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Webbe trial magistrate disciplined for political comments in courtroom

Judicial Conduct Investigations Office refuses to say which case or which views

Magistrate Paul Goldspring, who presided at the first trial of left MP Claudia Webbe, has been officially rebuked by the Lord Chief Justice for political comments during a case in his court.

The Judicial Conduct Investigations Office (JCIO) has published a statement noting the disciplinary action – but refused to release details of which case was involved or what the views expressed were. A JCIO statement reads:

The Lord Chief Justice, with the Lord Chancellor’s agreement, has issued Senior District Judge (Chief Magistrate) Paul Goldspring with formal advice for making remarks during a hearing which gave the impression that he was endorsing a contentious political cause.

In reaching their decision, they took into account that, with hindsight, the judge had accepted his remarks were capable of giving such an impression and had expressed his regret.

Goldspring had already sparked controversy in an earlier case when he released a neo-nazi fan of mass murderer Anders Brevik, who was on trial for downloading terror manuals, because the youth’s teachers said he’d get good A-level grades. Goldspring told the offender:

You clearly work very hard in school and are very, very intelligent.

Goldspring convicted Claudia Webbe on a case that amounted to the word of her white accuser, Michelle Merritt. Media misrepresentation of the case led to two plots by extremists to murder Ms Webbe.

The judge at Webbe’s appeal concluded that Merritt had repeatedly lied in her testimony and heard evidence that the Metropolitan Police had withheld during the first case – yet bizarrely upheld the conviction while reducing Webbe’s sentence to essentially the equivalent of a parking offence and reduced compensation to the ‘victim’ from £1,000 to £50.

Webbe had suffered extensive domestic abuse from her partner, who was having an ongoing sexual relationship with her accuser. The Met had withheld hundreds of messages between the pair and between Merritt and her friends about the relationship and mocking Claudia Webbe.

The Society of Black Lawyers and a retired black judge condemned the outcome as demonstrating the systemic racism of the justice system.

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  1. I may be wrong but as I recall it there is no evidence that the police withheld any evidence from the defence (as in they failed to disclose evidence that they were aware of). As I understand it suspicions were raised about the nature of the relationship between Merritt and Claudia’s boyfriend in the original trial. It was only at this stage once those suspicions had been raised and when they had a legitimate line of inquiry to pursue that the Met police felt they had the justification to invade the victim’s privacy by examining additional content from Merritt’s phone. When the additional evidence was unearthed it was disclosed to the defence.
    If any of you have any credible evidence to the contrary then please feel free to share the details and post a link to the evidence.

    1. If you have any credible evidence…

      Oh just fuck off, Perry teenager Mason. You’re mind-numbingly boring as fuck.

      Oh, and take your credible evidence to the contrary and cram it, you contrary CUNT.

      1. Be fair Toffee when you are looking at Labour manoeuvres from a beach things might seem very complicated. Thank god for Wikipedia. Alas there are still lots of crabs yet to be dislodged.

    2. You’ve had answers covering every toppic both on and off Skwawkbox News timeline.
      Yet, here you are like a deranged psychotic parrot asking for more anwers, more links, more of what you have been provided extensively thousands of times over. Even if you were refused, a small child could find.
      Do you think BlueSteveH that people who answered your questions and requests for 6+ years are just a bit board with your Obsessive, Delusional, Parroting?
      Yes here I am “yet here you are…”, because I just want to let you know, again, what a Tw@t you are!

    3. When SteveH you say “If any of you have any credible evidence to the contrary then please feel free to share the details and post a link to the evidence”, your excellent point at 11.20 already answers the point. Courts and the police are not subject to FoI.

      How else would we be able to provide credible evidence?

  2. Steve H hall….The man from the Caribbean bolt hole.Youve blown any credibility you ever had over two years ago with your obsessive support of the right wing labour party.Your attacks on Webbe are off the cuff made up opinions poorly thought through.Maybe it’s time you cut your links with Britain and look localy as you claim to be a subject of Her majestys colonys.and a semi…permanent resident having all the required jabs etc….enjoy yourself and hopefully your immune system is not blown just like the Labour party.Ps the police always examine phones its the first port of call….and you know it.!

    1. Joseph – I haven’t attacked Webbe I have just pointed out the anomaly in the above article.
      My comment above that mentions a victims right to privacy is based on the code of practise that is enshrined within APP (authorised professional practice) on the Extraction of Material from Digital devices published by the College of Policing. A code of practise that is also being codified into law as part of the legislation that is currently passing through parliament. You can read this in the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, Part 2 — Prevention, investigation and prosecution of crime. Chapter 3 — Extraction of information from electronic devices

  3. Ere wee fella, what about THE MOST SENIOR MAGISTRATE IN THE LAND, HMM?

    The most senior Magistrate in the country presided on this case. Given that his decision would have been very carefully weighed I would be surprised if his judgement was found to be wanting.
    We will see how the appeal goes, if there is one

    Well we KNOW his judgement was found to be wanting. Whether it’s this case or not, it proves beyond shadow of doubt his judgements are NOT immune from scrutiny and criticism you seem to believe his position grants him, you dozy nuckfugget.

    And let’s not forget that you thought webbe’s crime so heinous that it was tried by him, when on fact I harassment is a summary offence that is, one deemed NOT serious enough to be held in a CROWN court, to be tried be a JURY of Webbe’s PEERS.

    You know nothing about anything, and you don’t know enough about that. Try keeping your own counsel for once and just settle for being universally regarded as a knobend, instead of typing your crap and removing all doubt.


    1. Webbe’s case was heard by the senior magistrate because she is an MP not because of the seriousness of the crime and to date I have not seen any evidence that connects the Webbe case with this admonishment, have you and if so what did he say?

      1. Webbe’s case was heard by the senior magistrate because she is an MP not because of the seriousness of the crime

        Major malfunction strikes again. You just cannot help yourself, can you?

        So I’ll say it AGAIN.

        If harassment was deemed an INDICTABLE offence, then goldspring wouldn’t have heard the case. It would have gone to crown.

        The ONLY reason goldspring heard the case is because harassment is a SUMMARY offence, you fucking DOLT

      2. Just stop being a prick and trying to manipulate your argument.

        You said – in previous threads on this subject -that webbe’s crime/case was serious

        But what about the victim??? )Yes thats you and your faux outrage)

        Then you said (in this here thread) that:

        Webbe’s case was heard by the senior magistrate because she is an MP not because of the seriousness of the crime

        I’ll repeat that just so even a total fucking moron like you can be on NO DOUBT;

        not because of the seriousness of the crime

        It (harassment) ISN’T serious enough to warrant a trial by jury – heard by a JUDGE in a CROWN court.

        THAT is the ONLY reason goldspring heard the case.

        Get it onto your over-ossified cranium. Then sod off.

      3. Toffee – I have no idea what you are wittering on about, do you?

    2. Okay thats another new word from the poetry of Toffee “Nuckfugget” and its truly wonderful to hear the Caribbean Cad “Nuckfugget Steve H being taken down a peg or two..Reading the British toilet papers its looking like the knight as once again uupse his media supporters with more sly manoeuvres on Brexit to appear like he has a clue about leadership or is fit to be PM
      .He’s certainly a better liar than Johnson,but lets hear more from Durham police about the honesty of the partying knight of the realm.?

  4. THIS (“Webbe trial magistrate disciplined for political comments in courtroom”) probably wouldn’t be happening if SW and his wonderful Skwawkbox had not made the accusation in the first place.

    Sure, the ‘Judicial Conduct Investigations Office refuses to say which case or which views’, they are rebuking magistrate Paul Goldspring about, but whether it’s the Claudia Webbe’s case or not, it’s proof-positive that something rotten is degrading our legal system.

    Starmer’s supposedly ‘forensic’ legal mind, must have surely recognised this – but obviously not enough to say anything and speak up for the victim. Forensic maybe, low-life for sure.

    He’s a political spiv that should not be in the Labour party, never mind its leader.

    1. Qwertboi, quite right. Now tell me how a member of the Trilateral Commission is the leader of a Democratic Socialist Party. How did they let that one go ahead?

      1. When fifty something percent of Labour members and supporters made Keir Rodney their leader with first round of votes they were trusting (well… accepting) the proclamations of the BBC, the Guardian and the billionaires’ press i.e. that KRS would be the only reasonable choice after losing GE19 which they blamed on Jeremy Corbyn’s looney ‘hard’ leftism.

        Trusting these viciously ant-socialist voices ‘s THE major failing. I’d say if we didn’t, we’d be more radical in our socialism – esp. on economic matters like Money and MMS, democratic reform (of FPTP), the Green New Deal and more skeptical about the management of a disease which has the power to stop influenza causing death in the elderly and already infirm and which, despite this, has (and always has had a 99+% survival rate.

        Our weakness is trusting our enemies. Maybe this is why ‘Show-Me-Your-Papers’ Starmer was unanimously voted leader ofg labour.

      2. Parasite infestations are somewhat tricky to detect, and usually only one cure. Remove everything that is not infested and of value and burn the infested house down to the ground. Then rebuild using Parasite proof materials and defences.
        BlueKeef was not undetected mind, Skwawkbox, Canary, Labour Heartlands etc all reported on his evil ways. The biggest obstacle is getting people away from MSM, MSSM , MSP and MS Search Engines. Then of course there is the biggest problem those afflicted by the MS face, information overload memory fatigue/loss. People seems to forget events before they’re done happening.
        The MS is The PEOPLE’S greatest enemy and the centuries old tools of the Elites/Establishment/Old World Order and they will exploit this against The PEOPLE and today with the finest Psychiatrist Psychologists, hackers, designers, etc available.
        Just as they have literature, history, art, etc, etc, etc. ie Bob Dylan a Nobel Laureate, the man’s life is a fraud, his act is a fraud. Lawdy lawds Starmer, Mann, Austin, Streeting, etc Damien Hurst, etc, etc, etc we live in a fake prefab world inside of a platic Tupperware tub.

    2. To be fair to Starmer and what passes for the Labour Party under this regime their total absence of support in this case is not limited to female BAME MP’s but is actively directed against women in general as a class (except of course anyone, including those who take advantage to the point of kicking the arse out of any situation, who declares themselves as such against all biological reality):

      Doubtless, the twelve year old wannabe Stormtroopers of a misogynistic men’s rights movement will once again piggyback onto the bandwagon by seeking to intimidate any womn attending Conference fringe meetings on this issue who dares to defend their Human Rights.

      This is why despite being the most incompetent government in UK history the Labour Party will not be successful in ousting the Blue Tories and forming a Government. Alienating 51% of the voting population as a deliberate matter of priority is not and never will be a winning strategy.

      Policy on any one issue is not a stand alone for convenience pick & mix/a la carte menu. All are connected feeding back to produce less than sum of the parts outcomes where poor policy in one area negatively impacts elsewhere (eg Economic policy on Health outcomes).

      No competent Government can operate to produce good outcomes on this basis.

      As someone observed the other week the (Regressive) Left would lock up victims of rape with their rapist whilst the Right would make them have HIS baby.

      1. Women as a class? What? I mistakenly thought that they, (women, birthing persons) have been active members of the working class. I have never been worried about being wrong, so now I have been educated. Thanks, I’m off to tell Julie. I just know , deep in my sperm producers, that she will be so proud. Her own class. Just fancy.

      2. And that is precisely the point: ie that the LP are treating women in this way. Do try and keep up at the back there.

    1. Can I put in a good word for District Judges and working class Magistrates
      Special place in hell for Family Court, CAFCASS and CSA

  5. What a surprise. Reminds me of the rifle scene in Reginald Perrin…

    You can understand why they view us as sheep.

    1. If The PEOPLE don’t entirely quit MSM, MSP, MSSM and MS Search Engines and dump their overpriced manufactured Consent Tat and immediately start living a live where they don’t need what they want, but want what they need, humanity WILL end up slaving in Bezos’ Amazons in the sky, while a “select few” will live on the “luxury resort of Earth”!
      People are Sheepling themselves into that scenario, just as people Sheepled themselves out of ending 43 years of Neoliberal TORY HELL.

      1. Fortunately most people don’t choose to emulate you by liveing in an ill informed bubble

      2. You’re the one who has proudly self proclaimed your self imposed ignorance.

      3. Of mindlessly following and believing the masses even when you are exposed to facts and truth? No petal not I.
        As I said, good open and reflective thinking on your part.

      4. Manufacturing consent. The draft dodgers claim to fame before repositioning himself as the world’s greatest anarchist. An anarchist of a new stripe. He wants workers who don’t fall for the most obvious con in history to be sent to camps!

      5. Categorisation is another room 101 item, there are the people and there are the people who work with and for the elites/old world order/establishment and against the people, everything else is unecesary fluff. I think everyone should dodge the draft, the call of the war pigs in their suits, in their air-conditioned offices, designing peoples deaths for them.
        In 2020+ years of monotheistic fearmongering and mind warping surely we should be reaching the point where The PEOPLE say no more, no more war, no more borders, no more mass produced mind control, no more greedmonger manufactured consent, etc.
        Who is sending workers to camps?

  6. Interesting stuff from Stroud.
    It is reported that the Green Party, now the largest party in the “progressive” coalition that runs Stroud, want Doina Cornell to continue as Leader of the Council. Cornell now sits as an independent, having resigned from the LP.
    What will the LP do?.
    They can agree to it and look rather silly.
    They can block it and support the Tory nomination for Leader.
    What’s your guess?
    There are also rumours that a Manchester LP councillor had defected to the Greens.

    1. Oh dear! The house is crumbling with parasites, so close to exclusively parasite, who will throw in the flaming torch to burn the infestation to the ground, so that we can get on with rebuilding the Party for The PEOPLE?
      I wonder how much support Dianne will get from BlueKeef and The Neo-Labour Party TORIES?

      1. OOOOPs Ekua Bayunu in Hulme where Labour party ‘bullying’ and ‘harassment’ made being a black woman and a socialist in the party ‘increasingly untenable’. Respect.

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