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Labour MP Eagle deletes tweet calling Starmer a ‘dud’

Labour MP Angela Eagle is regarded by many as on the right of the party – she initially launched a challenge to Jeremy Corbyn as part of the infamous ‘chicken coup’, before Owen Smith barged to the front of that queue, and was one of numerous MPs who took part in the coordinated resignations from the Labour front bench to try to force Corbyn out, as well as being at the centre of the discredited ‘Brickgate’ stitch-up.

So for her to share a tweet by former Boris Johnson handler Dominic Cummings calling Starmer a ‘dud’ is quite an eye opener. But she, or at least her Twitter account, did just that – and then deleted it twenty seconds later. Fortunately, the Politwoops site monitors tweets deleted by MPs and other political figures and captured it for posterity:

Perhaps at first glance she thought it said ‘dude’. Either way, for once she was in tune with the rest of the population – many of whom do consider Starmer a dud even worse than the murderous Boris Johnson.

Ms Eagle’s offices were not picking up calls when Skwawkbox tried to reach her for comment.

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  1. Well, if even Angela Eagle MP calls Sir Keir Rodney ‘a dud’ (even though she thought it was ‘in private’ with a hard-right Joseph Goebbels character), I reckon a leadership challenge is in the pipeline. (It doesn’t make me feel hopeful though).

  2. Angela Eagle is a nasty piece of work. During the coup she showed herself to be manipulative arrogant and untruthful as well as totally incompetent. Since then she has made her peace with her CLP and has kept her head down presumably in an attempt to live down her despicable behaviour. However as she was and still is motivated by self interest, her turning on Starmer its no real surprise. That’s the sort of person she is and as the PLP is full of people like her I expect Starmer to be ousted before too long.

    1. Not so sure she’s made peace with her CLP. The members I know – that haven’t been suspended yet – still want her out it’s just the right wing has raised it’s ugly head and started to attend meetings.

      1. Pablored 62 Eagles behaviour during the coup was disgraceful and it doesn’t surprise me that many decent members in Wallasey want her out. I only hope they succeed.

  3. Lots of people have been suggesting that Labour and other opposition parties field just one candidate in the North Staff by-election. Starmer soon quashed any ideas of co-operation by announcing within minutes that Labour would field a candidate.

    1. I don’t understand why – any – serious, political party would do that. There’s no good reason why they should.

      What’s the reasoning behind it?

      Oh, and I should say, it makes me feel very uncomfortable to be in agreement with Starmer. How did that happen?

      1. One lesson I learnt and my CLP in Surrey didn’t is that once a voter gets out of the habbit of voting Labour,with dirty deals to beat the Tory is that the voters rarely come back..Lib dems are the parasite party and I have not had a Damascus moment but any party needs to field candidates across the constituencys if they ever want to be in government.Ask Sinn Fein they dropped a clanger with not having the funding to field candidates across the whole of Ireland and could now be in government and the first democratic socialist government in Ireland.We now have the funding and are basically waiting for the inevitable General election sooner than expected..Whilst in Britain the old establishment still rule and backed by the Opposition……but for how long?

    2. He HAD to say that* – to maintain the pretence that he is the leader of Labour, not its Destroyer.

      *. unless, of course, the CLP picked a parliamentary candidate that was to the left of David Rockefeller and dopey Evans failed to impose a TC-approved candidate in time.

    3. Joe – According to what I have read it was the LP that suggested to the LibDems and Greens that they should stand down in favour of “an anti-sleaze” candidate but the LDs rapidly turned down the idea. That was when Captain Hindsight vetoed the suggestion.

      1. I’ll have a look. I had thought that it was on Novara but it turns out not so. I’ll search.

  4. There’s obviously something afoot in the PLP! Local elections are coming and even the far right of the Labour Party know when the game is up. They’re all scared of losing that cushy Westminster job they’ve cultivated for so long. If Angela challenges Keir she won’t get elected but their chosen candidate will as they’ll rig the election. That’s if the party is still in existence by then!

  5. Hahahaha, I still remember her campaign which looked like an ad for cheap Z list celebrity perfume.

  6. Her office wasn’t picking up calls? Well the staff would have been too busy sweeping up all of the glass as out of conrol Starmer supporters took their revenge on the window of stairwell of the office on the other side of the building. You know how these fanatical types are.

  7. Liars denouncing liars, denouncing liars, denouncing liars!
    Apologies to MC Escher.

  8. Off topic, but there’s a rumour going around twitter that WikiLeaks published a leaked copy of the Forde Report on Facebook last night, but it’s since been deleted. Nothing on the WikiLeaks website as yet.

    Fingers crossed something is happening.

    1. That’d be fantastic. Who/whatever leaked it will surely have contingency plans so they can ‘leak’ it properly (which could never be on a psychotic billionaire’s website). An immediate implosion of the Starmer Labour party would be the result – and this looks better than a BAU-Starmer pretend Labour party.

  9. How I wish I’d have had my phone to hand when she appeared at my front door prior to the 2019 election…

  10. The #Brickgate site of the dame’s constituency office has since had a nice makeover. Her office is now behind a tall wooden fence and the interfering public can no longer see it, walk up to it, touch it, or generally make a nuisance of themselves.

    The stairwell window – falsely described as “inaccessible to the public” – that was broken by her incompetent insiders before the newspapers were called (and then the police as an afterthought) can still be walked up to and touched.

  11. How strange. Her office didn’t pick up your call. But they sat there for hours on end, picking up “hundreds of abusive calls” in summer 2016, just as Eagle mounted a hideously misconceived, perfumed, pink tinged, doomed at the outset bid for the leadership of the party.

    1. Wonder if that was the last email from the party that he got? 🤔

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