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Leaked Labour report shows Wallasey members WERE stitched up over ‘Brickgate’

Neither former Labour staffer nor Wallasey MP respond to questions

Wallasey MP Angela Eagle

The Labour Party report leaked by whistleblowers at the weekend has accused former Labour staffers of a string of misdeeds in undermining the party’s leadership, electoral efforts and disciplinary investigations.

It also says that Labour members on Merseyside were the victims of a politically-driven stitch-up designed to protect the constituency’s MP, Angela Eagle, from attempts to deselect her.

In 2016, at the height of attempts by right-wing Labour MPs and their media allies to topple then-leader Jeremy Corbyn, the media carried endless reports of a brick supposedly thrown through the window of Eagle’s constituency office by Labour members.

There was no brick, as police later admitted. The window was not the window of Angela Eagle’s office. Nor was there ever any evidence at all that the damage to a window of the building’s shared stairwell was caused by Labour members. Almost none of the media who had rabidly reported the false claims ever published corrections.

Eagle also alleged that members of her CLP (constituency Labour party) had abused her by making homophobic comments during a meeting – even though party members said she had not even been at the meeting.

In spite of these facts, Wallasey CLP was suspended by the party – and remained suspended for many months, even though the party’s official investigation report found no evidence of wrongdoing and contradicted itself repeatedly.

Members at the time felt that they were being stitched up and that the report was deliberately written confusingly to allow right-wing HQ employees to prolong the suspension to protect Eagle.

And they were absolutely right, according to messages and discussions revealed in the leaked report:

Emilie Oldknow and GLU staff discussed keeping Angela Eagle MP’s CLP suspended, at Eagle’s request, in order to give her team more time to organise against left-wing members before the AGM. [page 31]

Wallasey CLP was also suspended in July 2016. A year later, on 7 July 2017 Oldknow emailed Sam Matthews, the Head of Disputes, and Stolliday asking for an update on the situation…

Oldknow noted that the local MP Angela Eagle felt that, if the CLP’s suspension was lifted in the coming months, this would “not give her time to organise etc.

Matthews responded with an update, and noted:
I have every sympathy for the fact that Angela is still in a difficult situation as theyare properly organised in her constituency – my worry is that based on track record, no matter how much time we give Angela (in practice Imran) to “organise”, so little work will go into it that we’ll end up getting asked to extend it further and further. At the moment, Imran [an Eagle staffer at the time] wants the suspension to remain in place until at least November, but I would be really worried about turning up to Disputes in October and having to report that Wallasey was still suspended because they haven’t held an AGM yet.

I would also be worried about them having the ammunition of going to
conference without a date being set for the AGM at the very least – I think that risks feeding an unhelpful narrative

This was an open discussion between senior GLU and GSO staff and Labour Party Executive Directors about ensuring that Angela Eagle and her allies were able to win at the AGM and other votes at the CLP, and about how they had been “giv[ing] Angela (in practice Imran)” “time” to “organise” to win those votes against the local Labour left.

It is telling that no-one appears to have had any hesitancy about openly discussing the factional role they were playing with other Labour HQ staff. [page 114]

According to Labour’s report, Wallasey members were the victims of a fix that kept them suspended for well over a year, just so an MP and her staff could organise against them.

The ‘mainstream’ media, of course, were more than happy to amplify the narratives of supposed abuse by left-wing members – and almost all showed no interest whatever in correcting their story, even after the claims against Wallasey members had been thoroughly exposed.

They are owed a public apology as an absolute minimum.

And according to the report, Wallasey was by no means the only CLP where this was the case. More to follow on the other innocent victims of right-wing stitch-ups and the thoroughly dishonest media narrative the political fixes enabled.

Keir Starmer, rather than suspend the membership of all accused by the report while the issue is investigated, has talked of protecting them – and investigating both the creators of the report and the whistleblowers who leaked it when no action was taken.

Starmer received the report almost immediately after his election as Labour leader was announced, but only announced even this skewed investigation after Labour whistleblowers put the report into the public domain.

Angela Eagle and former staffer Emilie Oldknow were contacted for comment but did not respond.

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  1. AND: Why did we not hear of the STITCH UP above ➕ the VILE ABUSE below, when they occurred?

    ““total mentalist”, “bitch face cow” and “pube head”, while Diane Abbott is mocked for crying in a toilet. There is also evidence that purports to show a staffer hoping that a named young member with mental health issues “dies in a fire”.”

    Why was all of this hidden from the membership and the electorate? Why was it all kept quiet? What did Tom Watson do to prevent the abuse? Did Jess Phillips abuse and bully Dianne Abbott? Did David Lammy and Faulkner attempt to stop the abuse? Did Yvette Cooper, Trevor Phillips, and Harriet Harman attempt to stop the abuse of a woman MP? Why not? Was Margaret Hodge abusive to any staff? Did Margaret Hodge ever attempt to stop the abuse? Who was the SINGLE individual responsible for at least 50% of the allegations of Anti-Semitism? Did they ever report that exceptional level of criminal activity towards them to the police? If not, why not? Did the receive any support or reward, directly or indirectly in cash or kind from any group or individual, directly or indirectly?

    These questions need to be answered clearly URGENTLY.

  2. Again we knew something was deeply suspect about brick gate at the time ,again our suspicions are confirmed. Mr Starmer asks us not to jump to conclusions,I guess many of us had reached those conclusions a long time ago,this report is simply the evidence that proves so many of us were right. Ms Rayner in seeking our support said we should vote for her because she as “a strong,northern woman”. That she is a woman from the north I have no reason to doubt,she now needs to prove she is strong,the early indicators are not promising. My wife is nearly seventy years of age,she has campaigned tirelessly for the party for many years,travelled to many constituencies at the last two elections to knock on doors. She is a strong,northern woman but she cried when the election result became apparent,and now we realise just how much we have been betrayed by those we should have been able to trust. Many comrades have been suspended on much less evidence,we must have action now. Sorry this message was so long,I am angry and deeply hurt.

    1. Don’t apologise Jim. Confession, when Arsetair Campbellend was expelled, the feeling here was AT LAST!!! They are getting a grip on reality!!) Jim I CRIED that very night, when Shami Chakrabati said around 1015pm on 5Live that he could be welcomed back in future. Typing that now brings the utter incredulity too close for comfort. There is lots to cry about. Then dust ourselves off and not make the same mistakes again. So big hugs to you and your dear wife.🌹🌹🌹

  3. Reading about these snakes in the Labour Party I am seriously considering resigning as I do not wish to fund these traitors who worked against JC.

    1. Chris, I was one of those members who was barred from the second election vote for JC.
      I too felt betrayed, having been a lifelong voter and member of our Labour Party.
      After giving it a lot of thought and deliberation it would have been very foolish to give up on my lifetime ambition to elect a Left Leading Party Leader!
      So I stayed because eventually I was proven correct about those in my party on the right were nothing more then self opportunists who were feathering their own nests!
      Don’t give up, fight!
      You know deep down it makes sense.

    2. That, however, gives them what they want, Chris.

      This battle has been going on for 20+ years – as anyone who knows the Conference PR stitch-ups of the Blair years is aware.

      1. Remember how Walter Wolfgang was abused by Straw & WMD Tony Blair with a blatant Antisemitic vile bit if verbal abuse❓ And got Walter manhandled by WMD Blair’s security THUGS❓ When a young man intervened by saying Walter should not be treated that way, he was BUNDLED out too‼️ In those times it had never even crossed my mind to join a political party. Yet i remember the Walter Wolfgang incident. Walter remained a member to his dying day, despite that abuse by Blair & Straw the war criminals. If it was good enough for Walter, it is mire than good enough for me. We stay, organise and fight INTELLIGENTLY. Collectively, it is more than doable. But no more detached, silent, absent, “confrontation” averse zen. NONE OF THAT‼️ What is too often perceived as confrontation, are the essential transactions of change, of growth of life. It is pathetic if adults RUN AWAY from putting their case. PATHETIC. It is lamentable if adults feel that great achievements can be sustained by hiding and telepathy. It is incomprehensible that adults should believe that feeding monsters will pacify them. No they are monsters. It is their nature to be abominable.

        We dump that extraordinary naivety, speak up, take the fight to the bastards. Then we won’t be dragged along by events.🌹🌹🌹

      2. You have a point, but I believe May 2021 would provide Starmer with an opportunity to prove if he can win a general election or no.
        Since Corbyn was elected leader every lost of a bi-election in early 2016 was held as proof that he wasn’t electable. Let’s wait for the mass elections in May next year and if Labour under Starmer loses seats all around them, we have enough left MPs to mount a leadership’s challenge but we are going to need every single member vote.
        Of course the candidate shouldn’t be Rebecca Long-Bailey. Cat Smith has called for the NEC to intervene and to decide the scope of the independent enquiry. From Long-Bailey only silence.

      3. There was a golden opportunity in Corbyn for the left to take power and these self-absorbed party apparatchiks pissed it away out of pure Blairspite.
        Another potential leader who could attract such a following either hasn’t left school yet or will come out of a sphere other than politics – like Trunt or Arnie or some YouTube ‘influencer’ or rock star.
        Fuck waiting for serendipity, buy pitchforks.

      4. Agree zubiak. Worth pointing out that the wins we did have were never presented to rebut the LIES of Starmer and tbe other tools of Same Old Dame Old.

        Eg City of London had HISTORIC triumphs. I cannot recall a single one of JC’s team mention that. Similarly the revelations ie CONFIRMATIONS of the nastiness and vile bile of WMD Tony Blair’s creature parasites…. revelations in 800 plus pages could have been more than enough to dispatch the bullies but they were sat on. Who keeps 800 plus pages of damning evidence secret❓❓❓ UTTERLY BIZARRE. WHY??? Why??? A great puzzle. But, a blessing in disguise.

        From now we can boldly send all apologist, deadweights, the ever tremulous of the MSM, the detached political theorists who read every book, attend every talk, watch every film, love to talk about “political education” and “grass roots”, yet they display not one milligram of understanding… SEND THEM PACKING‼️‼️‼️ They must be relieved of any office they hold in OUR party. It is they who failed Jeremy. He has his deficiencies, but he had already brought an inestimable contribution. It was up to his close team to make up for the deficiencies. 🌹🌹🌹

      5. Just came to this page via a link in a recent skwawkbox article. Anyway, signpost begins his post by alleging that Walter Wolfgang was abused by Jack Straw and Tony Blair. He wasn’t, and THAT is Lie No1. Signpost then says that the abuse was ‘ a blatant Antisemitic vile bit if verbal abuse’. So THAT’s Lie No 2. He then refers to Blair’s security thugs. Yes, the stewards manhandled Walter, but here’s what Walter said in respect of what happened: “”Most of the Labour party stewards are very nice people. One or two lend themselves to this nonsense”. So I’ll call that one a half-lie. But further on in his post signpost repeats his lie about.Blair and Straw having abused him.

        He then spends the rest of his post repeating his mantra of falsehoods about left-wing MPs, which he’s repeated on literally hundreds and hundreds of occasions during the course of the past couple or years or so. Anyway, I’ll just ask signpost the following:

        Who are these adults you refer to who you claim ‘run away from putting their case’, and WHAT is the case that they run away from putting, and putting to WHO precisely?

        Anyway, when Walter returned to the LP conference the next day he got a ‘hero’s welcome, as the Daily Mirror described it:


        A PENSIONER who was manhandled out of the Labour party conference and arrested after he heckled Jack Straw today returned to an ovation from delegates.

        A PENSIONER who was manhandled out of the Labour party conference and arrested after he heckled Jack Straw today returned to an ovation from delegates.

        Labour veteran Walter Wolfgang, 82, was bundled out by stewards yesterday after shouting “Nonsense” as Mr Straw made a speech on the war in Iraq.

        But today he was given a hero’s welcome after retrieving his security pass which had been confiscated by the heavy-handed security officials. He also received an apology from Tony Blair.

        Signpost’s post is just one big long lie from start to finish!45r

      6. And isn’t it amazing that on the one hand NINE people gave his blatant falsehoods a Like, and on the OTHER hand that not one single poster pulled him up and called him out about his big lies in relation to the Walter Wolfgang episode. And there are many people who post on here that are more than old enough to remember the episode. And needless to say, black propagandists often use the ruse when disseminating falsehoods of starting by saying: ‘Remember when……….’ or ‘Renumber how……..’.

        Yes, they’re very clever at deceiving people – ie clever in a devious, underhand, malignant and malevolent way, that is.

    3. Don’t. We have to remain to kick them out. It is OUR party.🌹🌹🌹

  4. “There was no brick, as police later admitted. The window was not the window of Angela Eagle’s office. Nor was there ever any evidence at all that the damage to a window of the building’s shared stairwell was caused by Labour members.”

    I knew of the above police response to that particular brick of lies. It was never presented by the team around JC incl Angela Rayner. They failed to be alive much less awake. We cannot blame the MSM. However starting now, it is we who must broadcast facts and truth every single day. We only need enough committed determined people with a grip on basic reality. Crumbs from the banquet we provide to bastards … crumbs are worthless. Anything can happen at anytime. Lets prepare now. Work to our individual strengths. Combine our abilities. There is no reason why we cannot win this fight. Those who wish to leave, then leave. Better leave now so we know who are the determined people. No struggle is won by quitters.
    The right wing lost, stayed and were handed victory on a gilded plate. It is a pathetic embarrassment to complain about the hostile forces yet refuse to fight back. Whats the bloody point of moaning and complaining❓❓❓

    How can we complain when people in other countries battle against disgusting systems like apartheid, or USA against Cuba❓❓❓ Yes its difficult. But what exactly is the point of leaving Thatcher’s effluent with our party❓❓❓ Best of luck with your new party. Your giving up and departure from our party now, gives a good indication of the success of your next. Let your great great grandchildren tell ours how you got on. Should you get on earlier than that, the super duper well done in advance. Meanwhile we will rebuild organisation, determination, focus and BELIEF here 🌹🌹🌹

  5. When it knocked on my door on 8/12/19 @3pm almost on the dot angela (ill)eagle tried to palm me off with the lie that Paul Davis was NOT suspended from the party when I told her exactly why I wanted her off my premises.

    Then it faked a look of incredulity when I asked – rather loudly in earshot of neighbours across the road where she’d scuttled off to – if ill eagle was still accepting donations from a lobbyist for disability deniers maximus.

    You’re loathed around these parts, (ill)eagle. You’ve been nothing more than a parasite, dining out off the work done by the previous labour candidate, Lol Duffy all the way back in the late 80’s and by the CLP’s leg work up to your ‘selection’ in ’91 whenthree times as many blank papers were returned as voted for you.

    Anyway, that said, I still won’t forgive a certain ’eminent’ member of Wallasey CLP (Wirral Labour Group, in fact) for feeding me a load of shite about what was actually going on at the time. He knows who he is; he was also across the street, canvassing for the rodent when it came a-calling. (Any ideas, ange? I KNOW you know who I’m talkin’ about.)

    I hope they’re both reading this, because at least one of you – or even both, I’m not arsed – has to go.

    1. Toffee I feel as you do about Angela Eagle, brickgate and also the alleged homophobia at a meeting. What I cannot understand is why she was not deselected – can you or anyone else enlighten me please?

      1. Hi, Smartboy. Eagle managed to avoid deselection because the 2019 Election was called before the trigger ballots were due to be held. If I remember rightly, my Branch was due to hold its trigger ballot the week after when Parliament voted for an early election.

      2. Not long after frankenfield was ‘triggered’ I was told a local LP ‘grandee’ that illeagle’s trigger ballot would be held ‘soon’ and due to the many grievances (Not just brickgate) it was a nap she’d be out on her careerist, parasitic arse.

        Then came her HoC ‘performance’ about being lgbt and all her ‘hardships’ she’d had to put up with – which, I gather was the final straw for a few more CLP members (And constituents) as it was perceived (By members) as not only illeagle surreptitiously referencing her (falsely made) accusations of homophobia within the CLP (Thereby trying to keep that MYTH going); but also the consensus among constituents I spoke to at the time was that illeagle spent more time making the point about her being lgbt than actually serving her constituent’s interests.

        But after that the source dried up due to a previous promotion. Couldn’t get in touch using his official contact details, and he wasn’t at his usual haunt due to the promotion; so ‘that was that’ as they say.

        Why Wallasey CLP were so dilatory in bringing about the deselection process I couldn’t say. Although my suspicion is it’s down to the same bunch of rightist rodents that were making downright false allegations against their own CLP members during the brickgate period.

        Liscard (Most definitely), & Seacombe wards would be ones containing the prime suspects, in my opinion.

    2. Yeah, the chance vanished with the Election decision. I wouldn’t have bet on her not being triggered, at least, were it not for that.

  6. I’m local and spent many months on / off site, investigating this #FakeNews.

    In truth it was an open and shut case of bare faced lies, weaponised and deployed to smear and destroy Corbyn and his supporters.

    It took six months for the police to finally confirm A. there was no brick and B. it wasn’t Eagle’s office window, but by that time the lies had wrought havoc and the damage was too extensive to recover from.

    As for the Tory press, they’d long gone, moving quickly onto their next target.

    1. And Jeremy’s team should have had her suspended, investigated and expelled for GROSS CRIMINAL DISHONESTY… slander … McDonald and his team, KNEW of all of this but i suppose instructed others “TO WORK AROUND” XXXXX. From now on, those who believe we should dance to MSM tunes, must swiftly dump that. The leader and team incl front bench, PLP, and we, must do that. They WON’T. It is up to us. Take care of yourself physically and mentally. We need to be fit to fight the vermin and Covid-19. 🌹🌹🌹

      1. Jesus, you never-EVER miss an opportunity to spout your falsehoods do you signpost! In your 4.31pm post further up the page you say ‘We cannot blame the MSM’, and do so knowing that without the MSMs ‘participation’ in all the numerous lies and falsehoods Jeremy would almost definitely be PM now and NOT expelled from the LP as he now is, in effect, and in that position because Starmer deliberately lied and misrepresented what Jeremy said (in his statement the day the EHRC published its fraudulent report).

        And then – in your 5.02pm post above – you say that Jeremy’s team should have had her – ie Angela Eagle – suspended etc, and you do so knowing damn well that had they done so, the so-called ‘moderates’ would have been screaming blue murder and attacking and vilifying Jeremy for doing so AND the MSM playing along with it all. And it has NOTHING whatsoever to dancing to the tune of the MSM, and EVERYTHING to do with the MSM conspiring in all the lies and falsehoods. Did any of the MSM later report that there was no brick thrown through the window, or that it wasn’t Eagle’s office window that was broken etc, etc. No, of course they didn’t, just like they didn’t report that out of the 200 abusive messages involving 111 people, only twenty of them turned out to be LP members. Oh, right, but we mustn’t blame the MSM!

        The following is a perfect example of how the Blairites et al work hand in glove to falsely vilify and attack Jeremy, and THIS at the point when the A/S black op smear campaign REALLY kicked off, and needless to say, it wasn’t just the Mail, but the WHOLE of the MSM: – ie the ‘response’ when Jeremy denied that there was an antisemitism crisis in the party the day Ken Livingstone was suspended:

        ‘Labour in crisis over ‘anti-semitic’ scandal: MPs demand Corbyn gets his ‘head out of the sand’ after Red Ken is SUSPENDED for claiming Hitler backed moving the Jews to Israel….’

        Jeremy Corbyn tonight denied Labour was facing an anti-Semitism crisis despite being forced to suspend his old friend Ken Livingstone for claiming Hitler was a ‘Zionist’.

        Mr Livingstone made the incendiary comments as he waded into the row over anti-Semitic Facebook posts by Labour MP Naz Shah, who was suspended by Mr Corbyn yesterday after hours of pressure.

        As the row escalated, the former mayor of London was branded a ‘Nazi apologist’ by Labour MP John Mann in an ugly public spat outside the Millbank TV studios in Westminster.

        Senior Labour MPs tonight expressed horror at the attempt to play down the explosive row, which has rocked the party just a week before crucial elections.

        Former minister Ian Austin told MailOnline: ‘Just seven days from polling day and instead of knocking on doors like the rest of us, Ken Livingstone is treating us to his weird views on Adolf Hitler and his offensive views on Jewish people.

        ‘The media are talking about nothing else, the party is having to suspend people on almost a daily basis and Jeremy thinks there’s no problem?’

        Yep, they – the saboteurs – invent a false reality concocted and contrived to blacken Jeremy’s character and discredit him, just EXACTLY like YOU do, and as you’ve been doing for the past two years or more!

  7. Lies kill our political support. There should be no place in the Labour Party for liars! There should be no place for bullies or WhatsApp’ers dripping poison! Now is the opportunity to do the right thing once and for all!

  8. I’ve been thinking about what a new party might do differently to Labour – but you might not like some of it.
    The focus groups of the early Blair years, so disparaged by everyone including myself, might be the most effective way to come up with forms of words to replace the “socialist-insider-speak” and endless acronyms that exclude outsiders and make them (and me) feel stupid.
    Even insiders are misled and intimidated by the language of politics sometimes.

    I was talking to a young feller a few days ago (keeping my distance) and he had the typical entrepreneur’s fear of oppression by socialists who’d prevent him using his talents to become better off than his neighbour – he even (unknowingly I think) plagiarised the biblical parable of the talents in his argument – an intelligent guy but completely unaware that Labour would encourage SME’s to flourish, whereas the Tories support the corporations that try to bury or buy competing start-ups.
    The media will always try to obfuscate the left’s message but socialists don’t have to aid them by trying to speak like technocrats.
    Plainer language, thorough descriptions of principles with multiple examples of how those principles will help people in practice – ie how they’ll affect their families’ lives and careers – would make it far harder for the media to ‘interpret’ our message fraudulently.

    I do appreciate the irony of a verbose old fart like me lobbying for a simpler language, so don’t fucking start…

    1. I TOTALLY agree with you on this Mr Mc Niv. As excellent as this glorious sunshine today🌹🌹🌹

      1. ps i most certainly DON’T agree with the “new party” bit. i really must stop this multitasking and concentrate. anyway WE MUST REMAIN in OUR party and yes TRANSFORM, language, culture and communication in general. 🌹🌹🌹

    2. No, David, you’re quite right. Coming from an industrial working-class community, in some ways I was fortunate to have a good education (though I hated the school) along with a good grasp of the English language but have remained very close to those I grew up with, many of whom can barely read and write.

      If I were to use language many of them don’t understand they’d simply either stop listening, change the subject, or just tell me to shut up, and those are people a socialist movement also needs to get on side.

      These people aren’t thick, many have done well for themselves, have their own small businesses, or are self-employed, they just don’t trust those who don’t use plain language, to them it can all sound like a load of gobbledygook.

      1. AGREE PW, v much on the language. Communicate outwards. We can develop that quickly in the party we already have.🌹🌹🌹

      2. Good point PW. Beware people who use words like OBFUSCATE & can’t even spell it!

    1. The REAL Labour party is Our Party. It has been infested but we can clean the muck out. Let the mucks go form their own party or join the CUKS, TINGES, Lib Dems or their true den, the Tories.

      1. Signpost, Labour OUGHT to be a left wing party but plainly it’s the left that’s been ‘cleaned out’.
        Without a viable plan to overcome the massed ranks of the Tories, the media and the right wing – members’ subs just help keep the right wingers in place and I won’t do that.
        If they all admit their crimes, serve their sentences, apologise to Corbyn and beg him to return as leader, THEN I’ll stop sharpening all those pitchforks.

      2. ‘Drain the swamp!’………time for Socialist Politicians with integrity to represent us Deplorables!

    1. “…..kind of” She kind of makes the point that Max Keiser (Russia Today) has been making for years……Fiat money can be printed forever & Gov’ts cannot go bankrupt (unless USA imposes sanctions & even then….)

      Confucius say……”may you live in interesting times”…… a curse. The Tories claimed to have ended their policy of austerity, or perhaps “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet” when it comes to austerity, everything has to be paid for, by the poor.


    ffs start a real Labour party take the majority of membership and Unite FBU CWU and many other Left Unions and let the CESS PIT of lies that the PLP and Starmers Party implode !

    1. No, DRIVE THEM OUT. We got control in 2016. It was not so much taken away but given away. Surely we won’t make the many mistakes again.🌹🌹🌹

      1. We have a chance and we didn’t. What make you believe that a new leader wouldn’t repeat the same mistakes?
        If some Trade Unions were ready to form a new viable party and take all the Socialist Campaign Group MPs and a few others we would have a good footing in Parliament and could overtake Starmer’s Labour at the next General Election.
        We could also stand socialist candidates at the local elections in May 2021 and even win seats from them. Members of the public are so fed up of voting for Labour Cllrs that don’t behave much different from a Tory one.
        The official Labour would have to negotiate with us, to go on a coalition in order to keep the Tories out. Hence, we will force Starmer to keep his Party to the left. It could work if big TU like Unite are willing to leave and the RMT ready to join a new Socialist Party on the block.

      2. Alternatively, Zubiak, the Tories and their attack dogs in the media would just lay into your proposed new party and it’d end up absolutely nowhere, and the new New Labour would say “Look! That’s what happens if you don’t tack to the centre!” Sorry to be pessimistic, but that’s what would happen.

        I’m not sure how we go about taking our Party back (witness the disappointing NEC election results, for example), but it’s the best option we have.

      3. Signpost, sorry but the left never “got control” so I don’t know who you mean by “We.”
        Jeremy was only able to become leader because Beckett made that one mistake of nominating him “to broaden the debate.”

        “My prayer is that he can do the same miracle with the public that he managed to do with the members of the Labour Party” she lied, before doing everything she could to prevent that.
        The parasites are still buried in the flesh of the party and we’ve gained nothing.

        Even if there were another, younger Jeremy hiding among the lobby fodder on the back benches the Quislings will never again make the mistake of allowing us to vote for an honest man.

      4. I walked away from the Labour Party when war criminal Blair became leader & I have always regretted abandoning my comrades. I have watched in horror as Blairites have taken over key posts within the Labour Party & are now the selected representatives chosen to speak on Labour’s behalf by the BBC & other MSM.
        Good Socialist friends in Scotland have also walked away, but I made a mistake…..Socialism in the Labour Party is worth fighting for. “Get up! Stand Up!, not ‘Things can only get bitter’.

  10. The BBC keeps harping on about the US being the ‘worst-hit’ for having seen 24,000 deaths.
    BBC quotes the UK as having 11,000 deaths to date.
    My population numbers are way out of date and very approximate but not significantly for this purpose at 350 million for the US and 70 million for the UK.
    Even without calculating the respective percentages it’s obvious that the US would need 55,000 deaths to be doing as badly as the UK – the final figures won’t be known for a long time if ever after they’ve been massaged by governments and their propagandists, but the comparison is shocking.

  11. TV journalists are pushing to have care home deaths included in daily updates on a mostly emotional basis.
    There needs to be one dataset on which the progression of the pandemic can be judged and that means consistent and expert reporting – which the NHS can be relied upon to do but the far more fragmented private care sector can’t.

    1. The problem with deaths in care homes is that the residents are mainly under the care of their GPs. Hospitals have very good reporting systems, and deaths from COVID-19 can be recorded almost immediately, but it’s a bit more fragmented with GPs, so you only really get a good picture of it when death certificates are registered. That’s why the deaths outside hospitals in general aren’t making it into the counts for a few days.

      Realistically, the best, most accurate figures will be the ones for the previous week (so, if you were reporting it today, it’d be ‘deaths in the week ending 7th April’), as the death certificates for outside hospital deaths would have been registered, and collated.

      Given the state of the care system generally, and the rates of infection within care homes (something like 15% of all care homes have at least one case, if I remember rightly), the collated figures will almost certainly be horrific.

  12. Dear zubiak 14/04/2020 at 10:04 pm · ·
    “We have a chance and we didn’t. What make you believe that a new leader wouldn’t repeat the same mistakes?”

    Would a new leader of a new party be incapable of the “sane mistakes”?

    “If some Trade Unions were ready to form a new viable party and take all the Socialist Campaign Group MPs and a few others we would have a good footing in Parliament and could overtake Starmer’s Labour at the next General Election.”

    The key words are ” IF “, “READY”, “VIABLE”, “and take ALL the Socialist…” , “… AND a FEW others…” and “COULD overtake…”

    QUESTION: Why expend energy and spirit on all those IFs when we already have a party with all the infrastructure and OUR money and data?

    QUESTION: Why do you think with all the many millions 45 minute WMD destruction Tony Blair, accumulated flogging its spinning slime, amateur theatrical pauses to every despot it could find… until even they… the despots sussed that the creature Tony Blair W.M.D. wanted million for nothing but empty promises… their reputations blood soaked reputations, remained as unwashed as the creature Blair… ANYWAY i digress… why do u think it continues to infest our party??? Because it knows, unlike its rectal tendril Cukka Umnunna entangled by its own tendrils Soupbry, Berger and some others, setting up a party and winning takes the likes of Farage or Galloway or Livingstone. Despise them all you like, they are people with the drive and BELIEF which is not two a penny. Farage changed history, yet oh how they mocked!!! Livingstone faced down the WMD Blair creature and defeated TWICE the forgotten Blair endorsed LOSING candidates. These facts need repeating to dispel the MYTHS. After John Smith died tragically, ANYONE or ANYTHING would have won against the spent Tories. And something did because it lied to another naive person Brown. Brown made the grave mistake of trusting the foul deposit of Thatcher. And Brown has not learnt. Despite saying “I will never trust another word… etc” Brown is attempting to form an alliance AGAIN with the creature…. as a dog returns to its vomit.

    More ifs and coulds below.

    “”We could also stand socialist candidates at the local elections in May 2021 and even win seats from them. Members of the public are so fed up of voting for Labour Cllrs that don’t behave much different from a Tory one.
    The official Labour would have to negotiate with us, to go on a coalition in order to keep the Tories out. Hence, we will force Starmer to keep his Party to the left. It could work if big TU like Unite are willing to leave and the RMT ready to join a new Socialist Party on the block.””

    You are right though. the public ARE fed up of red tories. Thats why we voted for Jeremy and the public gave the largest vote share since the 1940s DESPITE the machinations of the MSM, vermin without and within and faecal worms like Twatson Carl Beech enabler, Mandelson whom i believe is on Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express passenger manifest. And DEFINITELY in Epstein contact book, Digression again…

    We already have a party. Running away is a habit. We must replace bad habits with good ones. If we run away now, we will ALWAYS be running away, chasing some imagined perfection. With an astute team, Jeremy would be PM now. We must understand what went wrong and learn and improve. It is MORE than doable. 🌹🌹🌹

  13. I constantly referred to the situation in Wallasey at the time of their suspension. I gave the situation a name ‘No Voice – No Vote’.
    Despite numerous motions my CLP DID NOT ACT

  14. Labour Party Administration keeps control by using suspensions & the threat of suspension. This applies, not just in the form of a Witch-Hunt against individuals, but also the threat of suspending Labour Party Constituencies & their officials. Perhaps this explains why constant accusations of anti-Semitism are so useful?

  15. I doubt the clp’s will open any time soon. The barons have the keys to the castle but are afraid to come out of the door. Mbe they suspect pitchforks are awaiting them 🙂

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