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Exclusive: latest Byrne ‘result’ 16-14. 7 of his supporters not allowed in

As Skwawkbox reported earlier, right-wing hack Lee Harpin was this morning briefed by Labour staffers that Ian Byrne, national MP of the year and Liverpool most popular MP, had ‘lost’ a second ‘trigger’ ballot to decide whether Byrne will face a contest to stand as the party’s candidate at the next general election.

The vote was not even closed.

The previous night’s vote had been declared by the party to be narrowly against Byrne even though his supporters made up more than two thirds of the ballot meeting. No tellers were allowed to oversee the vote.

And Skwawkbox can reveal that last night’s Tuebrook and Stoneycroft vote has been declared by the party 16-14 against Byrne – but at least seven of his supporters were barred from participating.

The Starmer regime and its unholy allies in the North West are determined to out Byrne no matter how ugly, filthy and dishonest they have to play – and Byrne’s overwhelming popularity among members and voters means they are playing very dirty indeed.

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    1. What reason(s) were given for barring 7+ of Byrne’s supporters?

      As if you’re arsed.

      Mister I’ve NEVER claimed to be a socialist.

      Despite claiming to be a democrat, AND being THE biggest protagonist for OMOV; you weren’t remotely arsed about the selection process(es) leading to, nor you not getting YOUR vote at 2018 conference when smarmer and fatberg shithoused your precious second ref through.

      So don’t bother.

      1. Well done Toffee!
        But once again we are let the troll misdirect debate. Nothing justifies voter suppression. Nothing justifies denying people their democratic rights. Any argument to the contrary is like justifying racism on the basis a victim was too Black.
        And remember, Skwawkbox does not say that the police were there arresting the 7 for anything illegal. So let’s get back to condemning another Starmer stitch-up and ignoring the troll.

      2. Bernie – Really? I don’t think that asking why they were not allowed to participate is a distraction. Surely it is what lies at the heart of whether their exclusion was legitimate or not.

      3. Toffee – Thanks for the rant but a simple ‘I don’t know’ would have sufficed

    2. Antisemitic, too socialist or not wearing white socks. Take your choice, Starmer and Evans like Hitler and Gobbels.

      1. steve-hilling – Knowing the reasons would be better than speculating.

      2. “Knowing the reasons would be better than speculating.”

        You think? The reason is obvious SteveH, doesn’t matter what regional officials or David Evans or the Trilateral Commisioner himself says. This is as obvious as obvious can be. 10 Pledges obvious.

      3. qwertboi – Thanks for letting me know that you’re another one who can’t answer a my very reasonable question. Aren’t you curious?

      4. Why do you think it is our place to know the answer to your question!? It is your TORY Neo-Labour Party who done it, perhaps have a look at your TORY Pages like The SUN in Lambskin, perhaps?

      5. SteveH: “The reason is obvious SteveH, doesn’t matter what regional officials or David Evans or the Trilateral Commisioner himself says. This is as obvious as obvious can be. 10 Pledges obvious.”

        Starmer’s purpose is to destroy Labour. It’s no great mystery.

      6. Absolutely right Steve Hilling. Let’s not let the troll hijack debate.
        The topic is Starmer’s anti-democratic manipulative voter suppressions. There’s no excuse for adopting the voter suppression tactics of the US Republican Party – how far to the right should Labour be allowed to descend to.
        Potential voters are innocent until proven guilty. It is not a question of them being guilty until proven innocent, anymore than rape victims have to prove they weren’t asking for it; victims of racism were not too Black, or victims of homophobia not too visibly camp.
        Ignore the troll. Voting is a norm. Not something to be treated as questionable by neoliberal entryists attempting to subvert Labour norms.

      7. Bernie – Don’t be ridiculous, this comments page starts with me asking a very simple and straightforward question – “What reason(s) were given for barring 7+ of Byrne’s supporters?” and the rest more or less consists of various rants designed to avoid giving an answer.

        The only thing that has hijacked this debate is the rants that I have received in response to a very straightforward and pertinent question.

        As for your nonsense about voter suppression, there is currently no evidence of this whatsoever.

    3. I am sure they were all given written reasons why to ‘prove’ it to you even then you whoud dispute this evidence and make up some other BS to make out it didn’t happen.

      You are convincing know one, you not upsetting us! Most of us regard you as comedy relief. The punchline, the joker to Starmers court here resighting your masters proclamations.

      Well see you in the comments section you haunt like capers ghost I only hope your getting a wage increase them internet bills must be increasing!

      1. I’m not disputing or questioning anything apart from the the omission of this vital info. Surely the reasons why they were excluded lies at the heart of whether their exclusion was legitimate or not. Why is it a secret.

    4. On the basis of past evidence the answer to such a question is unlikely to be forthcoming.

      Recall, we are still waiting to discover what the reasons were for barring Labour Party members from voting in leadership elections a few years ago simply for liking the Foo Fighters on Twitter, or retweeting a comment which just happened to be from someone from the Green Party etc etc etc.

      Ditto for CLP’s and Branches prevented from operating because they had the temerity to ask democratic questions which contradicted The Official Narrative or the ‘professional’ and managerial parasitic clique who have destroyed the values and therefore the raison d’être of the party and what it stands for.

      The notion you are pushing steveH in your responses to others on this matter – that you are unaware of the consistent gerrymandering and bending and breaking of rules, values and principles – just will not wash. Its a pretence for spurious rhetorical purposes.

      The line you are taking is the usual bad faith one you always take. You add nothing to debate or discussion whatsoever. Instead every single one of your collective – because no way are you a single individual – is negative to reasoned and reasonable discourse.

      Your presence is deliberately not constructive. If you had a single iota of regard for anyone other than youselves you would not infest this site with your parasitical presence. You are fooling no one but yourselves. Not a single comment, argument or observation persuades anyone with functioning cognitive abilities that you are anything but a malign and useless presence and waste of space.

      If a democratic vote were taken to remove your useless carcass from this forum I’d bet my pension it would be 100%.


      2. Toffee – Why would he? Maybe he/she wants to spare their blushes. The reason why those excluded still haven’t come out with why they haven’t told us yet may prove be far more revealing.

      3. Toffee – You haven’t been a member for a quarter of a century, is there a reason that you should have been informed about the details of why some couldn’t participate in a local internal party election that has f’all to do with you.

      4. Dave – I must admit to being more than a little surprised by how much vitriol my simple little question at the head of these comments has sparked. I’m now intrigued to find out why.

      5. FFS

        Has it ever occured to you that they DON’T KNOW why they were expelled – because they WERENT TOLD?

        Imbecile is way above your pay grade. But you’re too idiotic to realise that.

      6. Toffee – Not really, if that was the case then I expect that we’d have been told. Do you have any credible evidence to support your wild assertions?

      1. Joseph – Given that there were only 30 votes it would be very easy to establish if there was any rigging of the ballot. The fact that they haven’t tells its own story.

    1. I want to know why they weren’t allowed to participate and why we are not being informed. Don’t you?

      1. There is much that people would love to know from your Thatcherite Globalist Neo-Labour Party TORIES, but they will never know, because KimYongBlueKeef is more secretive than the Trilateral Commission.
        Keep asking though you NEVER know someone may reach out to you.

      2. Two Cheeks
        Your asking us why PWC is as bent as a nine Bob note, so why dont you answer the question, he’s your man

      3. Doug – You should take advantage of any basic reading classes that are available in your area.

      4. Doug – Why would I waste my time denying your nonsense.

  1. Result was 16-14? With (at least) 7 votes still to be tallied?

    And yet hatpin knew the result with over an hour left? Was he given prior info that these 7 members were barred?

    And 37 (minimum) seems to be to be extremely small quota, given the size of the two wards concerned (Tuebrook & Stoneycroft)

    I think the electoral commission ought to take a very long look at this, and no further votes should be taken unless overseen by said commission, notwithstanding their investigation into the previous two votes.

    1. Toffee – Are you going to write to them and ask them to investigate, Let us know how you get on.

      1. Are you going to post something that addresses the issues?

        Something that is believable?

        Something that doesn’t relate to blaming Corbyn?

        ….Or (while) extolling keef?

        Something of spontaneity instead of something that you pull out from your list of stock answers?

        How about something that receives more than (the so infrequently seen as to be generally thought of as extinct) one ‘like’ therefore suggesting your post at least has some semblance of conduciveness and agreeability, as opposed to each & every post you make being designed to deliberately obfuscate antagonise, distract, and condescend, hmm ?

        Go on – give it a try…

    2. Civica GE Monopoly has this covered, just like GE2019, EC in pocket and no competition, no verification, no watchdog, etc, etc, etc! It’s all very singular, tory and monopoly.

  2. But we all know the criticisms will be
    ignored by Starmer Central ..

    Why bother about the law?

    Incidentally – and sorry about wrong thread –
    but there was a really nasty paragraph about
    Forde in Private Eye ..

    They didn’t bother about the law either in
    their sarky comment about Labour staffers
    not wanting Corbyn to win ..

    1. I’m wondering, given the vindictiveness of the muculent moron… Does Audrey White have Twitter/Farcebook?

      Have any of these 7 been in contact with her – at any time? Are any of them acquaintances?

      Just a thought…

  3. If someone was genuinely interested in the reasons/excuses for barring 7 people from taking part in the vote, there is a simple course of action for them to take.
    Ask those who were “running the meeting”. I guess that none of the people who have commented above were in that category, so it is fruitless asking them.
    Ask the appropriate people and we will await the response being reported here. I won’t hold my breath though.

    1. goldbach – One would have thought that SW’s sources would have known why these ‘members’ were excluded. Surely it is what lies at the heart of whether their exclusion was justified or not.
      It’s a simple enough question that is pertinent to the issue, Unless someone is trying to hide something one has to wonder why asking it has provoked so much hostility.

      1. …… because you are not utterly naive, and must realise that the people who told SW of what had happened were not told why they had not been admitted to the meeting. The only people who know why they were not admitted were those who didn’t admit them. I may be wrong, but I suspect that you will have realised this yourself, which is what will have given rise to the irritation of a number of people.
        I suspect that you are right in suggesting that someone is trying to hide something ………. only not those whom you seem to imply.
        I hope that helps.

      2. goldbach – Not at all, all you have confirmed is that like me you don’t have a clue why they were excluded. For instance were they fully paid up members and did they have their membership card and ID with them.
        I strongly suspect that if there wasn’t a legitimate reason for their exclusion then we would have been told by now.

    2. goldbach – ….and here was I thinking that people like you had their finger on the pulse. I am just surprised that we haven’t already been informed.

      1. goldbach – Oh dear, is that you trying to prove that you as clever as you think you are, again.

  4. I hope Byrne can triumph over Right Wing Labour “Political skullduggery.” (?)
    But for the brave remaining Socialists in Labour it’s perhaps getting like an Ibsen play: “Is this what they have done to us?”

  5. Starmer and his gang of gerrymanders, can play as dirty as they like during these Selections.

    What they seem to have forgotten is when it comes to a General Election, they’ll need the votes of Ian Byrne and his supporters, to get their wo/man elected. Difficult to see how that could happen without them.

    Even if Ian Byrne manages to stand as an Independent, that will split the Labour vote, possibly letting a LibDem slide in.

    I think we can discount a Tory winning in Liverpool.

    Has the fat red-head been seen in Liverpool, since he was put in charge of candidate selections?

  6. The smell from labour currently is quite odious. They seem absolutely determined to become history. I see the donkey farmer has clearly abandoned pledge #7. How many does he have left to kill now?

    They need us more than we need them.

    1. “They need us more than we need them” Really, if that is the case why are you all still obsessing so much about the Labour Party?
      I have my doubts that there are actually enough of you to make any difference and that is why you are clinging onto the coat-tails of the Labour Party.

    2. The UK Labour Party is DEAD, the Parasite Party within, the Thatcherite Globalist Neo-Labour Party TORIES, killed it on 13 December 2019.
      It was not just Boris Johnson celebrating on that day, but the Neo-Labour Parasite Party TORIES also Celebrated that they won GE2017 AND GE2019 and KILLED The UK Labour Party and any last hope of a Party that stands FOR The PEOPLE, instead of FOR Themselves, the Elitist Establishment and Trilateral Commission.
      At the Polling Stations I recomend that we campaign to VOTE OUT EVERY AND ANY OF THE ~180 Neo-Labour Parasite Party TORIES and VOTE IN ANY and ALL Socilist, Unionist, not-TORY, Stands the Most FOR The PEOPLE! BECAUSE “Any “Labour” is….” NOT beter than a Conservative Party, NOT when the so called “labour” party is far WORSE For The PEOPLE, than the bastard Conservative Party TORIES!
      The Enemy:
      Enemy 1: Sabotaging Globalist Neoliberal Neo-Labour Parasite Party TORIES!
      Enemy 2: Globalist Neoliberal Conservative Party TORIES!
      Enemy 3: Any other Flavour of Neoliberal TORY.

      1. nellyskellly – Which of Labour’s current policies are you concerned about?

      2. I am not the slightest bit concerned about the Thatcherite Globalist Neo-Labour Parasite Party TORY Policies.
        None of their “policies” [dodgy ‘car’ sales pitches] are worth the paper they are written on, they are broken before the ink dries! BlueKeef and Co have perfectly summed up exactly what is to come!
        Name me ONE ACTION FOLLOWED THROUGH that benefits The PEOPLE in any way shape or form, to date.
        Surely there must be a thing your Thatcherite Globalist Neo-Labour Parasite Party TORIES have done in 2 years?

      3. nellyskelly – Which bit of Labour being in opposition and the Tories now having a massive majority have you failed to grasp. Did Jeremy ever manage to defeat Boris when the Tories didn’t even have a majority.

      4. So that means they have done nothing whatsoever for The PEOPLE in 2 years, because of Jeremy Corbyn?
        Not even made a whole lot of noise FOR The PEOPLE? Nothing? WOW!
        Julian Assange
        The Strikers
        The War
        Stop the War Campaign
        Climate Change Protesters
        Freedom of information ie RT
        Jeremy Corbyn you bad bad man, stop making the pretend “opposition” act more like the TORIES than the TORIES!

      5. nelylskelly – and what tangible improvements to people’s lives has Jeremy ever achieved

      6. You’ve already said that A LOT!
        You’ve already been answered that A LOT!
        More importantly seing as Jeremy Corbyn has not been the LOTO or even backbencer or even an MP, what tangible improvements to people’s lives has The Neo-Labour Parasite Party TORIES made in the past two years as the official so called “opposition”?

      7. nellyskelly – Don’t be silly, all you’ve ever provided is lies that you’ve provided evidence without ever actually doing so. You are welcome to take this opportunity to give us your long list of the tangible improvements to peoples lives that Corbyn is responsible for.

      8. WOW! Fart Bubbles =/= Reality, not now not ever. You pet are in absolutely no position to speak to anyone else about truth and lies. Not that anyone here least me, actually cares what you think.
        You are just like a Punch Bag, in the corner of a room, to this community. Just something to let off some steam on once in a while.
        You’ve had plenty answers from commentors and Skwawkbox, that’s enough now, stop acting like a petulant child!
        However, there is one unanswered question still outstanding:
        ‘in the past two years as supposed Opposition, what tangible improvements to peoples lives are BlueKeef and the Neo-Labour Parasite Party TORIES, responsible for.
        Surely they must have stood up and fought for The PEOPLE, at LEAST ONCE, in two years, and pushed/negotiated action through Parliament?
        You know, someting Crucial like:
        Julian Assange!
        Our Human Rights!
        Our Workers Rights!
        0 hour contracts!
        Freedom to Strike and Pickett!
        Freedom of Speech!
        Freedom to Protest!
        Freedom of Information!
        Hungry Children!
        Protecting The NHS!
        Trans Identity!
        Removing Racists From their Podiums.
        Something they fought tooth and nail for and that is FOR The PEOPLE NOT Themselves and Their Paymaster Elitist Establishment!
        Something? Anything?

        PS. It’s not Corbyn that is looking to woo The PEOPLE for their vote, it is BlueKeef and The Neo-Labour Parasite Party TORIES and obvioisly you.
        Corbyn has moved on, we’ve moved on, if you can’t understand why he is still constantly talked about, then I am afraid that your intellectual deficit is entirely your prooblem, perhaps ask your adult carer to explain to you.

      9. As I said:
        PS. It’s not Corbyn that is looking to woo The PEOPLE for their vote, it is BlueKeef and The Neo-Labour Parasite Party TORIES and obvioisly you.
        Corbyn has moved on, we’ve moved on, if you can’t understand why he is still constantly talked about, then I am afraid that your intellectual deficit is entirely your prooblem, perhaps ask your adult carer to explain to you.

      10. nellyskelly – Moved on to what, you don’t have a credible alternative. All you’ve got is empty rhetoric.

      11. You missed it again let me highlight it for you:
        PS. It’s ,not Corbyn that is looking to woo The PEOPLE for their vote, it is BlueKeef and The Neo-Labour Parasite Party TORIES and obviously you.

        We’ll see, what happens, thus far not many seem too impressed with your BlueKeef or that Thatcherite Globalist Neo-Labour Party TORIES. I doubt that you are winning any hearts or minds around here.
        You may also wish to remember many other likeminded people read this blog and these comments, not just us little handful.
        You and yours killed the credible alternative that once was The UK Labour Party and now contains your wriggling and squirming Parasite Party within its dead dry skin.
        Your dimness around the idea that The PEOPLE can Canvas, Campaign in many, many more ways than you conventional one track mided way is rather humourous. Almost a quality of childish innocence, if anyone was to be fooled. You just wait and see what happens at the GE.
        The PEOPLE has a Score to settle, thanks to BlueKeef and his Sabotaging Globalist Neo-Labour Party TORIES!
        The PEOPLE has NO CHOICE, NO HOPE & NO TORY ALTERNATIVE only two Equally NASTY, CORRUPT, LYING, CONNIVING, TORY PARTIES, thanks to BlueKeef and his Sabotaging Globalist Neo-Labour Party TORIES!
        I wonder how that will go for them!
        We’ve sufferd for 43 years of nonstop TORY HELL, under the breadline.
        For LASTING CHANGE we’ll go another 43 years, can you, now that the breadline is snapping at your heels?

      12. nellyskelly – How nice of you to volunteer the vulnerable for sacrifice on the alter of your empty political dogma. I’m not sure that those that manage to survive the ordeal will thank you for it when they realise you have nothing to offer.

      13. As opposed to when they realise that they have fallen yet again for BLiar’s “any “labour” is better than…..” Propaganda and Spin. Finding themselves on a never ending extention of the nonstop 43 years of Thatcherite Globalist Neoliberal TORY HELL?
        Orchestrated, Spun, Connived and Sabotaged by a Parasite Party of Thatcher/Reagan’s flavour of Globalist Neoliberalism, dragged into Opposition Side of Commons, via the sewers of Westminster, by and when BLiar gnawed its way into the UK Labour Party, to form The PARASITE anti-Socialist NEW-Labour Party?
        This is not the first time that you put us in your filthy TORY mouth, and your and your Parasite Party’s UTTER Apathy and lack of Observation of Reality is plain for all to see!
        Keep on giving us and those who read here every opportunity to illuminate you and your Parasite Party’s PURE EVIL disguised as Lambs behind Propagandist Rhetoric.
        MORE PLEASE!

    3. How many does he have left to kill now?

      They’ve all been killed…several times over. And they’ll be killed again & again, despite already being dead as dodos.

  7. It is surprising that a process that was introduced at the insistence of Jeremy Corbyn is causing so much consternation amongst his supporters.

    1. I very much doubt that banning and preventing members from voting is what Corbyn had in mind, soft shite.

      And I’m quite confident that Byrne would piss all over a smarmer-imposed candidate.

      1. Toffee – If you are so confident about his popularity then what are you fretting about. Surely he’ll sail through the OMOV stage, just like the majority of the other sitting MPs that have been subjected to this process.

      2. What am I fretting about?


        Try reading the article and comprehending what’s been going on, you stupid STUPID nonce apologist cunt.

        You abuse the term moron

      3. Toffee – Thanks for letting us know that you are not fretting
        Unfortunately the article doesn’t contain enough information to reach an informed conclusion about what has been ‘going on’ if anything. The fact that you think it does is revealing.

    2. You do understand JC is not in the race, he is an Independent. backbench MP. The GE is between your Neo-Labour Party TORIES and your Conservative Party TORIES.
      If you want either of those to win, shoudn’t you be focusing what BlueKeef or CheesyLiz can do for The PEOPLE?
      Perhaps that would serve you better than to make constant attempts, in vain, to discredit JC?

  8. Can someone answer a question
    Whilst I didn’t complain when the leader of Newcastle City Council was brought down, was it not possible to bus in a few more votes last night
    What am I missing
    16 – 14

    1. It wouldn’t have been practical to bus anyone in, those voting would have had to live within the Branch’s boundaries. For some mysterious reason ‘the left’ always appear to have a problem in mobilising their enormous vote.

      1. Now if I was an MP to cover my fat arse I would have a database of members in every ward
        Regularly updated to keep members in touch and generate boots on the ground
        Hope there’s a plan B for trigger ballot

      2. Doug – When I lived in the UK my CLP and Branch always kept me well informed about any meetings and/or selection processes and according to the info I receive from my daughter this is still the same.
        I may be mixing you up with someone else but I seem to recall that you once mentioned that you intended to stand for Parliament at the next GE. If so is this still your intention.

      3. I’m from the Billy Connolly school of politics, anyone who declares an interest in becoming an MP should be barred from becoming an MP
        Similarly could never join the Army for fear i might almost definitely shoot an Officer

  9. I’m not disputing or questioning anything apart from the the omission of this vital info. Surely the reasons why they were excluded lies at the heart of whether their exclusion was legitimate or not. Why is it a secret.

    You’re MOST DEFINITELY NOT questioning just how harpon published a tweet to say Byrne had lost, a full 70 minutes BEFORE the end of the vote without prior knowledge.

    Why not? It doesn’t fit your agenda. A stillborn amoeba can see what your game is, and youre fucking idiotic enough to seem to think you’re being forensic … Cos KEEF’S forensic isn’t he?

    Instead, you’re folornly and pathetically attempting to convince us that Skwawky MuST KNOW ALL THE FACTS – and is therefore the one with something to hide.

    Well you an get bent. Arrogant, irredeemable imbecile that you are

    1. Toffee – I guess we’ll all be able to reach an informed decision once it is revealed why they were excluded.

  10. It’s up to the LP officer to explain the reasons for non-admission to the meeting.

    If the answer is in some way inadequate then a legal challenge is in order if a rerun of the meeting is denied,

    1. Paul – There is no reason to think that the reason(s) that they were excluded wasn’t explained to the individuals concerned.

      1. There is no reason to think that the reason(s) that they were excluded wasn’t explained to the individuals concerned.

        What’s the reason the LP officer hasn’t publicly states the reason they weren’t allowed to vote?

        Or are you seriously thinking of palming us off with GDPR guff, and putting the onus on those disenfranchised to spill the beans?

      2. Toffee – If they feel aggrieved then why not, would you have just meekly accepted that you had been unjustly disenfranchised? (if that was the case)

  11. @Skwawkbox.

    Seriously, how long are you gonna allow this bellend to continue?

    I appreciate you’ve always been only too fair with the right to reply – but that prick has abused the privilege for far too long….

    It’s not even comedy value. He’s already admitted he finds it entertaining to go out of his way to get a rise out of people – And invariably squeals ‘troll’ and/or ‘bully’ when he gets the exact reaction he was looking for.

    But today’s performance is almost surreal. It’s all above board. Anything that is questionable about your article is everybody else to answer but the party- And of anybody disagrees it’s their own fault – including yours… For reporting on it.

    Christ almighty….

    1. Toffee – Perhaps it is time you took a look in the mirror and consider your own actions. I simply asked an entirely reasonable question “What reason(s) were given for barring 7+ of Byrne’s supporters?. You were the one that decided to make it an issue.

  12. Then don’t respond as I will not. Just ignore him. This is a serious website and SW does a wonderful job.

    1. He cannot be allowed to have free rein to spew his bullshit, Paul.

      A certain Austrian bellend was allowed just that privilege in 20’s &early 30’s Germany.

      By the time people cottoned on, he’d shut down all dissent and next thing you know, Germany – as well as the bloody continent – was in ruins.

      While the resident bellend is no Hitler (Hitler at least could read the political winds) he supports someone who’s currently demonstrating the same modus as Adolf in his earlier political life.

      (Sorry for godwinning)

      1. Toffee – Oh for goodness sake you are the one who has backed yourself into a corner and is now pathetically bleating for help. Look to yourself, you were the one that decided to impress everyone with how clever you think you are and chose to rant about me asking a legitimate question.

  13. you are the one who has backed yourself into a corner and is now pathetically bleating for help

    Oh wow!

    Bleating for help? Where? And from who?

    Backed meself onto a corner? Oh, aye? Again, where?


    And if skwawky doesn’t bam you, I will continue to do so.

    And YOU will continue to bleat about being trolled and bullied as you invariably do.

    Snivelling narcissistic wee shitehawk. Know your place. And if you’re still unsure as to where that is I’ll remind you.

    Beneath contempt

    Nonce apologist

    1. bedroc56 – If he has the support of the membership in his area then he will be reselected at the OMOV stage, just like most of the other Labour MPs who have been ‘triggered’. I thought that you wanted all Labour MPs to face a reselection process.

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