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Exclusive: Byrne smashes 1st trigger – then party says he lost. Here’s what members need to do

Labour right targeting MP of the Year for deselection and accused of rigging process to do it – but members have a plan to combat the scam

Liverpool West Derby MP Ian Byrne is the current MP of the year, but in spite of and probably because of that, the Labour right has long had him in their crosshairs – and his many supporters in the constituency were rightly concerned when the party decided, without bothering to provide any reasons, that all of the ‘trigger’ meetings to decide whether he will face a contest to stand again at the next general election would be online, when they could easily be in person.

The first branch Zoom session took place last night and Byrne’s supporters at the meeting say that more than two thirds of the people present on the call were confirmed Byrne supporters – no surprise, as Byrne is widely liked and respected for his tireless efforts on behalf of local people, including a groundbreaking foodbank setup and a growing campaign to make adequate food a human right in this Tory-blighted country.

Yet according to insiders this morning, Labour’s regional office is claiming that Byrne narrowly lost the vote. Unlike most votes, even those conducted online, the count was conducted without tellers.

Concerns have long been expressed by Labour insiders that the ‘Anonyvoter’ system used by the party for these sessions is wide open for abuse and corruption by the party machine. The party has also been accused, with evidence, by other left-wing MPs of inserting fake voters into online votes.

So Byrne’s supporters have a plan that they are asking every member of good will in West Derby to help with – by writing ‘This evening I am voting to reselet Ian Byrne’ or very similar on a piece of paper and holding it in plain view throughout the meeting so that the party cannot claim different numbers than what will be clearly on show – and can be screenshotted by anyone present on the session:

If you are – or know – a Labour member in West Derby, make sure they’re aware and on board.

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  1. If I were he I would use Labour’s printers and send out a message flyer or email stating he is switching to the Workers Party GB a party that stands with the working classes..

  2. No surprise that Labour is hunting members of the SCG one by one. They need to stand up and be counted:
    1-As soon as parliament opens leave the Labour Party and form a separate Party. Their are 35 so they would be the 4th biggest Party.
    2- Or persuade another 7 back benchers to join them and mount a leadership challenge to Starmer straight away, without waiting for Parliament to resume..

  3. Can’t say am surprised. Ian Byrne has been far too decent a person and MP for the Starmerites to leave alone. And I hear there’s a very ambitious young Right Wing West Derby councillor who works in the Labour NW regional office. Nothing to see here..

  4. Is there any low bar the Labour Party are willing to stoop to. Ian is a popular MP who does a lot for his constituency and the wider parts of Liverpool. Yet this isn’t good enough. The party really are the pits.

  5. Ian Byrne & West Derby CLP members….fook labour off. They don’t give a shite about the poor and the sick… You, or your neighbours – whatever your circumstances.

    They do NOT represent YOU. They have NO INTENTION of allowing Ian to represent you. The would rather draft in some southern ponce (One only too prepared to write in the morning Murdoch – most likely in open support of policies that benefit THEM rather than you) than have Ian as YOUR MP.

    West Derby electorate. The same applies to you. Keefs’ labour are convinced that you are total mugs who will elect THEIR choice, anyway.

    Are you prepared to prove them right? You gonna allow yourselves to be shafted by some out of touch upper middle class Ponce’s who have zero idea of the problems YOU have to deal with on a daily basis?

    I know I wouldn’t. I got wise a long time ago.

    1. The Toffee
      It only goes to prove how arrogant LOTO is. They believe their own self publicity. In that, it don’t matter if they parachute an outsider in, someone that the right likes. West Derby constituents will still vote for that person. Remember how Stephen Twigg was parachuted into West Derby.

      1. Ah yes….twigg.

        EXACTLY the type of poncey southern, Oxbridge maggot I was on about.

        Labour cooperative, chairman of progress, supported owen smith in the chicken coup, and – to nobody’s surprise – friend of israel.

        Rarely seen in the constituency and misused parliamentary stationary. Subsequently ordered to pay back about £750 iirc.

        But he wore a labour rosette…Although f**k knows why.

  6. So yet again, they are corruptly doing exactly what they falsely accused the left of doing. Par for the course with these ****s.

  7. A work colleague who has connections to Ian’s West Derby constituency has told me he’s very popular and there’ll be problems if Ian is not their MP at the next general election.

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