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Exclusive: Jewish Chronicle gets hit with another bill over article on Liverpool pensioner they’ve already paid damages to for ‘litany of lies’

Liverpool Labour activist Audrey White. Image by Phil Maxwell, used with permission

Earlier this year, the Jewish Chronicle apologised and paid ‘undisclosed’ compensation to Liverpool pensioner Audrey White for a ‘litany of lies’ it had told in four articles by its hack Lee Harpin claiming that:

  • White had lied about her date of birth to rejoin Labour
  • she had been repeatedly warned by the party about bullying
  • she had falsely claimed a councillor was being investigated by police
  • she had aggressively interrupted a Jewish MP during a meeting – when a recording proved that she and others had been asked to contribute and the MP had been able to continue speaking in a relaxed manner

All of it was false. The Chronicle was also hammered by IPSO, not only for its false claims but for its lack of cooperation during IPSO’s investigation.

Last week, the Chronicle had another go at Ms White – and has again found itself facing a bill. The original article used an image (shown above) of Ms White by Liverpool film-maker Phil Maxwell – but did so without permission. When Mr Maxwell found out his copyright had been breached, he contacted the paper, but said the condescending tone of a reply that offered to take down the image prompted him to send the Chronicle an invoice for its unauthorised use of his creation, in the amount of £750.

The Jewish Chronicle has had an expensive and embarrassing time lately. As well as the damages paid to Audrey White, the paper apologised and paid ‘substantial’ compensation to a Muslim woman councillor for ‘wholly untrue’ allegations – again by Harpin and again without defending its claims in court – that she had ‘orchestrated’ a campaign against a Jewish MP. In 2019, it paid £50,000 in damages, plus costs and an apology, to a charity that helps Palestinians after implying it had links to terrorism.

Phil Maxwell said he has told the paper that he will not take legal action over the ‘unlawful’ use of his image if the bill is settled.

The SKWAWKBOX contacted Jewish Chronicle editor Stephen Pollard for comment on the matter, asking:

Any comment on yet another blunder in view of the fact your paper had to apologise and pay damages to Ms White for a ‘litany of lies’ about her and now you’ve breached a photographer’s IP in attacking her again?

He had not responded by the time of publication.

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  1. Now if the regulator had teeth
    Put it on your to do list next time we have the power, throw in Prince Harry, Hugh Grant and Max Moseley as trustee’s

    1. Hugh Grant campaigned for Berger. Fat lot of good it did. GREAT!!! The good people of Finchley / Hendon were not duped by his & her theatrics. Moseley. Nuff said. Harry. Have u noted the glittering ‘success’ of their current litigation? We must DUMP the obsession with ‘big names’.
      Ummumm was considered a “big name” by many. Always thought him as thin as his Saville Row suits. Dumped!!!

      I’d never heard of Zarah Sultana b4 i heard her speak at an election postmortem. She immediately impressed me. Had not heard of Dawn Foster either. She also impressed. Those two outshone a distinguished panel. ALL the speakers from the floor were as good as those two or thrillingly better.
      We must learn to look amongst us and develop the vast knowledge and strengths and talents.

      We need OUR COLLECTIVE effort. DUMP the fixation of ‘the known’. Scrub out those who have watered the “Left” with their can’t do drip drip drip. Shut them off the drips. Bin the damp they cause eg “the Right won’t allow” this or that. “teach, convert xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx”.
      Our purpose is not to sacrifice everything to the convert the few. Especially when they made their intentions super clear. Especially when we’ve amassed an army of over half million. Our purpose must be, bringing our virtues and aims to L I F E. To fruition. It is no use just talking about them.

      The Leave over-turners ie Mandelson Campbell Blair Soubrey Swinson Starmer “People’s Vote” bregade, ALSO paraded ‘big names’. They lost. DUMPED. Rejected. FAILED. Did not persuade.

      Lets us not end 2020 with any proven FAILED attitudes, let alone carry them on to 2021 🌹🌼🌍🌹🌼🌍🌹🌼🌍

      1. The JC, CAA, BOD, etc CANNOT be appeased. Their SOLE purpose is – scheme, scam and lie their way to maintaining the status quo WORLDWIDE. They care not a jot for any race nor religion. Race & Religion are triggers used, as they’ve always been, successfully to Divide & Rule and DISTRACT. Thus enabling 1% to grab even more of the world’s wealth. They succeeded this year. A BUMPER one due to Covid-19. Even SERCO just paid £38 MILLION in “DEFERRED TAXES”. Rolls Royce have had one of their best years. Amazon, Google, etc have raked it it.
        I doubt SERCO would have paid £38 million back, were it not for a few trying hard to shine a spotlight on their banditry.

      2. signpost
        Best qualified for the job, its the same with the BBC, how do you ensure their independence in the future, so political allegiance knocks you out straight away
        Who are the Great and the Good, whatever replaces the House of Lords should be our Gene pool

      3. The BBC was NEVER “independent”. Twas always an effective Establishment guardian and staple. One pernicious problem of “Great and the Good” / “Big Beasts” / “Known names” fixation is that it switches off self-belief in “the many” a waiting for a saviour complex.

        That complex has serious ramifications eg as u know. Eg people proudly proclaiming that they’ve left the party because X was in charge etc or B was done etc. Unwittingly they act with good intention, but flawed reasoning. ie Who votes for the good leader or good policy? ANSWER – WE do. It won’t happen by magic.

        That’s why if someone is determined to leave, i just wish them well. I don’t mourn because LOGICALLY u cannot depend on such. For success, ALL enterprises need people who realise that THEY are the enterprise. U need people ready for difficult times, not when things are easy. We have choices. If someone made poor choices it does not mean the ‘vehicle’ was poor. That is illogical. If someone insists on using inappropriate instruments for operations and the patients always dies, the fault is neither the instruments or theatre. The fault is the failure of that surgical team to learn and change.
        Thus the “best qualified for the job” may be you.🎏🎆🥁🎏🎆🥁🎏🎆🥁

  2. Could I sue the JC for calling me a ‘notorious anti-Zionist’ or would they respond by saying we only meant he was a notorious anti-racist?

    1. But … but … but … I thought that there was an inquiry CAUSED by people leaking stuff? That couldn’t have been an excuse to get rid of some people from that party, surely????????

  3. Time and again the jewish chronicle are getting their arses handed to them.

    And, time and again, the second rate lawyer keeps getting it completely wrong, too.


  4. The execrable jc libeling itself into financial bankruptcy again – whats not to like. They’ve been in moral bankruptcy since their formation . .

  5. Somewhat off the topic of this thread, but illustrative. My daughter resigned from the Labour Party as soon as Starmer was elected. That’s 8½ months ago. She sent in her resignation, in writing, and stopped her DD to the party immediately.

    TODAY (17-12-2020) she received an email from the Labour Party …


    [Name removed by me], you’re about to lose your Labour Party membership. You still have time to save it, but you must act now – renew today. ”

    So 8½ months after terminating her membership and her subscriptions, she is STILL a member of the Labour Party. Their statistics on membership are a wonder to behold!

    Remember folks, if you have resigned your membership in the last 8½ months, you’re STILL a member as far as Labour records are concerned!

    1. Looks like the only way to get off their books is to get yerself excluded – the full bel, book & candle treatement..

      …How to do that?

      Well, they don’t seem as keen to exclude people for voting no confidence in the gruesome twosome; so perhaps to criticise israel and have the expel you for antiseitis’s the way to go.

      I mean, how many members will be left if that happens? There’ll still be the PLP, of course, plus the centrist lackeys and hangers-on, plus the LFI and diehard zionists…But there’ll be plenty of the numbers joined under Corbyn gven the boot.

      And that’d definitely attract MSM attention. They’d then HAVE to be balanced in reporting the reason for all the exclusions, and include stammer’s pig-headedness and misinterpretation of EHRC and IHRC meanings as the reason.

      There’s NO WAY they’d get away with trying to plam the nation off with many tens, going into hundreds of thousands of people being antisemitic. They’d soon see it for what it’d be: No more than an anti stammer, antip-zionist protest rather than outright antisemitism

      So they’d HAVE to look at stammer & co’s wilful mishandling and mistreatment.

      1. I did think that if you encouraged people to vote for another party would definitely get you the boot but apparently not.

    2. Tell me about it. You can’t trust their membership figures at all. No, you can’t trust em !

      1. The self same rules were in place throughout Corbyn’s tenure.

      2. Rules “in place” but rarely needed or used is one thing – using them to conceal the number of members leaving is quite another.

    1. Starmer giving an interview to Lee Harpin is completely inappropriate as the man has vilified Audrey and a female Muslim Councillor and despite having been forced to make a substantial pay out to her, continues to pick on Audrey White. What kind of message is Starmer sending to our members – if you are not a supporter of LFI or a member of the JLM or CAA you are fair game and Lee Harpin or any other supporter of these organisations can attack you in print,lie about you and its all right by with me.
      Also Starmer has clearly decided that the vilification of the Muslim Councillor was Ok making it obvious once more that Muslim lives don’t matter.
      Shame on him.

    2. Nice to have a Shabbat dinner or any dinner for many people in the UK including children.With his policys the UK and working-class people are up the creek without a paddle

  6. The pockets of the Israeli state and Zionists are deep this is of no consequence to them.
    Keep pushing the lies and they will stick.
    Fines mean nothing banning the publication does !

    1. I don’t think the Israeli state has deep pockets – just very long arms for reaching into US pockets.

  7. Again, slightly off-topic in a sense.

    The Labour Party official reaction to the EHRC is very informative if read with a bit of a neutral eye.

    If one produces a document such as that, in the public sphere, one would be fully expected to write it so that it includes ALL forms of discrimination. All racism, all religions, all sexism, etc etc. That would indicate that “lessons had been learned” and every “ism” had been covered.

    Yet it doesn’t.

    As a document “against” racism, it is actually an outstanding example of racism in itself!

      1. @SteveH: What’s happened to the Hebrew version? Sold out?

      2. I’ve no idea, maybe the version you saw was a limited edition.

    1. Propoganda..special presented by BOD on contract to the likud party and our misorti conservative working-class Oxted in Surrey Knight of the realm Sir keir.”Rodders” starmer…..and uploaded by uncle Tom twatson and all , sponsored Lords of the Labour party LTD not forgetting the fearless and brave “Socialist groupys of MPs.” We shall not forget them “.Amen..!

  8. I attended Secondary School with Phil Maxwell in Coventry. When he was sixth former he organised a sponsored fast outside Coventry Cathedral in order to raise funds to help feed the people of what was to become Bangladesh during the India-Pakistan war of that month. I’m pleased to say he was as decent then as he is today. Good on him for taking action against such a despicable hatesheet.

  9. The JC isn’t a newspaper. It’s starting point is that all criticism of Israel is anti-Semitism, a stance of such monumental reiterated idiocy that only those who swallow their drivel without question can bother with the publication. But, it will be funded. Oh, yes, it will.

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