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Tarry turns to lawyers after Labour ignores clear evidence of trigger fraud

Tarry sent evidence to party of vote fraud, voter impersonation and further rigging by party right, but general secretary David Evans dismissed it as irrelevant to result

Sam Tarry MP and part of his lawyers’ letter to Labour

Ilford South MP Sam Tarry has been ‘triggered’ to face a selection contest in a vote that involved widespread vote-rigging and outright fraud, including members receiving confirmation of their vote for a contest despite not having participated in the ballot. Other fraud involved impersonation of members and voters participating in ballots who did not live in the constituency – and the move mirrored similar scandals perpetrated against left MPs where intimidation and bullying were used to secure the right’s desired result.

Despite the clear evidence, Labour general secretary David Evans dismissed the issues as irrelevant to the result, telling Tarry he didn’t believe the fraud was ‘a widespread problem’ and that issues such as mismatches between vote numbers and the number of those voting were ‘misspeaking’.

The right’s aim to replace Tarry with factional favourite Jas Athwal has long been an open secret. Athwal was suspended by the party under Jeremy Corbyn following ‘serious’ allegations of sexual harassment, but quickly reinstated when Keir Starmer took over the party, with a right-dominated NEC panel deciding that Labour’s GLU (governance and legal unit) had failed to present sufficient evidence against him.

Athwal and his supporters, including Ilford North MP Wes Streeting, presented this as his exoneration. Streeting had reacted to Athwal’s suspension with outrage, despite the nature of the complaints against him, while Redbridge councillors, like Labour’s London regional office, had ‘circled the wagons’ to protect him and dismissed his accusers as ‘cranks’.

With the party refusing to do its job and protect democracy – unsurprising given the war on democracy it has mounted under Evans and Keir Starmer – Tarry has put the matter into the hands of lawyers Carter Ruck, who have won a number of cases right-wingers attacking the left. The firm has written to Evans accusing him of ignoring the ‘self-evident gravity’ of the alleged fraud and proceeding with a clearly-unsound selection process and warning him that Tarry is reserving his right to full legal action if Evans fails to act to suspend the process until the situation has been properly investigated:

Skwawkbox view:

The Labour right is generally so accustomed to impunity and the support of the media when it acts in this way that the most likely result is that it will ignore the letter. While the party’s financial situation under Starmer and Evans is so desperate that Labour can ill afford to contest legal action if Tarry or others feel pushed to go that far, judges have tended to protect the right’s tendency to ignore, break or re-interpret its rules according to its preferences and Starmer and co will no doubt be expecting the usual assistance of their friends in the media to limit any public relations fall-out.

But if the country is to have any hope of Labour representation that is genuinely fighting for the interests of the many, the right’s lack of principle and contempt for democracy needs to be exposed and fought.

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  1. Despite the clear evidence, Labour general secretary David Evans dismissed the issues as irrelevant to the result, telling Tarry he didn’t believe the fraud was ‘a widespread problem’ and that issues such as mismatches between vote numbers and the number of those voting were ‘misspeaking’.

    WT absolute F is that? It really has gone all The thick of it

    I could eat a tin of alphabetti spaghetti and crap a better answer than that ffs!

  2. Well – all power to Tarry’s elbow!

    You would think better of an ex-DPP
    wouldn’t you?

    Tarry should not have any need to
    consult high powered lawyers to
    ensure LP rules were followed.

  3. Evans is behaving like a fascist as he appears to believes the only rules than apply are those that benefit him and the rest are there to be tramped over.
    Good for Tarry to stand up and be counted. I hope his lawyers will be seeking an injunction against the opening of applications for selection. This matter needs to be investigated and resolved first.

  4. “widespread vote-rigging and outright fraud,” IS Starmer’s Labor party. Give me a proper Labour party any day.

    “PR fall-out”? Might not happen, but neither will Labor’s landslide victory.

    For the Many, not the few.
    Goodbye, adiós, Adieu

  5. The monster turns on itself and consumes its own brood….And its more big bucks for the bottom feeders profession.”
    “Its becoming like one of the golden oldys and the Ealing farce.We will be seeing Strummer and fatty evans running round the bunker in underpants doing a Brian Rix farce…..” Carry on labour “full of laughs and members money 💰

  6. Sam has the backing of his Union, so this is going all the way
    PWC going on trust and integrity will have this case and 2nd referendum hanging over his head at the next GE
    Never mind what we know happens when the electorate is faced with the choice of two Cheap and Nasty Tory parties
    So much to look forward too
    Cherry on the Cake

  7. Given that Tarry was a Shadow Minister before he engineered his own sacking what has he done to piss-off every Branch of his CLP?

    1. Two Cheeks
      PWC is the worst kind of anti semite according to Yair Lapid Acting Israeli PM
      What has he got against the Jewish Community

      1. Doug – I see you are still attempting to prop up your comments with childish taunts. grow up.

        Why do you care what the Israeli PM thinks?

      2. The lowest level of racism against Jews is to accuse Jews themselves of Antisemitism
        Yair Lapid
        Now who do you think he was talking about
        What does your man have against the Jewish Community

      3. Doug – Is it ?
        Why would you presume that I know any more about what lies behind the ramblings of a Israeli politician than you do.?

  8. This disgraceful incident does not augur well for the NEC election results. How can we trust them.

    1. Ellie – The all members NEC elections are run by an external organisation.

      1. Brian61 – I’ve no idea what ‘gloyting’ means, have you?

        What’s your problem, I’m simply stated a fact?

  9. Steve H still Gloyting for Starmer ive not been on hear for a year surly u must be well paid its no wonder labour are going BANKRUPT

    1. Yes that is testament to everything, the Giants are rising and the mice are quivering!
      Africa Rising South America Rising, China &the South Seas Rising, Russia Rising and right through the middle like a giant paper rip, off a globe, lifting from USA & CA through to UK, EU IL, AUS, NZ, the insignificant and depleted West! Russia and China could shout ‘BOO!’ and the weat are defeated!
      I read an Interesting thing today Russia and China ascertained that as they collectively have half the worlds population, that they will make head way at paving the way for the New World Order. What we need to hope is that BRICS are invited on that journey and that hopefully Brazil is Socialist soon, it would be even greater if ‘B’-Brazil becomes SA-South America and ‘S’-South Africa would become A-Africa.
      Whatever happens internationally that rip strip the West, us, will suffer immensely, for our Governments’ hateful behaviours in our name.

      PS. Are we getting closer to any takers on that dingy crossing to Cuba? ;););)

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