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Breaking: Labour deselects popular council leader deposed in ‘racist coup’ by Labour right

Joe Ejiofor was London’s only black council leader until he fell to a Labour right coup – and now he has been deselected entirely as a candidate

Former Haringey council leader Joe Ejiofor was a target for a ‘racist coup’

The years-long right-wing manoeuvres to get rid of Joe Ejiofor as leader of Haringey council have culminated today in Ejiofor being removed even as a Labour candidate in May’s local elections. Ejiofor confirmed the news in a tweet this afternoon:

Ejiofor was removed as the leader of Tottenham council – the only black council leader in London – at the third attempt after the same Labour London region had hijacked Tottenham constituency party’s annual general meeting, preventing member and even union delegates from participating, to install right-wing officers.

A union delegate complains about being blocked from attending Tottenham’s AGM

The second attempted coup against Ejiofor, in 2020, had collapsed and two councillors involved were suspended because of racism complaints – but only after attempts by the London regional office to protect them. A first attempt had collapsed in July of that year, with Ejiofor winning a landslide of support from fellow councillors.

He was a widely popular council leader who had achieved on behalf of the people of his borough, including delivering a thousand council homes at council rents, and insourcing council services.

Local sources say that if Labour had not intervened to remove Ejiofor before the selection vote, he would have been overwhelmingly reselected by Labour members in the ward.

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  1. No doubt Mr Lammy will keep his trap shut over this. Just like how he abstained on the Windrush Bill too.

    Labour truly is a racist, corrupt Cess Pit.

    1. baz2001 that’s why we must do EVERYTHING legal to bring the infestation of parasites down. The MAIN problem is, no matter what, some CHOOSE not to accept the obvious
      The parasites r abusing the Labour label and its considerable assets, ONLY to enrich themselves and protect the “Same old Same old”.

  2. Joe Ejiofor, all strength and best wishes to you. “They know what the do”, so should not be forgiven.

    1. New information has emerged about the reasons behind Joseph Ejiofor’s exclusion from standing for Labour in the upcoming elections.

      “Ejiofor had been criticised by the Local Government Ombudsman in a report on the council’s handling of a proposed housing development. The Met Police has confirmed it is investigating “allegations of fraud received in March 2021 that relate to a housing development in Haringey”, but no individuals were named.

      1. Whatever his offence might have been is trivial. There is no excuse for the last Black council leader in London being removed, and it can only be a tragedy if he is replaced by a centrist of any race- though we all know it will be a bitter, nasty white centrist and you will defend that.

        It is not Keir’s place to bar left-wingers from ever being selected as Labour candidates again- and there is never a difference between a NON-left wing Labour candidate & a Tory. If Blair & Major had faced off against each other in the same marginal constituency, it would not have mattered which of them won- just as it wouldn’t make any difference who won in a contest between Johnson & Starmer in the same marginal. Right and “centre” are no longer distinguishable in any sense-if you’re “pro-business”, pro-balanced budgets(pro-austerity), pro “law and order”, willing to accept further privatisation of the NHS, hostile to benefits claimants, that doesn’t leave ANY issues where you can be to the Left ot Margaret Thatcher in any recognisable way.

        Why did you WANT Labout to become a socialist- and socialism-free zone? There can never be anything to the right of socialism that could possibly be worth doing by a Labour government and history proves “market values” and caring, egalitarian social policies have never co-existed and never can co-exist.

        Labour doesn’t have to campaign as if the UK is a permanently right-wing country and that all that can ever be done is to make it slightly less nasty- or simply reduce the further expansion of nastiness- at the edges of the edges of the edges.

        Why defend the unnecessary?

      2. kenburch – There is definitely no excuse for the last Black council leader in London to be treated as a ‘special case’.

  3. No self respecting Socialist can convince themselves for a moment longer that this god forsaken shower believe themselves to be representatives of the many. This is a good man, a good unionion rep and he has worked for ages to help his brothers and sisters under very hostile conditions.remainers what is your next step?

    1. Wobbly
      Sadly all what you have written is precisely why Joe has been deselected.

      1. Thanks BOB. That was my dad’s manor, (rip)he warned me about dark deeds inthe dead of night when Reg Race was mp. How right he was. Some of these former CPGBers were on the button. Are you still in the corpse?

  4. “I can confirm that the London Regional Labour Party removed me as a Labour Candidate yesterday.
    I shall make a full statement following discussions with my advisers tomorrow.”

    I only hope that Joe Ejiofor – exactly like Jeremy Corbyn – chooses to stand for the seat as an independent.

    Labour’s successor-party does not need to be formed yet – the ‘new management’ is making Labour untrustworthy and unelectable all on its own.

    1. No evidence that supports the US claim of imminent Russian invasion, but the BBC, demented US President and the MSM still hype it up. What’s going on goldbach?

      1. Goldbach, Yes as the brilliant New Left Review recent Sidecar blog piece ‘Natoland’ shows when Mr P was tragically raising cities in Chechnya the West kept silent as Putin was then on side with the Western Imperialist hypocrites.
        He then took back power from the Oligarchs, they were still allowed to scoop up profits but he was in charge now with central control reinstated and took an independent course.
        Interesting point in the blog piece, half of those in Ukraine are from Russian decent or are Russian speaking.
        And whilst the US chose Ukraine’s PM the country is split 40:40 pro and anti joining NATO and they don’t count the disputed areas.
        I want peace and left wing democratic socialists in Ukraine, Russia and every country in the World but facts are inconvenient tor the Right Wing politicians and similar in Europe who when the US says jump!
        They say how high?

      2. What’s going on?
        * US Empire is starting to wane.
        * US is still trying to expand its’ “reach”.
        * Putin wants offensive missiles out of Poland and Romania and activities for putting them in Ukraine abandoned.
        * Biden and Johnson posturing to look like hard cases ahead of elections to deflect from their failings.
        What’s the guess?
        * Major Russian deployments to wind down after a while
        * Biden and Johnson spin a great victory.
        * Offensive missiles quietly disappear from Poland and Romania and don’t appear in Ukraine.
        * Russia appears to lose but actually wins.
        * Everybody is happy.

  5. Joe could stand as an independent or better join Breakthrough the New Democratic Socialist Party made up of mainly young Corbyn supporters.
    He could then get young activists rallying to help and with a bit of crowdfunding could give Right Wing Labour a deserved defeat.
    If Right wing Labour do this to you comrades with Breakthrough there is somewhere to go and you are not isolated, just need unions to pile in backing this group and we are on our way.

    1. GMB already cut funding to Labour’s London Region. Sharon Graham’s Unite is considering a cut in its political Fund donations to the party and Sadiq Khan’s unlabourlike criticism of “unnecessary” strike action by RMT staff all show that the Unions’ links to Starmer’s Labour get weaker by the day.

      It’s starting to look inevitable that a new party emerges. It’s now a ‘when’ question, not an ‘if”. I hope Joe Ejiofor announces tomorrow (Monday) that he will stand as an independent.

      1. Queenie interesting article on the develpment of penicillin and the covid vaccine and how massive amounts of public , was given to the pharmaceutical industry to develop.My interest was in the fact that I wouldn’t be here if the USA hadnt developed penicillin and given it to my dying father who was part of a Royal marine commando unit that was nearly wiped out by German tank division in the deserts of N.Afrika..Strangely enough though I would die if given a injection of penicillin because all drugs have severe side effects especially with injections.My wifes mother was injected with penicillin at a cottage hospital in Surrey for a septic finger…she was dead before the day ended leaving a husband and 3 kids and my wife twelve years old to bring up kids with her dad.Mid ninteen sixtys and a grieving widower had to chase the national press off the front lawn such was their enthusiasm to delve into a terrible accident and of course my father in law like me would never take action against the brilliant NHS….Re…morning star article

      2. Sharon Graham’s Unite is considering a cut in its political Fund donations to the party

        She’s taking her time…With everything else the centrist/right have conspired and now this; is it unreasonable to wonder why the further delay?

  6. Anybody with any self respect could not fund and collaberate with the Labour party any longer.The writings on the wall “fascists infect the Labour party top to bottom and only a few remain with any sense of moral outrage.
    Why keep feeding the parasites infesting the Labour party.when you either become the same as them or are nailed as a AS scam fanatic and are kicked out with a criminal tag as a racist.?….IT’s on your shoulders because no party can exist without a membership.

    1. querboi sorry spelcheck…but Queenie dont know were that came from but must have a word with my computer…and of course I should have checked!

      1. WOW – that’s amazing Joseph. Unwittingly, your and Carol’s family were involved in key (post launch) developments of the penicillin wonder drug. Even when it was being developed, dosage and contraindications were not fully understood and it sounds like your mother-in-law was a victim of this.

        To me, the 1940s – 1960s is the most interesting period in the evolution of biochemistry and pharmacology (it encompassed discovery of B vitamins as well as development of antibacterial activity).

        Penicillin was a particularly British discovery and development – sure, the yanks’ war machine certainly promoted its use and ensured it reached the soldiers and sailors, but the important biochemical works was all British I’m sure that this science did more to persuade Bevan and Attlee in the rightness of a NHS than people realise.

        You’re right as well , so vast has been the covid lie and the political opportunism that it enables, (e.g. recreation of inflation global,y without which capitalism would wither), that historians will contrast the glory-years of biochemistry with the current charade pretend-emergency engineered by right-wing politicians and global capitalism

  7. Those of you trying to encourage us to leave
    and form another party – some will think it best and
    some will not.

    The fact that some do not leave is OUR decision and does
    not mean we agree with Starmer and his right wing thugs.
    There are more of us than STarmer thinks and we are
    watching and waiting. Remember he is clueless politically
    and sooner or later this will catch up with him. I hope Ejiofor
    fights back – I am sure he will know how to do this and

    “Revenge is a dish best served cold ..”

    1. You’re spot-on right Holby. Even those of us that have reluctantly left the party,NEED you and large numbers of left-wing members to remain and suffer the odious man’s stupidity. WHY? “Apostolic copnnection”! Labour will either die very soon or recover – and if the latter, like catholics tracing their current pope right back to St Peter ,a bosom-buddy apostle of their founder, democratic socialists should not relinquish their only effective mechanism, the LP, to their enemies, the class-war mongering capitalists called “newlabour ‘centrists’

      But similarly, as soon as they see a new party electoraly displace the once-great Labour party, they should sit shiva for Labour and follow its successor. The Peole’s Party is dead – long live the People’s Party.

      Me, I’m gong with the flow!

    2. Holby, you must have a strong stomach. After 30 years as a member I had to leave, the stench of fascism emanating from the Party is overpowering and I could not stand it any longer.
      If you have the disposition to sabotage the right wingers, to act as a fifth column from within the LP, then I can accept your choice and commend you for your bravery.
      However, if you are going to repeat the old mantra of “Labour is always better than Tory” trying to persuade voters to carry on voting Labour, I cannot support your choice. With a few honourable exception voting Labour under Starmer´s leadership equals to vote Fascism.

    3. HolbyFan

      I admire your position of stay and fight, which was not a position I was allowed to decide for myself. Although I have served my sentence for wanting a better future for myself and the next generation, I cannot stomach the thought of asking the racist, bigots in the CLP who still hold the power if I can rejoin their toxic swamp.

      It seems though, that the numbers bailing out of the cesspit continue to grow. Another fine socialist has decided to bail.

      1. Thanks for your responses – it helps that we have a good CLP
        here so it is worth fighting for them.

        I do not do Direct Debits and I do not donate any more to the local
        Party unless it is definitely going to be spent locally.

        Instead I donate to the various comrades support funds which JVL

        I know very well that there are many in our CLP who are disgusted
        with Starmer: “A nod and a wink .. “. After all – this is how folk survived
        in Poland during the Soviet era .. (WE have Polish relatives.) its a
        great pity that Poland has taken a turn for the worse politically ..

        AS for being a fifth column – its more a case of educating people
        though I sometimes think that JLM and the like is stoat dancing
        otherwise rational people.

      2. Nemtona – Thank you for that link. Such a powerful piece from just the kind of person you would want in the LP, but just the kind of person the current regime do not want.

  8. When its blatant war you are allowed to spell out what you are going to do those committing these atrocities

  9. Holby fan……The knight will do a lot of damage if hes ever allowed in through the doors of Downing streetYou have the best of intentions although I would remind you that most have left the Labour party willingly and a few unwilling and have been “fitted up” for their loyalty.You are now a minority.
    .I would urge you to do somthing like suspend any D\Debits or any donations and most importantly dont canvass for this perpetuates the fascist Labour dictator.You might survive but whilst this Labour party remains in existence an illusion carrys on of a working-class movement of the people.Very few realise just how ruthless and anti working-class they are and just how dangerous they are….regards.

  10. Rules are ther for a reason including maintaining a democracy. That has gone in the Labour party

    1. bedrock56, Fascism is the subversion of democratic structures and institutions. Exactly, what we are witnessing within the Labour Party.

  11. I see that RT are reporting that Biden and Putin have agreed the Macron proposal for a de escalation of war moves on the Russian \Ukranian borders..
    Looks like our private educated baboons like piffle and Truss with the knight on manoeuvres have been shown what a leader is supposed to do by the French.Even a neo liberal like Macron knows that the games up for all of them if they take on the Russian Bear in the middle of winter..I suppose that our British aristocracy are not that well read on History or they wouldn’t keep making the silly mistakes….Education Education and a brain helps.

    1. Not only RT reporting it.
      This is another strategic position from Macron. He needs a boost in popularity, just like Biden and Johnson. He will be cast as the one who “persuaded” Putin to “back off” and it won’t do his electoral prospects any harm.
      It’s all a mixture of geopolitics and domestic politics for every counrty involved.

  12. About the Ukraine/Russia confrontation – the danger is that
    a war might start as an accident. It has already been admitted
    that shots have come from both sides. The longer this goes on
    the more danger is of that.

    1. Quote from a recent news report:
      “President Volodymyr Zelensky told a press conference at the time that the U.S. should stop its hysteria about an invasion. “They keep supporting this theme, this topic. And they make it as acute and burning as possible. In my opinion, this is a mistake.” He added: “If you look only at the satellites you will see the increase in troops and you can’t assess whether this is just a threat of attack or just a simple rotation.”
      As long as it’s Ukraine and Russia dealing with this there should be no problem. Maybe we could get Biden and his crowd to go to a retreat for a fortnight whilst things are dealt with.

      1. Ron Paul was a right wing Republican member of the House of Representatives. His son, Rand Paul, is a right wing Republican Senator. The elder Paul runs an organisation called The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity and that body runs a website which he edits and for which sometimes writes. He is certainly not “anti-American” but even he is more than sceptical about the activities of the CIA – to the extent that he has published this long article, from Mintpress, on his website

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