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‘He must make a public statement’ – Starmer’s watery response to revelation Johnson wanted ‘bodies piled high’ rather than lock down again

Where the hell is the opposition?

Revelations that Boris Johnson said he would rather see ‘bodies piled high’ of coronavirus victims than impose another lockdown should provoke absolute outrage at the ‘social murder’ of vulnerable people for the sake of business bank accounts – especially when ample evidence of such conversations apparently exists and former Downing Street adviser Dominic Cummings is in a mood to spill.

They should.

Keir Starmer’s ‘opposition’ to Johnson’s murderous heartlessness? An opposition spokesperson said that Boris Johnson:

must make a public statement as soon as possible.

At the same time that Johnson was making these comments, the Tories were preparing mass temporary mortuaries to accommodate the ‘piled high’ bodies of COVID victims they knew their policies were going to kill.

The spokesperson admitted that Johnson’s comments were ‘shocking and sickening’ and an affront to bereaved families – but ‘make a public statement’ was as far as Labour’s current regime is prepared to go in representing those families appalled by the callousness and sociopathy of the Tory PM whose mismanagement of the pandemic crisis has seen the UK suffer at least 150,000 needless deaths – compared to, for example, just twenty-six deaths in fellow island nation New Zealand at the time of writing.

Not ‘Johnson must resign and stand trial’. Not even ‘Johnson must resign’. Just ‘he must make a public statement’.

Starmer’s feebleness has allowed Johnson to extend the Tories’ lead over Labour during a period of absolute carnage and corruption. Worse, he is daily betraying those who were murdered by Tory policies and those grieving their deaths.

Starmer must go.

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  1. Before Bozo the Dangerous Clown was elected PM, the whole country knew he was a thug, a liar, a cheat, a philanderer and a blustering bully, yet they elected him! This must tell us something about the mentality of a sizeable proportion of the British public. There was enough information out there to indicate to any sane person that Johnson was the last person who should be running the country.

    I don’t know which is worse; that we have a dangerous, headstrong bluffer as PM, or an opposition leader who doesn’t have the character, intelligence or inclination to highlight and further expose Johnson for being such a dangerous charlatan and chancer with zero integrity.

    1. It’s the ‘perfect storm’, isn’t it, Jack.

      A PM, who is an emotionally and mentally unbalanced criminal – for that is what he is – and an Opposition leader who has no political philosophy and does not appear to have a moral compass, of his own. A puppet.

      Add to that, a supine MSM – broadcast and print – who spent five years trashing the man who should have been PM, and, only now, are starting to stir against the chancer they helped become PM.

      The Observer Editorial, yesterday, was f*cking ‘hilarious’.

      There’s another element to this, as well. The Security and Law Enforcement Agencies. What have they been doing, for the past eleven years? MI5, MI6, The National Crime Agency, The Met Police? They all seem to have – collectively – lost the ability to be curious.

      Farage should have been reined-in a long, long time ago.

      The EU Referendum should have been, thoroughly, investigated.

      The General Elections of 2010, 2015, 2017 and – particularly – 2019 should have had multiple Agencies crawling all over them.

      The ‘putsch’ that saw the ‘moderate’ Tories ejected from the party, should have set off alarm bells – somewhere.

      This list could go on and on, but one final observation. 150,000 COVID-19 dead. How does that happen without the Security Services saying a ‘dickie-bird’?

      n.b. I called Johnson a criminal. That is what he is. Enough of the soft words to describe what he’s – they’ve – done.

      It’s not cronyism. It’s not corruption – that’s too soft a word. It’s been criminality on a Grand Scale, for the past eleven years.

      1. That’s why they got rid of local police authorities, where any member of public can join, to replace it with elected PCC for each police force – making it political but the electorate don’t seem to care enough to vote!

    2. JackT: “Before Bozo the Dangerous Clown was elected PM the whole country knew he was a thug, a liar, a cheat, a philanderer and a blustering bully, yet they elected him! This must tell us something about the mentality of a sizeable proportion of the British public…”

      OR, more likely, about the powe of the billionaires’ (propagandist) free press.

      The MSM is much more dangerous than even we think.

      1. Qwertboi, yes I agree. The MSM is just a branch of the advertising industry which can ‘make people hate the things they should like and like the things they should hate’.

        In the end it’s down to people to examine the information for themselves but in today’s superficial society, do they bother to question the trend or message in the information which is being pushed down their throats? I think not and it’s an indictment of our education system.

      2. Indeed JackT, education, awareness, learning to ‘kvetch’ (distrust authority) is what i needed.

        But when you say “In the end it’s down to people to examine the information for themselves”, that’s the whole point of prapaganda – the ability is disabled by systemic misinformation.

        IF, for example, people knew how many people who caught covid actually died fom it (ie, its infection fatality rate, IFR), if they could better understand what directly caused that death (it’s never covid, or, more properly, any single virus, but other things in combination with it), etc., etc., do you think that authoriatrian rightwing would be imposing a “new normal” that makes democratic socialism highly unlikely and harms the Many for the benefit of the Few? No, they wouldn’t.

        The propagandist free press isn’t just about selling advertisinment spac, it’s about controlling your environment, your ‘aspirations’, your behaviour and your well-being (but sure, pharmaceutical giants will enjoy a bumper year thanks to experiemtnal gene therapy being packaged as ‘vaccination’) but even that is aboiut population and mind control.

    3. Ditto jack….I feel betrayed and a fool but I would never recommend anyone voting for the tribute act which would only perpetuate the right wing destroyers.

  2. Stammer must HANG alongside fatbollocks for complicity in social murder and cowardice in the face of the enemy

    No ifs, no buts, no equivocation.

    1. Max Headroom would walk to the chair as long as Johnson promises to hold his hand.

  3. Regardless of the argument about borrowing with fiat money, all parties agree that the ‘debt’ must be paid off. And guess who’s going to pay it while also paying for other oddities like HS1/2, new nuclear warheads, delivery systems and submarines? From where I’m standing, countries that never had lockdowns have similar death rates to those who did. Lockdowns don’t prevent spread because they aren’t really lockdowns when a significant number of people are still working. Funny how none of the supermarkets had to close because of workers dying or all becoming ill at the same time. This was only ever about protecting hospitals and by and large that didn’t work because if you were unlucky enough to have to go to hospital during the pandemic, you were very likely to get Covid while you were there.
    Also, we are still in lockdown and the boffins from Imperial and Edinburgh who the government relies upon may we’ll decide we can’t come out.
    Government is terrified of public opinion and public opinion is moved by the media. It’s a perfect storm and we’re not trusted to make our own minds up… opinion that counters that from Imperial and Edinburgh is not reported.
    As things stand, we’ll have another lockdown in the autumn, we’ll have vaccines maybe a couple of times a year and social distancing and mask wearing will remain forever…….and we’ll be expected to pay back £7000 per household and counting because the government will be borrowing for many years to come.

      1. And there was a huge demonstration on Saturday in London against lockdown. It went largely unreported untill the media got the story of eight brave officers with minor injuries.

      2. Half a million on the march and that’s the best they could do! Last time it was horror stories about police with “broken bones” from Bristol protesters which turned out to be horseshit. Made for a handy distraction, though.

        Nobody heard of Agents Provocateurs?

    1. Agree, except.
      “From where I’m standing, countries that never had lockdowns have similar death rates to those who did”

      No – Mass Indescriminate Lockdowns WORSEN IFR (infection fatality rate). South Korea and New Zealand, for example, have dliberately tested this and see that as long as the most vulnerable are isolated, generalised lockdowns have no beneficial effect at all and seem to decrease asymptomatic infection and result in higher covid or illness

      BUT – despite tat – IFR globally is reducing (from 0.33% to 0.15%), which means it takes about 5,500 to become ill with covid for ONE of them to die fom it.

      1. Strangley now we in Cambodia who had only 3deaths over the last 18 months have decided that a more serious Lockdown is needed now and within the last few months we have seen a surge of up to fifty deaths in a country of sixteen million people.Our biggest problem here is TB,malaria,dengue fever and typhoid and the maniac driving of Motos and Tuk Tuks…Poverty and deprivation are the biggest killers across the world…its a shame we cant have a “Lockdown on that

      2. I agree with most all said above, I personally have since the beginning suspected ‘Designer Virus’, whether designer in that it was made in a lab or designer in that it is hijacked by The Elites/Establishment/Machine as an extremely useful tool. It has led to hysteria, division, fear, The Elites/Establishment/Machine’s most valuable tools. Look at all the Hollywood like events/actions our Government alone took/created/connived the Military on the streets reports, those huge monster planes landing in London City Airport, [In the USA all those tanks and military things on miles long trains], The Makeshift Morgues, Crematoriums, Nightingale Hospitals, Police Brutality, etc, etc, etc!
        We have to ask ourselves what was it all about!? The Lockdowns On, Lockdowns Off, repeat, repeat, is that a good way to strengthen natural immunity? The Appearance of Variants why only certain Countries, why so specific? Why shortly After the “Vaccine Rollouts!?” Where will this end? Each time we get a “Vaccine” a new variant emerges rendering the”Vaccine” useless.
        Would it have been any different under another Government even if we did try to follow The New Zealand Model, perhaps under a Corbyn Led government, but imagine the Internal/External/International Sabotage he’d have faced by now!
        I think everyone needs breathing room, a forced moment of meditation perhaps to remember thar we are but nothing in the scheme of the Universe, The Universe could not give a damn if we had a Pandemic that made people spontaneously explode. NASA on detects 20% of Catastrophic Meteorites before they pass through Earths Orbit, we could be hit by a Meteorite any Moment, Yellow Stone, Could Erupt Any Moment, Debris from Commercial Planes falls to earth all day long, that woman who had a frozen man, BA stowaway fall 3 foot from her in her garden while she was catching a few rays! We just simply are not ever safe anywhere, are we supposed to curl up in little balls and die of fear or use common sense and advice to just simply be!
        We’ve stopped Living!
        We really have to start living, As Joseph clearly illustrates This ‘Designer Virus’ is not the Biggest Killer on earth, with or without restrictive measures.
        I think we need to see some SERIOUS questions asked to which we need some SERIOUS Answers, not from The Clown Party Governments and THEIR Experts, but Rebel Socialist Medical/Bio/etc Experts and Scientists. We need to see debates from all sides, not fucking preplanned Question Time BS.
        I do not trust anything to do with this ‘Designer Virus’ apart from the obviously Common Sense, but I think a lot happened right under our noses while we were frighting, getting scared, in quarantine, etc, etc! Our biggest Fear and Threat to our Lives at the Moment is MSM in the hands of and under total control of the Few!
        Just as we once had Opposing Papers/Channels/Programs constantly debating opposite views, we once had Opposing Political Parties! What we have now is a House of Commons with ~635 Thatcherite Neoliberal Tory MPs! With the slightest of pushes The House of Commons will reflect the State of the MSM!
        Look at the Power and Control MSSM has over it’s users, the worst of al is with all these problems we have a choice!
        No One is forced to Pay for and Watch/Read MSM!
        No One is forced to use MSSM, Plenty Alternatives!
        No One is doing anything about our political dilemmas! United Power, Printing Press, Building Projections, there are so many ways that change have been achieved without violence or breaking the law, but I guess we can just wait and see what HOPEFULLY Beckett has planned for the Unification of THE PEOPLE! If we cock this one up, then surely Homo Sapiens are the most dangerous virus of them all, EVER!

    2. “From where I’m standing, countries that never had lockdowns have similar death rates to those who did…”
      There is no doubt that quarantine measures, together with others such as trace and test, social distancing and masking, can and do stop the virus from spreading. This has been proved both in China and Taiwan, in New Zealand and Australia, Vietnam and Korea.
      But you are right in noting that in most countries in the western world the “lockdowns’ have simply been political theatre, unaccompanied by crucial; additional measures and calculated by capitalist politicians to discredit measures which would save lives at the expense of what capitalists call ‘freedom’.

    3. This weekend saw that the working class will organise and protest. Surely people have at last come to see the obvious. The MSM are not our friends. Not a minute spent on the thousands that marched. Loads about our new hero in America. Why do people continue to act as if it will be on our side, ever, is baffling.

  4. Did anyone mention the ‘tubes’ walking around, with yellow Stars-of-David, pinned to their clothing?

    Insensitivity – doesn’t cover that.

    1. Too much sensitivity and my Brighton jewish wife and son agree with me their irish Catholic father..Lets get real george there are far more dangerous diseases in Britain than C19 and that is the establishment conservative and unionist party.

    2. What? Sometimes one has to pinch oneself. Is this a disgusting holocaust chic? A sick prank, surely.

  5. People should at least be asking questions now. Questions like, when will I get normal dental treatment again? How will centralising CCGs affect my health outcomes? How many people are likely to die from treatable illness due to increased waiting lists? Why is my shiny new surgery always empty? Is lockdown going to enable a universal income and a new class of unemployed people? There are loads of questions coming out of lockdown but no one’s asking them. They’d rather just continue with lockdown.

    1. Lockdown? Planes are still flying a Covid 19 delivery service all over the world..

      1. Not true Steve Richards,we have plenty flying into and out of Phnom Penh.The biggest problem is the red tape and amounts to enter a country which leaves air travel a privalage for the wealthy..

      1. Indeed. If your surgery is anything like mine, the answer’s no. I’ve never met the doctor who’s currently listed as my doctor.

  6. The Austerity Cull took some 100 000 lives. The Pandemic Cull so far an estimated 150 000 lives. The number of bodies makes little or no difference to The Conservative & Fascist Party as long as their personal wealth remains untouched by taxes and continues to grow. We have the power of the ballot box to exclude them from Parliament…

  7. Another one meant to gave come from the spurned cummings… Just me, or has anyone else noticed that inside-out faced gove has been strangely quiet of late?

    No matter. We still remember what the porcine toff thought/thinks about Hillsborough, and the Grenfell families, so this should come as little or no surprise.

    1. Toffee, the media have told him that it is his turn to get the virus.

  8. Crimes against humanity? Just ‘Take it on the chin’ ‘many more people will lose loved ones to coronavirus’ Greenwich House speech.clearly stated his policy of how to deal with a pandemic.Never waste a ‘good crisis’ mantra
    Has the Labour party made any comments about the War Crimes statement about Palestine? The ‘forensic one’ has raised the bar so high that very few actions/statements breaches any of the articles of the Human Rights Act. This then avoids any dissent or deviation from the puppets masters line, who pull his strings
    Wilfull Blindness.

    1. Boris attacks the legitimacy of the International Criminal Court as it investigates war crimes in Palestine. No international rule of law?

  9. Under the guise of protecting the vulnerable it’s ok to shut down the economy, put a few million out of work, curtail personal liberty and withdraw all but essential healthcare but it would have been an assault on personal freedom to do anything about the huge numbers of people suffering from diabetes and COPD.

    1. Survival of the fittest. The law of the jungle. New born babies should be left on hillsides to see if they survive. Herd immunity courtesy of BoJo who has his own agenda. There is & never has been any total lockdowns, just a series of economic closures that the stock exchange doesn’t dislike. Big business is thriving & awash with cheap money that is not available to you, to re-finance corporate business while driving down the cost of labour. Money enough for Trident. & an opportunity to eliminate a large section of bed-blocking; nhs parasites who distort the housing market & drain pension funds aka baby-boomers. Both Johnson & Sturgeon realised it was an opportunity too good to miss & remove thousands of untested elderly patients from nhs hospital beds & use them to infect care homes. I look forward to the BBC box set!


    1. EXACTLY!

      “Starmer must go”
      To be replaced by who?
      Reeves, Pollard, Dodds, Nandy, Kinnock, etc!?

      “BoJo OUT!”
      To be replaced by who?
      Gove, Williams, Patel, Raab, Hancock, etc!?

      “Tories OUT”
      To be replaced by who?
      The Equally Neoliberal with Equal Neoconservative Tendencies Neolabour Party Tories!?
      I think People still believe that even the least, remotely left/centre leaning Neolabour Party MPs will ever have any relevance or opportunity to get anywhere with influence within The Neolabour Tory Party!
      As for the UK Labour Party a Jeremy Corbyn ‘Moment/Opportunity’ will NEVER happen again!
      Because: 90/95% PLP vs 5/10% PLP!

      1. PS. This Government has sent Warships to Ukraine vs RUSSIA, this Government has sent Warships to China and THIS Neoconservative yet WikiPage Left/Socialist are having an Goddamned Tory Tea Party, while we are all about to get blown up by a Lunatic Government and a Pretend, Pretend Opposition Party!
        Where The HELL is that Bloody Guy Fawkes when you REALLY need him! :):):)

      2. Many of you might not realise just what is happening in the SChina sea.We in Cambodia on the tip of the SChina sea and the gulf of Thailand see a daily basis of western imperialism and Chinese defence leading to a final reckoning of who is the Super power and who are effectively the invader.The name South China sea tells you everything you need to know about whos the aggressor is and whos the

      3. Yup and the headline reads:
        “‘Britain’s deployment is not to be provocative,’ says defence sec as UK sends aircraft carrier and other warships towards China ”
        I can heat Echo and the Bunnymen – Seven Seas in my head!
        Ohhh……Se…ven Sea…..s, ………..

    2. Anyone – a new properly elected Leader.

      Then, many of the 100,000+ former members might REJOIN to vote.

      1. skellyknelly – The high threshold was put in place during Jeremy Corbyn’s tenure to protect Jeremy from repeated challenges to his leadership.

      2. The Real problem is the PLP first stage, as it was only by the “mercy” of the Arrogance and Ignorance of The Neolabour Party, who thought it would be a good laugh, to have Jeremy at Hustings, Oh Boy were they wrong, sadly they learnt as much as we did from that mistake and it will not happen again. I think it is totally undemocratic, The Ballot should be open and all MPs wishing to stand for whatever position makes a statement goes on the ballot the top 5 goes to Hustings, followed by an election. That sounds better to me, I also think all MPs Seats should be voted on Annually/Biannually! Not just the CLP but the whole membership, the CLP can provide a statement about MP’s “Performance” and members can vote on all the knowledge they hold about said MPs! It is high time those bloody wings melted! The MPs are flying way to high and face no consequences especially if they are in with the right bunch! We need a way to remind those People just because they are elected doesn’t mean that they ceased to be in our employ! They work for us! They are nothing Special, just a Civil Servants working for the good of their constituencies and to the best of their ability!
        Well yeah, lots of blah, blah 🙂 … my problem is the PLP as first the hurdle, like some kind of Brotherhood.

      3. SkellyKnelly, I’d say it’s understanable that PLP leadership competitions need to start with PLP MPs. CLP membership should have more direct contol of their elected MPs, but we cannot even implement mandatory reselection, so….

        It is very regttable of course that so many MPs are not SCG-type people. But – ultimately – that can be changed by members – unless we all leave in disgust – and, I’d say, the Starmer experience makes it more likely that we do

    3. Well it is about 40 hours since my OP and not one person has managed to put forward a credible candidate from ‘the left’ to replace Starmer

  10. the ‘nation’ hasn’t come to terms with its post war decline and has retreated to progressive impoverishment while sucking its thumb and living a life of displacement. cometh the hour boris is far more entertaining, free and frivolous, than the opposition (which isn’t even that). think of what kind of government todays labour would deliver? pray for it to get worse because putting feet on the ground is the only hope.

    1. “Think of what kind of government todays labour would deliver”

      Judging from the pro-Corbyn MPs seemingly all joining the Zero Covid lunatics, had JC won the last election, we’d have been offered up to semi-permanent medical tyranny by now with vaccines accepted as the only cure for anything and scary new variants announced every time the plebs look like getting out of line to justify endless lockdowns. And then as many regular booster shots of said vaccines as required by Big Pharma’s shareholders and the lifestyles to which they’ve become accustomed!

  11. Starmer again demonstrating how he is really Bozo’s defender refusing to comment yet again on a scandal!

    What is the purpose of an opposition that is not even close to actually doing?

    Supporting this vile Tory government, demonstrating how this cult of new Labour 2.0 is Tory-lite ideologically NOT socialist!

  12. fao Timfrom Off Topic ref. Joe Strummer ‘the Clash’……..yes I know Richard, he is now a local historian in Newport. I went to Newport College of Art with Richard (in the same year) & starred in a Xmas Pantomime with him as one of the 7 dwarves.(I was the smallest @ 6’2″, the others part of college rugby team). John Mellor never did attend Newport College of Art, but he did enjoy coming with me to the ‘Silver Sands’ Commercial Road, to hear Reggae for the first time in his life.

    1. I knew one of the Damned (Sensible?) was a gravedigger, but this photo was quite a revelation!

      1. So was Rod Stewart. I don’t care but it has always been with me or it could be the virus.

  13. Tory twunt on newsnight: “I’m sorry, but this is a man who out his life on the line – nearly DIED – to get ventilators made.. ”

    McDonnell’s response, while containing relevant points about Dr piffle’s fucking up of the pandemic, was still too powder-puff for my liking

    No mention was made about the dozy fatarse idiot bragging about shaking hands with covid patients, or how he was allegedly ‘so close to deaths door’ that he didn’t even require a ventilator (IF he was ever ill, I’m still to be convinced). But the toerag (Charles walker or wheeler or wanker, I really don’t care) was still being a right bellend.

    When hitler survived the assassination plot of 20th July, he was on the radio hours later exclaiming how ‘providence’ had ‘preserved him for the German people’. That toerag twat was more or less telling us we ought to be grateful the useless knobhead ‘survived’ in a similar manner.

    Well bollocks to him, and his fuhrer. They can both die screaming for all’s I care.

    I’m just grateful the Tv screen remains intact.

  14. My mates are certain that when he showed his sick gob to the world, that he looked as if he’d just spent a w/e in Amsterdam.

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