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‘Blancmange’ Starmer trapped by own idiocy and weakness as he chickens out of disciplining picket line MPs

No meaningful action to be taken against MPs who rightly ignored order to stay away from front line of RMT strike

Keir Starmer has reaped the fruits of his idiotic ban last week on Labour front-benchers appearing on picket lines in solidarity with RMT rail workers fighting for jobs, pay and safety. Some fifty MPs defied Starmer, including a number of front-bench MPs and even the leader of Scottish Labour – putting Starmer in a cleft stick of his own making: not to discipline them would show weakness and spinelessness, while disciplining them would make him look just as weak and foolish and compound his betrayal of working people and their unions who founded the Labour party.

The move was political stupidity as well as morally bankrupt – the public rightly supports the strikers.

And now Starmer has chickened out of sacking or demoting even a single member of his front bench. Instead, MPs received a phone call from the party’s chief whip at the weekend and will receive a letter reminding them what he expects.

One Labour MP told Starmer that the feeble response was ‘like being mauled by blancmange’.

In a humiliation entirely his own fault, Starmer has reaped the worst of all worlds – he looks stupid, weak and like a turncoat who promised left-wing policies. He now sides with the Establishment against workers trying to save their jobs and living standards.

In a summer where workers in industry after industry are either taking or preparing to take action to fight the decade-long Tory assault on wages, job security, dignity and public services, Starmer’s unfailing instinct for picking the wrong side in the most cowardly way has shown itself yet again.

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    1. Keith runs away, tail between legs, from Labour MPs, but that hasn’t stopped him and his henchmen expelling Crispin Flintoff.

  1. I would love to see the letter being sent to the MPs explaining to them what Starmer expects of them -Something along the lines of “be like me and leave your decency and whatever principles you have at the front door – you can pick the up again when you leave” perhaps?

  2. Surely, there must be a leadership challenge coming along the pipeline, somewhere?

    It’s, blindingly, obvious, Starmer is not a leader. He’s not, even, a politician. People within the party must realise that by now.

    An over qualified apparatchik. Nothing more.

    Any left wing beliefs he – may – have had, seemed to take a turn to the right, under the influence of Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, and Dominic Grieve – everyone’s, sometime, favourite Tory, for some reason – Cameron’s Attorney General, back in the early part of the last decade.

    After being elected, in 2015, and finding himself unexpectedly subject to the Leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, he has used his, newly acquired knowledge of double-dealing and subterfuge, to undermine JC every chance he got.

    There was no loyalty for JC, at all. But, for himself, there was no quality there, to lead a left-wing political party. That didn’t stop him trying, and, as we all well-know he, finally, managed it, in 2020.

    He’s had his chance, and failed – miserably. It only remains to be seen who will step forward and challenge him.

    I’m not going to make any guesses. This Labour Party is full of chancers, and it could be anyone of a dozen, or so.

    Any takers?

    1. Intriguingly the next election will come at roughly the same point in Starmer’s leadership as the 19GE came in Corbyn’s tenure. It will be fascinating to compare their respective results and compare their successes and failures.

      1. He’s doing marvellously now isn’t he, Spock?

        Regained one seat (that should NEVER have been lost but WAS – Due to keefs’ euro shithousery)

        Held on to two seats – with reduced majorities.

        Lost a seat – going blue for the first time ever.

        Lost deposits in two others – despite being in second place on both in the previous election

        …And didn’t contest the other one.

        Meanwhile, in the Scottish seat, smarmerite labour maintained second place but failed to improve on the 2017 result.

        Yep keefs’ got one foot in the downing st door alright 😏

      2. Toffee – One foot in the door is a significant improvement on the electorate losing faith (particularly the working class electorate) and firmly slamming that door in his face as happened with Corbyn. We can look forward to discussing it once we know the results of the next general election

      3. Toffee – One foot in the door is a significant improvement on the electorate losing faith (particularly the working class electorate) and firmly slamming that door in his face as happened with Corbyn.

        Oh, ok plums. And the rags had a 70-odd majority you’re always complaining about?

        Yeah…That’s right, ollies.

        Keef won’t come within 300,000 votes of being pm, nevermind 3000.

        Just correlate the timeline on that picture I linked to, with the fall in support for labour at/shortly after those events.

        Then of course, the last part says it all.

        May 2020: Keef declares brexit is over.

        …Not even a month after being shithoused in as leader. 😒

        Weren’t even gonna happen, you said 🤣😂🤣😂

        And you were thoroughly taken in by the best of a bad bunch and STILL you think the sun shines out of his arse, while calling everyone else ‘gullible’

        Dear God…

      4. We can look forward to discussing it once we know the results of the next general election, says steveh to toffee.

        So when does your contract explre?

      5. Allan – You keep making these silly quips but despite your self proclaimed expertise you have completely failed to provide any evidence. You can’t even tell us what the going rate is.
        As I’ve told you many times before I don’t work for anyone and I have never worked for the Labour party. I’m in the very fortunate position of being retired, financially secure and live in a property that is self sufficient for water, food and power.

      6. Well I obviously got you completely wrong, and I sincerely apologise and hope you can forgive me.

        So do you spend a lot of time in the garden…..

      7. Steve H in your reply to mr Howard you say “you are completely self sufficient for water food and power…..I hope that in your arragonce youve a number of bore holes and youve stocked up on solar panels which do not last long and youve also stocked up on fans as aircon is a no no “off grid “also you will require massive stocks of batterys and converters and years of canned food.Water purification using tanks,charcoal wood burnt and a good supply of rocks and gravel and a gravity fed water hand pumps are also useful as the western world meltdown that you lot have supported will leave very few survivors and I am not sure that the Caribbean bolt hole is far enough away from the coming catastrophe?
        I am perfectly happy to meet my maker and at my age every day is a win win.How do you manage to sleep with the evil you lot have concocted for your part of the planet.?We have just finished replanting the fields here and are now digging in for a protracted period of war in your hemisphere and its all down to sick individuals like yourselves……The only question is Why do you do it?

      8. Joseph – Thanks for your concern, but we have effectively been living off grid for several years now for both water and power. Our annual utility bills are just a few dollars more than the standing charge.
        We have a few acres of land that is split into market gardens, forest and formal gardens + we have direct access to the beach and sea.
        We currently produce far more power from both solar and wind than we can consume (incl air-con) and have adequate battery storage in each house and if all else fails we have a couple of 10KVA generators that could stand in for a while.
        We have a fresh water spring and we harvest, filter and purify rainwater in large underground tanks
        The market garden produces an extensive range of organic vegetables and fruit and we also breed organic free range pigs, goats and chickens.
        Besides our broadband cable connection we also have 2 satellite internet connections.
        So unless there is an all out nuclear war I think we are fairly well covered to get by for a while without suffering too much hardship and more to the point back in the real world we are insulated from the rise in energy prices.

      9. Joseph – ps – If you are going to quote me directly then please have the courtesy to be accurate

    2. We must also remember that the knights membership of the labour party is seven long years?…hes a learner driver?Amazing really that he was even allowed to stand as a mp amongst the “cream” of the labour party mps..How he became leader?….contact the trilateral commission.or Israeli government.

      1. Joseph – My understanding is that Keir was also a member before he took up his post as DPP. Did you know that some in the PLP tried to persuade him to stand in the 2015 leadership election.

      2. Your understanding is faulty and you know it collaberator Steve H hall
        He joined the labour party to be inserted into the mps position under instruction from his controllers “….and you know it and much more of the “plant” approved by the “intelligence service….and you know it!

      3. Joseph – Your assertion that it is all part of a deep conspiracy going all the way back to when Keir was in his teens doesn’t do much for your credibility..

  3. The danger there is who. Streeting, Reeves, Dodds, Eagles, Cooper, Lammy, Nandy, Ashworth, Allin-Kahn, Powel, Haig, Thornberry, Shoot then ask Raynor, heebee geebies! I am having nightmares tonight! That Party is in a right mess a complete reflection from accross the aisle.
    Just had a look at the frontbench, never heard of half of them, but interestingly at a quick glance the are all LFI, odd and unexpected that!
    There is literally only one person that I personally would trust as the leader of the opposition, there are some under the guidance of a Corbynist Government, who would have made great leaders, but for me there is only Andy McDonald, who I could fully trust. He is unassuming and quiet, but when he does speak it’s like Zeus took residence in his chest.

    1. Labour may well have been better off with John as leader with Jeremy in a role that he was far more suited for.

      1. Doubtful, anyone anti-Zionist/pro-Palestine would have had exactly the same treatment. John may well be towards the Right of the Centre Left and may have made a good leader, but he has the same IRA negotiation history, the same anti-Racism and anti-Apartheid history, nah same treatment as Corbyn by the Neo-Labour Party TORIES. Barry Gardener perhaps for The Neo-Labour Party TORIES, and a possible “soft option” at least as a Labour Friends of Apartheid that would be one wall scaled.
        No there is only one, Andy McDonald! And anout 10MPs trustworthy the rest are snakes and backstabbers or frontstabbers shall we say.

      2. nellyskelly – Barry Gardiner tried flying his kite in the 2020 leadership election and I don’t recall that going down very well. Are Barry Gardiner and Emilie Oldknow still together.

      3. I would not vote for Gardener if you paid me, I merely answered your question. I know nothing about Oldknow appart from her being a racist bullying tw@t.

      4. Ooops my mistake, I was mixing up Gardiner with another one of Jeremy’s front bench.

      5. nellyskelly – He was the dickhead who did this

        On 10 December 2019, it emerged that Ashworth had told a friend that he did not believe Labour would win the 2019 general election due to be held two days later. He said that this was largely due to the unpopularity of Jeremy Corbyn and voters outside the cities blaming Labour for not delivering Brexit. His friend, who was a Conservative activist, leaked a recording of the conversation to Guido Fawkes. Ashworth later claimed that he was joking and just “joshing around”.

      6. Should really read something like ‘On 10 December 2019, it emerged that Ashworth had told a friend, he had insider confirmation that The UK Labour Party would not win the 2019 general election, confirmed by the CIA, Mossad and MI5. ……And that the Israeli Embassy millions would be shared between all Neo-Labour Party TORY Saboteurs….’
        Probably more like what he really wanted to say.

      7. They msy be counting their chickens before they released the cock among the hens. Thst gas belongs to Lebanon and Westbank Gas Fields to Palestine and Jordan. Interesting times ahead.

      8. nellyskelly – I think that Israel has settled their disputes with their neighbours and they don’t really care what Gaza thinks.

      9. MSP misinformation, demographics can be bent and twisted with no effort and a MSP with links directly into the hesrt of the TORY hornet’s nest, really won’t give anyone a clear picture of reality. Especially not ref The ‘enemy of the state’ a Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party.

        Pollster Deborah Mattinson of The Neo-Labour Party TORIES:
        “Focus on the ‘Middle Class’, not the UNDESERVING POOR!”
        MSP, MSM, MSSM, etc in the hands of the criminal, corrupt few, and their puppets rather than belonging to the mainstream, is a twisted, directed version of their warped pseudo-reality.
        Very few still buys it, you may aswell give up peddling it.

      10. …but Israel will soon have loads more cash to spend.

        They’re considering pricing it in Roubles (seriously). When the day comes, it will be America’s “closest” friends (not Britain of course) that ditch the petrodollar and facilitate the Somalia-isation of the USA (which will happen the second somebody negotiates a price for petrol/gas in a non-US$ denomination as a seller.

    2. Andy McDonald

      Shout, that, nelly. I’ve admired him for a good whole now. Always well briefed when being interviewed on TV. As cool as a cucumber.

      And has proved himself principled, unlike the smarmer-sycophantic slime dominating the current shadow cabinet.

      1. Admittedly it is a bit of a novelty to have a loyal shadow cabinet but surely that’s a good thing.

      2. Exactly, that is one thing I love about Andy, the MSM knows little about him, he looks a bit Goofy, but when he replies to a question you can literally see the colour drain from the host and panel. He is bright and sharp. Yeah Andy MacDonald for starmer’s replacement!

      3. Admittedly it is a bit of a novelty to have a loyal shadow cabinet but surely that’s a good thing

        Of course. Remember Corbyn having that luxury?

        Nah, me neither. 😒

  4. So, the unions will have to take on the bosses and their ‘tools’ in both the Tory Party and that of New Labour.

    I watch Lammy’s attempt at sitting upright without a spine- not pretty!

  5. Before Steve H writes 2017 entirely out of the script, I would add that I doubt Starmer will succeed in emulating the rate of increase in the Labour vote achieved then.
    I would also add that public perceptions of JC were shaped by our very own corrupt MSM, and the Labour Machine itself did much to ensure that key battleground constituencies were starved of potentially swing-creating resources.
    I always get great insight from asking people who have a dislike for JC why they think that. They cannot answer; they just talk about a “feeling”.

    1. Ludus57 – There’s a good chance that the 17GE could have been even more successful if there had been a more sensible non partisan allocation of funds and other resources.

      1. ? What does that mean? Become a proponent and enabler of capitalism and the status quo?

      2. qwertboi – That may be your take but it isn’t what I said.

      3. That’s the point SteveH, I wondered what you meant by ” a more sensible non partisan allocation of funds and other resources”.

      4. qwertboi – I guess you’ll find out when the Forde Report is published.

    2. Ludus57
      True Story during 2019 GE
      We have always voted Labour but we cannot vote for that JC
      Who did you vote for in the last GE
      Labour, we always vote Labour

      1. I voted Labour. Now that a real Labour party that supports workers is rapidly disappearing, I shall be doing my bit to see some sense is restored to it, that dilutes the empty careerism that currently infects it. I want a vote that means something.

    Keir Starmer has said Labour has “put to one side” the 2019 general election manifesto and declared that the party would be “starting from scratch”.
    Speaking at a New Statesman ‘Politics Live’ event today, the Labour leader told those watching that “what we’ve done with the last manifesto is put it to one side – we’re starting from scratch, the slate is wiped clean”.

    1. Two Cheeks
      That should be interesting reading Red Tories manifesto on the back of a 2nd Class stamp
      I’m sure that will engorge the electorate with something a dog couldn’t chew

      1. YouGov
        10 Pledges
        You keep some rare Company
        Bent as a nine Bob note

      2. Doug – You are more than welcome to post a link to any of the polls that you think give a fairer picture.

      3. Last poll had None of the above as preferred choice
        With Mini Trump still ahead of PWC

      4. I already know the contents of the Neo-Labour Party TORY manifesto: ‘waffle, waffle, fluff, fluff, snake oil, lies, pretence and spinporn’.
        Just as all other TORY bumpf, only good for the recycling bin.
        No bother to me what they do or don’t do. Be that with any manifesto, or anything else, they are TORIES and not trustworthy.
        Shamefully, millions will buy, they will get their Neo-Labour Party TORIES and they will deserve exactly what they get. as they have post GE2019.
        Expect tsunamis of tears!

    2. Wales – the only part of the UK where The Labour Party are functioning as The Labour Party should.

      As the government, implementing Democratic Socialist policies – free from the malign influence of Starmer’s rag-tag ‘what-the-hell-are-we-doing’, bully-boys.

      You can find a list of policies, Welsh Labour are, actually, implementing here :

      1. You’re so right. It does. Then they didn’t have a back-stabbing Starmer to deal with, nor the London MSM – and they had an Electorate who could read and understand a Manifesto, unlike the English Electorate, apparently.

        Being able to think for yourself helps. But – to get back to the Manifesto.

        C’mon, even, you must think it strange that Starmer is so ready to ditch a Manifesto that was so useful to the government of Wales?

        I would have thought he would be on the look-out for a role model, and template, to show him the tricks of the trade.

        He could do with some new ones.

        Must have something to do with his natural malice, spite and vindictiveness, and total lack of political acumen. Not a lot anyone can do about his total lack of charisma, or misplaced personality.

        “Die, Jeremy Corbyn, die!”

        Come on, you have to admit – he hasn’t a clue what he’s doing

  7. Admittedly it is a bit of a novelty to have a loyal shadow cabinet but surely that’s a good thing.

    Loyalty to a sell-out is NEVER a good thing.

    As for keef binning the 19 manifesto we knew that months ago. And you were still promoting it as keefs glorious five year plan

    So, what’s keefs’ policies then? Name one??

  8. Two Cheeks
    ‘Working Class Electorate’
    Had your man’s number in the last election

  9. On another matter
    We should agree to another Referendum in Scotland once their is at least 60% of the electorate consistently calling for it
    6 months
    Then 60% must vote for it

      1. Yeah. And the keef-imposed candidate leadbetter won Batley with a mere 323 votes…a bit less than the 4% majority in the referendum.

        What was undecided about that? Where were your calls for a second, confirmatory election in Batley, hmmm?

        So, what was undecided about the referendum?

        That spoilt bastards like you and keef didn’t like it?

        Or that it took a(nother) general election to decide it?

        As I’ve said. Look at the timeline on that link I posted at the top of the thread…. Match up the shithousery with the polls at – or just after – those events..

        …And then take note of the final event one month after the (post-election) leadership contest.

        All will be clear.

      2. Two Cheeks
        I voted Labour Leave
        Give me the numbers for that
        We could see the way the spivs and thieves were going

      3. Doug – “I voted Labour Leave”

        Is that what you are still telling yourself, the reality is that you you voted for an extreme Tory wet dream.

    1. Nevermind the way Britain is going, we will soon, either be 6ft under the Atlantic Ocean waves or Wales, Scotland and Northern -Ireland will divorce England and dig an oceanic maot at the Wales and Scotland Borders!

  10. About Starmer’s ditching the 2019 Manifesto –
    how can you ditch something you never
    even pretended to believe in 2 minutes
    after being elected?

    The more I read of him – the more the word
    “INCOMPETENCE” comes to mind. It is
    in huge letters and flashes on and off.

    Reading the MPs Diary for 2019
    reminded me of the incoherence of the
    Brexit policy – and I realise now that it
    was Starmer who was completely
    responsible for that. He cannot
    even present his own policies in a sensible
    and clear manner.

    Of course Corbyn was blamed for that
    disastrous policy and mismanagement,

    I do still have hope. Ive just been watching
    the documentary about Thatcher and we’ve
    now reached the Miners strike. After that the
    Unions were hamstrung with few powers and
    with a decreasing membership. Now after the
    main parties failed people appear to have looked
    to the Unions for support and for gaining some of
    the lost rights – it appears they have not been
    let down ..

    1. I see comments talking about someone else in Labour who they favour…

      You’re losing sight. The problem is Labour itself. Trust the staff to back your candidacy like they did with Corbyn? Like the other name mentioned here. She fucked us all! And you’re still thinking of supporting them.

      The labour party was created by people like us to have a voice. Where is that voice? It doesn’t speak for us, it doesn’t think about us and it doesn’t care either.

      Labour must die and we the people must recreate what we had originally. Problem is, who are you going to trust?

  11. You are so correct holby…the people have no trust in parliament and have turned to the unions in despair at the collapse of democracy in Europe and the west.Times are changing and so are the people especially the working class who have been treated as invisible for decades wasting away.They have awakened and the unions will play a part if they ditch the collaborators and put their faith in the ordinary people.Time will tell but the real change will come from the streets and parliament is dissolved along with the trough feeders and banksters….Capitalism and the one world order of the one percent have commited suicide.I doubt you or many of us on here will be around to see the results of a true realignment of the system but god willing good will triumph over Evil….

    1. “I doubt you or many of us on here will be around to see the results of a true realignment of the system

      Thank goodness for that, I really don’t fancy your oppressive and authoritarian version of Utopia.

  12. The best of a poor bunch for me is Ian Byrne but finding one good apple means nothing if the barrel is rotten. Disband Labour and pursue PR to give all of us real, credible choice. The Tories are beset with ERG fanatics and are holding together because of a hard-wired survival gene, while Labour continues to endure a civil war between principled ideologues whose appeal is minimal and populist clones who’ll spout anything for a shout at power. The country, meanwhile, slips further into the abyss.

    1. I like Ian Byrne too.

      He’s inexperienced though (Not that keef wasn’t…bit look at how he’s turned out?) , and I think he should’ve told smarmer where to get off the other week/month when those MPs were threatened over Stop The War/NATO.

      We’ve seen now what keefs’ about when MPs defy his decree. It should’ve happened back then.

      It’d be McDonald for me…Or possibly Mark Drakeford – who looks to have made a very good fist of it in Wales.

  13. Starmer should have had the conviction to stand for election on a ‘clean slate’. He would have incurred opprobrium from the Continuity Corbyn crowd but he would have succeeded (or failed) on his own terms rather than, as now, gaining his position by duplicitous means, not least because the slate cleaning is not a position, as he argues, justified by the seismic shifts since his election, but was underway within hours of his election to his post. He may well be all the terrible things that go with him holding certain positions but he is far worse by being dishonest about those positions.

    1. In Starmers case my opinion of him is as the
      joke “You are the second worst C££$ in the country ..”

      Fact is he is INCOMPETENT .. He says he
      is going to start with a clean slate and of course
      the Tory response is “You’ve had two years – what
      have you been doing then?”

  14. The left get hammered because they bring reason and fair play to a knife fight
    Unions and members have precisely nothing left to support in the Labour party
    You do though have a winning ticket that you can cash in ASAP
    JC as spiritual leader of a Socialist party would bring at least 270,000 members and millions of supporters to the table
    What have we got to lose

      1. SteveH – neoliberalism’s authoritarianism in order to facilitate a crony global capitalist New World Order unintentionally makes your jape more relevant than you maybe realise. Jim Humble had to set up a church to be able to promote and trade his chlorine based health products (MMS) free of NDA persecution and Starmer’s ferocious anti-socialism could cause the same response in politics.

        The Genesis Church of Peace and Justice – it’s got a nice ring to it, no?

      2. qwertboi – So it’s going to be a religious cult then, good luck with that one. 🙄

  15. Doug, the challenge for JC, if he were to launch a new party, is that even with the forces you suggest would stand behind him, it would be a narrow demographic and probably too widely spread to have much impact under FPTP. This was Farage’s problem (aside from the protest-centric EU elections) and it is pertinent to mention the odious Nige because JC’s best hope is to acknowledge the democratic deficit that exists under FPTP and accept that the PR alternative will give succour to the more overtly right persuasion as well as any grouping on the left. I think this is a ploy to scare the horses – the predominantly centrist power bases of the main parties would, however reformed in the light of breakaway new entities, continue to function, though as a contributory voice rather than the only one. Reason and fair play have no part in a two party system where an overall majority leaves an official opposition neutered for five years but would be very much to the fore when finding common ground is a pre-requiste of governing, as under PR.

  16. qwertboi – A little bird tells me that the CLP in your area has lost 15% of its membership since last year. I wonder why.

    1. I have another snippet – Nominations for NEC include Naomi Wimborme-Idrissi, Jess Barnard, Mish Rehman, Gemma Bolton and Yasmin Dar.

      1. ………. and, apparently, a motion, in support of the Wakefield CLP officers who quit, was passed with a large majority.

    2. I suspect Leeds NW (my former CLP) has lost more than 15% of its membership. It’s believed to be at least 45% smaller in ’22 than in ’17.

      Leeds NW includes many students and part of that possible 45% shrinkage might just be down to the fact that Jeremy’s wonderful exciting leadership is no more and party membership feels less relevant and significant to students and the young. That his successor is a blancmange is also a factor.

      I wish I knew real numbers, but Benn’s Leeds Central and Reeves’ Leeds West are both rumoured to be losing members, as is Leeds NE (Fabian Hamilton), where Pakistani and Muslim asian members are fleeing en mass, but their Sec still claims a total membership of 2,000 plus.

      1. qwertboi – Here are some real Labour party membership numbers for you
        July 2017 – 538,606
        Nov 2019 – 430,359
        a loss of 108,247 (20%)

      2. When will ‘the new management’ release the real numbers for membership under it?

      3. qwertboi – When the results for the NEC elections are published. It is where I got the above figures from.

  17. I don’t suppose that there is a link to Lammy going on TV to retract what he said.

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