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Exclusive: Labour takes back former staffer from #LabourLeaks report who called Abbott ‘repulsive’ and sent video of Corbyn as Hitler

Former senior Southside staffer now working on NEC’s boundary-change team

As Skwawkbox has previously revealed, despite the Forde report still not being released – more than a year late – on the ‘Labour Leaks’ document that accused former senior staff of abuse, diversion of campaign funds and sabotage of election campaigns, Keir Starmer has started to welcome back into the fold some of the report’s prominent figures.

Not only have some been restored to membership, in what many have taken as an expression of contempt for the whole Forde inquiry – some have even been re-employed, with at least one working for Starmer himself.

And Skwawkbox understands that yet another of the figures featuring regularly in the original leaked report is back – working for the party on its response to the Tories’ planned boundary changes, probably as a contracted-in consultant.

Here are a few of the former senior staffer’s appearances in the leaked report:

  • attacking ‘trots’
  • describing Diane Abbott – Labour’s first black woman MP and at the time Shadow Home Secretary – as ‘repulsive’
  • sending a video of then-party leader Jeremy Corbyn as Hitler to a colleague
  • discussed blaming Corbyn for defeat as an upside of losing the EU referendum
  • called Corbyn a ‘lying little toerag’

None of these issues or the other appearances in the leaked Labour report have been a bar, in the eyes of Keir Starmer and David Evans, to a place back in Labour HQ – despite the party’s now well-known financial crisis.

The Labour party does not comment on staffing matters.

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    1. precisely Tony and johnsco1 on the previous thread.

      Sabine, apologies if i’m in error, but i seem to recall u joining č Smartbot and Allan Howard to criticise me for saying what obviously needs to change. And describing accurately the fraud Starmer & gang are and predicting what they would do.

      It was not a difficult prediction as Starmer’s allies, and Nandy’s allies, initially not Keith himself, hissed OPENLY and REPEATEDLY what they would do. There was no reason to disbelieve them, if anyone looked at their persistent long record, their associates and causes. They said what they would do.
      They are doing it.

  1. Meanwhile, as a retired worker, I am expected to say nothing, doff my cap, and give my vote to DAME Eagle and SIR Starmer. They can fuck off back down the well-appointed sewer they crawled out of.

    1. Yes, do e have to call hem,” My lady or my lord”, and doff our foreskin? There is one and I can see the scene in my mind’s eye. Loud jewellery, supposed faux furs standing under a fug of Oxford Street fake chanel. Can’t remember the person. Had eccentric views on how to raise knife crime and protect our disturbed kids. Mm..

  2. Solidarity, Comrades! That should help to unify the party.

    I would never have thought of that wrinkle, in one hundred and twenty-one years.

    1. It’s hard to imagine who will stay with a party intent on suicide. I’m glad I left last January. My meagre cash contributions now go to the Greens who I think could do very well in London especially where soft Tory votes hardly exist and few trust the Lib Dems not to do what they did in 2010. The ‘Posh Tories’ (think Cheshunt and Amersham) are increasingly unhappy with Boris’ Bully Boys who crashed into Wembley 2000 strong, terrorise people on their electric scooters demanding an end to restrictions. Out in the Shires they don’t like the cavalier end to Foreign Aid, treating refugees as terrorists They shout at people in masks and we’ve seen them attacking picnickers in Hyde Park. It’s that side of Brexit Triumphalism that upsets them because bizarre as it might seem they have a belief in ‘decency’ and however you define that it ain’t what Johnson is about! The analysis of that by election hadn’t really been made; similarly very few people want to concede that Batley was also a serious defeat for the Tory Party. Boris is toast and Starmer is rapidly volunteering to join him. I wonder if he knows what happened in Greece?

  3. This act clearly stamps a swastika on the Labour Party Flag. Starmerfuhrer has surpassed himself…in self-isolation, whilst he sheds his skin.

  4. What with all those job cuts?
    At least 90 jobs, about a quarter of Labour staff, are to be axed following a dire report on the party’s finances entitled ‘Organise to Win’ – a report commissioned by the leadership under the guise of getting the party ready to fight the next general election.

  5. Does anybody doubt that Sir Starmer is a Tory sleeper planted to destroy Socialism in the Labour Party?

    1. Yes – vehemently.

      Although he’s been taking a while before sticking his oar in, rather than ploughing in feet first, recently. Most probly gauging the consensus before reporting back for instruction…

  6. Fire and rehire has become the norm with the Labour party. At least they’re sticking to their neoliberal agenda.

    1. What on earth were their reps doing?That’s a lot of jobs, families and locals hops all going under the hammer. Shame on you and your media blowhard mates.

  7. KS, from his speech after winning the leadership election:

    I want to pay tribute to Jeremy Corbyn, who led our party through some really difficult times, who energised our movement and who’s a friend as well as a colleague.

    And to all of our members, supporters and affiliates I say this: whether you voted for me or not I will represent you, I will listen to you and I will bring our party together.

    Mmm, yes, well talking of Hitler…..

    1. Would that be still be Benji or have you moved to Bennie’s team. I guess it lies firmly in the ģrip of the judiciary.Is changing sides A/S?

  8. Let them go fester in the pits of their misery! The Labour Party is Dead, The Dodo Party is far more apt! Now, we The PEOPLE, just need to remove finger from arse and collectively get a descent opposition Party started!
    Forget about Labour, just as Labour did a “good job” at Destroying both the ONCE in a Lifetime Chances in 2017 and 2019 so too are Labour doing a tremendous job at Devouring itself! GE24 will see The Labour Party shrink to a memory, then like the Neoliberal Democratish Party it will become just another pointless irritant in Parliament!
    The Tories will continue with their path of destruction, just as they did non stop for 42 years, we The People will rise against it or we wont and just continue whining and complaining!
    Well, I Guess, C’est La Vie!

    1. They want that finger to stay. They will never countenance withdrawal. They dream of troughs, expenses,office staff( heaven knows how they are treated) being snatched from under them. Why should they care about anything but More. The housing subsidies will be Eye watering. They’ve got a lot of catching up:wines, meals, travel, carrying out constituency expenses, TU assistance, select parties( monkey suits and shìte ballgown. We’ll miss them. Won’t we?

  9. Rise of the living dead. The tories are very capable of pissing in the bed – their contempt for the electorate, self indulgence, on the make, entitlement and droit de seigneur has opened the door to labour in the past. A large tranche of the public are capable of taking umbridge regardless of reason.

    1. Queer how the politicians who get driven out of towns, uproar against them, absolutely hated by The PEOPLE, are the ones in power and the Man who this,, was said about is quietly and peacefully causing a storm but not from the place he deserves and earned!
      Bizarre old world we live in, yet people believe that The PEOPLE’S votes actually mean anything whatsoever, implement that the 3 leading opposition contenders for that seat stays with the box from opening to closing, including the transfer to the Counting Centre and until the Box is tipped on the table, and perhaps then I will trust the British Simpleton Voting System!

      1. PS it is frightening when one looks at any video of Corbyn every single Presenter, Journo, Guest, etc, etc, etc bar probably less than 20 were totally hostile, hateful to the point of appearing volatile and dangerous towards him, many literally frothing at the mouth, look at this thing! Check out the Guests and Host, they all knew exactly what he was on about and it was like shit! Shut the fuck up! And Nandy just took over as Host and doing her “duty” appeasing the boss!

    1. Socialist Appeal – “Marxist voice of Labour and youth” ..Banned

      Trilateral Commission – “represents the interests of multinational corporations and banks,..”… perfectly okay.

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