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Tory-blighted NHS so stretched ‘weakest’ patients will be denied treatment in coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic

Panels of so-called ‘wise men’ to decide who receives life-saving care

The under-resourced and privatisation-drained NHS is set to deny treatment to the weakest patients if the ‘Covid-19’ coronavirus takes full hold in the UK, according to health insiders.

So-called panels of ‘wise men’ will decide whether life-saving treatment will be offered to patients suffering complications associated with the coronavirus that began in China and has now killed at least twelve among the four hundred or so people infected in Italy, with cases surging and spreading to other countries.

Thirteen people in the UK have tested positive, while the ‘quarantine’ of passengers brought back from China and Japan has been exposed as a sham.


Health Secretary Matt Hancock’s waffle in the Commons today could not disguise how out of his depth he is – unable even to pronounce ‘methodical’ during his statement to MPs.

But in an NHS suffering record poor performance long before coronavirus became a threat, one thing is very clear: a decade of Tory cuts, predations and corporate give-aways has left our NHS barely able to cope with day-to-day pressures, let alone the viral pandemic that Covid-19 looks set to inflict.

And health chiefs are already planning how to ration treatment to decide who lives and who dies.

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  1. The one good thing about Jeremy Hunt was that whoever replaced his sorry arse was guaranteed to be better… fuuuck.

    1. News tonight, Friday, showed what I think was probably a football team on a coach, all wearing face masks.
      Problem is the masks were the type with a one way diaphragm valve where the tip of the wearer’s nose is. That valve is unfiltered.
      They’re dust masks and the valve is designed to make exhaling easier and extend the working life of the mask by reducing moist airflow and total airflow though the filter fabric.
      The mask will protect the wearer to some extent depending on how well it fits the face, but it won’t protect other people from the wearer. Also, when it’s cold the moisture in the wearer’s breath condenses on the valve and it drips that condensate randomly.

      If supply gets bad and you can only find valved masks for your families I’d suggest either carefully wrapping the valves with electrical insulation tape or, better still, sealing the vents with something like chewing gum.
      Wash your hands every time you touch the masks in any way.

  2. Did the people that voted for this non government realise that not only would they be condemning the weak and the vulnerable to the market system,but would also be condemning themselves with an NHS unable to cope with patients now.,A epidemic will kill thousands more than the Torys have already with the elderly and sick too of the list.Will the people never learn that with the establishment the lives of our people are expendable..It should never have happened,now the inocent people will pay with their lives.

      1. the answer is probably yes because generally speaking they were probably not the the old, the very young and other vulnerable groups. anyone who suggests otherwise will be accused of claiming the electorate is stupid and doees not understand the obvious. Veery soon they will be praising boris for introducing these changes to make sure they are protected and the young and old and other vunerable members odf society are saccrifiiced.

      2. Veery soon they will be praising boris for introducing these changes to make sure they are protected and the young and old and other vunerable members odf society are saccrifiiced.

        Ain’t seen much of de piffle over the last few weeks or so.

        I reckon he’s most likely hiding under his desk, praying that the country can contain the virus – at least until any more severe cold snaps (He’ll be praying we don’t get) pass, getting past the (perennial) ‘winter crisis’.

        Because a cold snap coinciding with a rapid outbreak could put him (And DEFINTELY hancock) on a VERY sticky wicket.

        That said, there were plenty voted toerag last time about, after being lifelong labour supporters. All because a certain twunt decided he was gonna control the party policy over the EU – With the enthusiastic – and barely concealed – countenance of certain posters on here. That’s despite being repeatedly warned ofthe consequences of the inevitable toerag govt that would result from it.

        So in essence, they may have got their brexit, but any treatment they receive for this virus in the event of an imminent and rapid nationwide epidemic will be sub-standard (along with most other NHS services in future under these reptiles) as is the case every year, year in – year out, season-in, season-out but especially winter.

        If they get treated at all. Keep those fingers & toes crossed, de piffle…

  3. Anne marie Trevelyn direct descendent of the Hated famines minister is put in charge of foreign aid.The name Trevelyn is hated more than Cromwell in Ireland and with good reason.Its nice to see that the Torys believe in diversity and appoint a female minister whos family are remembered for genocide on an industrial scale during the planned attempt to solve “the Irish problem”….Just a bit of info on the Tory mindset never changes even after a few hundred years.

  4. There is a bright side though… most of ‘the weakest’ are wrinklies.
    If all us over-60’s die there’ll be hardly any Tories left – there can be few more worthwhile causes.
    Housing shortage – fixed.
    NHS overwhelmed – fixed.
    Boris – fixed.
    You’re welcome šŸ™‚

    1. You could be right David.I don’t know about Boris Johnson being “fixed” The problem appears to be that he can get away with murder and no one especially on here is that interested.To admit that the NHS is unable to cope with the virus and the worst effected will be pushed to the side is a disgrace and a move to selective treatment by a panel of worthys..The nightmare of this government begins and all I hear is a deathly silence to an announcement that is chilling in its outcome if the virus becomes a pandemic.Do we know of any other government in the world that has the nerve to announce a selection or culling of the weak vulnerable and aged.You can be sure that the Tory oldies are well looked after whilst the working class are culled..

      1. There’s always been triage Joseph, and in normal circumstances that means those in most urgent need are treated first.
        That will apply even in a mass casualty or war situation, but those with no chance of recovery will just be made comfortable.
        There’s a whole class of people – oldies like you and me – for whom treatment is far less likely to be effective with COVID-19.
        If it turns into a UK-wide epidemic it makes perfect sense to me for the young to be treated preferentially – I couldn’t accept treatment anyway if there was a youngster waiting next to me in hospital.
        I’d choose death over getting so frail I was unable to defend myself – getting to the point I need carers looking after me?
        Not if I still have use of my brain and hands.
        Death is something to be avoided but not feared in my book.

  5. Well David I don’t want any Tory boy culling me or anyone.IN my case it doesn’t apply because I am unlikely to be in England being has my time is spent now mainly in Cambodia and a few months in France.At the moment are all housbound anyway with what I. think is flu ,.The hospital is too dangerous to go to and so we wait to see our recovery..Vietnam is only a short drive but the border is not to be used for suspect cases of the virus and even years ago the guards carried temp check for bird flue which is still a you I aceppt the risk of old age,but I am happy and in no rush to depart.My point would be that whilst I aceppt the value of my life being less than a younger person I strongly object the idea of euthanasia that is suggested by the press reports.The day we let the establishment put a price on the weak and vulnerable as they are doing,then civilisation goes down the pan.

  6. Stop press. The NHS was never, ever, in danger of being snowed under. Their figures, go and have a look. Schools should be opened; their findings. Children and teenagers do not spread the plague. More deaths during lockdown. Safe distance and masks are ineffective. We are being dragged by the mask into a tyranny. Thousands of scientists, doctors, researchers have signed that agreement, I forget the name, senility not stupidity, all I ask for is a series of national, live televised debates. If SAGE can convince me that getting injected with their miracle, sewage filled hypos will save mankind then I will be the first in the q. Why aren’t frontline NHS staff at the head of the q along with the elderly? Why are we not allowed to sue etc if anything go wrong. Too many why’s. FGS where are the rebels. They are there but fear of mockery at least is enough to ensure silence. Our glorious leaders seem to wander at will, not afraid of nasty covi, but scared of the press finding out and vice versa. No, I am not heartless at all. People have died and will continue to do so. The grief that causes is unimaginable. My dad died in a home. They had don’t in place but it took an autopsy to show that the bastards had broken his back while he was in their care. This was pre Covid. What the hell is going on now for 500 a week not including meals. DNR= starvation and dying of thirst. Write what you want. My mum lives in London and I will never see her alive again. Regards ā˜®ļø

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