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Breaking: Mendoza steps down from Canary

Canary founder and editor-at-large to leave from end of July to recover from PTSD

Kerry-Anne Mendoza has announced this afternoon that she will leave the Canary from the end of July as part of her recovery from PTSD. She made the announcement in a YouTube video:

Mendoza and her team have taken the Canary from a standing start to one of the most successful and widely-read left news sites – and one of the most hated by the right, itself a badge of honour.

Skwawkbox wishes her a full and speedy recovery and the Canary a thriving future under its new leadership team.

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  1. Labour’s ruling body has put the local constituency parties of both Luton North and Luton South in ‘special measures’ due to allegations that there has been the kind of ‘membership abuse’ banned under the party rulebook.
    The move by Labour’s national executive committee (NEC) follows claims that local members have signed up friends and family members to influence the results of candidate selections ahead of the 2023 elections.
    Labour’s rulebook states that “higher than average join rates ahead of meetings such as those to select candidates” can be evidence that a local party should be placed into special measures by the NEC.

    1. Allegations eh?

      Not actual proof.

      The Labour party under a QC … a QC FFS … doesn’t seem to understand even the most basic tenets of justice!

      Looks like they were fearful their chosen candidates might not be those of CLPs. What a crass party it has become in a little over a year.

      1. Best wishes to Kerry Anne Mendoza🌺🌺🌺

        Also all should note re Israeli Malicious Spyware⚠️⚠️⚠️

        ps. Any news which repellant 🪰🦟🪱🐀🪳 was slithering around Luton North and South pre “special measures?
        Suspect it was the suppurating gangrenous faced sewer snout, that a tiny few felt was not as odious monstrous viperous vilely toxic snot squirting and totally repugnant to Socialism as the creature is.

        I’m sorry they felt that way.

      2. SteveH: This is a comments section about the emotional wellness situation that caused Kerry Mendoza, one of the finest investigative journalists in the UK, to stand down as editor of The Canary. Why are you posting a link about what Labour’s right-wing leadership is doing to a constituency party? It has no relevance to what the rest of us are commenting about.

        Oh, and before you ask…yes, I did read the link, and it essentially says nothing about the situation it was apparently meant to be a comment about, so could you kindly explain what YOU think the rest of us should take from the link?

      3. kenburch – Lots of fine words but you are the one who is perpetuating the distraction.

      4. It’s not a distraction to say that we should ONLY be commenting about the mental wellness of Kerry-Anne Mendoza in this particular comments section. I assume you’d concedd that Kerry-Anne did nothing to deserve the abuse she’s received from Tories and Blairites and that she has nothing whatsoever to do with whatever is going on in those two CLPs.

      5. kenburch – I’m struggling to see what you are trying to achieve here. Do you know?

      6. SteveH: That is precisely my opinion of your pointless insistence on posting this link and demanding that everyone read it when there’s no reason to have posted it in THIS article’s comments section- Could you kindly explain what YOU think we should be taking from that link, what you believe the link proves?

        Posting this link here- and making a point of making it the first thing ANYONE posted in this article’s comments section- strongly suggests your objective was to prevent people making supportive comments to Kerry-Anne Mendoza, for some twisted reason.

      7. kenburch – Really and yet here you are again drawing yet more attention to my comment that didn’t demand anything.
        I really can’t be arsed with with helping you to pump up your flagging ego.. Who are you trying to impress, yourself?

    2. ‘Membership abuse’ usually means a dug-in right winger is facing deselection.
      This has nothing to do with the article.
      Don’t reply troll

      1. lundiel – Admittedly it doesn’t have anything to do with the article but I would have thought that most readers would find it interesting and informative. Whether anyone chooses to comment on it or not is entirely up to them. My post was intended to inform so whether people want to comment on it or not is sort of irrelevant as far as I’m concerned.
        I would encourage other readers to read the full article before jumping to silly conclusions.

      2. My post was intended to inform so whether people want to comment on it or not is sort of irrelevant as far as I’m concerned.

        You’re what’s irrelevant, you nasty obnoxious little prick.

        You don’t even have the common decency to wish the good lady well before you plough straight in with something totally unrelated to the article.

        Then you even have the gall to try and excuse yourself by claiming that you would have thought most readers would find it interesting and informative which, judging by the responses and the absence of any ‘likes’, is evidently not the case at all.

        I dread to think how many people’s lives were made a misery by your obviously callous disregard for others’ well-being when you were a team leader at the JobCentre.

        Moreover, I doubt you ever had to undergo a Work Capability Assessment (a New Labour invention) by Atos. I did at one point and was found fully fit for work but which was later emphatically overturned at Tribunal when it was patently obvious I was far from fit to return.

        Not only was the whole process a complete waste of public money but it brought home to me the suffering caused to so many others by its callousness and complete disregard for any medical facts or opinions.

        But those New Labour types are the kind of people you want to see back in government. It’s no wonder you’re so despised on this site.

        For myself, words just aren’t adequate enough to express my real feelings towards arseholes like you.

      3. PW – Well thanks for your little rant, are you feeling better now that you think that you’ve seised the moral high ground..

      4. “when you were a team leader at the JobCentre.”
        OMG, I missed that one. Centrist dad from a small mill town on Our Yorkshire Farm handing out sanctions to all and sundry… Who’d have thought it. The perfect non job for a little Hitler with an inferiority complex and delusions of grandeur.

    3. Steve H you really are a nasty piece of work reflecting your leader.You are typically a bully and a coward that wants to dance on the misery of loyal comrades who only crime was and is to be socialist We should be talking about another casualty of the continued attacks on socialist thinking and reporting kerry anne Mendozza.You decide to use distraction politics and why you do is obvious to a former Labour councillor from the same neck of the woods as your right wing plant the knight. You are in the wrong party..and the canary will continue to expose the right wing destroyers whilst the real Labour party members leave in disgust at the right wing destroyers.Bring it on the sooner our socialist mps are forced into making a decision to form a new party the I have said before the Labour “brand” name has been dragged through the mud and you are welcome to it.

      1. Joseph – ….but you’re the one who is desperately trying to start a distracting argument, not me.

  2. I would like to echo Skwawkbox’s well wishes of a full and speedy recovery of Kerry Anne Mendoza and to thank her for her tireless efforts and hard work in exposing the crooked system for what it is. Thank you Kerry-Anne!

  3. Kerry Anne Mendoza- worth a dozen Guardian journalists (Monbiot excepted)! She will be sorely missed. I wish her well!

    1. Monbiot thinks 9/11 was done by 19 largely Saudi terrorists armed with box cutters. Also, his silence on colleague Julian Assange is quite deafening when you consider he’s banged up in a high security prison a few miles away from “The Great Man”s polished, well-appointed desk, where he churns out his tedious, controlled show.

    2. It’s great you laud a wealthy public school boy whose self indulgent articles go nowhere economically and socially unless you want to protect the metropolitan elite.

  4. Kerry Anne
    There are not many journalists worth their salt these days, you are a rare fish indeed, take care of yourself bonnie lass

      1. Is hers, perhaps, a case of Covid-induced PTSD, which is pretty widespread among Woke types?

  5. The Canary site now and then has some cracking pieces, I remember one in particular on Starmer which in my view exposed him as a pile of

  6. Never heard of Kerry (obviously not in the right mini bubble) but she could well be a very nice person. Good luck and God bless.

    1. Plain citizen……try reading the Canary,many articles by different people but all usually informative and interesting.You need to expand your horizons outside of Breightmet,doffcocker ?..I Notice the Tory council is still being proped up by the “Independent” Torys and the libs have bailed out.

      1. Thanks Joseph, I will get a copy of the Doffcocker Daily News today and get up to date.

  7. As long as they retain the very, very good Steve Topple they’ll be ok.

    Best wishes, Kerry.

    1. Topples very good,but the specialist on all Irish reporting is the most informative I have seen..Peadar O’Cearnaigh whos knowledge and experience go unnoticed by most British people because they are not interested in Ireland and that is something the so called loyalist population are beginning to understand.Peadar as an article in the canary covering the legacy issues and starts with ITs nearly forty nine years since protestant john mills was murdered at his workplace by suspected IRA.The family have now found out that British crown forces were responsible and name names?.Theres a lot more to come out and its worth a read even it only informs you of just what lengths the establishment will go to for God and the Queen..!

  8. Best wishes for a full recovery, Kerry. You’ve done nothing to deserve any of the abuse the Labour Right has heaped on you and your website all these years.

  9. Kerrys video explaining her reasons for standing down explained in the Canary and well worth listening to because it gives an insight into the pressure thats on the left and especially those like Canary ,Squawkbox Dorset eye etc are under by the establishment.All brilliantly put in a West country accent thats wonderful.and shows Kerry anne Mendoza to be true to her roots and not easily intimidated to conform to the Home counties twang.

    1. A very honest and touching video. Such a pity there are some on this site, such as the resident troll SteveH, who seem oblivious to other people’s troubles.

      1. PW – I’m curious what makes you think you are more virtuous than anyone else.

        ps:- In your rush to tell us all how despicable I am and how virtuous you are you appear to have forgotten to wish Ms Mendoza well.

  10. Steve H posts a distraction to the main article, then proceeds to deny he posted a distraction to the main article…

    Is Steve H becoming a parody account?


    1. George Peel, SteveH davidH SH is the least of our problems… in fact he is hardly a problem… He offers free target practise to debunk Starmer & Evan’s lines he delivers here. That practise is important. Further he admitted above that it is a deliberate “distraction”.
      We need to eradicate defeatism, and myths. That will bring us easy success. I’ve never read SH shrieking that we have no choice. Yes he gloats and tries to provoke.
      But he does not work night and day to stop the “Left” being rational as Allan Howard does. SH has presented useful administrative information promptly from time to time. I noted that two weeks ago or so, as soon as someone asked about the prospects of nominations for a “Left” person to challenge Keith, Howard came with a flash of no hope. If anyone looks through Howards posts TO DATE, i can guarantee that you will not find a single positive suggestion, compassion, encouragement nor any other CONSTRUCTIVE worthwhile suggestion of what we CAN do or TRY to transform us for the better. Should anyone find otherwise, i will make a donation to their charity of choice. One Hundred Pounds. If i’m correct, fear not, i want nothing but a change in attitude and alertness on the “Left.”

      1. Just came across signpost’s fascist polemic whilst doing some research about Kerry-Anne Mendoza. So the little weasel says – referring to me – that if ‘anyone looks through Howards posts TO DATE, i can guarantee that you will not find a single positive suggestion, compassion, encouragement….’ etc, etc. So I thought I’d check back through the comments in the articles prior to this one to find the last comment(s) I’d posted. Well there were none in the thread prior to this one, or the one before THAT, but in the one before that one I posted a number of comments, and the following are a couple of them:

        As I said in a post in a thread earlier today, the right-wing fascists in the party are always planning and plotting what to do next to oppress left-wing members!

        The following is from the LAW website;

        This will not be the final effort by Keir Starmer to attack and get rid of the left – this is just the latest salvo in his full-blown attack on what remains of the pro-Corbyn left in the Labour Party…….

        Funny (not haha), isn’t it, how it’s all panning out. I mean if JC hadn’t been elected leader, it’s highly unlikely that all of this would be happening – ie the Blairites purging the left. We joined the LP in the tens of thousands when Jeremy was nominated to contest the leadership, and tens of thousands more of us joined the following year when there was a leadership challenge. I really wouldn’t be at all surprised if it was all planned that way. Give those of us who want to change the reality we live in Hope, and then crush and grind that hope into the ground with the jackboot of fascism, just to make it crystal clear to us that THAT is what we are dealing with – ie Pure Evil!

        And the vast majority of the population have no idea what’s really happening.

        Signpost endlessly repeats his fraudulent criticisms of Jeremy and all things left (spinning them as being positive and constructive suggestions/advice), just repeating the same things over and over and over again. Yep, it’s all down to Jeremy and the left that he/we failed to win a GE, and nothing whatsoever to do with the smearing and demonisation and vilification on an almost daily basis by the WHOLE of the MSM, and all the saboteurs they gave a voice and credibility to, and who conspired with them in the black op to destroy Jeremy and the left AND, as such, subvert democracy.

      2. So where’s the “positive suggestion[s], compassion, encouragement….’ etc,

      3. SteveH, the serial stalker! I had little doubt that he would post a comment in reply to my post shortly after I posted it, and thirty minutes later he DID!

        So can you point out what’s negative or discouraging in my two posts? No, of course you can’t. Signpost is the most negative poster on this site EVER! And there’s plenty of you! And isn’t it funny how the very person on this blog that signpost is always trashing should, in effect, post a defence of what he said. But needless to say, it’s just a little game that you shills play with the readers of this site, because you both have the same agenda – ie to discredit JC and the left every-which-way you can think of.

        And I see that you were in quickly AGAIN to get the first comment in, as you’ve done on literally hundreds of occasions before! But you STILL come a distant second to signpost for first comments, but between the two of you, you’ve posted the first comment at LEAST fifty times more than anyone else ever has. Oh, right, but yur not paid full-time fascist shills constantly monitoring the site!

        PS You can be absolutely certain that SH saw my comment the moment I posted it, but held back for a while before posting his reply, so as to pretend that he HADN’T (seen it straight away)!

      4. Allan – I’m still waiting for you to point out your ” “positive suggestion[s], compassion, encouragement….’ etc,

      5. And just for the record, when the little weasel says that he ‘noted’ a couple of weeks ago or so that as soon as someone asked about the prospects of a left-wing MP challenging Starmer, the’ flash of no hope’ that the weasel refers to was me replying to someone that the SCG don’t have the numbers to mount a challenge. Yep, that’s a perfect example of what a lying little fascist scumbag of a black propagandist the shill that posts as Signpost IS!

        NB And for those who are unaware of it, what the shills and their secondary personas kept doing over and over and over again was condemning the SCG for not mounting a leadership challenge to Starmer, and they did so knowing full well that the SCG didn’t have the numbers to do so, AND, pretended that they didn’t see any of my many posts pointing out the fact. But THAT’s what shills DO! Their deviousness knows no bounds!

      6. Signpost the little weasel finishes his post by saying ‘I want nothing but a change in attitude and alertness on the “Left”‘, in effect saying that it’s the left’s attitude and lack of alertness that has prevented the left from winning a GE. Right, so was this ‘attitude’ and lack of ‘alertness’ present in the Left when the LP under Jeremy’s leadership went from being 20 points plus behind in the polls to just a couple of points behind the Tories in the space of around two months during the 2017 GE campaign?!

        After which the saboteurs trebled down on their smears and demonisation of Jeremy and left-wing members precisely because they DID – ie precisely because Jeremy came so very close to winning.

      7. Allan – If only we were all as clever as you think you are.🙄

  11. So sorry to hear this. I’ve followed you, Kerry, since pre-Canary days and always enjoy your take on political matters. I can imagine what kind of stress you’ve been under and hope that a rest will enable you to come back firing on all cylinders [if you choose to]… otherwise, gardening is a very peaceful and constructive activity.

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