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‘Centrists’ break irony and hypocrisy meters by accusing those standing up for integrity in politics of helping the Tories

How short the memories of the treacherous Labour right

The weekend has seen the ugly spectacle of Keir Starmer’s supporters – and an apparent army of bots – being deployed to ‘pile on’ to Labour left-wingers who dare to stand up for the idea of integrity in politics by expecting Keir Starmer to take his own medicine and resign for his breach of lockdown laws last year in Durham.

Respected left figures like Alex Nunns are being told en masse that saying Starmer should be accountable for his actions, particularly if he is fined for breaking the law but even for being investigated as that was the standard he set for the Tories, is to:

  • support the Tories
  • collude with the hard-right press
  • or both

Of course, such an attack means indulging in wilful amnesia about the fact that:

It would be entirely justified to suggest that if they can’t take their own medicine the spineless right shouldn’t have been first to dish it out and now pretend it never happened. But in the end, demanding integrity and accountability from a treacherous political leader is the right thing to do and the fact it might expediently suit the vile rags that blight our society doe not change what is right – nor turn facts into unfacts.

Nor does the fact that the right has so rigged Labour that Starmer would be replaced with another drone no less treacherous or toxic. Starmer’s excuses do not stand up, he and his minions have already changed their stories and Labour is already on record lying about the ‘beergate’ event, which they would not have felt they needed to do if there had been no breach.

He should go.

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  1. We all remember when these backstabbing infiltrating cunts worked to lose us 2 fucking General Elections! LOL I will never stop working against this vile party, not until it collapses. I am done with Liebour.

    1. Andrew “I am done with Liebour”

      Really? 😕
      Your post indicates otherwise.

      1. Ahh Luke. What’s that shit you’ve been shovelling around here about being Tory enablers?

        Have you had a promotion at shithouse HQ?

        Still waiting for that 20 point explanation!

      2. And local election results indicate otherwise to your guarantees predictions.

        What happened, wee div? Or do you intend to further embarrass yourself by telling us all what a resounding success keef’s enjoyed? 😏

    2. That won’t take much of an effort, on your part, Andrew. The Labour Party are doing most of the heavy lifting, on that score – all by themselves.

      Imploding all by themselves. Lies here, lies there. Sh!

      Starmer prancing around as though he’d won the FA Cup, for Southside Labour, all on his own. Scored a hat-trick, in London. Oh, wait, no, the opposition equalised. 3-3 the final score. Still, we’ll call that a win. OK?

      Most of the ‘goals’ Labour scored were miles away, in Wales, with a few assists from Scotland. Sh!

      A few late results to come in, yet. The situation could improve – or – it may not. Let’s wait and see, eh?

  2. I’ve yet to see any credible evidence that Keir Starmer has committed any offences.

      1. Toffee – Thanks for your valuable contribution, are we to take it that you couldn’t find any either?

      2. Toffee – I suggest you leave him alone. After all, you’d expect one David Gower to defend another.

    1. Every single Labour voter that could not bring themself to vote Labour on 5 May is an instance of Starmer offending them

      You don’t see the evidence of that because you’re not looking for it. It is abundant.

      1. SteveH is just a vile little MOSSAD stooge working on behalf of apartheid Israel and the rest of the murdering land grabbing bastards. It is way past time these evil bastards were banned from this forum!.

      2. Andrew – It isn’t my fault that you need a ‘safe space’.

    2. Well, be fair. It’s up to the cops now, they will I am sure appreciate your input, Steven. Thanks for your hard work on the investigation.

  3. Paul Mason leading the Defend Starmer campaign. Another former legft-winger.

    1. Starmer has banged on about curtains and cakes to the exclusion of all else.

  4. Excellent article,thank you. I cannot get agitated by cake and curry,but I find the hypocrisy staggering.An example , Nandy this morning saying we shouldn’t be wasting time talking about beergate while people are starving but Labour have spent the last six weeks focussed almost exclusively on Johnsons behaviour. Given many centrists said they wanted Mr Corbyn out because of his lack of political nouse Labours handling of events in Durham has been totally inept. Given events in Croydon time for Evans to go.

  5. “right-wing Labour MPs staged a timed and staggered series of resignations to try to remove Corbyn, deliberately giving easy ammunition to the Tory government and press.”

    “One day in July (2016), (Tom) Watson, in an act of charity to an old friend, warned (Karie) Murphy that five of its members (of the Shadow Cabinet) would resign, a walkout intended to inflict the coup de grace against Corbyn. She then instructed Corbyn to turn off his phone so that he could not receive news of resignations or requests to meet, let alone surrender to them. One by one, she picked off those who had wavered, ensuring they did not resign. Watson was the inadvertent midwife of the Project’s survival.” 1

    The authors do not name any of the people Karie Murphy’s timely intervention prevented from resigning. We can only guess who they are.

    1 “Left Out: The Inside Story of Labour Under Corbyn” by Gabriel Pogrund and Patrick Maguire (2020), page 20.

  6. The whole episode illustrates the redundancy of Labour: under Corbyn and Starmer more energy is expended tearing the party apart than representing those who elected them. I’m sure both Corbyn and Starmer could lead smaller parties with acolytes invested in their differing agendas but it long ago ceased to be the ‘broad church’ that those trying to accommodate the divergent factions suggested. The most intriguing thing about the current stand-off between lying and hypocrisy would seem to be which of Johnson or Starmer goes first and thereby stands a chance of being accorded a sliver of decency and thereby have their opponent forced to resign more shamefully. It’s not in the league of a Sergio Leone standoff but surely the functionaries behind both parties accept that if both sides de-escalate and agree to brush the party/beer issues under the carpet they only heighten the contempt in which they are held?

    1. Tim

      “It’s not in the league of a Sergio Leone standoff”…and it definitely isn’t soundtracked by Ennio Morricone!😀 (Andrew Lloyd Webber, more like!)

  7. Every one of your six bullet points is right SW. And each, a mark of shame on its subjects.

    If only some of the dross-articles in the billionaires’ synchronised-MSM were half as well-researched, reasoned and relevant as yours, the commercial news media would not be the national embarassmnent and danger that they are.

    1. “turn facts into unfacts”

      A bit clunky, Swawk. You can do better than that. “Turn facts into fictions” works much better, surely…?

  8. History has shown that often its not the wrong doing that leads to a politicians downfall its lying about it and trying to cover it up that does for them. Well I live in hope anyway.

    1. My lodge is harder than your lodge comes into it a little bit. Chancery versus Chancer.

      1. “My dad is bigger than your dad
        He’s got 8 cars and a house in Ireland, singing
        My love is bigger than your love, singing
        My love is bigger than your love, singing…”

        “And we’re all going straight to hell!”

        Feels about right…

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