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10 years ago today, 30 protests around UK warned Tory NHS act would wreck NHS

The warnings were tragically accurate and now the Tories are going further still

NHS campaigners in York ten years ago today. The late and great Mags Newsome is on the right in front of the banner.

Ten years ago today, NHS campaigners mounted protests across the UK warning that the consequences of then-Health Secretary Andrew Lansley’s NHS bill would be fragmentation, mass privatisation and disaster for this country’s greatest achievement.

Tragically, the warnings were correct and the bill, which passed with the collusion of the LibDems, has seen billions of pounds of NHS contracts awarded to companies and huge profits reducing funds going into services, while a broken-up NHS struggles to maintain best practice and treatment is a postcode lottery with waiting lists and A&E treatment times that were burgeoning long before the pandemic:

And when the pandemic began the Tories opened the floodgates wider still, pouring billions and billions of public money into the pockets of their pals and donors – much of it unlawful and opaque – and their new legislation is designed to accelerate that process while removing even the inadequate scrutiny that currently exists while turning the NHS into a pale imitation of the US health system that rewards ‘providers’ for withholding treatment and reducing costs.

But disastrously for the nation, there is now almost no effective parliamentary opposition, with Keir Starmer and his front bench as enthusiastic about NHS privatisation and the American ‘integrated care’ system as the blue Tories opposite them.

Ten years ago, the UK saw thirty protests in a single day to try to save the NHS. After another decade of right-wing privations, it needs a mass uprising of protest and resistance.

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  1. The New world order a myth to many have finally broken cover and we can see that most nearly everything is sewn up like the NHS and the welfare state all for the chop including the state pension.
    Ukraine has brought them all out especially the collaberaters.Covid scam and all.BBC in typical covid jargon warns of a upsurge in coved and says it is now time for your spring booster jabs in typical covid speak?What they don’t tell you is that nine out of ten in hospital for covid are fully vaccinated against covid?.Next will be when are you renewing your medical insurance as it will be essential to pay for whatever they put in the jabs from the now de registered pharmaceutical companies who are dropping off the bananas on the trees here.

    1. Not true that 9 out of 10 are fully vaccinated against covid. Most of those in hospital have had no vaccinations.
      “In its latest vaccine surveillance report the UKHSA says: “Vaccine effectiveness against symptomatic disease with the Omicron variant is substantially lower than against the Delta variant, with rapid waning. However, protection against hospitalisation remains high, particularly after 3 doses.” ”
      From a Fullfact report.

      1. Although he said hospitalisations instead of deaths, I think Joseph was referring to this (follow link to the UK Govt report):

        Would FullFact be one of those incontestible fact-checking sites, then? Pfft!

      Most people have been vaccinated, which is why most people who die from it have been vaccinated.
      I was in hospital with an AD last August and caught covid while in there. I spent 3 weeks on oxygen on a covid ward. I am certain that if I hadn’t been double vaccinated I would have died. Fortunately, because of the medication they gave me my lungs are now clear of blood spots.

  2. And Starmer Savile Saver is funded by Chinn, Taylor and others. ALL backers and shareholders in Private Healthcare..

    “Pandemic Profiteers: In April 2020, the month Sir Keir Starmer became leader of the Labour Party, the price of one share in HCA Healthcare was $89.85, today that share is valued at $239.08. Starmer’s donor Martin Taylor holds $13 billion in shares. #StarmerOut #NHS”

  3. The Labour party joke, sorry rule book chapter 1, clause 1.

    Name and objects
    1. This organisation shall be known as ‘The Labour
    Party’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Party’).
    2. Its purpose is to organise and maintain in
    Parliament and in the country a political Labour
    3. The Party shall bring together members and
    supporters who share its values to develop
    policies, make communities stronger through
    collective action and support, and promote the
    election of Labour Party representatives at all
    levels of the democratic process.

    And here is the current shadow Health Secretary openly admitting on BBC Question Time that he did not campaign for a Corbyn government. Looks like he broke the rules.

    1. It’s the same with the NHS, though. I once thought about joining the local foundation trust panel. In oreder to become a governor, you have to agree to the government’s ideals.

    2. Saw this “live” and thought Blimey, he may live to regret letting that slip – a rare moment of candour from the worm Streeting!

      1. he may live to regret letting that slip

        No bleedin’ chance. He’s already been (over) promoted and is rarely off the Tv screen these days because of his anti-Corbyn shithousery.

  4. Howard Becket calls for nationalisation of P&O which could be done for nothing as they are not a viable business states the company
    First move should be to put them into Administration

  5. An aside – Former senior adviser at the Pentagon, Colonel Douglas MacGregor. has some interesting observations. He is on for the first 55 mins of the programme.

  6. Thanks for this link Goldbach. I reckon that McGregor’s up to the minute analysis is about as insightful and impartial as we are going to get. I would urge others to watch.

    1. Just picked up that China has an alternative to the SWITCH system. Around 20% of international transactions go through it now, and Russia has switched to it over the past couple of weeks.

      1. Thanks for this and the MacGregor interview. This war is looking more like the Syrian one all the time, with Azov playing the ISIS role, using civilians as human shields and taking over schools and hospitals for gun positions so as to attract an attack in return which can then be converted into propaganda victories and proof of Russian wickedness.

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