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Starmer tries to blame Corbyn for party’s financial collapse – but even in big donors, Corbyn beat him

Starmer cronies run to Murdoch again, this time in the Times, to ‘jump the shark’* and try to blame Corbyn – who left a £13m surplus – for the money woes inflicted under Starmer and Evans, but the evidence makes nonsense of their feeble claim

Keir Starmer’s Labour-right cronies have scraped right through the bottom of the barrel – by running to the Murdoch Times to try to pin the blame for the party’s financial woes on Jeremy Corbyn:

Corbyn, of course, left the party with a huge £13m surplus despite the costs of the 2019 general election – but the Starmerites’ feeble logic is that a shortage of large donors driven away by Corbyn is the cause of Labour’s near-bankruptcy – and his media mates are more than happy to amplify it.

And of course, it’s even bigger bollocks than it looks on face value, because as analyst Matt Thomas pointed out Starmer was outshone by his predecessor even in large donors:

The enthusiasm for the genuine change Corbyn represented was so great that even many with money were inspired to chip in.

By contrast, Keir Starmer’s lack of vision and cowardly authoritarianism apparently can’t even tempt back the right-wing hardliners who stopped funding Labour because it was a threat to their narrow interests. And as leading Musicians’ Union figure Stephen Brown pointed out, Labour is meant to represent the interests of the many – not the few:

When the party fails to fulfil that purpose, it is utterly pointless – and it seems not even the self-interested billionaires are interested in the vapid, watered-down urine and bulls*** of Starmerism.

*In film terms, ‘jumping the shark’ is when a series or franchise’s writers run out of ways to keep viewers interested and plot lines become stupid.

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