International cast of speakers addresses free resistance seminar tomorrow to mark UN Anti-Racism Day

The Liberation Movement’s online event runs from 7pm GMT 21 March and is free to attend

The Liberation Movement is holding a landmark event tomorrow evening featuring an international cast of speakers discussing the formation of a ‘new resistance movement. The event will mark the UN’s Anti-Racism Day and the anniversary of the brutal Sharpeville Massacre in South Africa that saw at least 69 black people murdered by state police, including some shot in the back as they fled – and which helped pave the way for the South African resistance movement that ultimately saw black people liberated from apartheid.

Deborah Hobson, who will host and moderate the webinar, said:

The public lynching of unarmed Black man George Floyd by a white US police officer sparked worldwide Black Lives Matter (BLM) mass youth-led demonstrations. After America, Britain had the biggest.

In Bristol, protestors tore down the statue of a 17th century slave trader in an iconic act of white solidarity. BLM demanded not just an end to police brutality and deaths of Black people in custody but also the decolonisation of education and culture, an end to the systemic racism denied by the British government and reparations for slavery.

The Liberation Movement wants to keep this momentum going as a grassroots, youth centred anti-racist initiative supported by community groups, trade unions and faith groups.

While mass movements press for positive change, the UK Establishment is busy trying to drive the country backwards with the Tory government pushing the Nationality and Borders Bill through parliament, which could take away at a stroke the nationality of citizens, particularly those of African, Asian or Caribbean origin and other people of colour, along with Muslims and Jews.

The so-called elites are also attempting to eviscerate citizens’ right democratic right to protest, giving police the power to ban demonstrations and making ‘inconvenient’ protests punishable by up to ten years imprisonment.

Tragically for the nation, there is little sign of genuine opposition from Keir Starmer’s Labour, making the need to mount effective non-parliamentary resistance all the more urgent.

The webinar starts at 7pm on Monday 21 March, with tickets available here. Socialist Telly’s Skwawk Talk programme will not run tomorrow night to avoid a clash with this important event.

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    1. DAME Cressida Dick’s misled Metropolitan Police stripped searched a 15 year old girl, at school, immediately before her school exams. Furthermore, her parents were not contacted. The child was not allowed to clean herself up after their assault on her. Her school teachers and head also failed her dreadfully. I believe they like the Met police were also motivated by institutionalised racism and corruption.

      NB The school called the police, because they claimed to have smelt cannabis. Yet the same Met police who assaulted the child, is STILL led by DAME Dick who said having looked into Michael Gove’s PUBLIC ADMISSION that he repeatedly used Cocaine at his DINNER PARTIES … the same Met Commander said he had NO CASE TO ANSWER.

      Looks like blatant racism. Sounds like blatant racism. The Metropolitan Police and the Establishment are rampant dens of racism.

      I hope speakers point out clear racist patterns and present CLEAR potential solutions.

    2. These women contacted the skwarkbox, but their emails, were ignored.
      I wonder why?
      Racist much, skwarkbox?

  1. I’m not familiar with the website, but this is what they reported a couple of days ago:

    ‘War could have been avoided’: South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa Blames NATO For Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine

    Holding NATO responsible for the war in Ukraine, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa said he would resist calls to condemn Russia for invading its neighbour

    Holding NATO responsible for the war in Ukraine, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa on Thursday said he would resist calls to condemn Russia for invading its neighbour. Speaking in parliament, he said the war, which has entered its 4th week, could have been avoided if NATO hadn’t expanded eastward.

    “The war could have been avoided if NATO had heeded the warnings from amongst its own leaders and officials over the years that its eastward expansion would lead to greater, not less, instability in the region,” Ramaphosa said, a view also maintained by Russian President Vladimir Putin.”

    NB Just did a quick search, and it’s been reported on Fox News and Al Jazeera AND Reuters, but most of the MSM (in US and UK etc) appear to be keeping MUM about it. I wonder why?

  2. Well with the tragedy of Ukraine we are witnessing the West’s reaction and action but compare and contrast this the lack of a reaction and action apart from negative in Yemen, Palestine, and Sudan etc.
    Whilst the working class in the West are second class citizens it seems Black and Brown citizens around the World are treated as 2nd class citizens by the West too?
    Let’s hope Liberation also includes wage slavery (we all have to sell our Labour to live) so we try to unite all the oppressed.
    Just finishing a cracking book ‘The Black History Book’ foreword by David Olusoga (2021) which is available in good public libraries.
    Diverse Working People of the World Unite!

    1. Shame the skwarkbox, ignored the call for help, from women who are abused by racist trolls.

  3. ‘Former PMs call for Nuremberg-style trial for Putin’

    Gordon Brown and Sir John Major want a new international tribunal to be set up and investigate Vladimir Putin for his actions in Ukraine.

    The former PMs are among 140 academics, lawyers and politicians to sign a petition calling for a legal system modelled on the Nuremberg trials of Nazi war criminals after World War Two.

    I wonder if Tony Blair signed it?

  4. And didn’t Brown and Major etc vote to invade and bomb Iraq, Afghanistan etc? Hmmn.

    1. Sounds like a job for Falstaff, Goneril and Regan. They can concentrate on that while the nation suffers.

  5. Just came across the following article, and I think we can safely assume that Zelenskiy is spouting complete and utter B/S:

    ‘Zelenskiy tells Knesset Russia envisages a ‘final solution’ for Ukraine’

    Volodymyr Zelenskiy drew links between Vladimir Putin’s “final solution” for Ukraine and the Nazi extermination of the Jews as he challenged Israel over its failure to impose sanctions on Russia in an uncompromising address to the Knesset.

    Warning Israelis that they would have to live with their choices, Zelenskiy, who is Jewish, said Russia’s president was waging an “all-out war, illegitimate, intended to destroy our people, our country, our cities, our culture and our children. Everything that makes Ukrainians Ukrainian”.

    “The Russians use the terminology of the Nazi party, want to destroy everything,” he said. “The Nazis called this ‘the final solution’ to the Jewish question. And now … in Moscow … they’re using those words, ‘the final solution’. But now it’s directed against us and the Ukrainian question.”

    Funny how he’s not mentioned it before, and only does so now…. when addressing the Knesset. Hmm…..

    And further on in the article it says the following:

    Kyiv was said to be open to changing its constitution to abandon aspirations to join Nato, but wants Turkey, Germany and the five permanent members of the UN security council to act as guarantors of any deal.

    Now why would THAT be the case if the invasion had nothing to do with NATO expansion, as we keep being told by our wonderful leaders and our totally trustworthy MSM, and how it’s really all about Putin’s ambitions and dreams of conquering the whole planet, and THEN the WHOLE of the galaxy and, as such, becoming Emperor of the Milky Way.

    1. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..

    2. Different Frank – an alternative reading. How observant & now let me prove you right by any bourgeois woke definition of being a pathetic; racist & liberal like myself. Unlike David Olusoga I have never been invited to become a member of the Scott Trust, the publisher of the Guardian. I believe that to understand the concept & causes of inequality & social injustice, you must view it in terms of a class struggle & not predominantly a gender or a race;war. Bourgeois women do very nicely in the neo-liberal capitalism of Britain. A study of history should prepare society for the future & I fail to see how knowledge of Kings & Queens of England will do that, but neither will teaching ‘Black History’ month to a predominantly white working class population.
      What is ‘Black History’? David Olusoga was born in Lagos, so does he mean ‘African History’ or Black American Afro Caribbean History? In Britain the majority of black immigrants are from the Asian sub-continent but the dominant ‘black culture’, even in Britain, is American Afro-Caribbean; manifest by the majority of faces on television advertising. The white working class are being alienated & excluded as their culture is marginalised in a process of dumbing down & ridicule, orchestrated by international media conglomerates; neo-liberal capitalist enterprises & liberal educational institutions. Black music on the BBC is not Punjabi Bangara.
      Working class history has never been taught by the bourgeoisie in our schools, some reference made to George Orwell is about as good as it gets The industrial revolution simply transferred tied ‘slave labour’ from the countryside to the damp killer hovels of polluted industrial cities. Life expectancy was extremely low as children were forced into slave labour. One hundred years ago & the school leaving age was 12 years, but working class kids were predominantly illiterate & innumerate; education was for the ruling elites like Edward Colston. In 1928 Emmeline Pankhurst stood as a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Tory Party on a slogan “For King, Country & Empire”. A past to be proud of, but never spoken of. We need more observant & history teachers without their own personal axes to grind.

      1. Says the Liberal.
        This is a liberal white website.

  6. The first shots of the collapse of Apparthied were fired in a black township of Atteridgvile in sight of Union buildings of Pretoria.Hippo armoured vehicles bust through the fences of a black township school and mowed down dozens of schoolchildren whilst drunken teenage Boar conscripts threw empty cans of castle lager at the rescuers of the children.I was at the school that day and was able to help evacuate some of the injured whilst nuns and a priests pleaded with the soldiers to let us get through to the hospital….IT was the early 80s and long after the sharpville massacre but the government were already feeling the pressure of a people who want liberty and freedom in their own country,much like the N.Ireland of the late sixtys in the yearning of Catholics to be free from secatarian bigotry of the British empire.The irony of being in Pretoria and later the spread of resistence in mamelodi townships the next day was not lost on me Two differing parts of the world but both infected by the British empire… group Black S.Afrikans another white second class citizens of Britain all united in solidarity as being working class people of the world striving against Oppression.from the real enemy..Imperialism.The Left was the fulcrum for freedom and always will be against the greed of the one percent and now the neo liberal one world order.

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