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Labour suspends Bootle branch that demanded Starmer resign over S*n column

Bootle Labour party unanimously called for Starmer to resign for cosying up with hated rag. Now branch that proposed motion has been suspended by Labour in what members regard as revenge attack

Labour has suspended a Merseyside branch that tabled a motion demanding Keir Starmer’s resignation after he wrote a column for the S*n.

The Ford branch of Bootle Labour tabled the motion, which was passed unanimously by outraged members of the constituency party (CLP) – and has now been suspended by the party in what locals consider a revenge attack for the branch daring to call out Starmer for his actions.

Supposedly, complaints have been made regarding the running of the branch and the activities of members, alleging intimidation and harassment. But local members say that the branch has an outstanding reputation for being a welcoming and friendly one.

Members also attribute the move to the party’s desire to shut down the selection process for local elections next year. According to a comment made to Bootle for Socialism, the action is related to issues within the Bootle Labour council group:

colleagues [are] being disciplined and demoted for voicing concerns or opinions about cliques and family connections dominating positions within the group.

The ward’s sitting councillor was due to face a selection process later this month, but the suspension of the branch means she will be automatically reselected.

A branch member told Skwawkbox:

This is linked to the motion [calling for Starmer to resign]. There were all sorts of shenanigans in the run-up to that vote to try to block or delay it and now we’re being punished for voting for it. There’s already been a lot of interference by the regional Labour office, with branch motions having to be run by them for approval before we get chance to vote on them.

The S*n motion probably got through because it would have been too politically dangerous to block it, then on the night they decided to change the usual voting procedure but nobody dared be seen speaking against the motion so it passed unanimously. Members then had to take steps to ensure the motion was passed up to the party instead of disappearing.

But now we’re being shut down because they want to rig the selection meeting – and for revenge for crossing the leader.

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  1. Is there no limit to the immaturity and peevish small mindedness of this party leadership?
    The assault on party democracy and free speech is appalling in itself, but the overall thrust is laughable.
    Somebody, commenting on an article in today’s Guardian, described the current government as “a motley bunch of halfwits”, but the Labour leadership sups from the same trough.
    It’s great to know that the future of the country be is in such hands – of any and all major parties.
    We are doomed… Doomed I tell you!!

    1. If you don’t panic now, you obviously don’t understand the situation.. I live in neighbouring Sefton CLP & just B4 I resigned I proposed a motion in support of Bootle CLP, which was rejected by membership, not because they disagreed, but because our CLP chairman had just been expelled for criticising Starmer. I still feel bad about resigning, but I can’t stomach the hypocrisy.

  2. Petty, petty, petty. Everything about this man is petty – except his ego and his foolishness. They’re legendary – and clumsily large.

    Whereas with Blair it was obvious the billionaires were with him, with Stasi Starmer they must be thinking “WTF…” and preparing their excuses already.

    But still, he’s pleasing them on De-Corbynating and disabling Labour.

    1. True Fascist Fearmongering Politics and Leadership, I suppose Fascists are the School Playground Bully all “grown up”!
      Or the kid who got beat on by the Bully, now all grown up and turned Psycho Fearmonger Revenge Bully!

  3. So Bootle CLP is suspended for intimidation and harassment – astonishing. I was convinced it would be for “antisemitism” the normal reason given when dissenting voices, Socialists and anti Zionist are expelled from Starmers Labour.
    Maybe the leadership is starting to realise that the antisemitism accusation is wearing a bit thin and people have caught on to the true motivation behind it so they have decided to do it differently this time. If that is the case I think we can expect more “intimidation” and “harassment” expulsions over the coming weeks and months.
    Also Solidarity with Bootle CLP which is 100% right. I hope other CLPs fall in behind Bootle and also call for the resignation of Starmer. He is a disgrace.

  4. It certainly is a revenge attack on those with the cojones to speak the truth.
    Yes – Expect more of the same from the spiteful petty-minded bastards who are running the shit-show.

  5. The big worry about this is that the media are once again flexing their muscles and deciding who gets to take the throne in Downing street.The thought that such a vicious evil person like the knight will enter Downing street as PM having lied cheated and perpetuated the most vicious cruel witchunt in living memory of any party in Britain is frightening .This knight cannot be allowed to become PM on the idea of “Hes not Johnson or Corbyn.” A foreign power is effectively funding the parasites ambition of being PM .Corbyns been effectively emasculated by the Labour party alarmingly and the avenue for a real Opposition is slipping away and we know it.The left need to come together and build a new Labour movement and soon if this “plant is
    to stopped…..permanently..!

  6. ‘TV show deletes poll after 89% oppose mandatory vaccination’

    ITV breakfast television show ‘Good Morning Britain’ received backlash on social media after deleting a poll which showed a vast majority of respondents opposed mandatory Covid-19 vaccination.

    The poll, which asked viewers whether it was “time to make vaccines mandatory” in response to the spread of the Covid-19 Omicron variant, was posted to Twitter on Tuesday and soon received more than 42,000 votes.

    A whopping 89% of those who voted opposed any scheme to make vaccination mandatory, with just 11% in favor.

    After the poll went viral, however, social media users noticed that it had been deleted by the Good Morning Britain Twitter account, and critics accused the program of trying to cover up the public consensus.

    1. Allan Howard
      Look up John Campbell on YouTube
      He points out that Omicron will very quickly become the dominant variant and extinguish Delta
      If that is true its game over as Omicron is no worse than the common cold

      1. Perhaps John Campbell is merely fullfiling a role in the Covid Narrative justification criteria. He’s v good at it.

        But, the point is, it’s too soon to know one way or the other.

        Omicron reportedly first appeared in S Africa on 01-Nov-2021. Six weeks elapsed time is not enough to know properly how infectious or how pathogenic the ‘variant’ might be.

        Coronavirus itself has been in general circulation (and part of the annual ‘flu virus which surfaces when people’s VitD levels lower (“There isn’t a flu season, it’s a low vitD season”) since at least 1962, and epidemiological data (even when polluted by inappropriate PCR “testing”) suggests all versions of coronavirus – MERS, SARS and COVID – have a reassuringly low infection ability.

        We’ll know for sure by end-February 2022 at the earliest. Until then “stay calm and carry on”

      2. A few points:

        >>> If that is true its game over as Omicron is no worse than the common cold

        FIRST – DOUG – I don’t follow your reasoning ….

        What is more – what do you mean by “no worse ..”?

        Do you mean “no worse” contingent on us having been vaccinated plus
        some people having caught the disease plus us knowing more about it?

        We have had a similar occurrence 100 yeas ago after WW1 and this killed
        millions world wide before it eventually petered out after several years. We
        have seen Documentaries about the older documentaries and seen the
        symptoms ..different from the symptoms of COVID but still dreadful.
        We saw the Sky documentary
        where reporters were sent into a Care Home coincidentally a few months before
        the Pandemic and were able to document its terrible effects on the vulnerable
        there when the staff were struggling to cope with oxygen running out and similarly
        with missing PPE.

        Yes we do have Flu epidemics but this was far worse than a flu epidemic .. which
        itself is worse than the “common cold”.

        SECOND – another point for posters to consider

        What is meant by mandatory vaccination – do you mean
        (1) Medics turning up at your house with armed police and enforced
        (2) The unvaccinated who catch COVID being denied free
        medical treatment
        (3) The unvaccinated being denied admission to theatres,
        night clubs, restaurants, air travel etc ..

        THIRD point – I do not think COVID has decreased democracy –
        rather it has increased it. In our Branch and Constituency
        there have been Labour Party members attending
        meetings online who would not have been able to attend in person.
        Eg the bedridden, the elderly, the disabled, single parents .. etc.

        Of course this could have happened without the pandemic – and was vaguely
        spoken about – but had been put off and it is a pity that it had to take a
        pandemic to make it happen.

      3. HolbyfanMw
        The best people on this subject are those who acknowledge how little we know about Covid19 but have enough previous experience to call out the bullshit
        I doff my cap to qwertboi, The British Medical Journal, The Lancet and now John Campbell
        At end of the day we know enough to stay safe or say fuck it, I’ll take my chances

  7. Thanks Allan Howard this is were your research helps all of us especially the vulnerable who have to drink flouride in the water supplies and jabbed with god knows what and have the same pushed up there noses and hardly hear a dicky bird..about any of it.RT brilliant exposure and the comments section show the anger of ordinary people against,media,government and politician’s.
    IT does show how valuable the left news is now that the MSM and the establishment clamped down with draconian measures against the people.
    The fact that all of this real news can get a reaction from me and others on the other side of the world means that the left wing news and opinions will be firmly on the choping block for all government including the non existent Opposition party.

  8. To clarify. Have complaints been made that intimidation and/or harassment has occurred in the Branch? Have members of the branch made allegations of intimidation and/or harassment about other Party units, i.e. Cllr Group, CLP etc?

    This is an important distinction. Party Rules at Chapter 1. Clause VIII, 3(A)(i) grants authority to the NEC to suspend a Party unit but it must be for a specific ‘purpose’, ‘to uphold and enforce the constitution, rules and standing orders of the Party…’. There is no part of the constitution, rules or standing orders that restrict the content of a Branch motion and consequently the ‘motion’ on Starmer cannot legitimately be the basis of any disciplinary action by the NEC to suspend the Branch under 1.VIII.3(A)(i). If solely on this basis then the suspension is in my opinion ultra vires.

    If however there are allegations that intimidation and/or harassment has taken place in the Branch that would be legitimate grounds to suspend. Chapter 1, Clause VIII.3(E) which states that:

    ‘…Harassment or intimidation of any member is unacceptable as is any form of discrimination on the basis of gender, age, sexual orientation and gender identity, disability or race…’

    This is an express part of the Rules and would grant the NEC authority to suspend under 1.VIII.3(A)(i). This does though clearly relate to acts or conduct by Branch members that amounts to intimidation and/or harassment.

    If alternately allegations have been made by Branch members that some other body is alleged to have indulged in conduct that allegedly amounts to intimidation and/or harassment then that would not be sufficient to suspend the Branch under 1.VIII.3(A)(i) as it is merely an expression of opinion and does not amount to a breach of the constitution, rules or standing orders.

    1. BVD – concerning your legal points:
      What you have said is undoubtedly correct but equally applies to the
      forbidden topics at LP meetings of EHRC Report, Corbyn, etc –
      decreed by Evans.

      It was illegal then but that was ignored – the Labour Party appears
      to be able to act with impunity these days with the possibly
      reluctant support even of the Courts.

      Another legal point since we are on the subject – those who have been
      automatically chucked out have been sent letters saying “You have signed
      XXX petition and on the balance of probabilities you support YYY proscribed

      A diagnosis based on probability relies on evidence so where is that
      evidence? Early weather forecasting used historic evidence of temperatures,
      air pressures etc and winter storms or heat waves to be able to give the
      probability of severe weather or alternatively heat waves in the future ..

      In the political example – they would need to know the current relationship
      of others who signed the petition with YYY. .. Or similar evidence to
      ascertain correlation of a previous signature and current support.

      1. I am aware it refers to the attempt by the GS to ban the discussion of certain topics. As I pointed out at the time there is no authority in the rules for the GS to mandate what may be discussed by a Branch or CLP. The NEC has authority to prescribe the conduct of meetings but not the content.

        Also well aware that the Party just ignores the rules and the Courts have been feeble at stepping in to force it externally. As a nation we are not really a society of laws anymore so why expect Labour to be different? It disgusts me.

  9. Solidarity with Bootle. The saddest part of this is, apart from all the faithful Socialists that Starmer has suspended, is that in these days when the Tory party is in such disarray, Starmer has robbed Britain of a creditable alternative to the bloody handed terrorists. I wanna see the Tories out but the last thing I want to see is treacherous Starmer at the helm!
    Solidarity with all Socialists, suspended, sacked or resigned in the face of this useless, spineless apology of a leader!
    Bring back Jeremy Corbyn! Or give Zarah Sultana a chance!

    1. Joseph
      Or Dawn Butler, she was very good on Politics Live this week
      Needs to be a history maker to counteract the shitshow we have had since 2010 and 1979

    2. @restless42-

      “…in these days when the Tory party is in such disarray”

      Is it ? The Tories are just being Tories.

      What’s changed is the way the MSM/press are reporting this stuff. All Johnson’s failings were known in 2019 before the GE, but the press presented him as some sort of infallible Messiah.

      The UK public are the most highly manipulated people after US public, and when the real inner circle masters want a change at the top, as when they want to lie us into a war, they simply tell their controlled MSM friends to make it happen.

  10. Puerile churlish bastards…

    Has Liverpool seen Labour wiped out before?

    1. Yes under Trevor Jones when the libs conned their way into power by not being Labour.Good campaigns but crappy councillors.and middle class libs flip flops didnt sit well with Liverpool’s voters.

  11. If you want to be told what to do by a bunch of jack whitehall lookalike middle class wankers in their ‘Risley runaround’ plimsolls, cuffed skintight jeans, fluorescent green tie-dyed v-neck t-shirts and bright maroon jackets with their hipster beards and godawful poncey topknots, then go right ahead.

    But don’t bother to complain to me about it.

    I wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire, and I could piss paraffin/

    1. I’m sure I agree with your sentiments “The Toffee” …
      ..,.. even if I don’t know what “Risley Runaround Plimsolls” are.

      1. The type of black pumps one wore for PE in primary school; standard issue for the cons in HMP Risley.

  12. if I was a strategist for the NIP (Northern Independence Party) Id be paying close attention to the goings on in Liverpool Labour

  13. FMS!
    Strarmer destroying the LP from within!!
    Who needs the Tories when Sarmer can do the job for em?
    This person made my prediction from the very start as a no hoper for the LP!!
    The terminology I used was “There’s a fckin stench about him,” How correct I was and it’s getting worse!!
    I live up North and I can smell it from here!!!
    How long before there’s no LP to talk about?
    From a very concerned Socialist member!!

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