’ve got something resembling a life. Get yerself one.

    1. Toffee – It is not my fault that you are so easily impressed by pointless gestures, we will no doubt see Labour’s plan as the School’s Bill progresses.

      1. ‘pointless gestures’

        Christ almighty. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️.

      2. Toffee – Please feel free to explain how this pointless gesture would have achieved anything

      3. “are you denying you excused keef’s shithousery of allowing children to go hungry, by any chance? 😗🎵”

        It’s like ‘nothing’ compared with NOT speaking out against ‘vaccinating’ under 14 yo kids with an experimental, dangerous drug for a disease that they are not prone to, which has a 99.2% survival rate (where the 0.8% covid deaths that do occur, happen in people above 82yo, and/or with serious chronic comorbidities). But you know that SteveH. I bet (like the dead queen and Starmer), you’ve probably never had a ‘vaccine’ in your life…… I won’t congratulate you on that because you don’t exhibit any of the fine intellectual or ethical attributes that most vaccine-refusers have to, and you are very possibly even part of the massive con in the first place.

        ‘show me your papers’ Starmer is the very worst possible next PM.

      4. qwertboi – I reject the premise of your question, but I’m not denying anything.

        I’m not an anti-vax f’wit’ like you.

      5. Pointless Gestures!?
        £2Billion they promice for the NHS, would that be per trust, even then £2Billion will cover just about the toilet fucking paper bill per trust!
        What an UTTER JOKE your Neo-Fascist BlueKeef and his Starmerstruppen are!
        If that is their level of economic luring, then I can only fear for the Nation!

      6. nellyskelly – I’ve no idea what you are talking about.

  10. Toffee – We would now have a left wing President of the EU Commission if Corbyn and his team hadn’t run away from the MEP elections.

    Who’s this ‘we you talk about?

    The UK has left the EU, you complete fucking DOLT. Jesus, but you are thick as fucking mince.

    Tell us the point of putting candidates up for an election for an organisation the UK won’t (Or wouldn’t have be(en) part of a few months later?

    Just shows that you adore bureaucracy and establishment values. You are more of the same.


    1. Toffee – Along with the many other things you don’t know you obviously aren’t aware how the President of the EU Commission is appointed. As I said above what happened to the solidarity.

      1. And WHAT good would THAT have made, you complete fucking numbskull?



        You’re in NO position to harp on about‘solidarity you hypocritical fucking weasel. You think voicing opposition to allow children to go hungry is ‘A pointless gesture you hideous fucking excuse for a piece of shit.

      2. baz2001 – Lying about what? What precisely are you accusing me of?

  11. Another fatal flaw about your ideas of ‘solidarity’ and ‘fascism’, soft shite.

    You believe the al jazeera documentary is a hatchet job and that your labour party ISN’T guilty of acting like a bunch of fascists.

    You think the evidence provided (From the Forde report – that keef kept on the back burner for as long as he could) is all bollocks. But point-blank refuse to state why it’s so.

    YOU enable fascism here within your own party, and then you have the fucking idiocy to complain about them elsewhere.

    What a colossal knob-head. Hurry up and cark for fuck’s sake.

    1. Toffee, The shilling trolling Turd Polisher is as big a liar as his boss is. Corrupt and racist too. Just ignore…

      1. baz2001 – Whilst you are just pathetic. You are more than welcome to try and prove your accusations. Please feel free to knock yourself out.

  12. Opposing a vote that allows children to go hungry = A pointless gesture

    Not bothering to front candidates for an election to a chamber you won’t be part of in a few months = A (Corbynist) outrage.

    We already knew you have it in for children/bame females/the left/the poor anyway.

    But fuck me, this is all the evidence – and more – that you’re a total fucktard that even the likes of the rancid-and-equally-clueless toby young would have first on the list for euthansia.

    1. Toffee – I’m still waiting for you to explain how this pointless gesture would have achieved anything

      1. Wait all you like, gobshite.

        I don’t have to answer someone who doesn’t answer anyone else.

        Dirty filthy nonce apologist with a penchant for excusing seeing children harmed.

      2. As if being judged by you is something I’m remotely arsed about.

        However, being a nonce apologist is not something to beat your chest about; least not where I come from.

      3. You’ll get what you’re given.

        And you’ll deserve it AND then some.

        Nonce apologist.

    2. We’re all still waiting for YOU to explain how any of what Starmer has done to what used to be the Labour Party can achieve anything? You do realise that Labour no longer disagrees with the Tories on any major issue, right? You do realise whatever the party that used to be Labour is now can never do anything progressive in government after becoming reactionary and bigoted in opposition? You do realise that there’s no excuse for ever aligning Labour with Islamophobes, Likudniks, Traveller-haters and Ulster Unionists- all of whom are completely devoid of any decent, humane values whatsoever? You do at least see that, don’t you Steve?

      How much do they pay you? No one with anything remotely like a soul or a conscience would defend what you defend without compensation.

      1. Ken – It is not my fault that you have fooled yourself into believing that you have something to offer

  13. Toffee, Ten Pledge Keef, lies through his back teeth…..

    Would you buy a second hand car from him? FFS……

  14. SteveH26/09/2022 AT 4:54 PM
    Let’s not all be gullible idiots.

    You’re quite welcome to remain the sole holder of that description (amongst many others)

  15. After being owned and outed as a racist Starmerhoid troll, the Chief Turd Polisher goes down to the beach with his bottle of Bacardi to drown his sorrows.

    Calypso time….

    1. baz2001 – Owned by whom, certainly not you?
      You have yet to present a shred of evidence to support your lies.

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