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More video: watch Mersey pensioner’s full confrontation with Keir Starmer

Courageous Audrey White’s full dose of truth to ‘Labour’ leader

Earlier, Skwawkbox published video of Keir Starmer’s discomfort as Liverpool pensioner Audrey White gave Keir Starmer a piece of her mind over his collusion with the hated Murdoch S*n, his lies to get elected, his witch-hunt of left-wingers and his betrayal of the NHS and working people.

Now the video of her full display of righteous anger – along with Starmer’s stumped non-response – is available as white delivers a large dose of home truth before his minders wrestle her away:

Audrey White was a prominent target of a ‘litany of lies’ of the right-wing press – for which she was eventually paid hefty damages – and the smears and briefings of the Labour right. They picked the wrong target and today she stood up for working-class people all over the country.

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  1. How many of you listened to Keir Starmer;s interview on BBC Merseyside Radio

      1. I thought that it was you who failed to read a certain comment properly.

    1. No it was rated as mogedon levels if incipience and I have no desire to made unconscious by that level of BS being forced out of the poor speakers thanks.

      Why you believe we whould be remotely interested in Mr Integrity’s gabble is beyond me!

      1. Unfortunately I listened to it and I’ve just woken up from the coma it induced….

        As for Audrey… Fair play for keeping yer cool missus 👍 the way the greasy twunt and that thing sat next to him were looking they’d had got a piece of my mind. As for the other twunt…‘The toilet’s THAT way’

        Arrogant prick. The toilet might’ve been THAT way but he’d have been told the shithouse was directly in front of them, sat down with nowt to say for himself.

    2. Glenda Jackson played Audrey White in the 1988 film Business As Usual.
      She also received damages from The Jewish Chronicle for libeling her as anti semitic.

    3. I suffered it (for me sins)

      Biggest load of pre-vetted SHITE Ive ever heard. First three callers giving it the hi sir keef.

      Then a couple of emails about his Murdoch shithousery that he decided to bore the other three people listening with his I was DPP with the at the time of the Hillsborough families’ (?) so I KNOW what it means (Oh DO fuck RIGHT off)

      I went to the memorial on my own earlier today…I think you’re lying.

      Then a complete failure to answer the Mick Lynch question – until reminded what it was about by the host.

      But NO mention of support for the striking workers.

      But I did hear something about how he plans to return soon to look at some trains or something.

      Here’s a suggestion keef. Don’t bother. ‘Koff back to London and STAY THERE. 🖕

      Greasy, polygonal-headed gobshite that he is.

    4. I was outside the Radio Merseyside Studios listening to the half hour ‘interview’ on JackT’s mob. What a forensic politician, carefully avoiding any awkward questions with a promise of Jam tomorrow to be followed by Mum’s Apple Pie for everyone. Intent on winning the next election by becoming more like the Tories than ‘the nasty party’. Tony Blair’s prodigy showing his true blue colours.

      1. Steve – One only has to look at Jeremy’s record to appreciate how difficult it is to achieve anything in opposition. Perpetual opposition won’t help anybody least of all the vulnerable.

      2. Yeah.

        Like forty-one government defeats while opposition leader…

        …Compared to keefs’ countless letters and soundbites of support, as well as the cunteen abstentions he’s whipped his MPs on.

        Jog on, nonce apologist.

      3. Toffee – It is not exactly a big deal to win the occasional vote against a lame duck that doesn’t even have a majority whilst quietly losing the important votes that he didn’t want to win. How many votes did Corbyn win against the Tories when Boris was in power but still without a majority (that’s before they gifted the Tories an 80 seat majority).

      4. 😴

        Excuses excuses. Conveniently omitting the fact that keef orders his MPs and peers to abstain on feeding hungry school kids or demotes MPs if they go against a single line whip to (again) abstain on petty issues.

        But the worst part is BRAGGING about writing a supposedly SECRET letter to piffle expressing SUPPORT for his policies – policies that led to countless needless deaths.

        …As well as his support on countless other issues non-covid related.



      5. Toffee – Not excuses, I’m just pointing out that being in opposition as Jeremy was when the governing party doesn’t even have a majority makes life more than a little easier than when you have an 80 seat majority (now about 75) to contend with. If you can’t acknowledge that, then you have a problem.

  2. Fantastic Audrey. And looking closely at Steve (Metro Mayor) Rotherham squirming away there… a so-called Liverpool fan who has the temerity to even sit in Starmer’s company (a S*n columnist). Where’s your morals Steve?

  3. I did – my comment is on the relevant thread.
    I thought the interviewer did the best she could –
    while Starmer toggled between waffle – and lies.

    Of COURSE he bears some of the
    responsibility for what went on between
    2015 and 2019 and of course he has now made
    things worse.

    Well done Audrey White though!

  4. In the light of the ‘findings’ in the Forde Report, doesn’t this bode well for Paddy French vs Ware?

  5. She was very composed and non aggressive. Making some good points. Maybe they should have let her use the toilet.

  6. Give her a medal. Pity more people don’t have a go at the manky little scrote for his abuse of power in the party…

  7. The Art of Resistance: Reasoned opinions clearly and calmly expressed. Thank you Audrey White.

    “We are all in this together” is a foundational lie on which various WEF-endorsed politicians build a house of cards and endow it with pretend solidity.

    Reasoned opinions clearly and calmly expressed. “All that is solid melts into air”. Audrey White, may we each follow your example at least once today and again tomorrow, thanks.

  8. Such protests are a waste of time.

    Completely lost on Starmer, Reeves and co, as they are pretty much unreachable and not open to persuasion by mere mortals like Audrey. According to the London ‘groupthink’ world these people inhabit , 2019’s defeat, “the worst since 1935” as they constantly like to remind us – although with 10 million plus votes that’s a selective interpretation in itself – was due solely to the UK population rejecting Labour’s leftist manifesto and nationalisations , i.e. nothing to do with Leave voting areas rejecting Labour MPs who were openly campaigning for another referendum before the first had been implemented.

    This weird selective interpretation, this total misreading of why they lost is why they’ll likely lose again. Sadly though, when the left refuse to turn out and Labour fail due to apathy, these Blairites will probably double down on their mistaken belief and claim Corbyn’s legacy is still somehow hurting them. What a bunch of morons.’

    Why we need a new party that’ll rapidly gain traction to refute the notion the left has no support.

      1. SteveH – ‘difficult to achieve anything in perpetual opposition’ was one of Blair’s catchphrases to support his adoption of Tory ideologies such as the Public/Private Parnerships……….if you have to sacrifice your Socialist principles & adopt Tory values to win elections, I would first question your integrity & then your electioneering strategies. LOTO’s strategy of turning the Labour Party into Tory Lite may have the blessing of Tony Blair & chums, but Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party membership made it the largest political party in Europe.(over 550,000) & growing. Starmer, like Blair seeks to turn Socialism into a liability……..sack the salesman, not the product.

      2. Steve – We lost 60 seats and granted the Tories the means to do whatever they like.

  9. SteveH

    That’s Yougov – which Nadhim Zahawi is heavily involved with – you do realise how easy it is to get the answers you want in polls just by asking leading questions… i.e. Did Jeremy Corbyn’s weak leadership influence the way you voted?

    And that poll basically proves it wasn’t policy, as Reeves likes to pretend. The nationalisation policies of 2019 still poll very well when presented in isolation – free of political party association.

    Corbyn was pretty much destroyed by the press & PLP, before and even after the election. The truth is, something like 80% of the seats Labour lost voted Leave and Starmer’s People’s Vote referendum pledge went down like a cold cup of sick outside Remainiac London.

    I don’t like Brexit either, but you have to acknowledge the 2nd referendum pledge was a disaster in heavily Leave voting areas contrasted against Johnson’s pledge to finally Get Brexit Done.

    1. Andy – The question that was asked is clearly shown,
      Personally I put it down to month after bloody month of cowardly prevarication spent hiding behind ‘constructive ambiguity’. By the time Corbyn finally got around to announcing his policy neither side trusted a word he said.

      1. . By the time Corbyn finally got around to announcing his policy neither side trusted a word he said.

        What the absolute fuck is THAT? ^^^^

        The PARTY POLICY on brexit was clear AND unmistakable… Labour respects the referendum result, and the UK will leave the EU.

        That was on the official website. When I brought it to your attention at the time, your reply was that it was an obscure website that nobody visits

        Not content with proving yourself to be a complete fucking OAF back then (and nowt’s changed), you, smarmer and fatberg, et al, decided you weren’t having any of that.

        So fatberg went full tilt on the antisemitism bullshit, while keef banged on about the 2nd ref in a two-pronged attack designed solely to confuse and distract the electorate from what WAS party policy, and further paint Corbyn as unsuitable for high office.

        YOU and your supposed 70% (And remember, NO vote was taken amongst the membership, or there’d have been no case to answer) fucked things up irreparably.

        NOT Corbyn’s supposed prevarication.

        Therefore we’ll hear no more of your revisionist bollocks.

      2. Toffee – Thanks for sharing your own interpretation of events.

      3. They’re facts, soft shite.

        Something you never fail to liberate yourself from.

        Now fuck off. 🖕

  10. SteveH

    Even if Reeves and Starmer knew full well a manifesto based on the 10 Pledges would be popular they wouldn’t want to implement because they are ideologically opposed to left-wing or socialist solutions.

    Starmer’s U-turn on his 10 Pledges would be more acceptable if the left thought he genuinely wished to implement but couldn’t because of financial constraints. However, the reality is, he NEVER had any intention of implementing and that’s what makes the deception so outrageous and indeed sinister. If the country was booming economically he’d still wriggle out of implementation because he doesn’t believe in socialism.

    1. Andy – Do you honestly think that his 10 pledges made any significant difference to the outcome Starmer was well ahead in the polls before he even entered the race.

      1. Yes , but only because the perception back then among Corbyn supporters was that he was loyal to Corbyn – never publicly bad-mouthing him while serving in the shad cab.

        Compared to Tom Watson, for example,he was seen as relatively loyal. Little did members know his silence was probably strategic, giving him a clean run at the leadership and allowing him to falsely posture as a continuity Corbyn, without the baggage..

        Only Chris Williamson, iirc, was telling members not to trust him and predicting that if made leader he’d undergo a metamorphosis becoming an arch-Blairite. So it has proved.

  11. Six tests and ten pledges… Not one of which keef knew were A) Achievable (Six tests – panned by both leave and remain)

    And B) Would be adhered to. (Ten pledges)

    Bollocksed the election because A) Corbynism isn’t compatible with outright Tory politics, and

    B) He wasn’t EVER up to the job of negotiating a deal with the EU.

    Then, once he fooled (most of) the mug 70% remain crowd (made up mainly of rigged delegation processes, rather than the membership as a whole – There was NO OMOV) he dropped brexit AND those pledges.

    And STILL there are the gobshites that extol the slimy twunt, still thoroughly convinced he’s anywhere’s near capable or competent.

    They decide themselves the slimy fucker has something called integrity a word not one of them are able to define.

    It’s those knobheads lumbered this nation with another decade or more of oterag rule.

    It should NEVER be forgotten OR forgiven.

    1. From yesterday: shock poll shows Labour falling 4% points.

      Though the real story is this:

      The poll also found that just 27 percent of voters approve of Keir Starmer’s job performance while 31 percent approve of outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s – up one point from last Thursday.


      1. From yesterday: shock poll shows Labour falling 4% points

        Well keef did make a big song and dance about going to Liverpool to deliver a keynote speech

        The gobshite believes the fawning, hyperbolic sycophancy his lickspittles spout about him.

        The reality is he’ll forever be duller than fucking ditchwater, and your ornery joe public are completely clueless as to who he is and what he supposedly stands for.

        And in the rare events when he does manage to explain his position to them, he changes his mind as soon as the car door’s shut behind him and it pulls out onto the traffic.

        The man’s human zopiclone ffs. Walking valium. 😴😴😴

      2. Toffee – ….and yet here you are again, desperately trying to convince us that you are right.

      3. Toffee – ….and yet here you are again, desperately trying to convince us that you are right.

        Who’s this ‘us’ you speak of? Isn’t anyone else visits this site concurs with you.


        Because you’re as utterly useless as that polygonal-headed ponce you idolise.

        I needn’t convince anyone. I just remind people.

        Now fuck off, nonce apologist 🖕🖕

      4. Toffee I apologies for my error, on reflection what I should have said is “……and yet here you are again desperately trying to convince yourself

      5. Yep. Of course.

        Facts tend to point to the truth.

        Bullshit will always be bullshit.

        4% DROP.

        Now, had that been a 4% RISE (Stop laughing the rest of you) you’d have been verbally ong the greasy bastard as you are wont to do.

        Just like the rest of the keef lickspittles on the PLP. (The membership are STILL doing the Frank bough in droves because they’ve had more than enough of the characterless dullard)

        Get a fucking grip, soft shite. Even news presenters are calling him BORING to his greasy face, and he hasn’t got a spontaneous answer for them, but instead goes off his super-soporific scriptlines.

        Keefs’ a BORE. DEAL WITH IT.**

        **Or get the long-suffering missus h to buy some more anti-chew spray for the furniture 😎

      6. ps – You’re the one who is self evidently getting all wound up and stressed out I’m just chilling out, you should try it.

      7. I won’t bother clicking on YET ANOTHER of your OPINION POLL links.

        Opinion polls are NOT reality, you fucking klutz.

        As I’ve told you over the last few weeks, match your opinion polls to the timeline of keefs’ brexit shithousery

        Meanwhile here’s a link to the referendum being respected. A few months later Corbyn was just 3000 votes or so from becoming PM.

        Match the opinion polls to keefs’ shithousery. From the moment he first started griping about your precious 2nd ref and the date your lot finally shithoused through at conference in october 2018

        You’ll see the gradual slide in support for LABOUR -NOT CORBYN – marry up with the shithousery.

        It’s unmistakable.

        Every bit as much as you being a nonce apologist.

      8. Toffee – “Opinion polls are NOT reality, you fucking klutz.”

        …..and yet you are the one wetting yourself with excitement over your 4%. I’ve simply linked to the page that reports on most of the political polls so that you can see the consistent trend. You choosing to remain in self imposed ignorance won’t effect me one iota. It is your problem, not mine.

      9. Andy – Unfortunately you have only considered the positive responses but have ever so conveniently chosen to ignore that Boris’s figures are currently emulating Jeremy’s poll results in 2019 when what really counted is that at least twice as many people (two thirds of the electorate) disapproved of him.

  12. SteveH26/07/2022 AT 7:50 PM
    ps – You’re the one who is self evidently getting all wound up and stressed out I’m just chilling out, you should try it.

    You certainly have delusions of grandeur. An overinflated narcissistic opinion of yourself.

    That o could possibly be wound up by a retarded nonce apologist such as yourself…

    Try again, caprine-concerner.

    1. Toffee – Really, and you got all that from my recommendation that you try to chill out a bit.

      1. I know what your idea of chilling out entails, and the law doesn’t approve of it nevermind any normal person, you sickening wrong un.

      2. Toffee – Oh really, perhaps the reality is that you’re attempting to project your own issues onto others again. Try having a chat with your GP, you may be able to get some therapy to help you with whatever difficulties you may be experiencing.

      3. God almighty – it just never ends, does it?

        The same shite day after day after friggin day.

        Spontaneity’s evidently another of your deficiencies

        Just like keef – when confronted with the truth that he’s a monumentally boring twunt – you just have to stick to the script. Completely Incapable of coming up something new.

        What a hopeless, friendless, tedious pain in the arse you truly are.

        Now away and take out your frustrations on your caprine victims. Wrong un.

      4. Toffee – And yet weirdly espite your above assertions you spend much of your life obsessing about him.

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