Nichols owned and ratioed after feeble attempt to defend Coyle’s attack on left-wing Jews

Didn’t end well for MP selected as ‘left’ but now on Starmer’s front bench

Nichols handing out an anti-GRT leaflet earlier this year, for which she was forced to apologise – saying she didn’t know the meaning of ‘incursion’

Labour MP Charlotte Nichols suffered a serious dose of ‘ratio’ – considered a sign of a disastrous tweet – last night after trying to defend right-wing colleague Neil Coyle’s wanton attack on left-wing Jews in the party.

Coyle had announced that he wanted Jewish Voice for Labour, the party’s main grouping for left-wing Jews, expelled en masse from the party as part of Keir Starmer’s cowardly purge, triggering a cascade of antisemitism complaints to Labour and to Twitter.

But Nichols decided she would try to defend Coyle – and it didn’t end well. Her tweet was heavily ‘ratioed’, with far more replies than shares or likes and a string of respondents slating her own record on racism:

Screengrabbed last night. Today’s ratio is even worse

Many focused on Nichols’s distribution of a racist Labour leaflet during last spring’s local elections, which attacked ‘incursions’ by Gypsy/Roma/Traveller (GRT) people. Nichols tweeted a picture of herself handing out the leaflets and was forced to apologise after a justified outcry – claiming that she hadn’t known what ‘incursion’ meant. Many of the responses were direct, while others quipped on the wording the leaflet had used and her alleged grasp of the English language.


Others focused on Nichols’s recent, ill-advised tweet of a selfie with a Tory MP on a corporate freebie to last weekend’s England football final, paid for by drinks manufacturer Heineken:

All in all, out of hundreds of responses the vast majority were critical – and even the 82 retweets at the time of writing (compared to 300 replies) are mostly critical ‘quote tweets’ attacking Nichols’s original comment.

In case you have the appetite to read more of the ‘ownage’:

Rather than apologise and withdraw her tweet, Nichols has this morning tried to defend her decision – to further anger, including from GRT activist Mikey Walsh, who has spoken previously to Skwawkbox of the pain caused by anti-GRT racism and by Nichols’s leaflet, as well as by other Labour MPs:

It’s been a poor few months by Nichols: apologising for handing out a racist Labour leaflet, tweeting a self-satisfied selfie with a Tory MP on a corporate junket and now this. With a majority in her Warrington North seat of only 1,509 at the last general election and Labour’s popularity collapsed by the vacuum who is Nichols’s boss, she might do better to focus on holding her seat than defending the indefensible and attacking those who stand up to the racism of the Labour right.

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  1. 🙂 That’s the way to do it. No deference – that ship has sailed. Not one more inch backwards!

    1. “I walk slowly, but I never walk backward.”

      Even a proper conservative like Abraham Lincoln could teach Sir Elmer Fuddge a thing or two.


    1. No
      The fact Red Tories are scumbags just like the real thing makes it easier to get our party back
      Still working on my dog

      1. In the Labour Party there are a few Socialist MPs, many right wing MPs and even more ‘rent-a-gobs’ such as Nichols who will support whoever they think is winning.

  3. Coyle isn’t being anti semitic but anti-socialist. None of his sort object to Jews, per se, just to socialists.

    1. Sorry, if Coyle wants to do a bit of p*ssed-up tweeting, on a Saturday evening, he’d better learn to be a bit more circumspect than that, or come out and explain ‘what he meant’ to everyone himself.

    2. bevin, if any of the “left” had said similar, it would be presented as anti-semitic. that is the key issue here. proof that the likes of coyle don’t give a stuff about antisemitism. they used it as a political weapon. they don’t give a stuff about making many afraid.

      1. Coyle, Streeting, Straw, Hodge, Bliar, all that lot could not care less about Jews. Blair the Iraq invading war criminal attacked Walter Wolfgang with the vile “you’re lucky to be here”, because Walter was decent enough to speak out against Straw and Bliar’s wicked bloodshed in Iraq.
        That lot are the most heartless people and creatures. They enjoy being wicked.

      2. True Signpost: “..proof that the likes of coyle don’t give a stuff about antisemitism…”

        and that neither does the Board of Deputies of British Jews, the most politicised Jewish communal organisation in the world – they’re toerags, likudists and anti-socialists before they are Jews.

      3. Absoloutely correct qwertboi. thanks 4 the vital reminder re the BOD. They r unelected and do not speak for Jewish people of faith and none. They the CAA etc are political contraptions to coerce and distort and lie and trawl through decades old trash in search of offence. That’s why they are desperate to crush Jewish Voice for Labour. They want people to be afraid and distressed. Note well the electorate know that. Take note, every single one of their plants were overwhelmingly rejected by the electorate. Berger, Smeeth, Ellman all of them DUMPED. Why? Because the public knew they were and remain political careerist who could not give a toss about Jews nor anyone else.

        Name one who was not spat out by the electorate. Berger in Finchley or Hendon proves that the public rejected her lies. She thought her theatrics would work to deceive. She failed. The people refused to give her their precious votes.

        Why go hunting night and day for “offence”? Because that is their trade. You can spot them prowling about pushing recorders under people’s noses at the otherwise most pleasant and uplifting events. Pure nastiness. Spot them trying to intimidate with notebooks and pencils even while sneaking into private meetings to make illegal recordings. Their actions and words are unrepresentative of thousands of decent people who never appointed them spokespeople. But they are not our key problem. The urgent needs is for all to recognise they must not be indulged / appeased / feared / fixated upon.
        Labour under Jeremy defeated all those ship jumping liars inflated by their own spin.
        Our problem is; despite those facts of vivid results, STILL enough amongst us obsess about externalities and regard them as determining outcomes despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary… absolutely stark raving incomprehensible. BUT i’v decided, there’s no more need to understand why anymore. To change things, we must assess will X or Y plan or person lead to achieving X or Y aim.

        It does not matter too much if they are infiltrating plants or sincere and long suffering. We must prioritise the urgency of “the many”. We must regain our party, run it and lead it and govern for them.

        A fresh team of people are needed, free of the weird fixation with external forces. And free of the inexplicable craving to be “loved” by open bastards. Free of whatever makes a whole team of experienced well meaning people not just persist with four years of appeasements, but to this very day, not a finger lifted against Starmer Evans & Co. Anyone would think they are still DESPERATE to be snug with coup plotters. The love and open support of the many must be worthless.

        “Treat them mean keep them keen” – Many have suffered for decades under that saying. Seems to work. We humans are a strange lot. When emotions and logic are imbalanced and misplaces, we have enduring problems.

      4. “..if any of the “left” had said similar, it would be presented as anti-semitic. ”
        What you say is perfectly true.
        The problem is that the entire ‘anti-semitism’ campaign has been, as we all know, entirely bogus.
        Nobody on the left ought to be giving it oxygen by attempting to turn it against the imperialists.
        To the public it is just confirmation that this non existent ‘problem’ is recognised by all parties. It should not be: there is no antisemitism on the left, nor has there been any for the past couple of centuries.
        The real problem, a very dangerous one in the current slide towards fascism, is islamophobia, whose immediate origins lie in the imperialist pro-Israel camp. The attack on muslims which is closely related to old fashioned racism, is as the left should be pointing out, part of a campaign by imperialists which includes excusing Israel’s genocide and smearing socialists, opponents of imperialism, as anti-semitic. It also includes smearing opponents of capitalist cannibals as haters of the rich.

  4. Didn’t end well for MP selected as ‘left’ but now on Starmer’s front bench….

    She’s not alone on this though … Angela Raynor and even she-who-pays-a-lot-less-tax-than-she-might, Dame Margaret Hodge, spring to mind – and, because I saw him close-to when he first took our seat (Leeds NW) from the Lib Dems in GE2017, many, many others..

    I’m sure better-informed people than me could add many, many others…

    1. @qwertboi

      Nichols husband was Twatsons director of communications.

      Her former campaign manager and ex labour councillor swopped sides to become a Tory. You’ll know him as the MP who refused to watch England after taking the knee. His name escapes me and I can’t remember what he was in trouble for as a labour councillor.

      Still, a cosy little club.

      1. nvla, thanks 4 this info. tells us all we need to know.🟧🟦🟩

    2. To counter that, qwertboi, there are others who try to keep their head down and get on with the job of being an MP, for their constituents.

      Rightly or wrongly, they try to keep out of the mayhem, that’s been The Labour Party, for the past six years.

      When it comes to the crunch, it’s a toss-up who they’ll side with.

      Politics is a dirty old business

  5. It would appear I choose not to understand Far Right, Zionist, Apartheid, Terrorist Irony, whether that be English, Scottish, French, Belgian, Moroccan OR Palestinian Zionist Irony! An THAT is because a Fascist, Separatist, Nationalist, White Supremacist, Apartheid, Terrorist Ideology, does not speak of/for anything that I CAN OR WILL EVER RECOGNISE!

    1. Yes Joe, you missed out that whilst those on the left are ‘convicted’ of being Socialists, anyone on the right such as Starmer himself who supports Zionism and is against Socialist Jews, gets a free pass. Put it this way, racists are now welcome in Starmer’s Zionist Party – the Stionist Party.

  6. Are these people not suspended from the party “pending investigation” yet?

    Normally, anyone who might suggest, downhill, with a following wind, and viewed in a certain light, something that could just possibly, even though they didn’t actually say it or mean it, but with a particularly partisan spin on things say something that could be vaguely misconstrued as AS, is suspended immediately, and their case sent to Starmer’s desk by Tuesday for him to draw an immediate conclusion and they’ll never be seen in the Labour Party ever again.

    Or did I miss something ……………………

    1. Antisemitism is a Crime just as any other form of Racism and it is Punishable by Law! Since 2015 The CPS have charged 1 Ex Labour Party Member of Antisemitism Related Crimes in the EXACTLY 4 years 3 Months “Antisemitism Crisis in The Labour Party” 1 Member out of 550K was prosecuted by the CPS, that includes with the involvement of The Met and The EHRC! 1/550K = 0.00017% and still the “Antisemitism Crisis” is raging in the Party!
      HOWEVER Fuck the Black, Muslim, Other Minorities including Black and Anti-Zionist/Non-Zionist Jews, who are all experiencing the most horrific daily abuse! Wanna know why!? Because the very same Zionists, Jews and Non-Jews alike, who have been screaming Antisemitism since 2015 are the same bastards launching those profound racist abuse on the Black, Muslim, Other Minorities including Black and Anti-Zionist/Non-Zionist Jews! Everything comes out in the wash! This will too!

  7. Could the so called socialist group MPs as well as others who care about justice in the party and for Palestinians, including MPs left like Corbyn, Leadbeater, Khan, Slaughter etc on the Question of Palestine webinar, threaten to resign and trigger by-elections unless this madness stops. Wake up to your power! Don’t just come on Arise or P&J and blather – do something with your power!!

  8. When asked whether criticism of Israel policy was anti Semitic R Long- Bailey and L Nandy said it was, how the JLM can teach Labour party members about Anti Semitism beggars belief The JLM are affiliated to the World Zionist Organization who fund the settlement enterprise, i.e. grave war crimes in breach of article 49.6 of the Geneva conventions. Labour members are being taught by supporters of war crimes.
    Editorial |
    The World Zionist Organization’s Land Theft Division
    It’s time to investigate, and then shut down, this quasi-governmental agency, which steals both state and private Palestinian lands to realize its sacred goal of settlement construction

    Israel has been condemned as an Apartheid state by B’Tselem, Human Rights Watch and the UN Group led by Professor Richard Falk, yet Israel is supported by Keith “I am a Zionist without qualification” Starmer and a bunch of racist scumbags who support him.

  9. There needs to be an investigation into the role of the JLM in the ‘selected complaints’ considered by the EHRC. I have a problem with who & what Blair’s EHRC are & a problem with its lack of transparency. I am not surprised that many Jewish people ‘feel’ unwelcomed & unwanted in many parts of the world when they identify with a religion that seeks a Final Solution for a ‘Jewish State’ by genocide; the slaughter & eviction of the indigenous people of Palestine. Live together in a one state solution or be part of a Jewish Israeli State that will either kill or expel all others to maintain its fascistic & insular identity..Himmler would be proud of the Final Solution. I dislike the idea of comparing Jews with Nazis, but the Gypsy Roma Sinti would well understand it & the principles of the Nation State Law that defines Israel, not just as an apartheid endeavour, but a beacon of American Imperialism, Colonialism & Fascism.

    1. Steve Richards. Agree completely but don’t forget that even when Corbyn was in charge, the JLM were running the McCarthyite witch Hunt. I’m sorry to say, Corbyn let down not only himself but members and supporters.

  10. Yes I am afraid it was perhaps a tripartite attack on Corbyn et al. Right Wing Jewish groups taking an homogenous view of diverse Jewish citizens – if you do not agree with their perspective on Israel then they seemed to decide that you are not Jewish?
    The Right Wing Media (and ‘Liberal’ Guardian & BBC?) – the Right Wing Media owning tax dodgers would have had to cough up under a Corbyn Labour Govt.
    And Right Wing Labour MPs who jumped on the bandwagon to try to crush Corbyn because they couldn’t beat Corbyn & his supporters on IDEAS as they are political nincompoops and feared irrelevance as quite rightly history had passed them by.
    Those that criticise the Left and Corbyn should realise that the surge of support is still out there.
    Perhaps New New Labour are about to copy the mistake of Labour in Scotland that ditched Old Labour and followed Blairism to resultant political oblivion, as the once fringe SNP were happy to nick Old Labour’s clothes.
    A New Left Socialist Party could have a chance.

  11. Steve Hall @boxcartrend “The Labour party needs to be credible,part of expelling these people will ensure it …..Nice chappy isnt he mr Hall or centrist Dad.

  12. We made a big issue of the right of CLPs to select and reselect MPs. When CLPs have had that rare opportunity not many of those chosen have been of any use.

    1. Even Hodge managed to survive OMOV after being triggered. Where were ‘the left’ when they were needed.

      1. Excluded from her CLP vote. My brother lives in her CLP, he tells me what goes on there. Simple really….

      2. baz2001 – I don’t recall seeing any reports of this at the time. Do you have any credible evidence to support your assertions

      3. Personal first hand experience from a family member, and before you contend this is not credible I will say I don’t give a damn what you think. I know personally how some CLP’s are run corruptly. Sadly that’s the way the Labour Party is these days, and they can keep it.

      4. baz2001 – Anecdotal evidence is all well and good but a video or audio recording is much more convincing. Nearly everyone has a smart phone so why do ‘the left’ never think to record these encounters.

  13. The left wing are not obsessed with politics centrist Dad and probably relied on the members that did attend to spot a stitch up..Hows the sinking ship steve h Davidh…sh…and you are soon to be part of a in the HOC if that is the Banks don’t pull the carpet.first..?Steve the first rule of capitalism that your knight is beholden to is YOU Have To Make a Profit from your customers….Now even a thicky minority as you described me undrstands that you don’t kick them out of the shop and frighten away any potential customers.Roll on the GE and lets see what the voters think of you dragging the Labour “brand” through the mud. Your knight as now not only frightened a lot of members away but painted the Labour party as a fascist endeavour.The brand is no longer a vote puller its become a liability because of scum like you…Your medicine killed the patiant.

    1. Joseph – “The left wing are not obsessed with politics”

      Awww come on Joe, are you having a laugh. That is the feeblest and most disingenuous excuse for ‘the left’ failing to get their act together that I’ve ever read.
      One has to wonder if what really lies at the heart of the self appointed guardians of ‘the left’ apparent inability to ever get their act together is that there is simply not enough of them to make any impact in a OMOV ballot..

      ps:- It has been reported that the proscription of these 4 factions will only effect about a 1,000 members.

      1. SteveH davidh Sh, it would be grand if u asked your master SIR Keith Rodney Starmer;

        1️⃣ – Does he condemn foreign entities interfering in UK politics, directly or indirectly❓

        2️⃣ – Has he taken instructions directly or indirectly from foreign entities, at any time since becoming an MP to date.

        3️⃣ – Has he at anytime been instructed directly or indirectly by foreign entities who to include in or exclude from the shadow cabinet; and to be handed Labour party positions at any level❓

        4️⃣ – What is the exact amount of support if any; in cash or kind other – he as received or had promised to him or offered to him and declined by him, directly or indirectly, by whatever means at anytime since standing to be an MP to date❓

        5️⃣ – Does he condemn the above revelations re Israeli bugging and interceptions of communications of politicians, journalists and charitable bodies in our country❓

        SIR Starmer, the above are open questions to you. It will be reasonable for the public to regard your failure to answer clearly and specifically, as dangerously suspect and confirmation that you are totally unfit for any public office in this country. That is my firm view. The public have a right to have your clear / precise answers to all of the above.

      2. windchime – Don’t be lazy,, you’re more than capable of writing your own emails.

  14. Israeli firm’s software used to spy on journalists, politicians, human-rights activists

    I wonder if Google & Apple are going to step up and fix these security issues with their operating systems?

    1. SteveH davidH you Sh it is obvious to all including u that my questions are open questions to your Rod, your SIR. I despise backroom stitch-ups especially for matters above which should be public and publicised. So all my communications to your Rod will be public. Others need to know his answers and come to their own conclusions. They need to judge his silence or evasion re: all such matters, as seriously suspect. E.g. his failure to name SERCO, Deloitte, Ranox, G4S and other outfits which have been at the Covid-19 troughs to the tune of BILLIONS GBP.

      Extortionate amounts for unsuitable PPE‼️ “Test & Trace” which do neither in an efficacious way‼️ Unused unstaffed Nightingale field hospitals‼️ Secretly awarded contracts‼️ There must be a reason SIR Rodney has studiously failed to hold this most corrupt of governments to account. You know it. I know it. Everyone realises that it is very odd that Sir Starmer has gone out of his way to say nothing useful about this national scandal.

      Starmer must explain his very disturbing silence.

      1. windchimes – The problem here appears to be your selective deafness. The party leader and his shadow ministers have covered most of the items you’ve listed in parliament and/or in official statements and articles. Perhaps you need to read/listen/watch a wider range of sources.

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