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Starmer’s popularity FALLS after Batley

Party and leader fall further behind Tories on several measures after dirty by-election campaign

Further behind: Keir Starmer and Labour

Keir Starmer’s – and his party’s – standing has fallen even further behind the Tories, despite a scraped win last week in Batley and Spen helped by a smear campaign against a rival candidate and Tory Matt Hancock’s implosion.

Starmer now stands even further behind the dire Boris Johnson on the question of who voters think would be the best Prime Minister:

And Starmer’s personal approval rating has also dropped, while Labour has fallen further behind the Tories in Westminster voting intention, as the Stats for Lefties Twitter account noted:

Skwawkbox view:

As previous polls have observed, Starmer is an electoral handicap to his party – making his absence from Batley and Spen in the last couple of days of the campaign a likely contributor to a majority of just 323 votes, down from more than 3,500 in the supposed low of 2019. But his party, void of policies, is doing little better. If Labour has any interest in returning to power, he needs to be removed – and not replaced by any of the other non-oppositional personality and character vacuums the right might want to put in his seat instead.

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  1. I suspect that Sir Keir’s massive relief on scraping a 323 vote majority, i.e. his undeservedly-smug behaviour is causing his massive drop in confidence for most people, rather than his odious and deceitful politics and pro-tory sycophancy.

    1. Aye, he tried too hard to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

      Only, some of the MSM went for it. I suppose its progress, of a sort, not all of them did.

    2. Also who pulled what strings and where!?
      20% are Muslim and will not vote Neolabour Tory. Let’s say a further 15% are Black People who will not vote Neolabour Tory. Then there are the many UK Labour Party voters, who will NOT vote Neolabour Party Tory and were hell bent on seeing Apartheid Keith lose, let’s be modest and say 10%.
      So 35% Black and Muslim voters, give 5% to the Conservative Tories add the UK Labour Party Voters that alone would be 40% to Galloway! I despise Galloway, but I would have voted for him to prevent another seat going to The Neolabour Party Tories! Nonetheless he took 23% which looks way too low, roughly 40% would more likely vote Galloway than Starmer & Co. I think the string pullers went a bit too low on that one, they probably figured the constantly repeated 20% Muslims and let’s give him a token 3% for the rest!
      If I was George I would FOIA the Traffic CCTV footage for all the possible routes from all the Polling Stations to the Counting Centre. How we can trust ONE Volunteer ALONE with all our votes in their own private car, off radar for 10/20/30 minutes is beyond me!

    3. Surely the question should be, why is the fat perverts’ rating still so strong?We have nothing to offer the working class. Yes I know the beeb, the media blah blah. What do we do or say when a voter comes to the door? Yes sir/ madam, things are awful, but listen and vote for us because… what. As usual answers on a post card. Don’t be too clever it just gives the responder a higher opinion of themselves. As if that could be even possible to the tiggers and Blairites still chewing within. Please don’t say the Red one or McConnell or Burdon or TU comfortarians ( I’m out of the race for the benefit of the working class) that’s over. It offers people nothing.What has been the lefts response to thecoroni thing. More people have died, children are killing staff but the caretakers are OK, nhs staff leave for work unsure if they will survive their shifts. Moron and his comrade in arms push any crap and it’s treated as golden, honey dripping truth. All of the time we are funding this trash. The real conspiracy is the virus. The anti-democratic, authoritarian laws have gone through on the nod. Politicians vent their spleen by,….abstaining? Yes I am aware of the difficulty of ordinary people to understand the nuances. Sometimes the left is too smart, clever and elite for the masses. Left no crunchers, how many’cases’ have led to fatality by Covid? Why is unmasking by so many well within the accepted distances so successful during international sporting event? Watch a match and try to work out the masking conventions. You will get a headache, that’s fine just don’t cough. If you DOLPHIN, OR, treat yourself because there aren’t any beds so where are the beds which we were promised at the opening of the London Olympics? I’m done especially after finding out that my nephew Luke,5 years old, has had his stomach operation postponed for the 2nd time. At least he won’t be missing school, its on lock down till the hols. Enough, I can’t possibly be the only one who doesn’t even smell the cool aid. Half a million Ferguson was on the tube. What do they need to do in order to look at the result of their modelling from behind bars. That’s my lot. Stay safe-I advice people to not ask the friendly officer on the beat, the time, report a crime or ask for directions to Hyde Park- believe me the virus is the least of our forthcoming problems. Keep well.

  2. As popular as sarcoptic mange, just as unsightly, and as irritating to hear speak.

  3. I’ve been saying since Watson Eagle Murray et al started their Fifth Column activities that we either had to remove purge the Tory Right within the Labour Party or leave and form The Socialist and Labour Party, either way it should’ve been done and we would’ve had a New Party and A Great Leader and would eventually have been PM, It’s not to late

    1. Patrick McQueenie
      Deal with the poison and get rid of Red Tories
      It may seem strange but One Nation Tories have an even bigger hill to climb to get their party back
      All we have to do is get my dog to stand against Temporary Embarrassment the rest is a formality

      1. Well one thing’s for sure, Starmer and the Blairites need licking, and it sounds like your dog might just do the trick.

  4. It was nasty to be infested by The Neolabour Party Tories so Good Riddance, they have already Killed The UK Labour Party so RIP UK Labour Party long live The UK Labour Movement!

  5. Even Andrew Rawnsley of the Observer can find little consolation for Starmer.

    He writes: “The significance of this by election is not that it is a triumph achieved, but a catastrophe averted.”

    And I do not see how it would have been averted had it not been for Matt Hancock.

    1. In the first place one has to ask why Hancock and Gina Coladangelo would have a snog directly in front of a CCTV, which they both must have known was situated there. And in the second place, who on Earth would think to pass it to the Sun. I haven’t been following the episode, but I just did a search on the Sun’s website re >matt hancock<, and one of the results that came up was 'Where was the Matt Hancock and Gina Coladangelo kissing video filmed?', and in the article it says that: The video was taken inside of his ninth-floor office at the Department of Health building.'

      Doesn't make sense of course that they would do so, or that someone – just prior to the Batley and Spen by-election – would think to play through that particular video footage and find the footage of them having a snog, and THEN pass the clip of them doing so on to the Sun. I mean how many people would have access to CCTV video footage in the building. And I stress, why would you stand directly in front of the CCTV in his office anyway!??

      And why would the Sun publish an expose of their affair – and especially at such a time – and not wait until a week or two after the by-election.

      Given that Starmer would have had little choice but to announce he was standing down had the LP lost the by-election, I have little doubt that the Establishment did whatever was necessary to make sure he DIDN'T, including 'fixing' the result – ie that 'their man', who has been doing all he can to expunge the left from the LP, should be rewarded with a win and kept in place!

      I mean the fact that it was such a narrow win just adds weight to THAT scenario – ie that the result was fixed.

    1. Thanks for the link. I bought the book – by his brother – about a year ago, and as I read it I was literally staggered by the amount of corruption it exposed amongst the police, and it got to the point where I had to stop reading it for a while because it was so disturbing and unsettling. I mean I had already concluded a long time ago that we live in a fascist controlled state in effect, but the book really brings it home to you:

      And they can do what the hell they like and get away with it precisely because they control all the levers of power AND the MSM!

  6. When is Jeremy Corbyn’s Case coming to the High Court?
    I’m a Discrimination Lawyer – the Labour Party Has Probably Broken the Law by Removing the Whip From Jeremy Corbyn
    by David Renton
    26 November 2020
    This opinion from David Renton backs Corbyn’s claim that Starmer has exceeded his authority as leader by, in effect investigating him twice for the same “offence” and other procedural failings

  7. Not sure if this is the same as the case involving the agreement Corbyn’s team McCluskey and Trickett were supposed to have concluded with LOTO and Starmer denies agreeing to, Corbyn also claims Starmers decision to take the whip from Corbyn was influenced by the Jewish Board of Deputies and Margaret Hodge. The Claim by Corbyn for pre trial disclosure was rejected by the Judge, who said Corbyn had enough evidence to proceed with his action. The Labour
    party said there were no further documents to disclose.

    1. The thing is of course that if an agreement HADN’T been made regarding Jeremy clarifying (what Starmer & Co wanted him to clarify), why on Earth would he just happen to do exactly THAT at around 2.00am on the day he did so, which just happened to be the day the NEC met late that afternoon and cleared Jeremy of any wrong-doing?!

      Oh, right, Jeremy just suddenly thought to himself at around two in the morning: ‘I wonder if when I said – on the day the EHRC published its report – that the scale of the problem of A/S in the party has been dramatically overstated etc, that anyone interpreted that as me saying that the CONCERN about A/S in the party has been exaggerated….. mmm, perhaps I’d better just make a clarification on my facebook page just in case’!.

  8. Which means they cannot produce any undisclosed documents from the magic hat. The MSM reported it as a loss- not so.

    1. SM, Could end up being a loss, if it goes to court, it could be a case of, He said/She said, I find it unbelievable that an experienced Trade Union negotiator like McCluskey could go into discussions involving such high profile leaders on sensitive legal matters with a den of vipers [LOTO’s team] without minutes being taken. Corbyn’s saving grace was to refuse a full unambiguous confession to the Chief Whip, to which Starmer would have said ‘What else can I do, he has confessed to wrongdoing, bye bye Mr Corbyn.

  9. Sir Keir Starmer was voted leader by an overwhelming majority of Labour Party Members. All 3 leadership candidates agreed to be bound by demands made by Board of Deputies. Groucho Marx got it right.

  10. Sir Keir Starmer was voted leader by an over whelming majority of Labour Party members. All 3 leadership candidates agreed to be bound by Board of Deputy demands. Marxist Labour Party, Groucho, not Karl.

  11. Sir Keir Starmer was voted leader of the Labour Party by an overwhelming majority of its members. All 3 leadership candidates agreed to be bound by demands made by Board of Deputies. Labour Party Marxist, but Groucho not Karl.

    1. Around a third of LP members – ie about 250,000 – didn’t vote at all, and given that RBL and Nandy got about 215,000 between them, and Starmer got just under 276,000 votes, the reality is that he was elected by about two-fifths of the membership, which is hardly an overwhelming majority.

      The amount of misinformation and disinformation that gets posted on this site is quite staggering!

      NB And I would strongly suggest that just about all of those who didn’t vote were left-wing members, as were those who voted for RBL, and that only a very small number of left-wingers voted for Starmer, and were mostly younger members who were new to politics and were unaware of his history – and were duped into doing so by his promise to continue with Jeremy’s policies, just as it was designed to do

  12. Sir Keir was voted leader by majority of Labour Party members. All 3 leadership candidates agreed to be bound by demands made by Board of Deputies. Marxist Labour Party, Groucho not Karl.

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