Breaking: Tarry sacked for showing Solidarity with workers

MP loses role as Shadow Transport Minister for choosing workers over billionaires and hedge funds

Sam Tarry

Keir Starmer has sacked Ilford MP Sam Tarry from his role as Shadow Transport Minister for appearing with striking rail workers on their picket line in London this morning.

Starmer has banned MPs from attending picket lines in solidarity with transport workers fighting to protect their jobs and pay and the safety of passengers from the government and their corporate allies who want to close all ticket offices and drastically reduce maintenance – while doling out huge dividends and giving huge pay rises to executives.

When Starmer’s foreign affairs spokesman David Lammy betrayed workers on live TV, the Labour ‘leader’ took no action, but Tarry has long had a target painted on his back by the Labour right, which has been rigging selection meetings against him – and admitted the rigging was taking place but still upheld the result – to try to oust Tarry in favour of a right-winger cosseted despite sexual harassment allegations against him.

Meanwhile, the party has been accused of inventing vote tallies in its eagerness to oust MP of the Year Ian Byrne from his Liverpool West Derby seat.

There appear to be no depths to which Starmer and his faction will not sink in their contempt for democracy and for the fight of working people against oppression and exploitation.

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  1. Starmer’s building, a substantial ‘opposition, within an opposition’, isn’t he?

    It’s not me, it’s them. They won’t do what they’re told.

    ‘Strong and stable’, comes to mind.

    1. There are a lot of threads today, Skwawkie.

      A lot for Steve H to patrol, with his pithy comments. I hope he had a good night’s sleep.

      1. George, I suspect you mean ‘they’ rather than ‘he.’

    2. Perhaps is a knock. knock moment for Rayners as she is known to be close to Tarry? What would Angela do:
      1- brief the MSM against Starmer?
      2-keep her head down?
      Rayners is the elected Deputy Leader but, Starmer can withdraw the Labour’s whip from her was she to persist in attending picket lines. More importantly she knows it.

      1. rayner’s every bit the reptile keef is.

        rayner will do what’s best for rayner

      2. Toffee – you are 100% right about Angela Rayner.Sam Tarry has gone down in my estimation due to his association with her.

      3. There are only The PEOPLE who work towards goals for improving the lives of The PEOPLE and there are people who work FOR Themselves and the Globalist Elitist Establishment AGAINST the good of The PEOPLE.
        Every Other divissional label/tag has been put there by the Elitist Establishment to keep The PEOPLE divided.
        The fact that LabourList instantly reported on Tarry’s trigger ballot, but had NOTHING to say about Apsana Begin tells me all I need to know about the guy. He is as Globalist Neo-Labour Party TORY as BlueKeef and Raynor, those people are not “the right if the left”, they are a Parasite TORY Party, The Neo-Labour Party TORIES, who consumed and killed The UK Labour Party.
        We must remember the tacticts used 2015 to date, same with the Guardian’s Hack who launched an Antisemitism attack on Bastani. DON’T TRUST THE GASLIGHTER AND EQUALLY DON’T TRUST THE GASLIT!
        Step back watch and listen and you’ll be astonished at the goings on! In the meantime real victims are being abused right under our noses.

      4. I always rated Tarry and am delighted he’s put his money where his mouth is. The Growler’s reaction will say a lot about her.

      5. ShootFirstAskLaterRaynor should have had her wake up call somewhere around September 2015, but like the rest of the ~180 Careerist Neo-Labour Party TORIES she chose not to.

  2. Not a surprise there then ..

    Good luck to Tarry – I hope he survives
    triggering ..

    I have contributed on other thread my
    opinion about Starmer’s prohibition
    statement and Tarry’s appearance on

  3. First he gets triggered by his CLP, then he gets himself sacked. I wonder how his OMOV ballot to hang onto his job as an MP will go.

    1. Why are you concerned about OMOV?

      You weren’t for the 2nd ref shithousery.

    2. “I wonder how his OMOV ballot to hang onto his job as an MP will go.”

      You’re not really paying attention are you SteveH?

      This is an extraordinary act of war by the Commissioner-in-Chief, arch-stalinist, Sir Keir Rodney Starmer. It’s not just about Sam Tarry – or Ian Byrne, or Apsana Begum, or Claudia Webbe or Jeremy Corbyn,. et al, lanymore.

      His job as an MP – and the reason he does it – is not even about The Commissioner-in-Chief’s approval any more.

      1. Be careful though qwertboi we are too reactive like we were 2015 to 2020. Let it sit for a bit first.
        Yes it is an act of war to sack someone for joining the Pickett Line. Same with Bastani, but is it real? Remember they now rely on the reactionary alliances and outbursts of rage, from the left, ready to spin, twist and smear at the upcomming GE.
        I inclue myself, we are people of concious and solidarity, therefore passionately reactionary, but we have to learn to step back and watch it unfold a bit more.
        I am going to try my best to observe some of these astonishing events and practhice: DON’T TRUST THE GASLIGHTER AND EQUALLY DON’T TRUST THE GASLIT

      2. MMMMm, nellykskelly. I wish people knew how to kvetch (lefty goyim seem not to – lol) Distrust EVERYONE who has power over you, that’s what kvetch really is.

  4. Far more serious an offence than rebelling on a single- line whip to abstain, eh, wee fella?

    Surprised keef hasn’t yet told us he’ll make MPs joining a picket line a criminal offence in future…😙🎶

  5. Fookin BBC…

    Yes they just mentioned tarrys sacking.

    But according to them, keef ASKED front bench members not to attend pocket lines.

    Ffs. 🤬

    1. Time for Sharon and unite to totally disaffiliate from the twunt and his cabal then, innit 😕

      1. Not only Unite Toffee – every union should disaffiliate . Starmers Labour is every bit as anti TU as the Tories and for the TU movement to continue to finance them is complete madness

    1. John McDonnell tweeted: “This must be the first Labour MP to be removed from his frontbench position for joining a trade union picket line to support workers.”

      Kate Osamor said: “Solidarity @SamTarry. The Labour Party exists to fight for ordinary people. We must never lose sight of that.”

      And Zarah Sultana said: “Labour MPs should be proud to stand with workers. The clue is in the name.”

      The TSSA transport union also slammed the decision, saying they were “ashamed” of the Labour party.

      TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes said: “Whatever excuses the Labour Party makes about the reasons for Sam being sacked, the reality is that Sam has shown solidarity with his class and we applaud him for that. The Labour Party needs to wake up and smell the coffee. If they think can win the next general election while pushing away seven million trade union members, they are deluded.”

    2. Another Cowardly Anonymous Source…..

      Cad, Bounder, reveal thyself, and let’s have a fight.

      1. Baz, quite right. I’m posting about the picture Toffee sent below. Working up a sweat and slapping things with his shirt on. Not how Vaz remembers things. Pass the grease.

  6. ‘There once was a Labour Party.
    That the workers they set up.
    But picket lines now are forbidden.
    As Starmer sups at The Trilateral Commission’s Cup.’

    1. Bazza, What an image that conjures up, taking into account the picture provided by Toffee and a smidgeon of boxing knowledge.

  7. The gamble is does PWC have the support amongst members and unions to see off a leadership challenge
    Methinks not

  8. It’s almost like I’ve woken up in a parallel universe whereby Labour MPs are punished for attending picket lines. This just isn’t about Sam doing so. It’s more about his complaints and evidence he has about what’s going on with the dodgy rule breaking in his triggering process. It’s hard to believe an ex-barrister, Starmer who knows about these shenanigans appears to be ignoring the fact LP rules are being broken. Bit like him ignoring of the Forde Report.

    1. If he’d denounced the strikes as inconsiderate and the RMT’s demands as unreasonable, before too long he’d have been dining with Reeves and Starmer, and be being widely tipped for promotion.

      Anyone doubt that? In New Labour groupthink anything that looks like socialism needs to be expunged.

  9. What are these policies tarry’s supposed to have made up on the spot?

    As I said on the Corbyn visiting the picket thread , I though tarry was merely pushing the party line? 🤔 Didn’t say owt that I thought was out of kilter with it.?

    1. True.

      Starmer would no doubt feel far more comfortable at an Institute of Directors(IoD) gathering than at any TUC event. Ditto for Reeves.

      The Labour party has been hijacked by a bunch upper middle class careerists, who have nothing in common with either their electorates, or the trade union movement that birthed the party.

      1. They hijacked it when John Smith died and have squatted it ever since. I hope it’s true the middle class are being eradicated. Useless eaters.

      2. @timfrom

        It’s not even a sensible electoral strategy.

        Refighting and eradicating the union ghosts of the 1970s only plays well among a certain older demographic : older Telegraph /Times readers. People who pine for Thatcher, as if that era was perfect, while forgetting she was kicked out by her own party because Tory MPs knew she’d become despised ; an electoral liability on the doorstep.

        SteveH says, ‘look at the opinion polls,’ but this is a two-party state. Of course anger with the Tories will be reflected in telephone opinion polls going by default to Labour, however that’s not the same as voters actually turning out.

        Where and when, under Starmer, has Labour been able to show voter enthusiasm for the Labour party in by-election results? A bland , centrist manifesto will see them with Brown levels of support they won’t even match the 10 million votes as Corbyn got after the ruinous 2nd referendum pledged and the most brutal demonisation campaign in UK history.

  10. Sharon Graham is right to speak of the irrelevance of Labour but that is a state several decades in the making. Though Starmer has chosen to once again align himself with the Tories (when he might have used his supposed rhetorical skills to move beyond a reductive ‘bosses bad, workers good’ position) he nonetheless has been consistent with this position in getting rid of Tarry. If his more consistent expunging of the left precipitates the dissolution of Labour and allows a greater plurality in political representation then let’s be having it.

    1. Theres a much bigger picture here and ian Byrne mp is doing a real job to feed the hungry.Real starvation is the endgame of the western unelected world order.. ..mass unemployment and starting..Your girlfriend can’t save you and neither can the members who want to.back you sam tarry…
      sam tarry has been forced back to rely on working class members to stay in a cushy job…Too late Sam even though youve seen the light and know what is happening now, .you are in the wrong party.for the working class.and we all suffer from our mistakes..Join a food bank and help your people and know that you are finaly saved..and you are for the many not the few..!

      1. What ya got against Tarry, Joseph? He’s always known where the light is and what’s happening. Ok, so he picked a wrong’un for a girlfriend, but who here hasn’t done that in the past? As I said, her reaction will be very revealing…

    2. Tim White
      Sharon Graham says
      As opposed to what Shsron Graham and the Union do
      He who pays the piper calls the tune
      Begs the question what does this corrupt Red Tory torags have to do to face some kind of retribution
      Anyone who hasn’t cancelled their Direct Debit should hang their heads in shame
      Stop enabling the fuckers

      1. Doug, people should indeed cancel their Direct Debits if they find this intolerable but Graham and the Unions shouldn’t be in a position to withdraw funding because they shouldn’t be allowed to contribute in the first place, any more than wealthy individuals or big companies do to political parties. Starmer has made a wrong call here but no way should he have been obligated to side with the unions because they throw money at him, he, or indeed any MP should work for the good of the people who elected them, not an individual or group who have money to throw around.

      2. Tim
        Sounds like state funding,
        How does that work, under JC we had 600, 000 members and 14 million supporters
        How would PR change it
        Could we destroy Tories by depriving them of funding
        How would you stop MSM and Toilet papers

  11. Starmer’s position is no surprise.
    The Labour Party has been colonised over many years by, and on behalf of, the rich and powerful.
    There is no real political choice to be made between the major parties.
    Anyone who denies this is delusional.

  12. ‘to try to oust Tarry in favour of a right winger cosseted despite sexual harassment allegations against him’. seems there are a lot of these allegations made & all Skwawkbox needs is tha sniff of an allegation for guilt to be proven. Guilt by accusation as only the alledged victim can be believed.

  13. Wait until October when the energy cap rises again… Only Martin Lewis** has told the public what’s gonna happen…Mass civil unrest (he made a point of stopping short of saying riot).

    I concur. The shit’s gonna hit the fan before Christmas…and a whole lot sooner if we get a cold snap before then.

    And what will keef say? Hang em & flog em.

    And the MSM won’t even question the alleged wisdom of the prick who’d rather see kids go hungry than oppose the government.

    …And who’d rather sack his shadow ministers than oppose the toerags…like they’re meant to bleedin’ do.

    Any disorder will rest EVERY SINGLE BIT as much on keef’s toes as the toerags’. Not that you’d know they were any different – because they’re just not.

    **To his credit A member of the public who’s little bit of clout (through his celeb status) seems genuinely concerned about what’s gonna happen to the less fortunate, to the point of researching and speaking to the energy companies to try to make sense and give fair warning to people about the price hike WITHOUT inviting ministers to the meetings, as he knows they’re worse than useless. I doff my proverbial to the lad for it, and so should you.

    1. That should fall just nice and deep enough onto BlueKeef’s watch and by then mounting tensions of the realisation, that no, actually not ‘any labour is…’, as BlueKeef will prove that some “labour” are far worse than some of their fellow TORIES.
      Interesting times ahead, I wonder if CheesyTruss will have us at war with Russia also by then.

    2. You’d think public anger will spill onto the streets by then, wouldn’t you, but after the no-show in Liverpool the other day, I’m not so sure. Public behaviour has been so thoroughly managed and manipulated over the last 2-3 years, I wouldn’t be surprised if they roll over and take it up the wazoo with a smile and a shrug…

      1. “Public behaviour has been so thoroughly managed and manipulated over the last 2-3 years….”

        Ever since ‘the banking crisis’ or when financial capitalism had its haemorrhage. The RW remembered that frightened people often become right wing. The legislation-created Covid Emergency (and the war in Ukraine) were subsequently used to manage and manipulate public behaviour and perception. (remember the war had been started by Ukrainian fascists in 2014 and coronavirus produces an illness with a lower Infection/Fatality rate than seasonal flu and which has veritably produced NO excess death anywhere in the world (although emergency authorised mRNA ‘vaccines’ are doing)

        And today, fear-porn is the standard ‘flavour ‘ or purpose of MSM news reporting. Starmer knows what he’s doing!! It’s called acquiescing to neoliberal hegemony, the World Economic Forum (which, by the way, The RF President, Putin, and the PRC President, Xi Jinping, are also members), and making sure the PLP is not “a barrier’ to continued Billionaire ascendency.

        “For the many, not the few” is heresy to Sir Keir Rodney Starmer.

      2. Reply to Timfrom
        I have thought over the relatively small number of people protesting against Starmer in Liverpool and it strikes me that the Liverpudlians have made up their minds about him and don’t think he’s worth wasting their time on.
        They know he is hard right, a liar and Zionist , a man so low that he would write for the S*n, a vile rag which vilified the Hillsborough dead and maimed and their families for decades , a man incapable of redemption – they will never support him but will wait to show him how much they detest him at the next election.
        Maybe I’m wrong about this but its the only explanation I can come up with.

  14. It’s always a sure sign that we are heading for a General Ellection when The Neo-Labour Parasite Party TORIES give Steve Walker a lot more stories that needs to be reported and The Zionists Luntzspeak Global Language Dictionary Diatribe kicks off again.

    Skwawkbox Gets Busy: CHECK
    Zionist Luntzspeak Diatribe: CHECK

    Yup, we’re heading for a general ellection, The Criminal Elitist Establishment’s golden boy must be crowned PM of the UK. Voting is optional but, BlueKeef will be the next PM of the UK, regardless of your vote.
    Guess who will be BoJoke’s replacement? Well CheesyTruss of course, why? Sunak stands a chance against BlueKeef and all the ballot boxes are ready and waiting for the next big switch, sooner than you think.

  15. When are the SCG going to do anything at all?, they must realise that they’re next… Starmer will have no intention of letting them exist, that must be clear now

    1. sonofcy
      JC scared them shirtless, they will never allow anyone to get that close again
      Only way to do that is to destroy the Labour Party, Scorched Earth policy

  16. ” The government has ruled out granting the country an additional bank holiday if England win the women’s Euros.
    ……… calls among fans on social media for a special holiday should the team triumph over Germany in Sunday’s final.
    Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer backed the calls, proposing a “proper day of celebration” in England if it happens ”

    Looks like the Knight-Commander is getting his populist diversionary tactics in early.
    Likewise the other Knight (the wretched Davey).
    We should raise a campaign for a day General Strike to celebrate each major trade union victory in this ongoing class war.
    Venceremos !!

  17. Tarry’s treatment seems to have generated a lot
    of interest in the MSM – all critical of Starmer
    (or his “advisors”). These included
    McDonnell but also MPs who I would not consider
    left wing. The criticism has appeared on BBC News
    and other programs ..

    The Daily Mail (I think?) has included a picture
    of Tarry with “his lover” Rayner but this appears
    to have rebounded with lots of criticism of this.
    Also criticised were the cynics who opined
    that Tarry had wanted to improve his PR
    on account of being triggered

    On another matter –
    there was an interview on BBC News with
    McDonnell about JVL and how its treatment by the
    LP had been “brutal”.

    (Well – better later than never I suppose !)

    The interview was reproduced on the JVL site ..

    Maybe things are looking up?

    1. McDonnell
      Was on Talk Radio at the height of the AS Scam and he was clearly part of the problem
      The Torag Alistair Campbell would not have given the Scam the lickings of a dog
      Every great team has a horrible bastard who does the dirty work

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