Rewriting history: Sky News just ‘forgot’ the 2016 ‘coup’, claims NO leadership challenge

os ice.png
According to Sky News, this didn’t happen.

Sky News just performed a remarkable piece of retroactive historical surgery in an article about Jeremy Corbyn’s supposed refusal – in reality, Labour rules do not give him the power – to ‘protect’ Labour MPs facing deselection by their local members.

The article – which features, of course, the obligatory whining of right-wing MPs that they are being victimised by the big, bad members and accusations by the ‘PLP’ (parliamentary Labour party) that Corbyn is “not standing up for his MPs” – refers to the 2016 vote of no confidence in which MPs attempted to pressure Jeremy Corbyn to quit.

It observes, rightly, that the vote had no force within party rules, but then things get a bit surreal:

sky 2016 revision.png

Sky News have rewritten history, claiming that MPs did not trigger a formal leadership contest in 2016.

Labour members, of course, will not have forgotten Owen Smith and his ice cream van – nor the moment that undecided voters flocked to Jeremy Corbyn’s side during a BBC leadership debate:

Members will not have forgotten the then right-dominated party administration machine and right-wing NEC members trawling through the social media feeds of members and suspending thousands to deprive them of a vote in the leadership election, nor the right-dominated NEC’s decision to increase the ‘registered supporter’ fee from the 2015 £3.00 to twenty-five pounds.

Nor indeed the legal attempt by a ‘centrist’ millionaire to ban Corbyn from the leadership ballot unless he could obtain sufficient renominations – which rightly failed – and Corbyn’s ultimate resounding victory by an even bigger margin than in 2015.

All of this lost – erased – by a single sentence that suggests those noble right-wing MPs did not trigger a leadership contest to try to topple Corbyn after their attempt to ‘break him as a man’ after the EU referendum failed.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Labour members will not soon forget any of the above, or any of the dozens of additional abuses heaped on their heads by recalcitrant ‘moderates’.

But how could Sky News, with all its staff and budget, make such a fundamental mistake as an editing error or typo?

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  1. A sky spokesman said: ‘If we hadn’t made it up, the bbc would’ve done’.

  2. Everytime I see Owen Smith:

    Ting aling aling aling here’s the ice cream man
    If you want to buy a lolly come as quickly as you can
    If you’d rather have an ice
    You will find they’re very nice
    Just hurry up and buy one from the ice cream man

    Would you rather have a choc-ice or a cornet or a brick ?
    Or if you buy a lolly please don’t throw away the stick
    Find the nearest litter bin
    Put the stick and paper in
    And buy another lolly from the ice cream man

  3. This is trait of the right-wing mindset. They have no conscience about lying.

    Some right-wingers in the media have told blatant, bare faced lies, such as “Labour was responsible for privatising the utilities”. This immorality is what the Left is up against.

    1. Psychopaths have no conscience, full stop. And lying and fabricating and distorting and deceiving and deception is second nature to them, and an endless source of amusement to them.

      They really are an entirely different breed to the rest of us.

    1. The Times is just as bad, only a bit more subtle (for obvious reasons).

  4. Oh come on! Be fair Skwawk. So Sky News had a memory lapse. I have little time for them, but even Smith’s mother is quoted as saying ‘ Owen who?’

  5. A better-educated electorate would understand and resist the power structures the right use to mislead us – the need will be even greater when AI/robotics does most of the work.

    The right will argue that the cost can’t be justified as soon as our education no longer increases productivity.
    Some who view school as an imposition will see ‘no more school’ as a freedom – but without it we swallow the lies of the right, volunteer for their contrived wars and descend into idiocracy.
    Without an educated audience TV will be wall-to-wall repeats of pro-celebrity kangaroo-bollock-eating contests.

    Alternatively with universal (hopefully adequate) incomes and not much else, lifelong education could be among the most pleasurable pursuits remaining to us until clean energy is solved.

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