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Exclusive: more complaints of ‘centrist’ councillor racism and bullying in Haringey ignored by Labour – but party suspends complainant

Complaints made against Cllr Julie Davies over public and private comments without suspension by Labour, but complainant suspended after counter-complaint over old, ‘edited’ comment

Last month, the SKWAWKBOX revealed the ‘racist coup’ planned by right-wing Labour councillors in the London borough of Haringey against Joe Ejiofor, London’s only black council leader – and the astonishing move by Labour’s London regional office to protect councillors accused of racism, including one who had been suspended for alleged antisemitism and threatening language and is therefore not currently even a Labour councillor.

Those councillors abandoned their coup when it was exposed, at least for the time being, but that has not been the end of complaints of racism by ‘centrist’ councillors in Haringey.

Councillor Julie Davies is one of a number of councillors who are the subject of further complaints by black and ethnic minority colleagues over her historic and recent behaviour. That conduct includes comments on the Latin Village forum – described by social media critics as ‘racist’ – about market traders and a whole, primarily ethnic minority area of the borough:

But Ms Davies’ private conduct has also been the subject of complaints, after she derided the grammar and spelling of a Kurdish councillor whose first language is not English, as revealed in an email compiled by five Labour councillors and sent to the Labour Party and to other senior figures with a request to act:

The councillors detail the lack of action by local Labour right-wingers over their complaint and ask the national party to step in:

However, even though the complaint was sent in almost 8 weeks ago, the party has taken no action against Cllr Davies.

But it has suspended black councillor Preston Tabois, after a counter-complaint was put in against him alleging antisemitic comments – even though his supporters say the screenshots of an old Facebook thread have been edited and Tabois was actually agreeing with condemnation of an antisemitic article.

And while the councillors complaining about Julie Davies followed the party’s rules on complaints, those complaining about Tabois immediately leaked details to the hostile media, including the hard-right Guido Fawkes.

But Fawkes’ coverage accidentally backs up the claims of Tabois’ supporters, because while the antisemitic comments were made by a woman, Tabois’s comment is clearly addressed to a man, but the context is edited out to make it appear to be about the article:

In spite of this and the complaints outstanding against herself, Julie Davies reacted to the administrative, non-punitive suspension of Tabois by treating the allegations as fact in an email to the whole Haringey Labour group this weekend:

The SKWAWKBOX contacted Cllr Davies for comment:

Cllr Davies did not respond and Labour does not comment on individual cases. Perhaps significantly, though, Labour’s London regional office did not intervene on her behalf as it did last month in the case of the three councillors accused of involvement in the ‘racist coup’.

But Labour’s suspension of black councillor Preston Tabois, when no similar action has been taken against Julie Davies or the others accused, is only likely to further inflame anger among black people and other minority groups about the party leadership’s dismissal of the Black Lives Matter movement and its insipid response to the alleged anti-black racism by right-wing former staff revealed in the leaked Labour report.

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  1. This is disgusting and the fact that Labour has decided to suspend a black councillor on edited comments whereas we have actual racist comments by a white councillor with no actions just shows how the Labour Party treats black people.

  2. What I cant believe is that this has been with the Labour Party for 8 weeks and this person still represents the Labour Party.

    1. Yes, Sir Stormer’s ‘New management’ is de-naturing Labour much more effectively than even the third-way Blair managed. FWIW, let’s remember that despite this egregious leadership, there are still good, decent people in Labour. One of them is the new MP for Coventry South, Zarah Sultana, whose excellent video is currently on the front page of DDN

    2. Eight weeks is nothing in this unfit for purpose excuse for a process.

      I had two complaints regarding not just breaches of Party rules in regard to GDPR and PPERA2000 but actual criminal acts, related to a complaint which was fast tracked – possibly via the former MP’s Constituency Office and/or Region – which:

      – Took two months to be submitted to national level;

      – Was “lost” by the former staff member dealing with them (though the fast tracked one which he was also dealing with did not receive the same fate) just prior to their leaving their Party employment (for which they have fleeced and stolen from the membership a hefty sum courtesy of the undemocratic sectarian cabal running the Party);

      – The resubmission was ignored by another staff member;

      – The third submission was was finally on the system seven months after the original submission;

      – It took a further thirteen months to “investigate – in which no evidence exits or is being provided that any meaningful, professional, practical or effective investigation actually occurred despite submitting SAR’s which have not been provided ten months after being made. Certainly I can find no witnesses to certain events who have been contacted as part of any competent investigation.

      – The complaints were rejected with no rationale for why criminal acts with solid supporting evidence were found not to have broken Party Rules and stated Values,

      The only obvious explanation being that it was politically inconvenient to process them at the time and that too much limited staff time has been undertaken dealing with one specific type of complaint (as detailed in the 800 page report which is allegedly subject to the Forde Inquiry).

      Those waiting for the complaints detailed in this article to be dealt with will be lucky to see any kind of conclusion by the time of the next scheduled General Election.

    1. David….good point,but that is the point of the knight.To destroy the Labour party whilst deflecting action against the parasites by keeping the resistance busy defending themselves.I am afraid that its check mate for the socialist Labour party and no future for the Labour party.under the Parasites that have been infecting the Labour party from the beginning.

    1. Nah, put it in a drawer ’til everybody else has cut theirs up, then it’ll have rarity as well as historical value – might be worth a few quid on ebay.

  3. Can’t Bury legitimate anger under litigation forever.
    More right wing dirty tricks?

  4. Thing is the antisemitism claims will likely be dismissed but only after any elections, that the accused can’t stand for while suspended. Standard ploy to prevent candidates the right don’t approve of gaining elected positions in local government.

    1. Exactly, at the same time right wing liberals in Labour will ask themselves ” WHY ARE THERE SO FEW BLACK MALE POLITICIANS IN LABOUR”.

  5. Can’t wait for the troll SteveH.
    I imagine he/she will support the racists.

  6. steve’s latest turd-polishing excuse will go something along the lines of: ‘I abhor racism (against jews) but you have to bear in mind that these disciplinary processes are the result of the Corbyn era and absolutely nothing to do with lovely career stammer or his servile lickspittles stitching people up left, left and le…sorry left, right and centre.’

  7. Criticism becomes bullying; becomes harassment; becomes victimisation; becomes humiliation & that’s just on Skwawkbox. If your spelling is so poor, either improve it or have it 3rd party proof read. If you are a councillor you have to be able to do your job as well as defend yourself. Politics is a blood sport, especially in the Labour Party. How many excuses can you hide behind? My family background is gypsy but there is no level playing field, I am not a special case. Even now I can receive insults when travellers come to town. Stop whingeing. If you describe yourself as a ‘special case’ & you expect concessions? If you are ‘different’ in any way, you will always be targeted, twas ever thus.

    1. Level of trolling is off the scale here. Either you are the person this article is alluding to or you havent read the article.

      Your comment is basically saying “you got an accent or dont speak English properly? get to the back of the line!”

  8. My comment is basically saying nothing of the sort; read it again. You may disagree with what I say but your 1st reaction is to call me a name. About as good as it gets.

    1. Lets break it down then, shall we?

      “Criticism becomes bullying; becomes harassment” As the response to the mocking, the councillor actually stated that they were typing on their phone, furthermore, there is a difference between making a spelling mistake and your comment being legible or non coherent. Anyone with a basic grasp of English would be able to read and understand what the Kurdish councillor said. Pointing it out in order to humiliate someone in front of others is harrasment and bullying. Would you respond to your work colleague in this way? I think not. Also, as has been noted, this particular councillor has bigotted and racist views, look at her comments on traders.

      “If you are a councillor you have to be able to do your job as well as defend yourself. Politics is a blood sport, especially in the Labour Party. How many excuses can you hide behind?”

      Nice victim blaming there. So its the Kurdish councillors fault for being attacked in this way. Nice assumption there that a spelling error causes one to “not be able to do ones job properly”. Again, if you’re foreign, and your English may not be PR, dont bother applying to become a councillor is more or less your argument.

      “Even now I can receive insults when travellers come to town. Stop whingeing.”

      Yeah, racists should just be given a free pass, according to you. Dont whinge and know your place. The fact that you receive abuse based on your background and are entirely content with it says more about you.

      ” If you describe yourself as a ‘special case’ & you expect concessions? If you are ‘different’ in any way, you will always be targeted, twas ever thus.”

      So what you’re saying is Black and brown people, gay people, disabled people etc should just STFU and accept what you’re given.


      P.S. apols for any speloing errors My Lord.

      1. No Moosy! Grow a skin & take the knocks, it’s a tough world out there. There will always be attempts to humiliate & insult you, even on Skwawkbox (amongst like-minded friends) where name calling is the default position. Tired of excuses & positive discrimination programmes working against equality of opportunity, these are the values of the controlling bourgeoisie. When doors are opened for you, make sure if you walk through you can do the job, but only if you’re good enough. Colour of skin; sexual orientation & disability are irrelevant; stop being so patronising. Politics is a blood sport!


  9. The Labour Party is a cess pit and I’m glad I left. It looks like it’s going to be a long while before I vote again.

    1. the more I see Dave the more I realise leaving was the right thing to do,I miss Labour ‘moderates’ like a hole in the head

  10. I wonder how a human rights advocate would view the Labour Party’s current actions if it were tested by a legal process in regards of:

    Article 6
    Right to a Fair Trail

    Article 9
    Freedom of thought, conscience and religion

    Article 10
    Freedom of Expression.

    Liberty, Equality and Fraternity may it return some day soon.

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