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Skwawkbox going to London to cover Webbe/Cohen cases. If you’d like to help cover costs, here’s how

Claudia Webbe’s delayed appeal and Elaina Cohen’s antisemitism whistleblower case against Starmer’s Labour will be major events

Claudia Webbe, left, and Elaina Cohen

Next month, two cases of great significance should conclude – one in an appeals court and the other in an employment tribunal – and Skwawkbox will be in London to cover both for its readers.

Whistleblower Elaina Cohen’s long battle against the Labour party has seen her accuse former Labour front-bencher Khalid Mahmood of abuse, theft and inaction over antisemitism – and Keir Starmer of ignoring her complaints about this and abuse of domestic violence victims. Cohen claims that blowing the whistle cost her her job as a Labour staffer – and Starmer has been named as a potential witness in the case.

Claudia Webbe has been the victim of horrific racism since the so-called ‘mainstream’ media widely and provocatively misrepresented a case against her – and misreported the flimsy prosecution case in court. Her appeal was to be decided last month but was delayed by a judge on the official and vague grounds of ‘case management’.

Ms Webbe was targeted by two would-be murderers as a result of the incitement of the media and the Labour right – one of whom went on to kill Tory MP David Amess – and was also bullied by MPs. The rearranged appeal hearing is expected to make clear the substance of the real reasons for the delay.

Skwawkbox will be in London attend both of these hearings for its readers. If you can afford to do so without hardship and would like to contribute to the costs involved, or to arrange regular support for the site’s endeavours to hold both left and right to account and to keep readers informed of what the Establishment doesn’t want you to hear, please consider the two options below.

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