Breaking: Durham police WILL reinvestigate Starmer over #beergate

News breaks as Starmer tries to spin local election flop

Durham police force now says that it will be reinvestigating Keir Starmer over his beer gathering during the coronavirus lockdown. Starmer had told Sky News only yesterday that the investigation was not being reopened and that police had not spoken to him again. The gathering was clearly against both lockdown laws in place at the time and Labour’s own rules on campaigning.

Deputy leader Angela Rayner will also feature in the investigation, after Labour’s ‘mistake’ in claiming she was not present was exposed by photographic evidence and the party u-turned.

As Keir Starmer’s excuse for not resigning when he has called for Johnson’s resignation over ‘partygate’, the fact that police are now investigating him becomes a massive issue and Starmer would have to resign if he had any moral backbone.

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  1. RAMPANT Covid-19 chumocracy.

    ORGY of DRUNKENNESS on the very night b4 Queen woman’s husband’s funeral.

    SUITCASES wheeled to and fro Downing St & The CoOp PACKED č BOOZE not one Friday, not two but THROUGHOUT LOCK-DOWN for WINE DOWN FRIDAYS.

    Dreadful “Cost of Living Crisis” with increased PAIN on the POOREST throughout the country, especially in LABOUR’s HEARTLANDS.

    The most DISHONEST and CORRUPT and HEARTLESS govt and WORSE, in my lifetime…

    Yet STILL, without the SABOTAGE of Mandelson & Blair WMD operated Establishment tools Sir Keith Starmer, Cooper, Straw, Hodge, Ashworth, Arsetair Campbellend, Wes Bleeting , Berger who LOST, Ummuna who also LOST, Smeeth, Austin, Harman, Tonanton Arseworth, Twatson, Ill Eagle, … Khan… and more…

    WITHOUT the nonstop MEDIA campaign of LIES against Jeremy; instead 99% FULL support to DISHONEST, shifty, dodgy, HYPOCRITE slime-ball Sir Keith Starmer…

    the public have seen that the Red Tory Starmer has NOTHING to offer us “the many”. When all the results are returned, EVERYONE will see that Labour with Jeremy’s policies did better NATIONALLY than now WRECKED by Starmer.

    QUESTION; What exactly does it say when AFFLUENT Metropolitan London elite eg Westminster, Wandsworth where the 1% know where their next meal is coming from see parasite Keith as an EASY SWAP with Johnson’s Tories? But in Labour’s Heartlands it is a NO to Keith

    No wonder the DIM DURHAM POLICE this morning decided to investigate DISSEMBLING Sir Keith. Even Durham Constabulary now see Keith is not worth protecting.

  2. Two fines followed by two resignations.

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    1. While we can still express our judgements I believe, Keith DELIBERATELY MISLED police and public.

      * Durham Police claimed they did “an assessment as to whether Covid-19 regulations had been breached at a gathering in Durham City on April 30 2021.

      * They “concluded… no offence … established and therefore no further action would be taken.”

      * “‘Following the receipt of SIGNIFICANT new information …,”
      * they have “reviewed that position and NOW, following the …

      *conclusion of the pre-election period*,

      … an investigation into potential BREACHES of Covid-19 regulations … is NOW being conducted.'”


      ¿¿¿Were it ANY of us, THE MANY,
      would any police force STOP investigating crimes until AFTER an election❔❓❔❓❔❓

      1. They didn’t want to subvert the democratic process I guess.

        if only Starmer, plus many in the PLP and their handlers had the same scruples.

      2. What type of “FORENSIC” lawyer,
        1️⃣. Does not know that they are breaking laws?

        2️⃣. What type of “forensic” lawyer and “leader” is ignorant of the presence of their deputy at their illegal gathering?

        3️⃣. What type of SIR ex DPP is unable to give a CLEAR and ACCURATE account to the police of what he was doing where, when, with whom and with what?


        The type the Establishment chooses to infiltrate any organisation set up to serve “the many”. Chosen because the type

        like SIR Keith Starmer, will LIE without a glimmer of guilt no matter the harm caused to anyone by his lying. Example,

        Willing to imprison, and extradite, whistle blowers like Julian Assange.

        Starmer types, are willing to applaud and serve a creature which collaborated with “EXTRAORDINARY RENDITION” and broke international law eg W.M.D. BLAIR.

        Sir Starmer types lack basic decency, integrity, and shame

        Sir Starmer types can be relied on by the super rich to squeeze the poor. Starmer types despise 99% of the public.

        “I DONT HAVE TO LISTEN TO THE LIKES OF YOU”; SIR KEITH STARMER said to the pub landlord.

        Disgusting DISSEMBLER
        + downright LIAR
        = Sir Keith Starmer.

  3. If had any moral backbone…

    Invertebrates don’t have ANY backbone at all.

  4. Aaron Bastani claims someone who witnessed these events stated that *Buffet* *music* and *11pm* are things to look out for likely to emerge in this investigation

    If so, that’s far from the story Starmer apologists are presenting.

  5. I am delighted that the police are investigating again,obviously they must have smelt a rat in the lies and deceit of Starmer and Rayner.In some ways it is worse than johnson and his lies, You may wonder why I am so pleased being as I now live on the other side of the world.We have all been touched by the covid laws and especially my family in England were my two brothers ended up dead in the care home carnage.The knight and thePLP nodded through the draconian cuel laws and packed the elderly sick together like sardines in a die a lonely death away from relatives and not even given the “last rites” just a lonely death and funeral.How many died on the NHS on its knees,how many cancer patients and vulnerable dumped in corridors ….how many on the bottom basment social security died in a cold house?.?Just how many people died because of these criminals in parliament.?They sneer and ridicule the ordinary people who suffer because of these parasites.Wouldn’t it be nice just for once to see them swinging from a lamp post which would be more justice than a slap on the wrist and a minor embarrasment of being caught by the laws they made.and thats why ordinary people are no longer interested in voting for these scoundrels….this is tyrants in action not democracy…..angry most certainly.theyve even clipped my wings.!

    1. Sir Starmer said he would supported Covid Johnson. He did as he said and provided ZERO opposition☢️☢️☢️

  6. Awfully convenient timing when you’re trying to win an election…

  7. I wonder who took the photo?!

    I assume it has never been disclosed and, as such, the name of the person in the public domain.

    It’s difficult to tell from the picture if the curtains are on the other side of the window or this side of the window, but then rooms in the same property don’t usually have windows through to the room next to it. So was it taken from outside – ie someone waiting outside especially so as to take a picture (or a few pictures). Does anyone know who first broke the story, along with the picture?

  8. SteveH29/04/2022 AT 4:57 PM
    They didn’t break the regulations so there won’t be any FPNs

    The Toffee29/04/2022 AT 5:09 PM
    Nor did de piffle and the toerags…Until plod said they DID and they got fined.

    SteveH29/04/2022 AT 5:19 PM
    Toffee – I don’t see any reason for that to happen but if it does then please feel free to come back

    I’m back …Well…Let’s hear it?

    Yet another example of your perspicacity… Best get the missus to spray the furniture with the anti chew solution 😏

  9. 13 councils still to declare…

    And labour have gained a WHOPPING 46 councillors.

    Absolutely spectacular performance. Keefs’ a marvel of modern-day politics. 👍

  10. The same Durham police who failed to investigate Dominic Cummings
    In this Two Cheeks world we live in, Temporary Embarrassment the Ex DPP is as bent as a nine bob note
    Like being asked to choose between Thatcher and Trump

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