Webbe set to sue after right-wing hack refuses to delete ‘acid’ smear despite hundreds showing why it’s a lie

Spectator/Mail/GB News hack Samantha Smith claims being shown the truth is ‘bullying’

Right-wing ‘journalist’ Samantha Smith has refused to delete a tweet smearing left MP Claudia Webbe, despite hundreds of Twitter users showing her proof her original tweet was complete fake news.

Smith had tweeted – as part of a woeful diatribe that tried to include Wes Streeting as a left-winger – that Webbe had been ‘convicted of threatening to throw acid on a woman and is still a sitting MP’. Webbe was widely smeared with that claim by the media during her original trial and subsequent appeal – but the appeal judge threw out the claim and even the original magistrate did not find her guilty of it and for good measure agreed that Webbe’s white accuser had repeatedly lied, yet bizarrely upheld the conviction, to the horrified outrage of black legal experts, despite the fact that the Metropolitan Police had withheld evidence helpful to Webbe’s case at the first trial.

But when that was pointed out to Ms Smith by hundreds of outraged Twitter users, including proof of the appeal judge’s findings, she tweeted that she would not delete and complained that she was being bullied:

Smith even tried to justify her libel by stating that the appeal court had ‘heard’ that Webbe had made the threat, ignoring the fact that the judge had heard it and thrown it out – and wilfully ignoring it, since it had been pointed out to her multiple times, including by Skwawkbox both by tweet and ‘direct message’:

While a number of racists jumped on Smith’s thread to attack Webbe – a continuation of a torrent of foul abuse that has continued ever since the media first started misreporting the case and even resulted in two men plotting to murder Ms Webbe – hundreds intervened to point out the falsity of Smith’s claim, leaving her no room to claim ignorance of the facts of the case:

Claudia Webbe is entitled to compensation for the smear – and for the fact that events have already shown that such smears put her in physical danger – and would clearly have a lot of support in raising funds for legal action to redress Smith’s egregious libel and arrogant refusal to retract, with many messages along similar lines to this:

It remains to be seen whether Smith’s sometime platforms for her right-wing hackery will prevail on her to see sense and minimise the damage she has caused by retracting and apologising suitably grovellingly.

Regardless, if she can stomach it Ms Webbe should sue, to send a message to the rest of the so-called ‘mainstream’ media – some of whom have, like Samantha Smith, continued to regurgitate the acid lie despite the judge’s clear verdict.

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  1. Richard Holden, MP for North West Durham, said exactly the same on Any Questions last night. I presume he is to be sued, too.

    1. As a Tory MP slandered a black socialist woman on the BBC ( nothing new there) and as the BBC have not disowned his comments then Claudia should sue both parties along with Samantha Smith.
      The BBC is the state broadcaster and Question time has “form” when it comes to black socialist women – remember Fiona Bruce belittling and mocking Diane Abbott to the studio audience before the programme started and incorrectly contradicting her on air.
      The BBC needs to be called to account for broadcasting this slander and its long term bias exposed. Given Claudia’s legal background she may well be able do just that.

  2. The lies and deceit practiced by the media in Britain are a reflection of the state of democracy in Britain.Journalism along with democracy is fast disappearing and investigative journalism as almost become extinct.Unless you like Glitterati and the cult of personality you wouldnt bother to read the comics made up in Britain today
    .Webbs is a victim of trash comics that are a insult to freedom and democracy which judging by looking at he UK government is fast disappearing.We have put up with so many lies since the witchunt against democracy its hardly surprising that the parliament is known as a racket of trough feeders.across the world.IF you believe that the media reflect the standards of Britain in the world,then the media are doing a great job.

  3. Yes Ive just checked – so unless Holden retracted his statement
    during the program he should also be sued.

    I heard the program on “Sounds” – surely someone at the BBC
    should have identified this statement as a lie before it was
    put out and corrected it?

  4. Why are Richard Holden and this Smith woman perpetuating this lie? Their pathetic behaviour makes me think why do they fear Claudia Webbe so much? If they were ‘just’ anti-Labour, there are far more obvious targets than resorting to libellous smears, for example, the Labour ‘leader’ provides plenty of opportunity for ridicule on a regular basis. So why do they feel the need to continuously display their ignorance?

    1. Lack of truth and facts based reporting on anyone remotely to the left by British MSM, MSSM, MSP, Internet, etc and the once home of the left The now Neo-Labour Party TORIES. If you are not White European, Zionist, anti-Socialist and TORY you won’t get a fair trial.
      We’ve become the dumbed down version of the Americans’ anti-Communism hysteria. It is worrying just how much of even the left have also fallen into that misinformation trap, Russia is still hated for it, and the Russian Federation Government is more Conservative Neoliberal than Britain and the USA combined. And still the Russophobe swith was instantly flicked by MSM and MSSM none of the usual information gathering, debating, etc instant frothing at the mouth Russian haters, it was certainly a phenomenon!
      I do hope Claudia sues all perpetrators, however don’t lose too much sleep over it, it will happen again and again, as it is for Corbyn for example.
      The left needs to fight this by first learning and then in full counteracting the establishment’s whicked ways, one example would be direct opposition to every org, comm, reg, watchdog etc that has become occupied by the establishment, ie EHRC, Electoral Commission, etc, but most of all direct opposition to Ofcom, IPSO, BPC, etc. For as long as information is occupied, controlled, warped and twisted to suit the establishment, will the public remain no more aware than sheeple in the dark and chasing the latest x, y or z.

    2. Julie T, I believe the reason why the MSM attacks Webbe while soft on Starmer is that Claudia Webbe is a black socialist woman while Starmer is a white, fascistic man.

  5. I think that in the case of Richard Holden it is just
    lazy sloppy thinking ..

    In the journalists case it is in the cause of
    sensationalism. There is a still the unfilled role
    of the female journalist who spreads hate now
    that Hopkins has been kicked out ..

    I hope that Webbe sues them both – and the BBC
    for not correcting Holden.

  6. Bullying lol.

    It’s like 1984 was an instruction manual…

    Good luck to Webbe!

  7. Samantha Smith’s tweets are very nasty and uncalled for. Claudia Webbe has been severely ( and in my opinion disproportionately) punished for her jealous behaviour yet for some people that severe punishment is not enough.
    For Samantha to sit down and coldly post nasty tweets about Claudia is just rubbing salt into the wound and cannot be justified. Claudia behaved badly out of jealous rage .Samantha hasn’t got that excuse ,yet her behaviour is no less unacceptable in my opinion

    1. Smartboy, how did Claudia Webbe behaved badly? Could you please provide facts, rather than Michelle Merrit’s version of events?
      -Webbe denied using bad language at Merrit
      -The “acid attack” both judges decided that Merrit was lying about it.
      -The only recording is of Merrit phoning Webbe
      So Claudia Webbe was jealous, is this what in your eyes constitutes bad behaviour? I would argue that both Merrit and Thomas have given Webbe ample reasons to be jealous.

      1. Reply to Maria V
        I am fully supportive of Claudia Webbe and truly believe she was very hard done by. I also understand why she behaved as she did and have no intention of judging her or seeking to add to her troubles . In my opinion she is a decent woman who reacted inappropriately to provocation. My use of the word “bad” to describe her behaviour was ill advised but I trust this post clarifies my position.

  8. If Webbe decides to sue any of these morons I will happily contribute to her legal fund.

    1. Me too Baz but I think you are wrong to call them morons – this implies they are stupid. They are not. They have deliberately and wilfully slandered Claudia , caused her hurt and further damage to her reputation . That says more about them than it does about her

      1. Yup, they’re not morons. They are psychopaths.

        The smearing and systemic mis-information that was used against Jeremy Corbyn and his (understandable) failure to institute legal proceedings against the liars persuades me that baz2001 is right. Claudia Webbe SHOULD sue these people; it would rightly become a communal endeavour.

        Smear one person because of its socialism and you asperse all socialists and democratic socialism itself.

  9. ‘The horrified outrage of black legal experts’……..’Webbe’s white accuser repeatedly lied’……..not happy until we have a race war?

    1. I see you’re spouting bollocks yet again! Yes, the one poster on this site who tries to foment racism amongst readers comes out with such TOTT bollocks. Here are a few recent examples from the racist scumbag troll:

      And I advise readers – and especially those relatively new to skwawkbox – to not believe a single word he says. He is malevolent to the core!

    1. Psst, they never really went away. Refurbishment and reintroduction. What was going on at that base where the drunken chest feeding spy murdered one of our kids?

  10. Silly child! Trying to make a name for herself, at the expense of a DV victim.

    Well. I think she managed that, but not in the way she intended!

    Solidarity, with Claudia Webbe MP(Ind).

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