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Exclusive: Starmer’s war on Liverpool continues: members offered two right-wingers – one who quit party but ‘mysteriously’ rejoined

Starmer’s and the right’s war on Merseyside continues with by-election travesty

Keir Starmer’s war on Liverpool has seen Labour’s ‘leader’ write for the hated Murdoch S*n, expel leading members, force local parties into restricted meeting structures, appoint a ‘Liverpool officer’ who quit the party to campaign for opponents in the 2019 general election – and seize control of candidate selection processes.

And the war continues – Skwawkbox understands that in the Fazakerley by-election in the north-east of the city, party members are being offered a choice of just two potential candidates – both right-wingers.

One of the pair Helen Stephens, quit the party in anger recently after failing to win selection for the recent Warbreck by-election in north Liverpool, but has somehow ‘mysteriously’ reappeared as a member, according to locals. The other, Brenda McGrath, is a right-winger from West Derby.

Contempt for Starmer has seen an accelerating exodus of members on both sides of the Mersey, while a group of independent former Labour councillors is now one of the largest opposition groups on the council after a rebellion over Starmer-approved cuts to the city’s budget for its most vulnerable residents.

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  1. When does this stop? Nobody anywhere is cheering Keir on for treating Liverpool as the enemy- or at least nobody who’d ever even consider actually voting Labour. The “discontented Tory” vote isn’t real- never has been.

  2. Well time for Liverpool former Labour’s members either expelled, suspended or leaving the LP for being socialist to stand up against these neo-Labour types.
    Remember the results of Kinnock’s war on Liverpool? The LibDems took control of the City Council this time socialist candidates need to stand up and offer an alternative to voters in Liverpool if no in Liverpool where? A victory for independent socialist in Liverpool could galvanise the rest of the country into following their example.

  3. MediaLens…..

    ‘There Is No Way To Fool Physics’: Climate Breakdown And State-Corporate Madness

    In the never-ending corporate quest for profit, even as the planet’s life support systems are failing, oil and gas corporations ‘are planning scores of vast projects that threaten to shatter the 1.5C climate goal.’ If governments allow the projects to proceed, these ‘carbon bombs’ will ‘trigger catastrophic climate breakdown.’

    ….. the head of the UN has called for an end to new fossil fuel projects, warning that climate change poses ‘an existential threat to us all – to the whole world.’ Speaking at a recent press conference, António Guterres said:

    ‘Main emitters must drastically cut emissions, starting now. This means accelerating the end of our fossil fuel addiction and speeding up the deployment of clean renewable energy.’

    The UN chief’s urgent comments align with the aims of campaign groups, such as Extinction Rebellion and Just Stop Oil, so often labelled by ‘mainstream’ media as ‘eco-zealots’, ‘eco maniacs’, ‘eco yobs’ or a ‘mob of environmentalists’. Indeed, on Twitter, Guterres effectively gave climate campaigners his support:

    ‘Climate activists are sometimes depicted as dangerous radicals. But the truly dangerous radicals are the countries that are increasing the production of fossil fuels. Investing in new fossil fuels infrastructure is moral and economic madness.’


    Wealth =s Power =s Wealth =s Power =s…………. BUT for the psychopaths who run the show!

    1. ‘Any such deal would have to be based upon Russia giving up some of the Ukrainian territory it holds today.’

      USA says ‘no’ to any deal.

  4. The question posed above by Ken Burch, “where does this all end”?

    It ends when Starmer completes his power grab. His latest buster wheeze is to decide who/which councillors/councils are failing and take action to remove council leaders. By what criteria is “failing” judged and who gets to make that subjective decision?

    Behind Labour are already exposing the extent to which Regional Directors some with backgrounds in property development and lobby groups are being appointed. Add into this that the centre, via the regional officers are now dictating who can be on both council shortlists and prospective Parliamentary candidates. And now, if Starmer/Evans decides you are not performing, you get your marching orders.

    Democracy is under threat from this Trilateral idiot.


    1. There was much criticism by Labour councillors of the decision by Labour’s NEC to publically oppose Hackney Council’s plan to sell of its property assets. The theme was of ‘representative democracy’ being under attack.

      Have I missed something this time around?

  5. This imposition of a restricted two-person choice (Helen Stephens and Brenda McGrath) for Fazakerley PPC isn’t lookin workable for the Starmer/Evans/Streeting/Mandelson clique Their “no-where else to go” gamble isn’t even watertight anymore – Anna Rothery et al having already punctured it.

    Three little words: Liverpool Community Independents . Anna Rothery’s words at the formation of that group might be relevant to the Fazakerley by-election debacle:

    “Our entire group is made up of principled like-minded people committed to representing the wants, needs, aspirations and the best interests of the people of Liverpool. We have left behind the petty politics and in-fighting to offer our city a real alternative committed to challenging national government cuts and the negative impact they have on the people of our city.”

    Worth watching for sure.

  6. Hard to understand the masochism and or malice involved in ordinary Labour members deciding to elect to the NEC what are basically people with an extreme anti-Corbyn, anti-left agenda.

    I mean, who upon electing the likes of Blairite and self-promoted ‘Zionist Shitlord’ Luke Akehurst, expected peace and harmony? These people are behaving exactly to type; it’s like letting a fox guard the henhouse.

  7. New Statesman has an article pushing Streeting as Starmers replacement. Haven’t read it, title made me queasy.

    Is it because Starmer is too left wing?

    1. It’s because it’s painfully obvious Starmer has zero charisma and unlike their hero Blair, is struggling to even fake enjoying being leader on behalf of his establishment masters.

      Come an election, pushing a Doctor Dolittle. anodyne centrist manifesto, one stripped of all the goodies Corbyn promised,plus throw in new voter ID requirements + boundary changes, and the PLP are like the (proverbial) lemmings headed off a cliff. Though, if they think Wes Streeting is the solution, they’re asking the wrong question.

  8. Did anyone see the BBC lunchtime Politics show on
    Thursday? It was headed up by Jo Coburn
    and featured a US commentator/pollster Frank Lunz
    concerned at how polarised US politics was
    now. He said that Democrats and Republicans could not
    even stay in the same room without tearing each other
    apart and hoped that this would not happen in the UK.

    The others round the table on the show tut -tutted
    and all said that it was important that every opinion
    should be represented etc etc .. and how people
    should be respected even if you did not agree
    with them .. etc etc .. They were all concerned
    that this was now increasingly a problem in the UK.
    Jo Coburn agreed and added that some political
    issues had been “weaponised ..”

    I nearly choked on my lunch ..

  9. Australia election: conservative government voted out after nearly a decade

    Imagined Southside conversation about the result.

    Starmer : Okay, so what lessons can be learned?
    Evans : Well, Labor’s Albanese is aligned with the Labor party’s left, oh, and he’s a republican who favours dumping the monarchy.
    Starmer : So nothing to learn then?
    Evans : Correct. Nothing at all we’d have kicked him out of the party.

    Btw. I’ve no idea whether the Aussie Labor party has been systematically infiltrated and hijacked by right-wingers, as per the UK parliamentary Labour version, but if Albanese is of the left, it’s a small ray of light.

    1. Chakrabati….and many other of the “left” talk the talk “but dont walk the walk” titles and children sent to apparthied education will never be “left” for me and millions of others who are looking for genuine people of the “left” who lead by example not hypocrites.
      Kind words and empty promises are how we former members of the labour party got into this mess by trusting people who “played” us and helped to deliver the two party system of the road to nowhere.
      My anger against status quo has no boundary anymore.especially when I see the poverty of people lining up for charity in a country “fit for hero’s” and all the changes that we made after the war ruined by people who were supposedly of the left “but practiced of the” right “that even a fool could have seen through…

    2. Andy, I met an Austalian man last week, over here on holiday. We got chatting about the state of politics and from his view, the Australian Labour party were only marginally better that ours. He was a member of the Green party, because of his concern for the climate, but also because they had progressive socialist ideas.

      Today it looks like the Australian Labour party may just get an overall majority, but it seems that like here, there is no great enthusiasm for them and the real winners are the Greens and independents. Unlike here, they have a form of PR. Worth keeping an eye on how this pans out.

  10. Good review of Oliver Eagleton’s new book The Starmer Project: A Journey to the Right by Tom Blackburn in Jacobin

    Eagleton’s account of Starmer shows him, convincingly and at length, to be an unscrupulous, dishonest, and thin-skinned individual. His record as head of the CPS indicates that he should not be trusted with state power. Indeed, some of the positions Starmer has taken as Labour leader appear even more unnerving in the light of Eagleton’s book. One such controversy came in October 2020, when Starmer instructed Labour MPs to abstain on the third reading of the Covert Human Intelligence Sources Bill (rechristened the “Spycops Bill”), sparking a huge row in the party…

    Labour peer Shami Chakrabarti, Britain’s best-known civil liberties campaigner, described the Spycops Bill as “one of the most dangerous that I’ve ever seen.” Even the right-wing Spectator magazine condemned it…

    At the time, it was difficult to fathom exactly what Starmer’s logic was. Given the strength of feeling in the labor movement about the Spycops scandal, there was genuine bewilderment that a Labour leader, even a right-wing one, could sit idly by while the government gave undercover agents a free hand to infiltrate left-wing organizations in the future.

    Eagleton makes it clear that Starmer wasn’t motivated purely by political opportunism, a desire to pander to the law-and-order lobby, or factional malice toward the Labour left. The likely reality is more worrying: Starmer, himself molded by the state security apparatus, simply shares its jaundiced view of activists and does not object in principle to state agents having these powers.

    The book has a harder time getting into Starmer’s head to work out what he might possess by way of a philosophy. Eagleton is hardly to be blamed for this, though, as the likely answer is “not very much.”


    1. Thank youi PW. “Unscrupulous, dishonest, and thin-skinned individual”. Starmer to a ‘T’.

      When the globalists (who are the real enemy here) select and invest in a politician to operate through, their entire monolith (which is really a labyrinthine structure of natioanal governments, selected academics, scientific institutions and mainstream media (MSM) outlets working to advance a tightly controlled, predetermined, single, pro-capitalist “narrative”), the whole monolith becomes no stronger than its weakest link, i.e. at this moment in time, Keir Rodney Starmer.

      The destruction of the Corbyn Interregnum/Project and the Labour party is only part of this man’s mission: the New World Order for (and of) the Few over the Many is his main objective.

      We used to call people like Starmer ‘class enemies’.

      1. The recent court revelations than dozens of CI officers working closely with domestic spy agency MI5, thought the minuscule, irrelevant SWP worthy of infiltrating and dedicating all those resources to – a perfectly legal party, with afaik no history of violence – should be concerning.

        That they’d do that to a harmless little political party with zero chance of exercising political power, raises the question what effort do you think the establishment would commit to a party like Labour- a party almost certain to get their turn in power at some point?

        Our so-called democratic choice could be a complete sham. Little wonder the likes of Blair, Mandelson, Starmer Reeves and co don’t support proportional representation for Westminster. How would the establishment control politics – no doubt as they see it ‘for the greater good’ – were PR in place?

  11. Congratulations to Sunderland FC who have taken their rightful place in the Championship …onwards and upwards and especially with the massive supporters.that they have.Hopefully we will see these former industrial areas of Britain cast off the shackles of hard times and rise again.

    1. Yeah, but wasn’t a wonderful Labour leader elected in 1997 to do that very thing? But yeah, well done Sunderland! (btw, is Leesds Utd being relegated?)

    2. Well, Joseph, I freely admit that my prediction was misplaced – a welcome Sunderland triumph!!!!
      As for Leeds U, I’d rate it as 50/50 – significantly better than the odds of Starmer being the next PM.

  12. Anyone catch sinister Mr Burns lookalike Pat McFadden on Sky News’ Sophy Ridge show?

    He claimed Labour needs to re-examine every policy from 2019’s manifesto. The right-wing really love trumpeting that defeat , a defeat complicated by Brexit, don’t they.

    He said people want change and Starmer represents change? Starmer has been leader for well over two years and nobody has a clue what he believes in, or why he wants to be PM.

    If they push a centrist manifesto, stripped of all goodies, they’ll likely get annihilated in any snap election next year.

    1. ‘Anyone catch sinister Mr Burns lookalike Pat McFadden on Sky News’

      yes, shocked, i’d thought he was dead… blood ran cold!

  13. Couple of points ..

    First about Australia – it seems that it is
    not a straight left victory (or near one) –
    for the country is not divided
    straightforwardly left vs right ..

    .. but Science vs Head in Sand approach. ..

    It appears that many farmers are
    “right wing/fiscally conservative” but fear
    climate change having suffered severely
    from its effects. This played a very important
    part in the election campaign where
    I believe Labor supported measures
    intended to mitigate this. The worried
    public, believing in the scientists –
    voted Labor or Green.

    Secondly – housing and its costs. I noted
    that on one of the Politics shows that
    Kirstie Allsop (?) raised the matter of
    insecure tenancies and the massive
    problems faced by families because of
    them. My parents would
    have been sunk if they had faced the
    prospect of a move during our childhood
    – the cost of the move being a big factor.
    This factor – though obvious – is usually
    never mentioned

    1. PS After watching discussion on TV about
      Australian Election::

      Apparently it is the URBAN voters who support
      Labor because of their climate change policies.
      These are mostly women – for some reason called
      the “teal” voters.

      However Albaneze has indeed moved to the centre
      from his previously more left wing position.

      1. In fact the Teals are independents – so called
        because of their campaign colours.

        Im finding it difficult to keep up!


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