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Exlusive: evidence of rigging mounts as Byrne’s 70+ supporters turn into 51-29 trigger ‘loss’

More claims by local members of party rigging to oust MP of the Year, including ballots sent out with no mention of deadline for voting

Ian Byrne speaking after his MP of the Year award

Liverpool West Derby MP – and national MP of the Year for his work fighting hunger – Ian Byrne, according to the Labour party, lost all of the branch ‘trigger’ meetings to decide whether he will face a selection contest. Contrary to the misreporting of some right-wing hacks, this does not yet mean that Byrne has been ‘triggered’ – the result of the votes among the constituency’s affiliated union and other affiliate branches will be decisive.

However, at the first meetings support for Byrne was reported as overwhelming by members who were present – yet the party declared each meeting’s vote count – conducted in secret and without the normal oversight and safeguards – to be narrowly against Byrne, with one ‘result’ leaked to a right-wing hack who tweeted it well before the vote had even closed. In each meeting – mandated by the party to be held online, contrary to usual procedure – members supportive of Byrne also said they were blocked from getting into the Zoom session.

This alleged rigging by the regional Labour office led to widespread outrage and complaints about tampering, including from Byrne himself. In what appeared to be an effort to silence protest, the party declared the result of the fourth and final branch vote to be heavily against Byrne.

‘Overwhelming’ pledges

But in the last meeting, members say that Byrne had massive support, with at least seventy pledges to vote for him among the eighty voters at the meeting and many of those attending holding up signs to say they were backing Ian Byrne. Ian Golder, a Byrne supporter who was able to get into the meeting, told Skwawkbox about the organisation that had gone on among the MP’s supporters before the session:

I’ve seen the result and find that very hard to understand . Many signs were held up in support of Ian and [we] had 70 pledges of support for Ian… [yet] I believe the result was 51-29.

Only three or so people argued against voting to keep Byrne as the candidate automatically.

Golder also tweeted about the ‘overwhelming’ support for Byrne in the meeting:

Denied access

Other Byrne supporters – as has been the case at all of the Zoom votes – say they were denied access, with some tweeting publicly about it:

Late ballots and no voting deadline provided

Another tactic on show in the latest meeting and presumably used in others appeared to be to send the ballots as close to the noon deadline as possible – with no mention of the noon deadline, as this example shows:

Despite the seventy-plus people in the meeting who had confirmed that they would vote to keep Ian Byrne as the party’s candidate, the party declared that the vote had gone against Byrne by a massive 51-29.

Whether Ian Byrne will face a contest – which many believe will be similarly unsound if it happens – will now depend on the outcome of the votes among union branches and other affiliated groups. Unwilling to leave anything to chance, there has been a large affiliation drive by right-wing unions and hostile, mis-named ‘socialist societies’ dominated by the Labour right.

The company that runs the ‘Anonyvoter’ system is owned by right-wing Labour councillors close to Keir Starmer’s general secretary David Evans. The firm’s director did not respond to a request for comment about the absence of a voting deadline from its West Derby emails.

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  1. Fascists at work……. Yet AGAIN!

    I assume the MSM will be straight on the case, just as they were when Jeremy was leader each and every time a ‘moderate’ was triggered.


    1. Take heart Allan. The fash are getting a battering internationally and are on the backfoot.

  2. Sorry to be naive – but surely this is something
    which could be taken to the Electoral Commission?

    Is it something which could be crowd funded?

    1. Taken to the Electoral Commission? Surely yes, if only to be told by it that it is not appropriately empowered or inclined to investigate the matter, An appeal has to me made outside the party, for it is parts of the party that is either causing or allowing this to happen.

      Solidarity Ian Byrne – despite his support for Johnson’s Plan B covid restrictions during the lockdowns for the disease that has 99+% survival rate (and always has), which produces no “excess death” anywhere on the planet and who, at least, followed the marvellous Jeremy Corbyn’s lead, and was one of 22 heroic Labour MPs who voted against mandatory vaccination of NHS staff.

    2. Not at all naive, nobody knows everything. I think he could, however the EC is as futile as Ofcom, IPSO, Ofgen, EHRC, ICO, etc, etc,….
      If you are not a Thatcherite Globalist Neoliberal, Warmonger, Greedmonger, then I’m afraid you are out on your ear, from that little putrid club.
      I reckon any complaints start with a search into the complainant and that data I am sure, goes onto a sneaky little ‘black book’ database and nowhere further than that.
      All these horrid things, I feel are not entirely bad, looking at what is happening to the West’s Nastiness on a Grand Scale gives me some comfort, that the Elitist Establishment are doing their own self-destruction. They are revolutionising the World, by eating themselves.

    1. Spot on! In this they are just replicating the mindset of the PtB, the ‘Powers that Be (the parasitic ‘elite’ whom they worship and serve),

      And in this they are the KEY part* of the political system that controls every aspect of our lives and its potential: The rigged economy (‘crony capitalism’), the illusory parliamentary democratic system (FPTP), the corruptly factional and never impartial billionaires’ press (MSM).

      Arguabl;y, the Labour right is more important to the billionaire-class and the oligarchy it produces than any small ‘c’ conservative (or hard-right ‘Thatcherite’) for the continuation of the neoliberal hegemony and the billionaires oligarchy.

      To the Labour right ‘for the Many, not the Few’ is treason.

  3. Surprise surprise…Two of the three Snotty Mash councillors are labour cooperative** (The other is Alison Clarke -who spewed labour along with seven other former labour councillors a few months back)

    One of the three in West Derby ward is cooperative**. (The other two are just labour. One – Lila Bennett – was a signatory to a letter concerning the shithousery over the 2017 election – I expect she won’t be there much longer…)

    Have you been in touch with these councillors (And the CLP officer) for their take, Skwawky?

    **There’s your problem. No such animal as a cooperative labour member in my opinion. If there IS I want them pointed out to me…And that includes that russell moyle – who only appears alright because his neighbouring MP, peter kyle, is a twunt.

  4. All West Derby CLP members unhappy with Southside shithousery should make themselves signatories to an open letter telling the party they’ll point-blank refuse to canvas for any other candidate unless and there is open, transparent voting, with nobody being denied their opportunity to partake in the ballot.

    I’ll be willing to bet the number of signatories to such a letter would demonstrate the scale of the shithousery.

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