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Breaking: Labour admits Starmer and Rayner BOTH at same #LabourPartygate lockdown event – time for both to go

Having called for Bozo to resign for his lockdown beers, neither have a leg to stand on – but who expects them to have the decency to step down?

The Labour party has today admitted that Angela Rayner was at the same lockdown event in Durham at which Starmer and others were filmed drinking beers. The party had originally denied it, but now says that was a ‘mistake’.

Starmer and his front bench have been rightly calling on Boris Johnson to resign for his ‘partygate’ disgrace – and Johnson has shredded both decency and parliamentary convention by refusing to do so.

Durham police, which has taken no action so far over the incident, has said it would consider “further communications” from the Tories, who are asking for the case to be reopened.

The pair now have a perfect opportunity to show that Labour still – despite their war on the left – stands for something better than Johnson’s Tories. In a time when public disgust and cynicism toward politicians is at an all-time high, setting such an example would be worth far more than either of their careers.

But of course nobody expects them to ‘do the decent thing’ and the party continues to deny they did anything wrong. Skwawkbox has asked both figures why they are still in their positions after demanding the Tories fall on their sword for their contempt toward the hundreds of thousands who have died needlessly during the pandemic and the loved ones they left behind. Precedent suggests there will be no response.

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  1. So, those who have criticised others for not telling the truth, have, AGAIn, lied. “But this was not as serious as…” NO of course not Keith.

    1. yes, they r calling it “an honest mistake”. SEE my posts on earlier thread.

      The ONLY way, in my opinion, is to BREAK the habit. Swinging from BLUE to RED waving parasites, CRUSHES change. Yes, the blue lot r evil corrupt greedy liars, and perverted too. But so are Mandelson’s lot. They’ve not hidden it.

      We ENABLE injustice and almost sharp danger by being blinded by LABELS / red rosettes etc. Keith’s lot have repeated openly over and over that they want to destroy “the left”. If they’re that brazen now, just think how much more dangerous they’ll be with any more power. Just think. We will be well and truly stuffed.

      Use stealth, coordination, organisation, to vote tactically. Get together with others to find alternatives to give your votes.
      Find candidates from The Socialist Worker, Communist Party, Workers Party, Independents, new parties… even the Green’s … even WITH GREAT CARE of research, Limp Dims holding your noses if necessary. Yes, Limp Dims r well known to be untrustworthy like Clegg, but we have an emergency situation.

      We MUST STOP parasites‼️ URGENT this is. Mandelson & WMD Blair controlled Sir Keith will, without batting an eyelid, introduce the most acidic laws to crush not just us but workers in general‼️ They will crush attempts to get fair pay; crush attempts to stop outsourcing and rampant privatisation; crush attempts to get equality under the law, eg EQUAL prosecution and fines for the 1% as the 99%. NB, Durham police r failing to charge Sir Keith’s Covid-19 gatherings and Johnson’s lot getting £50.00 fines DESPITE even students being fined £10,000.00. Ditto small business owners who were fined £10,

      We are in SERIOUS danger if Mandelson & WMD Blair get any closer to power via their tool Sir Keith Starmer. We need to stop they while we assemble a TRUE choice for “the many”

      1. it is alleged that a DURHAM police officer was AT Sir Keith’s party in Duraham with Rayner.

        It is also alleged that Rayner joked OPENLY about the recent sordid claims made re her behaviour.

        Rayner treating the claims as a laughing manner, has been recorded on film‼️‼️‼️

      2. ps TUSC also. Regrettably none of these well meaning groups grasp the need for getting out and publicising their message. But in this emergency, we need use every way to stop the parasites. Of course vote for SCG despite how weak they’ve been. But their hearts r in the right place.

        The basic MAIN aim is: STOP Mandelson & Blair’s Sir Keith or we’re stuffed 4 thirty years at least

      3. Neil Parish = BLUE tory who thinks it great idea to enjoy porn at public expense, in public, in the palace of parasites plagued by Sir Keith Starmer types. Dedicated LIARS & perverts

      4. How many candidates are the likes of The Socialist Worker, Communist Party, Workers Party and TUSC putting forward. Will you be coming back after the elections to tell us how much of the vote share they manage to win.

      5. How many candidates are the likes of The Socialist Worker, Communist Party, Workers Party and TUSC putting forward. Will you be coming back after the elections to tell us how much of the vote share they manage to win.”

        No more or no fewer than they normally would have, I’d imagine. The 200+,000 ‘dearly departed’ from Labour (membership) might – or might not – assist them. What we are ALL doing, however, is waiting to see how wrong the various pollsters are when they suggest that this is just a regular mid-term LA election for Labour. It isn’t.

        It might even be the moment when Schwab, Starmer and Rockefeller all realise that Peter Mandelson’s “no-where else to go” hubris is not only false, but has teeth and is going to bight them on the bum.

        Starmer’s betrayal band will cost Labour a 5 May reconnect with its electorate. The last act, stevieh, begins 6th May 2022. Peace and Justice to All xxx

      6. signpost, the Labour leadership is full of fascists. Hence, rather a LibDem even a decent “One Nation Tory” than a fascist.
        Only vote Labour when the candidate is a socialist. We need to bring Starmer &Co down and this is the way to do it.

      7. i agree with u Maria. not enough people realise the seriousness of the threat to all of us, any of “the many”, if Sir Keith & gang controlled by mandelson wmd blair serving foreign entities. enabling sir keith & co = enabling more bloodshed abroad and much worse cost of living crisES at home.
        Johnson’s lot is coming to its inevitable end as expected. We must not let Mandelson’s gang get their claws on that corrupt baton to do worse.

      1. Joe – Really? what does ‘looking again’ amount to.

        (published 11:29, 29 APR 2022)
        Durham Police insists it is not investigating Keir Starmer over lockdown breach claims
        Durham Police’s statement said: “Earlier this year, Durham Constabulary undertook a review of video footage recorded in Durham on April 30, 2021. We stated that we did not believe an offence has been established in relation to the legislation and guidance in place at the time the footage was taken and would therefore take no further action in relation to the matter.
        “We have since received a number of further communications relating to this matter and will now consider the contents of those communications and respond in due course. For clarity, Durham Constabulary is not currently investigating this incident.”

    1. Not correct.

      The police ‘policy’ of this force is apparently not to fine for newly discovered historic Covid rule breaches. Allegedly that’s all that is standing between them and a fine.

      1. Andy, wasn’t that the same excuse the Met used not to investigate Johnson et al? Then public opinion (and the weight of evidence) forced them into investigate.

      2. Mmmm, I’m just wondering if Durham has a Police Commissioner and whether said Police Commissioner is – like so much else in local Labour “democracy” – rotten to the core and resolute to defend his local mafia (and its national leadership).

        Remember – even before Labour’s “early adopters” of neoliberalism (Healey and Callaghan, etc.) – this was the part of the country that gave us T Dan Smith and made slum housing regeneration synonymous with CORRUPTION

      3. Wonder if BLUE Tory Neil Parish knows Sir Keith Starmer well⁉️

        After all if Sir Keith Starner can LIE then call his lies “ERRORS IN GOOD FAITH”, then who knows when he’s not lying⁉️

        People usually know if a prominent person was at a small party of lawbreakers, no … ⁉️⁉️⁉️

        ps. Neil Parish = BLUE tory who thinks it great idea to enjoy porn at public expense, in public, in the palace of parasites plagued by Sir Keith Starmer types. Dedicated LIARS & perverts

      4. qwertboi – This is what the local press are reporting.
        Durham’s Labour Police and Crime Commissioner wanted to leave the matter to the force. Joy Allen said: “This is an operational matter and as such I have left the force to deal with the investigation as it is their job and I do not, and will not, interfere.”

      5. “This is what the local press are reporting…..”

        SteveH – thanks for that…

    2. Reply to Steve H
      Irrespective of whether or not the police think a criminal offence has occurred , it is totally despicable that Starmer and Rayner should have been at a lockdown party while criticising others for doing likewise. It exposes the double standards these two constantly apply.
      In my opinion this party is probably one of many Labour events which took place contrary to the legislation so I think Starmer and Rayner will need to brace themselves for totally justifiable accusations of rank hypocrisy.

      1. They were not at a party. I live in Holden’s constituency, and know he will do anything to deflect from the problems Johnson is in. Johnson himself was in Middlesborough at the same time, and photographed sitting at a bar with the prospective tory MP. That was even more against the rules as they were not supposed to sit at a bar at the time.
        I don’t like Starmer either, but there is no need to twist the truth. He was working to get a labour MP into the HoC. That was allowed at the time.
        I cannot write this on Holden’s facebook page as he bans anyone who disagrees with him. It therefore looks as though the whole constituency support him. I can assure you they do not.

      2. Reply to jenw2049
        In a follow up post Skwawkbox has remined us about the rules in place at the time .Starmer and Rayner clearly broke them
        Also if they were campaigning for a candidate in Hartlepool what were they doing in Durham?

      3. Hartlepool is only 25 minutes drive from Durham. The reason there was a by-election was because the previous labour MP had stood down, so there was probably not an office set up at the time. I don’t know. The woman who won the seat lives further away than that. She stood for Leeds East in 2019.

      4. jenw2049
        The excuse that there were no available premises in Hartlepool just doesn’t wash. They left Hartlepool and drove for 25 minutes for food and drink and according to the photo to socialise with colleagues.
        In relation to the candidate I think it is entirely possible that she was there too along with constituency activists. If she and they were theres that will come out too eventually.
        What is perfectly clear now though is that Starmer and Rayner broke the rules and their own rule breaking did not stop them criticising Johnson for doing the same. That makes them as bad as if not worse than him

      5. Smartboy – Given that Keir Starmer was scheduled to take part in an online rally with Durham’s Labour MP Mary Foy it was entirely reasonable and within the rules and regulations in force at the time for him to be at her CLP office.

      6. Jenw2049
        Just to clarify-.The Labour candidate was Dr Williams and the Tory candidate and eventual MP – is from Leeds . My mistake sorry

      7. Reply to Steve H
        Don’t try to defend the indefensible please Steve H. I am convinced this is the tip of the iceberg and if I am right and more pictures and reports emerge Labours reputation will be in the gutter along with the Tories.
        Rayner referred to Johnson’s criminality. That remark will probably come back to bite her because she clearly broke the rules too.The Tories are bound to say ” whats sauce for the goose…” She won’t have a leg to stand on.
        Another point is Rayner says she forgot she was at the party. This begs the question – was she at so many similar (potentially unlawful) events during lockdown that she got confused?

      8. Smartboy – I’m not. there is nothing indefensible to defend. They had a legitimate reason for being there that was entirely within the rules.
        You can be as convince yourself as you like but without any evidence to back it up it’s just more stuff that you’ve made up.

      9. Ooops, clumsy editing in bright sunlight with a shiny screen -You can convince yourself as much as you like but without any evidence to back it up it’s just more stuff that you’ve made up.

    3. Did you get that outdated piece from the right wing “one woman band “Miss posh frocks at labour List” Mr Steve H hall davidh. SH Steve H centrist dad?

  2. Those who think Starmer can be ‘shamed’ into resigning are whistling in the wind.

    For if he had an ounce of shame he wouldn’t have lied his way to the leadership with the 10 Pledges, or kicked his ‘dear friend’ Jeremy Corbyn out of the party.

    Starmer’s defenders at the guardian and elsewhere are infuriating.

    1. Well said Andy!

      And FWIW – such a mamzer(german yiddish for ‘bas*ard’) and so charlatan is Starmer, he’d steal ‘dear friend’ Jeremy’s coffin at the funeral and then fine for corpse for littering.

      1. qwertboi
        “Remember – even before Labour’s “early adopters” of neoliberalism (Healey and Callaghan, etc.) – this was the part of the country that gave us T Dan Smith and made slum housing regeneration synonymous with CORRUPTION”

        I’m pleased you have brought that up, most peole think that the neolibeal rot started with Kinnock. Not sure if you have seen the papers that are just coming to light, but they are worth a look. It’s all making sense now.

      2. Nemtona, the //bilbo link you provided kieeps coming up blank (Secure Connection Failed) – ‘end of file error’…..
        Don’t know if it’s just me, but eager to read it.. Will try it again later.

    2. Starmer is INFINITELY more dangerous than Johnson. Johnson is a chaotic liar, but Sir Keith tells calculated lies.
      Johnson, though in charge of a greedy corrupt heartless lot, doesn’t crave riches for himself like war criminal creature & well known liar Blair. Neither was Johnson desperate to be “world king” to grab wealth.

      To me Johnson sees PMship as a play thing…. happy of course to supply comforts, of whichever person’s wife, girlfriend, daughter, mother, freind, aunt… he happens to be enjoying at any given time. BUT,

      Sir Keith on the other hand like Blair creature, its mate, and Mandelson, all have a deep set CRAVING for money‼️ That threesome equate Wealth with quality. They WORSHIP money for money’s sake. They r sick Sick SICK creatures‼️

      Worse yet, instead of staying with their own kind, they were smart enough to infect and parasitise Labour‼️ They expect the habitual swing. In fact the blue lot know the habits of a DESPERATE electorate also. Hence after a decade, they’re demob happy -> RAMPANT FRAUD of dodgy contracts etc.
      £203,000,000.00 to the bra peer alone! £37 BILLION to RUBBISH PPE!! (being burnt now). £57 ish BILLION to “Test & Trace”.

      BUT, the URGENT sign is SILENCE of Sir Keith Starmer controlled by Mandelson & Iraq bomber Blair. Silence.

      Think of the energy and noise, re Remain, compared to silence re Child Q, P&O Ferries, Covid-19 chumocracy FRAUD, outsourcing corruption, merchant banks getting MILLIONS in Govt contracts despite being fined for wrongdoings. But SILENCE from Sir Keith.

      This very day one of the big vulture outfits were raided in Frankfurt. Sir Keith Starmer will remain SILENT on the 1% CRIMINALITY.

      STOP Mandelson & Blair Weapon of Mass Destruction LIAR Sir Keith Starmer.

      Stop them b4 it’s too late🔴🔴🔴

    3. Reply to Andy – You are absolutely right.
      In my opinion Starmer’s actions show that he is bought and paid for. Therefore he will only resign if and when his backers permit it. In the meantime he will continue purging the party of Socialists ,non Zionists and independent thinkers.

  3. I dont think so Skwawkie – their mistake is NOT on a par
    with much much more serious and extremely bad behaviour
    which was deliberate and which they and their cohort have
    boasted about Eg Rayners promise to get rid of 1000s of
    LP members. Reeves stated that these same LP members should never have been in the party in the first place and I
    could go on .. and on ..

    Nor is it case of “lying” which is what Starmer did when he promised to stick to the “10 principles” ..

    Am not sure the police would make a case of it ..
    to run an Election campaign without eating or
    drinking during it is not really possible ..whereas
    it is perfectly possible to run an office without
    a jamboree every so often.

    Sorry -but to read this reminds me of the absolutely
    sickening things which are MUCH worse and which
    they HAVE done as indicated above.

    Mind you – the Mail and cohorts going on about this
    serves Starmer right – given his complete ineptitude
    in going on and on about party gate when he and others
    had already made their point. Critics in the shadow
    cabinet have already complained that there are
    much more important things about the PM et al to

  4. Just read Andy’s comment and of course he is perfectly
    right and is a succinct way of expressing what I tried to
    in my previous lengthy post.

    1. it is written; those who can’t be trusted with little, WONT be trusted with much.

      Yes, there r MASSIVE issues which i try to keep highlighted eg RAMPANT BANDITRY – Covid-19 contracts, outsourcing, RANDOX, g4s, SERCO, deloitte, … has Sir Keith Starmer or Rayner or any of that lot made ANY SUSTAINED efforts to pursue those FRAUDULENT doings???

      1. windchimes – “has Sir Keith Starmer or Rayner or any of that lot made ANY SUSTAINED efforts to pursue those FRAUDULENT doings???”

        If you followed what goes on in parliament you would know that the answer to that question is YES.

        Here are the details of yet another Tory scandal that is building up a head of steam.
        “[Tory peer] Michelle Mone’s home raided by police over multi-million pound PPE fraud probe
        The National Crime Agency is investigating deals by PPE Medpro, a company set up by a business associate of Baroness Michelle Mone – the famous lingerie tycoon – whose £11m London home has been raided by police

  5. Sign post – concerning Rayners ” laughter and jokes”
    at her disgraceful treatment – has it never occurred
    to you that women use laughter to help anaesthetise
    their pain and anger when something truly nasty
    happens to them?

    This is an explanation that Rayner has now provided –
    however most of us knew it already.

    1. Yes, HolbyFanMw, laughter can be used to cope with -ve treatment. V often one can also hear nervous laughter even from experienced and otherwise confident sounding people. However, on this occasion Rayner seems to revel in ribaldry. Unprovoked / unnecessarily Rayner raises rancid stuff that reflects badly on ALL women. She does it with her usual confidence. Confidence❔Plus✅
      Content❔From a ‘Labour’ Dep Leader❔


      Did “laughter and jokes” wreck her memory of the booze up in Durham with Sir Keith Starmer during Covid-19 lockdown❔

      Like Johnson, Rayner suffers disturbing memory failures due to their packages of “laughter and jokes”, no matter how serious the situation.

      Without doubt, Rayner performs extremely well compared to Sir Keith.
      I posted praise after she stood in for the champion Covid-19 catcher Sir Keith Starmer. However, nothing is gained by defending the indefensible. That keeps bad habits going, chances to learn and improve squandered. In fact, it’s worse than that. We’re living through it now.

      Best we consider what deserves protection / defence / praise.

      1. ps “Knife Jeremy in the front” the thug Jessica Phillips is same sort. We should not defend people just because they r women, or black, or anything else. More than one thing can be true at the same time. They both have admirable confidence, but both lack far reaching integrity VITAL for TRANSFORMATIVE positive change.

    2. Yes holbycental and some women actually use laughter and jokes to ridicule whilst having a party in contravention of rules they supported..once again on the back of the working class they ridiculed by their actions.and behaviour.

  6. SteveH29/04/2022 AT 2:31 PM
    How many candidates are the likes of The Socialist Worker, Communist Party, Workers Party and TUSC putting forward.

    Unfortunately for you, this is about smarmerite labour and their total bullshit. Ain’t heard no tales of TUSC and others breaking covid rulings, have you?

    No. Then stick to the matter in hand. This is all we in the UK are gonna get for the next decade or more because of gobshites like you…Who have plenty to say, but fuck-all in actually living it.

    ‘A mistake’… My arse AND yours.

    About time you explained just what the difference between smarmerism and conservatism actually <is??

    1. Toffee – I was responding to a comment by windchimes. If you are as concerned as you claim then perhaps you should have a word with him.

      1. IDGAF who you were responding to.

        You were using your usual shithouse tactics, and Im calling you out on them.

      2. Signpostnotwindchimes…Steve H davidh sh centrist dad and all the other aliases you conive with to con the posters and bolster support.IT must be endemic corruption and lies in the labour party.Whatever happened to democracy and human rights inside the Labour party..?

      3. Joseph – You have a bit of a nerve asking that when you’ve chosen to live in a country where neither exists..

      4. Carol – Do you have any evidence to back up your ridiculous assertions.

  7. ‘As some poor citizens were denied.
    Just one farewell kiss.
    Why there’s Mr Johnson and Starmer.
    On the fecking piss!’
    Two Neo-Liberal Peas in a Pod.
    Sack ‘em!

  8. And be on NO doubt that keef will blame Rayner when they cop for their FPNs…Probably doing so as I type.

    Not that IGAF. The both of them can burn, for me 😒.

      1. Nor did de piffle and the toerags…Until plod said they DID and they got fined.

      2. Toffee – I don’t see any reason for that to happen but if it does then please feel free to come back and tell me all about it.

      3. Steve H Not what it says in the independent and other newspapers and its plain to see that it would make a mockery of justice if Johnson was forced out of office for partygate poopers whilst Serial isolation man the knight was having a party parties “knees up” with good time girl 👧 Raynure. .We have all seen the notorious pictures of your hero knight swigging a bottle of bear from the neck end.Actually it’s quite disgusting when you study it slurping from a bottle that could have been anywhere with rats and mice vermin etc were its stored.Deary me talk about a example of filthy deceitful and hypocritical just plain stupid behaviour then it must difficult not to say Labour party.

    1. Thanks for that. I’ll google (duckduck it) it afresh. Yes, I’ve learned a lot from Bill Mitchell; I’m sure he’s right on Healey and Callaghan – mind you, maybe iit started with Wilson, the Beeching report and axe was (actually) unabashed neoliberalism (hehe, I’m joking – I Hope)?

  9. Paul Mason! AKA the Slippery of Bastards. Unfortunately I along with hundreds of thousands of people were taken in by his lies cheating and manipulation of reality back in 2017.. He scribbles the worst waffle Ladened books I have ever attempted to read, I found the best most rightful place for his garbage that is hanging from a string behind my lavatory flush unit in the bog. I wish him nothing but the worst in life as he most certainly deserves the worst.

  10. 1. Starmer and Rayner did contravene the regulations.
    2 It was of a similar order to the cake event for which Johnson was fined.
    3. The Tories had some more egregious breaches for which further fines will almost certainly be levied.
    4. The fact that the LP lied for a good while about the fact that Rayner was in attendance at the Durham party is worse than all the breaches.

    1. Goldbach – I agree with you 100% .Starmer and Rayner broke the rules but lying about it was worse. We all know Starmer is a liar. Now we have evidence that Rayner is too. This is no big surprise for as my old nan used to say ” what can you expect from a pig but a grunt”

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