Nu-Labour goes further than P&O: asks members to volunteer to replace workers sacked by Evans

Starmer-Evans axis has brought Labour to verge of bankruptcy. Now they want party members to fill roles left empty by sacking of staff

NOTE: the original title of this article said ‘than Peel Ports’ and should of course have said ‘P&O’. Apologies for the error.

Labour’s financial woes under the Starmer regime have long been a matter of record, with the ‘new’ (ie reheated Blairite) management squandering the massive £13 million surplus they inherited from the Corbyn period and plunging the party into such a cash crisis that the party continues to teeter on the edge of bankruptcy.

Among the many victims of Starmer’s ‘leadership’ are ninety-odd former party staff who were laid off as a supposed cost-cutting measure, after Starmer threw hundreds of thousands at right-wing former staff in a legal case the party was set to win and drove more than 200,000 members to resign their membership in disgust.

And now Starmer and co have decided, or at least sanctioned a decision, to try to outdo the disgraceful P&O Ferries by pleading with members to volunteer to work in at least one regional party office to do the work that is no longer being done by paid staff.

P&O have rightly been condemned for its callous, cowardly and sneaky decision this week to sack eight hundred maritime workers in order to replace them with low-paid foreign agency staff. But Nu-Labour sacked staff and now wants members to work for nothing to take up the slack – ‘during standard office hours’ Monday to Friday – at the party’s Midlands regional office. Duties will include:

  • “To monitor the regional email inbox and to answer phone enquires and process any requests.
  • “Entering the Marked Register and Road group organisation
  • “To provide a support on shadow cabinet visits and events with photos, videos and social media content
  • “To support the booking of event venues, train tickets etc…
  • “To work with the Regional Organisers to send out all member emails
  • “To keep the party website up today with any new information.
  • “To help with the smooth running of a working Regional Office”

An email sent by Labour to members asks:

Are you looking for a new and interesting way to volunteer for the Labour Party? Do you have skills and experience that you could offer to the Labour Party for a couple of hours a week?[…]

If so, East Midlands Labour Party could be looking for you. We are working to identify a team of excited and enthusiastic volunteers to support the work of the regional office. If you are interested please complete the volunteer information form attached and we will be in touch to discuss how you can join our growing team of regional activists and volunteers.

Skwawkbox view:

Sacking staff and asking members to work for nothing to make up for the disastrous conduct and mismanagement of the current machine. The current Labour regime is acting worse than a ferry company now held in contempt by many UK voters. So much for ‘under new management’ and the ridiculous excuse of ‘long Corbyn’.

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  1. To be fair Labour because of their own actions cannot afford the staff, the Ferry companies can,
    Starmer and co have more problems coming down the line with the class action over the Data protection infringements that could cost them millions

    1. I disagree. They are both in the same boat(npi). They have forgotten that they need to attract the public to support their enterprise, and by failing to do so, they have both ended up with cash problems.

      1. Given the possible reactions to their dirty deeds, I would say with confidence that there are movements aplenty.

  2. I’m sure that a few of the careerists and brown-nosers will be there.
    As far as I’m concerned – They can get stuffed.

    1. But this is NOT a career! They are not paid and are
      doing run-of-the-mill tasks .. so not even SPADS ..

      And how about security?

      1. What security???? Seems to me, that it is a car crash waiting to happen….

  3. So remind me then – we were promised the Forde
    Report for February and it is still not available – it is
    approaching April now!

    And when was it that Andrew Neil made that promise
    about Corbyn and Russia – about admitting he was wrong?

    Which will come first .. the Forde Report or Andrew Neils
    promise fulfilled ..

    \\\\\ 🐷 ////

    Pigs and wings come to mind ..

    1. Which will come first .. the Forde Report or Andrew Neils
      promise fulfilled .

      Rees smog become a bestselling gangsta rapper called snoopy rees mogg dawg😏

      “I say! Maternal copulators! Fornicate law enforcement!

  4. Can someone inform me where Peel ports…part of Peel holdings John Whittikers business empire comes into this?…On security issues that Holby talks about…bingo for the court case and the members money we hope to get our hands compensation for treating our personal details as confetti to be thrown around and handed over to?

    1. Joseph, do you really think we will get our hands on any money for the Labour data breach? I’m not optimistic and I don’t really care. My hope is it bankrupts the party and the end for Starmer and Evans.

      And don’t forget the ICO who have already admitted Labour, as the data controller are culpabe and could levy a nice big fine too.

      1. Nemtona I am on my third warning so far about discussing a court case but why should I break the habbit of a liftime.,Official secret act,underground bunkers for leaders of society….I’ve leaked them all in my time in politics.but I have never had much faith in lawyers having spent a lot of dosh and time on them .I agree with you only a idiot would expect to make money from the British justice system especially being the heart of the establishment and the labour party looking at the PLP…
        The decomission of another establishment party will do me especially one that wants a partition in Ireland and the destruction of the only democratic socialist party in Ireland.Sinn Fein.
        Like many others I gave too much of my life to the labour party and now its left to the establishment to decide?regards…

  5. Anyone who lowers themselve to help this Scab Party deserves what comes to them the stuipid empty headed morons.

    1. Andrew, mostly over 90% I agree with you. After 30 years membership I left the Labour Party in disgust at the stench of fascism emanating from it.
      But, if I was still a member and for only two hours per week, I could have been tempted to volunteer only to go to the toilet at least twice, have a cup of tea and them decided that I wanted coffee. Then I would have spend the remaining time asking a lot of questions and chatting with others.
      Plus, I would try to persuade the remaining workers that their jobs aren’t secure and they should try to secure alternative jobs. I would do my best to lower the moral of the Party’s staff and other volunteers.
      I wouldn’t expect that the Party would keep me volunteering for long since rather than helping, I would be effectively sabotaging the Party.

      1. Maria! a lady after my own heart, I would do the same. I wouldn’t lift a finger to help Labour, we resigned our memberships May 2020, the sense of freedom was enormous I could say what I wanted to regarding Palestine, without the fear of the axe coming down.

  6. Smarmer and the MPs have just had a £2k+ pay increase.

    Let THEM ‘earn’ it.

  7. They’ve got no chance of getting active members to volunteer to scab for Starmer, they’ve all left. All around the country Labour are not fielding candidates in local elections simply because they don’t have any or the CLP’s have stopped functioning.

    Starmer has killed Labour.

  8. No Labour candidate…Thursday:

    Hitchin South (Hertfordshire) council by-election result:

    LDEM: 71.7% (+27.3)
    CON: 20.6% (-22.8)
    GRN: 6.7% (-3.8)
    CPA: 1.0% (-0.2)

    Votes cast: 3,349

    Liberal Democrat HOLD.
    9:13 am · 11 Mar 2022·

    1. Well at least they didn’t lose their deposit 😙🎶

      (if they had one to lay out)

  9. Starmer & Evans! You want people to work for nothing? Show us how it’s done!

  10. Under Corbyn, Labour had so much money coming in that it struggled to know what to spend it on.

    Today, by contrast,it does not have a proverbial pot to piss in.

  11. Off topic, and I would normally refrain from commenting on someone’s physical appearance, but from the photo above Evans won’t be worrying where his next meal is coming from, unlike millions of those who the LP continue to betray. Living high off the hog by the looks of it.

  12. The Workers party of Britain is now growing fast. People have decided they are fucking sick of all the fluffy speeches from those who render a protective shell around all those fucking vile right winger Labour is DEAD and about time too….

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