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Exclusive: weak Starmer near-silent as Tories make hay on NHS and care – ‘to protect his conference speech’

Labour insiders say Starmer outmanoeuvred by Johnson again – reason for focus only on tax implications of Johnson’s plans is because of fear of messing up conference speech in 3 weeks

Keir Starmer: head in the sand for his own benefit while the Tories make hay, say Labour insiders

Labour leader Keir Starmer is allowing Boris Johnson and the Tories to outflank him – again – this time on the NHS and social care. Labour insiders report that Starmer’s conference speech, written by former Blair speechwriters and which he and his advisers desperately hope will help his appalling polling, is going to be all about his ‘determination’ to save the NHS and his plans for social care.

But the Tories, either told or guessing what he plans, pre-empted Starmer by announcing their own plan early rather than wait for their own conference – forcing Starmer either to bolt early or sit on his hands and try to keep everything back for his speech while they make hay. According to well-placed sources, he has chosen the latter.

As a result, Labour’s scant opposition to the Tories’ plans has concentrated on the tax implications with barely a peep about other issues or the fact that Johnson’s plan is built on further privatisation to benefit his mates and donors.

Even the Labour right has been critical of Starmer for failing to put forward any alternate plan or vision – and NHS campaigners in any case say that Starmer and his health team are essentially on board with the continued privatisations via the Tories’ new ‘Integrated Care Systems’ structure.

As far as Starmer is concerned, his conference speech is life or death, make or break for his ‘leadership’ – and that trumps all else.

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  1. Given that Johnson has been gifted an 80 seat majority I doubt it would have made make much difference.

    1. Aye, if only Starmer had kept his mouth shut about his phantom PV, things may have been different.

      If only Lisa Nandy had taken some time off in a darkened room, things may have been different. Does anyone know what her, actual, problem with JC is? It’s a mystery, to me. We could all do with some, much needed clarification, on that subject. Why, Lisa, Why? Why did you want to – ‘break JC as a man’? It’s a question that deserves an answer. Thousands of people would like to know.

      We, already, know what Blair and Mandelson’s problem with JC is. Both were terrified of him marching into No.10 and having, immediate, access to all their dirty little secrets, that have been carefully hidden away, from public gaze. Mind you, there’s no guarantee the MSM would have done anything with the information, anyway. But, still…

      …and, Hodge, after JC helping her out with the BNP in Barking, a number of times, she, still, holds a grudge about him stopping her making oodles of money, from property developers, by stopping her selling off Jewish graves. So she came up with the phantom scam that JC was antisemitic. Lied through her teeth, on that one, and, of course, there were the numb-nuts, only too willing, to join in. Berger, Smeeth, Austin woodcock, Mann et al. That’s a long list.

      So when you trot out this – ‘Johnson was gifted an 80 seat majority’ – mantra, make sure you’re blaming the right people.

      The only blame to be attached to JC is, that he’s a decent man, who never dreamt there were those in his own party, who could be such vile human beings.

      JC Inspired me to become a Member of a political party, for the first time in my life. The others mentioned did not, and don’t, hold a candle to him, in regard to decency.

      1. Greens just did Nick Clegg Lib Dem deceitful style. Greens have DUMPED their view they proclaimed only a few DAYS ago. Green Party backed Scottish Nationalist plot to enforce “VACCINE PASSPORTS” = Compulsory Identification Cards ID by stealth⚠️⚠️⚠️

        68 / 55, ZERO abstentions🟥🟥🟥

        Where Scot Gnats lead with or without the COMPLETELY disreputable Greens & Limp Dims; Johnnie Blower of piffle Alexandet Johnson & Dull Dip Prick SIR starmer defunct DPP follows🟦⚠️🟦⚠️🟦⚠️

      2. Excellent post
        I too was inspired by JC to join the LP
        Alas he was (and is) too decent to have seen the 5th column which was tasked to incessantly stab him in the back.
        Keir Starmer will be forgotten like Tony Bliar, dumped in the dustbin of history, known for their craven and spineless behaviour.

      3. Signpost a warning worth listening to about all the greens not just Scottish.greens but all of them.The party of all things to all men and women and little more than a political illusion much like the flip flops lib dems

      4. Joseph – An unexpected response from someone who has chosen to live in a country which has compulsory biometric ID cards and doesn’t have a functioning democracy.

    2. Fuck off. They’ve been bigging up his conference speech for the last three months. As if anyone cares about him speaking the words of a Blairite. K notice also that in the last PLP meeting they started off with commending the 1985 speech by Kinnock of all hopeless cretins. Hoping to get some reflected glory from another leader who achieved nothing more than kicking people out of the party…..two hopeless less in a pod.

      1. Aye, that was a curious thing to do. Bigging up a guy who lost two elections, and that was without any help from the PLP or – all – of the MSM combined. At least, The Daily Mirror was still on Labour’s side, throughout those two GE’s.

        Well, alright then!

    3. ‘Given that Johnson has been gifted an 80 seat majority….’.

      Yes Steve, ‘gifted’ by the totally corrupt MSM and Jewish newspapers and the JLM and CAA and BoD et al, and the Blairites of course!

      1. lundiel, Just came back to this page to see if SteveH had posted a ‘reply’ to my comment yet (he usually does within a matter of several minutes!) and saw your post as such, so can I ask you what the link was about that you posted in relation to the Green Party a few days ago, because when I clicked on it, nothing came up. Thanks

      2. I can’t find it again. It was Berry saying they didn’t want racist who’d been kicked out of Labour joining the greens.

  2. davidh Steve H With your attitude towards fighting for anything is a waste of time and being in Opposition means sitting on your hands.Now I can only wonder where I have heard that argument before?…Could it be WFM syndrome or just basically Waiving the white flag.?.Gutless !the sign of the knight and his misfits.

    1. Joseph steveH davidH SH & Malcolm Coleman aka WFM, work 4 the parasites. The parasites have always used a multi-forked approach. Their aim is the same; keep us repeating the same errors; PROVOKE & DISTRACT.

      1. windchime – Obviously you couldn’t resist the temptation to add to this alleged distraction.

    2. Funny, isn’t it, how many people there are on this site who appear to spend every day posting comments in practically every thread, and have been doing so for literally several years or more. Yep, they don’t have lives outside of posting comments on skwawkbox ALL day long practically every single day!

      And some of them have posted literally hundreds and hundreds of comments fraudulently discrediting Jeremy Corbyn, and the SCG (or members of), and the left in general. and between them have posted THOUSANDS of such comments! But perish the thought that they have an agenda!!

      And the reason ‘they’ attack me of course is because I keep calling them out for the shills they are, AND exposing their lies and falsehoods.

      1. Makes you wonder if said person is a full time Starmer employee and Professional Turd Polisher.

  3. The conceit and arrogance runs deep, through every level of the party heirarchy. Please Labour socialists, get on with forming a new party

  4. All together now..1…2..3

    Keef, GO NOW, your time is UP!!

    When will the plain, unvarnished truth of this penetrate your thick skull???

  5. I wonder how many delegates will applaud Starmer’s speech? Booing isn’t a realistic option as those booing would be identify and quickly spell for the Party.
    Hence, the best options appears to be either remain at your seat seating in silence or clapping without actually making any noise, just put your hands together as if you are clapping but don’t make any noise.
    But, clap with enthusiasm if we managed to elect the left slate for the NCC.or left supported motions are passed at Conference. It would make the message clear: get out you are surplus to requirement.

  6. I’m not Mystic Meg, just a wee girlie (sarcky comment as Sir Stalin likes to refer to his female helpers (Hartlepool) as “girls” – patronising barsteward that he is), but even I could see this one coming. In fact I said as much to my better half sometime about March.

    It was blindingly obvious to anybody who has been involved in Labour politics for the last decade, that to come to the rescue of a failing NHS, which they manufactured would the Tories next manouver. The bounus for the Tories, by blinding the economically naive with propaganda about having to pay for the pandemic, debt, responsible thing to do etc, is that it will drive even more money into the bank accounts of Virgin shareholders and hedge fund managers.

    I was told a few months ago that there were two senior members of the shadowy cabinet campaigning to damp down opposition within the PLP to the NHS bill currently going through Parliament. Skwawkie now seems to have confirmed this. For Starmer to use our NHS for his own political ends, shows how cynical and duplicitous he really is.

    Certainly the Labour party’s complete lack of engagement with the many campaigns against NHS reforms indicates that Starmer is on board with the them. I think I posted on here about our Unite community march and rally being attended by three Labour MP’s. Two had faces like smacked arses, one gave a wishy washy speech.

    Sir Stalin hasn’t got any political antennae. He can’t read a political situation and best guess what the next manouver in the game should be, his advisors are a throwback to the 1990’s, out ot touch and most probably out of their tiny minds.

    Starmer is utterly inept and useless. But worse, he’s in bed with the corporates, hedge funds and insurance companies, looking to capitalise on further privatisation of our NHS.

    1. I think it is worse than that Nemtoma. I do not agree that Starmer is inept and useless. As my old gran used to say ” it takes a wise man to play the fool”
      I genuinely think Starmer is a very capable man who is pursuing his own agenda which is to destroy the Labour party and make it unelectable for the foreseeable future. All his vindictiveness and hatred for party members is calculated and deliberate and designed to make people walk away. His intention in my opinion is to eventually hand over a neutered party to a new leader so that in the unlikely event we get elected we will be so like the Tories it will make no difference to various interest groups that back him.

      1. I’ve no doubt you may be onto something.

        I read a blog from an insider who disagreed with the premise that Starmer is deliberately sabotaging Labour. From his experience, he wrote of confustion and complete chaos cause by the leader not knowing his glutemus maximus from his humerus, Who know where the truth lies?

        But that was before Blair and Mandelson (Mandy to his mates on here, who I will not respond to) installed their neoliberal dinosaurs into Sir Stalins office.

      2. As my old gran used to say ” it takes a wise man to play the fool”

        I’ve just got to disagree.

        …Unless de piffle is the exception to the rule.

        And stammer isn’t anywhere close to being remotely clever enough to destroy labour on his own. He’s quite obviously following instructions (and not particularly well).

        If he was anywhere near Machiavellian or even just savvy enough, he’d at least have something in the tank to attack the ‘rags in order to at least temporarily prevent the Hoi polloi from turning their noses up at him so as he could continue his mission.

        As it stands he knows full well he’s in schiessen strasse, and thus is akin to a rabbit in the headlights.

        He is demonstrably incapable of political multi-tasking (and pretty much everything else, really).
        The ‘rags – despite being the utter dolts they are – have, and continue to, dance rings around him. Not by design, but by keef’s pitiful, nugatory incapability and lack of spontaneity and impetus..

        Self- preservation is his priority. More now than ever.

        …But hey! He’s forensic – or so the friendly press would have you believe.

      3. I don’t know if I am right or wrong Nemtona but that is what I think. In any case he is a total disaster for the Labour party and those who desperately need a real Labour government

      4. Reply to Toffee
        Johnson’s not so stupid either so it taking a wise man to play the fool applies to him too. He is cunning, unprincipled, manipulative and untruthful but never a fool.
        I agree Starmer is not working alone to destroy Labour. He clearly has powerful backers which is why he is let off easy by the MSM.
        We’ll have to agree to disagree on whether he is a fool or a knave but my money is still on the latter.

      5. Reply to Toffee
        Johnson’s not so stupid either so it taking a wise man to play the fool applies to him too. He is cunning, unprincipled, manipulative and untruthful but never a fool

        Lying, thievery, racism & callousness are all inherent to twunts such as de piffle.

        But he will always be a fool. He openly gives the impression he’s a bumbling oaf because he cannot escape the fact he is one. He believes its what endears him to people, and so he plays on it.

        But notice what gives when he is called out (London assembly debate on fire station closures for example).

        Or Eddie Mair…

  7. Could the Labour party conference be like the US Congress when Natenyahu spoke there. The Labour party is getting like Stalin’s Supreme Soviet, when showing less than sufficient respect could have meant death. The late Uri Avnery wrote that what the American Senators and Congressmen listening to Benjemen Natenyahu feared was a fate worse than death. Anyone remaining seated or not applauding wildly enough could have been caught on camera — and that amounts to political suicide. It was enough for one single congressman to rise and applaud, and all the others had to follow suit. Who would dare not to? The sight of these hundreds of parliamentarians jumping up and clapping their hands, again and again and again and again, with the Leader graciously acknowledging with a movement of his hand, was reminiscent of other regimes. Only this time it was not the local dictator who compelled this adulation, but a foreign one. The most depressing part of it was that there was not a single lawmaker — Republican or Democrat — who dared to resist. When I was a 9 year old boy in Germany, I dared to leave my right arm hanging by my side when all my schoolmates raised theirs in the Nazi salute and sang Hitler’s anthem. Is there no one in Washington DC who has that simple courage? Is there anyone in the Labour party with the courage?

    1. Harry – They may even put the party leaders name to music and then treat us to a ‘spontaneous’ rendition in the form of a repetitive chant.

      1. SteveH, I agree, how about ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ then repeat all through the conference.

      2. Harry – They’ve been there and done that and in the end the renditions of ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ didn’t translate into votes, Once the novelty value had worn off it just sounded naff to anyone but the devoted and the voters ran in the opposite direction

      3. Entertaining as it is there is also something deeply sad and pathetic about someone openly demonstrating a complete lack of gorm to the extent of being unable to recognise basic piss taking behaviour motivated by a desire to annoy and piss off the pompous incompetents and their sycophantic cheerleaders who consider they have an automatic right to operate the Party as their own fiefdom.

      4. I was thinking “oh shit’
        Soond effect would be marvellous
        Challenge for MSM and toilet papers to frame it as anything other than negative
        Hopefully will haunt the fucker to his grave
        Now what we going to do with War Criminal and Mushy peas

      5. Doug, they should both be arrested, prosecuted + stripped of ALL material assets; property, stocks & shares, financial interests, cash … everything, held here + abroad + dispersed to associates & family. Any attempt to hide assets away by any means directly or indirectly should be made an imprisonable crime + those assets seized.

        Straightforward. p.s. cavorting with despots alone should have had war criminal Blair locked up 4 life. But best seize ALL assets and seize assets from all who even attempt to aid repeat offenders.
        P.S. electronically tag Blair and any accomplices. The only places the War Criminal & Mushy Peas may visit, are Afghanistan & Iraq.

        p.s. p.s. Every last penny 4 exorbitant state funded security MILLIONS should be IMMEDIATELY repayable + administration surcharges of 66% total amounts scrounged by the war criminal since it became an MP.

        It sounds overly lenient, but i’m in a good mood.😊😊😊

      6. You’re sneering at the “Oh, Jeremy Corbyn” chant…which was just a spontaneous, crowd-generated thing. It’s true Labour didn’t win under Corbyn-although it also goes without saying that the party would not have made a ten point gain in vote share at the 2017 election under either Smith,Burnham(as he was then)Cooper or Kendall-but the chant wasn’t to blame and nothing Keir’s done as a leader or in his presentation of the party since then has been anything remotely like an improvement, so you’re not actually entitled to do your usual “Corbyn was worse” bit. He actually WASN’T, based on the current polls- and Keir, who has never been the target of a relentless and totally unjustified hate campaign from the media or his own MPs, has no excuse whatsoever for not leading Labour to victory at last May’s local/Scottish/Hartlepool elections OR massive gains in the polls, also unlikr Corbyn.

      7. kenburch – Are you having a laugh. Check it out for yourself Jeremy had the worst approval ratings of any opposition leader.

      8. You deride the fact that Corbyn inspired enthusiasm, SteveH. Care to explain how Labour can possibly win the next election with a leader who inspires NO enthusiasm, who enunciates NO vision, who seemingly has no dream of anything remotely like a radically different, radically better world? How do you think Labour can win with a leader who clearly hates socialism, idealism, democracy, peace, and the very concept of hope? Who, anywhere, would possibly think it was worth putting someone like Keir in power? Can you explain how Keir can possibly unify his party for victory if, only two years out from a GE- at the latest- he STILL refuses to end the AS Frenzy and still refuses to stop trying to drive all the socialists OUT of the party?

        And can you think of anything Keir could possibly gain from his ridiculous obsession with saying nothing about anything other than the irrelevant side issue of taxes, until the party conference, out of a fixation with “protecting his conference speech”? Why does it MATTER whether he “protects his conference speech”? We already know the conference speech will be a pathetic failure, that he will use it to move the party massively to the right of the 2017 manifesto- there is nothing to the right of that but Toryism, nothing to the right of 2017 that there could possibly be any decent reason for a Labour government to bother doing- or that could possibly gain Labour any additional support.

        Why doesn’t Keir just not GIVE a conference speech, given that it can’t possibly do his party any good for him to deliver one?

      9. kenburch – I’m guessing that your sudden change of tack indicates that you’ve checked out Jeremy’s polling and seen how crap it was for yourself.

      10. Nothing Starmer is doing is an improvement in popularity terms. Labour is way behind when the opposition party is either almost always ahead or level-pegging the government.

        What the polls tell us is that Starmer’s war against the Left and his obsession with driving Corbyn out of politics and public life are utterly failed approaches.

        And while Corbyn was often unpopular, we both know it’s because he was smeared with false accusations of not fighting AS, and that it would never have done anything but cost Labour even MORE votes to fight for a second referendum before the election, given that everyone knew the votes for a second referendum didn’t exist in that parliament and there was nothing Corbyn or anybody else could have done to find them, and give that there was nowhere in the UK where the voters would have rewarded Labour for Corbyn taking on that futile, impossible task.

      11. kenburch – It is really simple, Corbyn lost because he lost the trust of the electorate. Sadly Jeremy is now just an irrelevance as far as the vast majority of voters are concerned.

      12. It’s not as though Labour would have done better with a leader NOBODY felt any enthusiasm about, whose message was bland, passionless dreariness like Gordon’s or Ed’s, or like David’s would have been since David had nothing more to offer than Ed.

      13. He only became unpopular because he was slandered- he never DESERVED to lose anyone’s trust. And he’d have lost even MORE trust if he’d fought the unwinnable fight to get a second referendum before the election when everyone knew there was never any chance of GETTING a second referendum before the election. Nobody would have cheered him doing that, there are no constituencies anywhere Labour would have gained doing that, and Keir has never WON the trust of the voters, for that mattered.

        In any case, there’s no good reason for you to keep slagging Corbyn, because there’s no chance he would ever even seek the leadership again.

        What we need are at least most of the ’17 policies- since they were all popular and workable- and Corbyn’s supporters- since Labour can’t win if they are all driven away or Keir doesn’t stop slandering them with false accusations of AS- accusations next to none of them did anything even remotely close to observing.

        We all get it- you’re disappointed in the results Labour had under Corbyn. But his successor hasn’t come anywhere close to improving on those results by carrying out an endless antisocialist vendetta and by pushing to blur the differences with the Tories down to near-nothingness. If the voters wanted that, Labour would be leading in the polls- but the party isn’t doing any better in the polls than it was under Corbyn and often does worse, in terms of overall party support.

        And unlike Corbyn- Keir has no excuse for that- nobody is out there relentless slandering him as a bigot or a terrorist sympathizer, the media are not on a 24-7 campaign to destroy him and nobody in the PLP has vowed to “stab him in the front”. If he’s still got Labour way behind in the polls- and he does- it is solely his own fault.

        He could change that- he could end the war against left activists; he could admit that non-ZIonism or criticism of the Israel government are not one and the same as AS; he could tell his supporters to stop acting like the Palestinian flag is this century’s swastika; most importantly, he could public admit that there is no excuse for a Labour Party whose disciplinary machinery is totally controlled by Gentiles accusing Jewish party members of AS- it’s obscene to even suggest that someone who is Jewish could be an antisemite- and he could, finally, be the leader he PLEDGED to be- a leader who unites rather than destroys.

        Would you finally tell me, SteveH, why any of that would be asking too much?

    2. Is there anyone in the Labour party with the courage? to strike up or even just hum “the Red Flag” to say nothing of “The Internazionale”?

      1. The way we feel it should be theme from the Italian Job
        ‘This is the self preservation society’

      2. Israel calling Temporary Embarrassment
        We only wanted you to blow the bloody doors off the Labour party
        Now everyone will know twas us

      3. Better yet, hum the original melody for “The Red Flag”- i.e., “The White Cockade”?

    1. His motorcade will arrive, replete with huge security detail. He’ll make his speech then speed off.

      He’s more like someone who’s been hired to do a job he doesn’t want. There’s never been a more uncomfortable looking Labour leader.

      1. Beth Rigby’s Sky News interview today was an example of this discomfort. First time I’ve seen an interviewer properly press him for an answer, in relation to whether he supports a wealth tax.

        He squirms when asked to commit to anything requiring a straightforward Yes/No answer. No wonder Boris is so chipper, faced with a slippery, evasive political opponent like Starmer.

  8. Given the fact aloof QC, Starmer, seemingly doesn’t enjoy mingling with ordinary left-wing Labour supporters, the easy ride the MSM are giving him and Labour is infuriating. During Corbyn’s time as leader, the then shadow chancellor John McDonnell appeared on Newsnight for an interview. He faced hostile, rapid fire questioning, with constant interruptions and challenges. Compare and contrast this to the kid-glove treatment Labour’s current spokespeople get under Starmer. The ‘national broadcaster’ the BBC, and guardian, simply don’t care about how biased and unprofessional their journalists are.

  9. Nick somebody Symonds who’s apparently the shadow home secretary just said on Ch4 news that he knows what’s going on with immigrants crossing the channel because he’s “been to Dover”.

  10. Remember back stop is
    Labour Day Tuesday 5th October
    Mass resignation and withdrawal of funding, coordinated and announced by JVL
    Let’s do it by not telling them and just cancelling our direct debits

  11. See Frances O’Grady offering Starmer support today.

    What do the unions think about Starmer and Evans chasing corporate sponsorship and big donors?

    The dire financial situation they’ve put the party may be responsible, but nevertheless, isn’t it a case of :

    “No man can serve two masters” – only swap ‘man’ for ‘party’.

    You don’t see the Tories going begging to the unions. Seems wholly antithetical to Labour’s ideals.

    1. If Frances O’Grady is sincere in her offer of support she will find herself in hot water with Unite and other Unions who are growing increasingly disgusted with Starmer. She should also remember not to bite the hand that feeds her. It would be more appropriate if she offered her support to the Bakers Union whose leader is being hounded by Starmer to the extent that they are considering disaffiliating from Labour.

  12. So under the Tories from 2023 homeowners would pay a maximum of £86k toward social care, those with assets of £100k or less would get some help.
    So if you have a £1m home, £500k home, £150k home you pay max £86k, Tory fairness?
    Richard Burgon argues if we had a 10% wealth tax it would raise £69b – which could hopefully make it free in England and hopefully could be a pay rise for care staff?
    There are 100,000 care staff vacancies.
    Or perhaps as Howard Beckett suggests have a 0.5% financial transaction tax (The Robin Hood Tax) could bring in £250b for above.
    Or instead of £495b on an increased number of nuclear weapons just keep 10 (waste £20b) and use a chunk for social care and cancer care and all other human need.
    Are many options for socialists but Right Wing Labour are perhaps frightened of being radical.

  13. Tories Social Care Poll Tax?
    homes over £100k and for millionaires you pay £86k!
    A burden shared?

    1. There are many people across the UK today whos only assets is there home and thats usually mortaged to the banksters.Basics are now a luxury few of the younger generation can afford and that so called asset a home will be taken by the government or the banksters if like many you have lost a job or fallen sick..ITs a jungle out there and no one to help.PS getting old is now a target for the Taxman and the government.

  14. Back to normal; transport; sport; schools; universities; hospitality (inc. pubs, clubs; theatres etc but no face to face ward or constituency meetings prior to Conference. What is Starmer frightened of?

      1. Funny, he never cared about causing a Covid outbreak in the schools, as shown by his pointless, bloodyminded insistence on going to the right of the Tories on that and pushing to force all kids back into physical classrooms at a time when there was no way to be sure that could be done safely. He was fine with endangering the young, just so he could make an arrogant display of putting the teachers’ unions “in their place”.

  15. Mr. “Schools must reopen, no ifs no buts, no equivocation” is clearly not afraid of outbreaks of Covid.

  16. Labour are ahead in the latest YouGov poll
    Tory: 33% (-5 from 2-3 Sep)
    Lab: 35% (+1)
    Lib Dem: 10% (+2)
    Green: 9% (-1)
    SNP: 5% (n/c)
    Reform UK: 5% (+2)

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