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Forde rejects claims leaked report misrepresented racist and factional messages of right-wing staffers

Feeble claim rightly ignored as inquiry concludes staffers were ‘deplorable’ – so why hasn’t party kicked them out instead of campaigning with them?

The leaked Labour report that exposed racism and sabotage by right-wing senior staff

Right-wing Labour staff sent ‘deplorable’ and racist messages to each other and their feeble attempts to claim their messages were misrepresented don’t stand up, according to the newly-released Forde report.

The report soft-soaps much of the conduct of senior staffers and ignores evidence that closes the case on sabotage during Corbyn’s leadership – but dismisses their excuse that WhatsApp, text and email messages revealed in the leaked 2020 party report were in any way misleading or selective:

It has been put to us by a number of witnesses that the extracts of the messages quoted in the Leaked Report were cherrypicked and selectively edited, such that the quotes that appear in the Leaked Report are both unrepresentative and misleading.

Having reviewed the transcripts and considered evidence from many of those involved, we do not agree. We find that the messages on the SMT WhatsApp reveal deplorably factional and insensitive, and at times discriminatory, attitudes expressed by many of the Party’s most senior staff.

The report euphemistically describes the content of the messages as ‘at times discriminatory’, but it is clear from a reading of the comments and the outrage from black, Asian and mental health groups that the comments were racist as well as discriminating against other ‘protected characteristics’.

Yet many of those former senior staff still wield considerable influence in the party as favoured insiders – and Iain McNicol, who as then-general secretary was ultimately responsible for the conduct and messaging of his staff, was recently out campaigning for Labour alongside current general secretary David Evans. None of the former staffers have been expelled from the party as far as records show, though some were temporarily suspended and later readmitted long before the Forde inquiry was completed.

Labour under Keir Starmer has enabled racists in multiple ways since he took over. This is just one of them, but the fact that it is now formally acknowledged in the report Keir Starmer reluctantly commissioned is utterly damning and demands action – as does Forde’s confirmation of the obvious fact that the issue of antisemitism was weaponised against Jeremy Corbyn and the left.

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  1. Sabotaging an election – which is what undermining the democratic process represents – is as illegal as you can get.

    It disenfranchises not just members but the electorate. Not to mention the misuse (ie effective theft) of members money which any objective analysis would conclude as illegal rather than simply ‘wrong.’

    What this 138 page whitewash is saying is that there is to be no redress for all those inside and outside the party whose money, time and efforts was abused and stolen.

    What it tells us, very clearly, is that no formal internal Establishment process exists to protect the interests of both the democratic process and the general interest from those whose main focus is on protecting the Establishment Oligarchy.

    Logically, this points to the only means of dealing with such blatant abuse is via less formal and more direct means.

    1. Strictly that’s not true maybe no Legal method or redress but we can do something it’s quite simple. Don’t give them money, your vote and especially don’t allow there actions to upset or depress you. Campaign against them join PAL or another truly socialist party sorry Labour is a busted flush time to let it go. Don’t waste money, time or effort for them it won’t ever lead back to a a socialist government.

      All we can do is slowly build and make damn sure no f’ing right wing entreesesm is ever allowed in a socialist party we have to be ruthless. there is no soft left or central BS your either socialist or not you can’t be slightly pregnant for flip sake. That’s how we win stop the same useless fights we alwase had and move forwards and stop looking back.

      1. Many of us have been listening to that line of argument for decades. Indeed, it has been doing the rounds since at least the first World War.

        The wider context is that it is not simply the Labour Party which is a busted flush but the entire Western paradigm.

        Which right now has reached the point where the decision making Oligarchy is of such low quality and calibre that it is actively engaged in creating its own (and our) oblivion.

  2. Never forget
    The leaked report was selective because our lot wanted to show their was anti semitism in the party although compared to other parties and the General Public it barely registered
    The left decided to give their accusers a carrot
    The other indisputable fact is what was leaked was a fraction of the information that fell into their laps and if there had been a whitewash then this would have been leaked
    Now who says there is any room in the party for Red Tories
    Off they must fuck

  3. Oh
    And can we have our £600,000 back from those @#$%^ involved in the Panorama Drama
    As far as I know is sitting on a healthy legal fighting fund, he as a member and main target of the AS Scam should sue PWC and GS for the return of that money

  4. Much of the MSM are leading with the following headline:

    Two groups within Labour used antisemitism as `factional weapon´, report finds

    This is from the DM:

    But the foreword to the Forde report, published on Tuesday afternoon, said: “The evidence clearly demonstrated that a vociferous faction in the party sees any issues regarding antisemitism as exaggerated by the right to embarrass the left.

    “It was of course also true that some opponents of Jeremy Corbyn saw the issue of antisemitism as a means of attacking him.

    “Thus, rather than confront the paramount need to deal with the profoundly serious issue of antisemitism in the party, both factions treated it as a factional weapon.”–report-finds.html

    embarrass the left?!! Smear and demonise and sabotage you mean!

    1. One side falsely attacks using anti-Semitism. The other side rightly says the attacks are false. So both are “weaponising anti-Semitism”?! What the hell was the left supposed to do?

    2. From Daily Mirror:

      Today’s 138-page report dismisses claims anti-Corbyn staff deliberately tried to lose Labour the 2017 election, or ensure the party “did badly”, to oust the leader.

      But it says “many expected it to” do badly “and some had mixed feelings” about what a good result would mean for their futures.

      It also finds a “handful of staff” created an additional fund that spent £135,000 on campaigns supportive of sitting, largely anti-Corbyn MPs, instead of Tory-held target seats.

      mixed feelings….. Oh, right, so that’s what they were.

  5. What is it we are accusing Red Tories of in relation to 2027 GE
    What is the offence of undermining our democracy
    And does it still carry the death penalty

  6. Reports from various media that Macron has signed a deal with the UAE for the supply of large quantities of diesel fuel. Additionally, Indian media is reporting that the UAE has bought large quantities of diesel fuel from Russia.
    It’s called capitalism.

    1. Goldbach….Meanwhile the EU/Germany have done a deal with the ‘Honest and Trustworthy’ Azerbaijan Govt for fuel supplies this Winter.

      They obviously were unaware of their previous record for reliability and honesty. What could possibly go wrong?

  7. My prediction for New New Labours’ responce. Let’s move on, put division behind us, back Keef Stammer.

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