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Starmer falls behind lethal, arrogant clown in PM ratings poll

Johnson has presided over hundreds of thousands of deaths, was on verge of ousting after multiple #partygate scandals and his government awarded massive unlawful contracts to mates and donors – and the Starmer trails behind him in poll of ‘prime ministerial’ qualities

Keir Starmer has lost his slim, short-lived lead over Boris Johnson in the public’s rating of party leaders as prime minister material, according to a new Opinium poll, which shows Johnson rising by three points while Starmer fell by one – and both were frankly awful and far below ‘don’t know/neither’.

It is the first time since November that Johnson has led, as the Leftie Stats Twitter account noted:

Johnson, don’t forget, was until just a week or two ago on the verge of being ousted by the Tories over his contempt for the public and the exposure of his repeated ‘partygate’ scandals – and his handling of the pandemic caused at least 150,000 needless Covid deaths (New Zealand has seen just 101 deaths in the whole pandemic) including thousands of pensioners coralled into care homes that were then deliberately infected with the virus.

The real death toll may well be far higher, as well as an unknown number of lives pointlessly blighted by ‘long covid’, an as-yet unquantified timebomb for the health of the nation’s children – and billions of pounds of public money stuffed into the pockets of Tory allies, mates, relatives and donors to little effect in at least some cases unlawfully. Yet Starmer now sits – again – behind the deadly clown currently residing in Number 10.

Who’d ever have guessed the public want an alternative to the Tories and not a grotesque tribute act?

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  1. “Who’d ever have guessed the public want an alternative to the Tories and not a grotesque tribute act?” I’m sure Starmer does know that.

    1. I suppose we will have to weigh up this one result against the last 4+ months of consistent results.

      Stats for Lefties Party Poll Averages
      Month Con Lab LD SNP Grn Ref Oth Lead
      Mar-22 35% 39% 9% 4% 6% 2% 5% 4%
      Feb-22 34% 40% 10% 4% 6% 2% 4% 6%
      Jan-22 32% 40% 11% 5% 6% 3% 3% 8%
      Dec-21 34% 39% 10% 5% 6% 4% 3% 5%
      Nov-21 37% 37% 9% 5% 7% 3% 3% Tied

      Stats for Lefties Keir Starmer Net Approval Ratings Averages.
      Month Approve Disapprove Don’t Know Net
      Mar-22 30% 37% 33% -7%
      Feb-22 32% 38% 31% -6%
      Jan-22 31% 38% 31% -7%
      Dec-21 31% 40% 30% -9%
      Nov-21 28% 41% 31% -13%

      Stats for Lefties Boris Johnson Net Approval Ratings Averages
      Month Approve Disapprove Don’t Know Net
      Mar-22 31% 54% 15% -23%
      Feb-22 27% 59% 14% -32%
      Jan-22 25% 61% 14% -36%
      Dec-21 27% 59% 14% -32%
      Nov-21 31% 51% 18% -20%

      Stats for Lefties Best PM Averages
      Month BJ KS Don’t Know Lead
      Mar-22 31% 31% 38% Tied
      Feb-22 31% 36% 33% 5%
      Jan-22 28% 37% 35% 9%
      Dec-21 31% 34% 35% 3%
      Nov-21 33% 29% 37% 4%

      The Actual Polling Results (rather than the averages) with links to the source material can be found here.

  2. What a surprise. The Labour leader, who bases his electoral strategy on trying to gain Tory votes, finds himself behind the real thing.
    Who would ever believe it?
    It’s amazing what political novices and numpties can get up to!

  3. Stop Press –

    JVL reproduces an article by Peter Oborne about the vilification
    off Jeremy Corbyn:

    Peter Oborne was cast out by the MSM for trying
    to speak the truth. In this case he talks about Corbyn’s correct
    grasp of International politics and this in spite of not agreeing
    with hm economically and in other ways .

    And Starmer has gained nothing from his lies.

    1. And still it goes on. In The Guardian today “Woman A was victimised after spurning the advances of Mike Hill, the former MP for Hartlepool, an employment tribunal ruled in July. An ally of Jeremy Corbyn, he was found to have….” Just what relevance does that last sentence have I ask?

      1. Julia – Given that sex pest Mike Hill was inexplicably reinstated by JC prior to the 19GE then it is quite a reasonable observation to make. Do you think that it was right to reinstate Mike Hill?

  4. The point is really that Starmer should be miles and miles ahead
    of Johnson.

    At this stage of the Electoral cycle I believe that Ed Milliband
    was ahead of David Cameron.

    1. Was Corbyn ever in front of Johnson in the polls. Curiously Boris’s net approval ratings are very similar to where Jeremy stood in the polls prior to the 19GE.

      1. The difference for Woollyhead Johnson is that there isn’t anyone quite as duplicitously stupid or two-faced as Sir Keir anywhere in the Conservative Party (never mind in his inner sanctum). Besides, Boris won’t fight the next GE as leader of the Conservative party.

        People take a strong and immediate dislike to Sir Keir Rodney Starmer because they see how self-serving and insincere he actually is.

      2. So Starmer’s are worse than Corbyn’s were going into the 2019 election?

      3. goldbach – Don’t be stupid, you should check your facts before commenting.

      4. “Curiously Boris’s net approval ratings are very similar to where Jeremy stood in the polls prior to the 19GE.”
        …. and from the above report “Johnson 27% – Starmer 26%”.
        Either your logic is faulty or your comment at 13/03/2022 AT 10:31 PM gave a false impression of what you were attempting to say.
        Oh, and please stop the childish offensive language.

  5. Two peas in the same Neo-Liberal capitalist pod.
    And 73% are impressed with neither.
    None of the above wins again as they are all the same, standing for nothing but crumbs.
    Jeremy Corbyn (who had an excellent programme) was due to make a speech on his future intentions but of course the Ukraine situation halted this.
    If JC stood as an independent say for his Peace & Justice Group then perhaps we could have another 649 candidates stepping forward on this list.
    The Tories greatest skill (CON) is pretending to rule for all when they rule for the rich (so in a crisis is they struggle).
    And Right Wing Labour’s (CON) is that they rule for working people whilst they accept Neo-Libersl capitalism, crumbs for working people, and in Starmer’s case they really rule for The Trilateral Commission.

  6. I suppose we will have to weigh up this one result against the poll of the taxi driver in (was it?) Stockton-on-Tees.

  7. Starmer is unpopular because the Tory voters he is allegedly trying to win over are having none of it. They prefer genuine Tories to faux Tories. Labour voters detest him because he continually tries to out Tory the Tories and has made it his business to alienate as many of our supporters as possible.
    Starmer is not stupid so I believe his actions are deliberate. Labour under Starmer has become an unelectable anti Socialist Zionist entity. I think the plan is to lose the next 2 or 3 elections and then when people become totally sick of the Tories they will finally vote in a totally neutered Labour party. Starmer in the meantime will take his place in the House of Lords and obtain lucrative employment with his backers – job done.

      1. Steve H ITs amazing how low you lot can go to attract the attention of the fascists including the dwindling support of the flat earth society the DUP. When are you boyos going to be adopting Red hand dripping in blood with the sash his father wore and the bowler hat upon His head?…ITs definitely a Starmer labour party and of course the union jack.?

      2. I’ve held ‘a minority opinion’ about many things for most of my life but SteveH appears to believe that just being in the majority makes you right. We appear to now live in a ‘one party state’ (a lot like USA) where there is little or no difference between the 2 major political parties or their leaders; both political parties are Neo-Liberal Fascists & both leaders are compulsive liars. Boris Johnson wouldn’t know what truth was & Stasi Starmer has broken every promise he made in his election campaign to unify the party.
        Politics might well be just a popularity contest as both contestants have sold their souls, but it is strange that MSM has turned on Bojo, but he still maintains his ‘popularity’ & the new leader of the British Labour Party now enjoys the support of almost every MSM organisation & still fails in the ‘popularity’ contest, despite ‘arse-licking’ Rupert Murdoch. (apologies for using such language, but I can find no accurate alternative). When has the leader of the Labour Party ever been supported by MSM, there must now be a reason?
        Nothing wrong with being out of step when everyone else is marching to the beat of corruption & nuclear war. .

  8. Does Starmer see himself as a Prime Minister? I very much doubt it.

    His job is almost over, the Labour party can never recover from what he has done to it, which is far worse than anything Blair ever achieved. His mission was to wreck the Labour Party. And he has done it in a matter of months. There is a vacuum on the left unlike anything that has been seen since the 1880s and universal manhood suffrage.

      1. Steve H knows and we know as former members of the labour party that this labour party offer nothing for the ordinary working class people of Britain.I would argue that those on so called welfare including pensioners are facing the worst winter in living memory.We are quoted the seventys as a time of austerity and similar to now?.Not in my recollection it wasnt and I was a young married man with two children and a mortage at twenty years old.Burnley building society and a indemnity from my parents required in them days.I don’t ever remember facing a sense of hopelessness that people in Britain face now without a Opposition party to turn to..Austerity for the working class vunerable on low incomes and poverty pension.Whats the country coming to when old and young with families have to shiver and worry about Heat or eat “.The labour party are no longer any alternative to the status quo and the Conservative and unionist party.What a damming indictment to “life in Britain” which has turned into a nightmare for the many made in Britain for the profit from on the back of ignorance and stupidity with a sense of “entitlement”

      2. 45% said neither.

        It’s not that they don’t know. They do.

        The question should be reformatted to make the choice between de piffle, keef or neither. Don’t know shouldn’t be an option.

        That said, it’s likely people gave that ‘dont know’ answer as in they don’t know the difference between them.

        And they don’t know the difference because there really isn’t one.

        Except perhaps, that when de piffle throws his own MPs under the bus, it actually gains him popularity. A demonstration that he can make controversial and ruthless decisions when the chips are down.

        Whereas keef sacks his own MPs for going against single line whips to (once more) abstain.

  9. Qwertboi ..

    ” Besides, Boris won’t fight the next GE as leader of the Conservative party.”

    You think not?

    Well a few weeks ago I would have said that – but there is nothing like
    a good war to set a Tory Leader to rights ..

    Whereas in his case he should be arraigned for treason ..

  10. Holby fm Arrained for treason “And mass murder in care homes by the deliberate infections of a flu like virus that caused the deaths of two of my brothers who developed phnumonia and died alone without even the “last rites” administered by a Catholic priest who was not allowed to enter either of the “couldnt care ❤homes” ..
    I am not suprised in the least that Johnson will lead the Torys into another victory over the working class at the next election thanks to the support of the labour party and lib dems who have sold out the people of Britain…!Two knights the Public schoolboys united in their entitlement over the working class people of Britain.!

    1. ” “And mass murder in care homes by the deliberate infections of a flu like virus that caused the deaths of two of my brothers who developed phnumonia and died alone without even the “last rites” administered by a Catholic priest who was not allowed to enter either of the “couldnt care ❤homes” ..

      On the subject of which (credit to Kit Knightly) See cribsheet point 7 here

      7. There has been a massive increase in the use of “unlawful” DNRs. Watchdogs and government agencies have reported huge increases in the use of Do Not Resuscitate Orders (DNRs) over the last twenty months.

      In the US, hospitals considered “universal DNRs” for any patient who tested positive for Covid, and whistleblowing nurses have admitted the DNR system was abused in New York.

      In the UK there was an “unprecdented” rise in “illegal” DNRs for disabled people, GP surgeries sent out letters to non-terminal patients recommending they sign DNR orders, whilst other doctors signed “blanket DNRs” for entire nursing homes.

      A study done by Sheffield Univerisity found over one-third of all “suspected” Covid patients had a DNR attached to their file within 24 hours of hospital admission.

      Blanket use of coerced or illegal DNR orders could account for any increases in mortality in 2020/21.[Facts 2 & 6]

      1. qwertboi
        I had a DNAR/CPR on my release notes from hospital, whilst I was having an electric shock to the heart, they took my hubby to one side & told him that if I went into cardiac arrest they would not resuscitate me, also if I caught Covid they would not put me on a ventilator, hubby went home that night terrified he wouldn’t see me again, this happened in the January 2021 during the second wave. Neither me or my hubby had ever heard of a DNAR, after recovering we found out what it meant & believe me we were horrified.
        I had to be rushed to hospital March 2021 with the same thing I cannot stress enough how terrified & hesitant I were of going that I let my heart race far too long before being forced to call paramedics also my blood pressure had dropped to dangerous levels.
        I have since been assured there is no DNAR in place now as I would be required to sign one.
        I know it was unprecedented times but it scares the sh1t out of me to think they would have just let me die without even trying to save me.

      2. hilary, I’m sorry that you had to endure that. Your hospital experience is very alarming, and sadly much more common than we’d like to think.

        Take comfort fom the fact that they inicated the would not use mechanical ventilation on you in the event of respiratory difficulties with covid. See point 18 on the linked cribsheet. Several NHS doctors are progressing the NHS near-criminal missuse of venilation during the early stages of the pandemic through the BMA.

  11. Thanks for that quertboi….my two brothers were put down literally on the death certificate as Covid despite dying from pneumonia which is probably true.Unfortunately do not resuscitate was used on my father in law less than 18hrs after being evicted from a ward at East Surrey against his wishes and mine were I followe the ambulance from Horley to the hospital and found out that they could do nothing for him despite him being admitted 7days before with a gall bladder cyst..The gall bladder burst in the middle of the night and it was very distressing for my wife and myself who saw him coughing up bile etc.and ended up on the floor next to the bed unconscious but breathing.
    This shouldn’t happen to anyone and at the Coroners court in Epsom the coroner said that if I couldnt stop interupting and demanding to cross examine the junior doctor who ordered out of the hospital my elderly father in law.I would be removed. from the building
    I had argued with that he was too sick to be released.and he was not even eating properly…..
    At one stage in the proceedings she ordered me to leave. My father in law Iwho had no wife at home because she had passed away in her thirtys from a penicillin injection in the early 1960s at the cottage horley.
    IT.was left to us to stay with him and make the phone call at 3am……verdict natural causes.?My brother in law and I took turns holding his hand in the AE until he died.on a trolley.
    Ten minutes later a young copper asked us to flip him over to examine him for any marks or bruising etc.on his body.A extremely difficult time and I am sure that he would not have signed a “do not resuscitate” as he naturally having been widowed as a young man in his thirtys with 3kids he was cynical to say the least..Even when a elderly relative has someone to fight their corner it looks like being elderly in Britain is a death sentence..I thank God every day that I am out of it in the jungle……I am glad I got that off my chest and excuse the rant.

    1. Oh! Joseph I’m so sorry you had to endure all that loss, I really feel for you, how sad for you & your family, my experience is nothing compared to others who lost loved ones.
      I fear you are correct Joseph being elderly in Britain is a death sentence if you are poor, I somehow don’t think they would have put a DNAR CPR on HM the Queen.
      Thank You! so much for your kind words & God Bless you also & your family & please rant away I will always listen. Keep Safe!

  12. I watched the Sky programs on what it was like in Care Homes
    during the early part of the pandemic and it was horrific. By chance
    they had a reporter there already so he was there to indicate the
    disastrous lack of PPE to help the residents and the casting out of
    sick people from hospitals. There was also a shortage of oxygen to
    ease their struggles – the staff were in tears because they could not
    help the old people.

    From that and seeing how elderly people are treated makes me
    certain that I will NOT go into a care home – ever. What is more
    I shall insist on a note in my hospital records – Definitely DO
    resuscitate – maybe I shall have a tattoo?

    That is my opinion now of course – I may change it in the future ..

    1. A major benefit of your position is that you are able to change it in the future. Not so the alternative.

    2. Will anyone ever be held accountable for these deaths? Do you trust ‘the Sytsem’ to represent your interests or the well being of any working class person? The class struggle is not over, despite what Tony Blair says.

  13. Well quite Goldbach . I am fortunate that in spite of
    being VERY elderly I am in good health – a product of
    good genes .. plus ..

    a Labour govt at the end of WW2 which eased my poor
    families path considerably .. Mum and Dad were very
    politically aware and kept their children informed though
    they did not belong to any Party – and particularly
    welcomed the Education Act and the new Health Service.

    I won’t go into personal details but Dads employment
    position after WW2 was very precarious – and remained so for
    many years. If they had been thrown out of their rented house
    it would have been disastrous for the family.

  14. Meanwhile, whilst minds are otherwise occupied, the powers that be have decided that Julian Assange is to die in a US prison.

  15. I see the Chief Turd Polisher is out again trying to polish his Master’s coat…..I think folk are seeing exactly what Sir Starmer Savile Saver is exactly like, and they prefer to vote for the Covid Genocidal Maniac. What times are these, when an Anti War decent human being is classed as a danger to our Society but this corrupt maniac currently in charge isn’t ?

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