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Exclusive: hack declares trigger ‘result’ while vote still open and Byrne supporters blocked from Zoom

Party’s stitch-up of MP of the Year Ian Byrne grows ever more shameless

Labour’s rigging of the ‘trigger’ process, which will decide whether Liverpool West Derby MP Ian Byrne will face a challenge to stand at the next general election, grows more shameless daily.

On Tuesday night, a meeting in which more than two-thirds of those attending were confirmed Byrne supporters was declared by the party – with no tellers or oversight – to have voted against him, leading Byrne’s supporters to ask others to hold up placards at subsequent branch votes so the number of votes for Byrne is harder to rig.

And last night, the Tuebrook and Stoneycroft branch held its meeting – like all the triggers, forced by the party to be held as a more easily riggable Zoom meeting – held its meeting.

Skwawkbox understands that several Byrne supporters were barred from entering the Zoom – including a union representative to the branch. At least two have already posted to social media about their experience of the Starmer regime’s abuse of democracy – but Skwawkbox understands that the total was a high single-figure count, hugely significant in branch meetings where the total votes can be a couple of dozen:

Ian Hughes represents the USDAW union at the branch and, even though USDAW is run by the right, he is a strong supporter of Byrne – yet he told Skwawkbox that his requests for the Zoom link were ignored:

And then this morning, libel-ridden right-wing hack Lee Harpin – a favourite recipient of leaks from party staffers – announced that Byrne had ‘also’ lost the Tuebrook and Stoneycroft vote. But with the usual arrogant incompetence of the Labour right, nobody bothered to wait until the vote had closed at noon today before announcing the result well over an hour before the vote was over:

Other MPs targeted by the Labour right have reported similar tactics, with bullying and intimidation at in-person votes and blatant and demonstrable rigging – admitted by the party, which refused to overturn the result – of online votes.

Ian Byrne is the UK’s MP of the Year for his tireless work on behalf of the poor, vulnerable and hungry – and one of the most popular MPs in the city, probably the most liked and respected by a distance.

Yet Keir Starmer’s hollow shell of a party and his war on democracy know no shame – and there are clearly no depths they will not plumb. Legal action and people power are clearly essential to put these democracy-destroyers back under the rock they have crawled out from.

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  1. These anti-democratic measures are so brazen, utterly outrageous.

    Just goes to prove evil people will always be able to find plenty of willing accomplices.

    How can a party that behaves like this be trusted to run the country?

    Worst of all, this kind of rigging of democracy is dangerous:

    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

    13 March 1962

    ― John F. Kennedy

  2. Even if some Labour members were following Starmer’s line on wide-spead proscriptions, on not opposing the Conservatives anti-democratic measures like the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act 2022, on not defending a wrongly accused Labour female MPs, on sacking Shadow Transport Ministers for supporting fellow trade unionists on a picket line, etc.. etc., this manipulation of this dirty ‘trigger’ hack should blow his principles out of the water in their minds.

    Thanks for the report SW.

  3. Anyone remotely working towards the good of The PEOPLE, are supposed to be quietly dangling like baubles outside the dried out, wholly consumed dead skin of what once was The UK Labour Party. Wriggling within The Neo-Labour Parasite Party TORIES are waiting for any unsuspecting atracted/fooled moths to come flying towards the ominously flickering red neon sign that reads “LABOUR”. Vulgar specimens of Thatcher/Reagan’s flavour of Globalist Neoliberalism!

  4. Just a hunch was the voting orchestrated by Civica?
    The GE Monopoly company who owns absolutely everything to do with Elections, including the Electorate Commission, most likely?

  5. Are you all going to lay on your bellies as usual or are you going to do something about it??????????????????

    1. What do you propose WE all do about it? We had an opportunity to have a UK Labour Party overnight, people stopped listening to the message that Labour was Campaigning, and made GE2019 about Brexit, when it was about all this shit going on right now, and the NHS, hungry children, poor inadequate education for our children, human rights, workers rights, etc, etc so i would sugest asking those who were on Blair, Mandelson and Campbell’s Remoaner and the consequent Brexiteer Bandwagons what we should do.
      I, like many others and Corbyn, already did my bit Sept 2015 to Dec 2019 warning people about exactly this, I was abused, swore at threatened and the non result these very days of today.
      What can we do as a collective?
      1. Drop our shit about Remoan, PV, 2ndRef, Brexit, we were done get over it.
      2. A bloody revolution? I would strongly advise against that in this current climate of Military Style Policing and a Trigger Happy war lusting, Far Right Military.
      3. A general strike, do-able
      4. There are many peaceful means we can do something, but grtting angry at people who are posting comments of whatever nature here on SB, won’t do anything.
      just bear in mind you are also part of that “you” of yours, you can’t exclude yourself because you are annoyed at the ‘slow’ pace of thing beyond our remit here posting on a blog. But as a small community of people posting thoughts and ideas, we can’t do a fatt lot, but it will come, The PEOPLE fucked up GE 2019, now we will suffer a continuation of 43 years of TORY HELL no matter which TORY Party wins the GE. I fear it will be BlueKeef and his Starmerstruppen then The PEOPLE are truly fucked. HOWEVER, from profound suffering always comes an awakening, of The PEOPLE. Right now it would appear everyone is asleep with their heads in the sand, “any “labour” is….”when it blatantly is not!
      BlueKeef and co will rip every sliver of rights you had from under you. People ill and unable to work will bw shoved in some kind of workhouse environment, because “arbeit macht frei”, well according to Reeves it does. The total destruction of “the undeserving poor”, peasants and masters comes to mind.
      Well, I am sure that, that will at least slap The PEOPLE and The SHEEPLE awake.
      Then we will get the spark we need, I don’t think that anyone want to give out the spark for what comes with it, but it will come, perhaps even from ordinary men/women like us lot sharing thoughts and ideas, here on SB.

      1. How many decades have you been waiting to date and do you expect to see this ‘spark’ in your lifetime.

  6. Hairpin is involved again, I see.
    However, I am hearing that a “well known lawyer” has approached Audrey White and offered to act for her, pro bono, if she will take action against Hairpin.
    I suspect that she won’t have to think too long about that.

    1. Yep, that’s correct. A very well known lawyer.

      I wish more would step forward and offer pro bono. The Haldane Society, for instance. It may put a brake on the ‘former DPP’. Or, it may not, but it would cost the party a fortune in legal fees.

      Hit them where it hurts.

    2. What is Lee Harping on about now? Oh I know, the Zionist Luntzspeak Global Language Dictionary Diatribe kicking off again. That can only mean one thing. There is a GE on the way and SOON.
      They want to protect the TORY Zionist BlueKeef from the “evil” socialists, leftists, black, muslim, “fringe Jewish” women, etc etc. “We are so vile and evil” with our talk of equality, justice, peace, freedom, unity, etc, etc it is “utterly vulgar”.
      If we want a Party FOR The PEOPLE and without sabotage we need to vote BlueKeef and The Neo-Labour Party TORIES OUT!
      Enemy 1: Sabotaging Globalist Neoliberal Neo-Labour Parasite Party TORIES!
      Enemy 2: Globalist Neoliberal Conservative Party TORIES!
      Enemy 3: Any other Flavour of Neoliberal TORY.
      VOTE IN ANYONE who is NOT TORY, hopefully a Socialist, someone who works for the best interest of The PEOPLE and NOT Themselves OR The Elitist Establishment.

  7. I see that in response to a derisory 5% pay offer Unite has voted for strike action at Felixstowe Docks

  8. If Byrne was MP of the Year last year, Chris Williamson was in the year when he was expelled. And Jeremy Corbyn will be this year.
    What the right are doing ids exactly what the Democrats did, in 2016 and 2020, to make sure that Bernie Sanders didn’t win the primaries. On a free and clean vote he would have done-despite the media fighting against him. And Corbyn would have won the General election, too, if the traitors in Southside had not thrown the match.
    The point is that the public support is/was there but the people don’t play games, they don’t follow the ins and outs of factional disputes and dirty politics. How could they? There is no source of honest reports. Take this report of shenningans to the people and most will end up confirmed that “they are all the same. You can’t trust any of them”. And there goes another Socialist voter.
    What has to be done, and Mandelson and Starmer are spelling this out very clearly, is to secede CLP, branch by branch into a new party, with an uncompromisingly socialist platform which includes binding MPs to be instructed by their CLPs and ‘taxing’ their salaries heavily to support Food Banks Homeless Shelters etc.
    Luckily there are leaders and spokesmen for such a new party waiting and ready- people like Williamson, Corbyn, Livingstone, Byrne etc But please no John McDonnell, or very little of him.

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