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Webbe’s supporters release updated ‘dossier of hate’ suffered by black woman MP

MP expelled by Labour despite appeal hearing next week – and zero support for black woman MP from party against vile tirade

Black MP Claudia Webbe has been subjected to an avalanche of foul and often racist abuse since she was convicted by a magistrate’s court on a single count of harassment – a conviction she has appealed.

Despite the appeal, Labour has already expelled her from the party, even as Labour’s leadership failed to properly oppose Boris Johnson’s ploy to prevent Tory MP Owen Paterson facing censure after Parliament’s Standards Committee found he had taken hundreds of thousands of pounds to promote two companies.

And the media’s misrepresentation of the case was laid bare today when Webbe received only a ten-week sentence suspended for two years. Despite the lightness of the sentence undermining the more serious allegations made against her in the press, the so-called ‘MSM’ have continued to claim she was found guilty of threatening an ‘acid attack’.

The media-political collusion to take down a left-wing MP have no doubt contributed to the flood of vileness directed at a black woman MP:

Ms Webbe’s appeal will be heard next week. Despite the rapid arrangement of the hearing – which may be an indication of the appeals court assessment of the strength of her case – Labour has not bothered to wait less than a week before expelling her from the party.

Another woman MP of colour, Apsana Begum, faced similar eagerness from the party to see her convicted and removed – an eagerness that was dashed when, to the evident disappointment of Labour staff, Ms Begum was found not guilty of the concocted charges against her.

Such political cynicism by the Labour right and their media allies is undoubtedly emboldening racists and abusers to emerge from cover.

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  1. If an appeal is successful, then the Labour Party is even deeper in the trough of bringing itself into disrepute, and this is an increasingly ludicrous situation to be in.
    If we add to this the current situation over third parties and members’ details, then it just goes to show that under Starmer and Evans, HQ is not fit for purpose. The further intensification of Stalinism that has accompanied this issue adds fuel to the fire.
    Just to realize that we have a Tory Party and government that has reverted to type, and an Official Opposition that is so inept is very worrying. In it’s current form, a Labour election victory would only give the Tories time to regroup while Starmer and Co did nothing to fundamentally make changes that are desperately needed.
    We are definitely living in interesting times.

    1. Ludus ” a Labour election victory” No likely while Starmer’s still leading the Party.
      As for Evans I wonder how the newly announced results in Unison will affect the maths at the NEC.
      1-Could Evans be censured over the mishandling of members data by the NEC?
      2- Would the Party be slaped with a fine worth several millions, bring it closer to bankrutpcy?
      3-Would the NEC fire Evans for incompetence?

      1. Maria – All three of the scenarios that you have presented seem unlikely.

      2. Maria :

        A Liverpool law firm have offered to take on the case, on a no-win-no-fee basis.

        Several other law firms, have declared an interest.

  2. In addition to the suspended sentence Claudia Webbe was also ordered to undertake 200 hours of unpaid work after being found guilty of harassment.

  3. Go and play with yourself little boy 👦Stevie H.This is a time for grown ups not silly little pipsqueeks….. “Please teacher” shes done somthing else “

    1. Joseph – What’s your problem numpty. I’m simply pointing out that contrary to what it says in the above article about her light sentence that Webbe also got sentenced to 200hrs of community service.

  4. Play the “Whiteman”Stevie Hdavidh….oops better not youve been playing that in these attacks on a injured woman and a gutsy fighter from day one.You should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself but that would be expecting a miracle from your warped ideology.

      1. Play the white man is a northern expression, originating in Yorkshire, meaning to be fair and decent, and Joe’s use of it in relation to SteveH’s comment is ironic. Nothing to do with race.

      2. johnpaulfrancis
        Being ironic or not Josephokeefe is totally out of order using the expression
        “Play the whiteman” because this implies that only white people are capable of fair and decent behaviour.
        There are many words and phrases which were ignorantly used in the past and which we now recognise are racist or have unpleasant racial undertones. Most of us no longer use them as don’t want to cause offence.

      3. Smartboy my family are from York and johnfrancispaul is 100% correct it’s a northern saying meaning “be fair” and nothing at all to do with racism, he’s also correct that it’s ironic in the context of his reply in relation to SteveH’s comment.

      4. Reply to Hilary 772013
        If you really think that saying “play the whiteman” meaning “behave in a fair and decent manner” is acceptable then I can’t help you .

      5. Smartboy you are missing the point I am not condoning racism & the use of the phrase is unacceptable in today’s society, Claudia Webb follows me on Twitter & In my own way I tried to explain why the phrase used albeit distasteful & unacceptable did not have racism behind the words, Joseph’s words although extremely misjudged where not racist.
        He should have known better than to use it but sometimes you don’t think especially when you’ve been brought up with the sayings.
        I see SteveH is still causing havoc on here, nothings changed then.

      6. Reply to Hilary 772013
        I am glad that in your second post you accept that the use of the phrase “play the white man” which was used to describe decent and fair behaviour is unacceptable. I am also glad that you now accept that Joseph okeefe should not have used it.
        I do not agree with you that Joseph okeefe’s use of the phrase does not constitute racism (whether conscious or not ) and I am appalled that you initially tried to defend his use of it. Neither do I agree that not thinking about racist comments is a valid excuse for using them. You have tried to excuse Joseph O keefe’s racist comment on these grounds
        Although you appear to have back pedalled from your original position I note that Joseph okeefe has still not withdrawn his comment or apologised for it.
        I also note that you say that Claudia Webbe follows you on Twitter. I do not see the relevance of this comment unless it is to somehow prove your non racist credentials. However in my opinion your defence of casual racism by Joseph okeefe has undermined both these credentials and your credibility as a genuine socialist contributor on this site.

      7. Smartboy I have not backpeddled on any of my replies you and you sir are not smart and are being pedantic whatever your issue is with Joseph I don’t know or care. The reason I mentioned that Claudia follows me on Twitter is because I AM NOT A RACIST. I will not engage further on this point with you my time will be spent on calling out racism and fighting for Claudia on Twitter.

      8. Reply to Hilary 772013
        I have an issue with racism and will call it out as and when I come across it You appear to be selective about calling out racism otherwise we wouldn’t have had this exchange.

    1. No comment Joseph? I see that once again another poster has rushed to defend you so maybe that is the reason why you have not responded to my comments. It does seem however that you are not going to withdraw your racially offensive remark about playing the whiteman but intend to let it stand. Shame on you.

    1. ‘George Peel supports acid attacks on women’. Thank you George for clarifying your stance on this matter.

      1. john – Why did Claudia Webbe make a further 15 calls to her victim after she had been warned off by the police

  5. How does the ‘light sentence’ undermine the allegations against her? She was found guilty of threatening to throw acid in another womans face. This is an appalling crime. Merely because she is an icon of the left it should be overlooked? You are joking. The racist abuse directed at her is a disgrace but correct due process has been followed (Labour party please note) in that she had a trial and a top firm of lawyers represented her and she is entitled to a properly run appeal. Her protestations of innocence were illuminated by some usual crackpot statements “He’s talking to me non verbally, anyone can hear that”, in relation to a phone call. don’t know why the lunatic fringe feels the need to defend such a flawed character and embarrassment of an MP.

      1. It is hearsay and they know that but would rather repeat right wing tabloid headlines, trying to convince everyone they are facts.
        She almost certainly will win an appeal against sentence, it’s an absolute travesty that the judge included reference to an ‘acid attack’ threat. Personally I didn’t even understand the alleged comment, it could have been interpreted as literal acid or a description of her personality. The nude photos never existed, the victim admitted that. All this case was, was a number of tracked calls and text messages and one recorded call. It was a nuisance. It’s only received publicity because of who Webbe is and it has without doubt ended her career and hopefully her unhealthy relationship. SteveH and plain Citizen are pathetic trolls who ought to grow up.

      2. Here is what the CPS said in their post trial statement.

        Claudia Webbe MP guilty of harassment
        MP Claudia Webbe has been convicted of harassment after the Crown Prosecution Service showed she made a number of obsessive nuisance calls to a woman over an 18-month period.
        Webbe, 56, was found guilty of harassment today (13 October) after Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard evidence she made numerous short, silent telephone calls from a withheld number, before hanging up.
        In March 2019 Webbe spoke to her victim, threatened to use acid against her, and threatened that naked photographs and videos of the victim would be shared. There is no suggestion the images were real.
        Despite being asked to stop by police she continued, making at least 15 further calls after April 2019.
        A final threatening call in April 2020 was recorded by the victim when Webbe again made the threat to release naked images, prompting police to interview her.
        Specialist Prosecutor Lisa Rose of the CPS Special Crime Division, said: “Claudia Webbe’s persistent nuisance behaviour caused considerable distress and alarm to her victim who became genuinely concerned for her safety.
        “Webbe told police she did not appreciate the calls were unwanted or causing distress. However the prosecution case was that the police had issued her with a clear warning about her conduct.
        “No-one should have to endure this sort of harassment. We are determined to bring perpetrators to justice and help protect victims.”

        I can’t wait to see how Claudia explains away the further 15 calls that she made after she was warned off by the police.
        What possessed Claudia Webbe to make a further 15 calls to her victim after she had been warned off by the police?
        What was she thinking?
        Did she think that she was above the law?

      3. Liz3321 Thank you for pointing this out. It was unwise of the Labour party to jump on this immediately and expel Webbe and not waiting until after her appeal has been heard. This is potentially another miscalculation by the party management (or should that be mis-management?) to condemn her, before the the full legal process has been exhusted. However, even if she is found to be innocent, the damage has now been done, which is probably their intention. I sincerely hope this comes back and bites Evans on the arse.

        It seems that in the Labour party, you are guilty unless Starmer and Evans say different.

      4. It seems to be a “she said, she said” case in which the judge has decided to believe the complainant’s word rather than the accused. From a report on the case:-

        “it is important to remember that in the one call that was used on the record and played out in court, there were none of the words allegedly used by her according to the accuser (“slag” among them) or any mention of an “acid attack.”
        “The chief district judge, Paul Goldspring, made a mention of Webbe’s good character — but said that was not enough to counter his belief that the allegations stood, even in the absence of definitive proof that it was Webbe who actually made several silent calls that came from an undisclosed number.”

        “That there was no proof that Webbe made those calls was admitted by the crown prosecutor in court on October 13 2021.”

      5. And kieth Vaz is still in the party despite a string of misdemeanors over the years when he bought the LP into disrepute. Offered to buy male prostitutes cocain, the Hinduja brothers scandal and various shady dealings, but can do no wrong it seems. He’s the sort they want to keep.

  6. Diane Abbott has been on the receiving end of even worse abuse for decades. This is because Diane like Claudia is 1) a woman 2) a black woman and 3) a black socialist woman. Regardless of the outcome of Claudia’s appeal all the misogynists racists and right wing freaks will remain out in force to mock abuse and condemn her. Like Diane she can expect no support from the PLP This has nothing to do with the case but all to do with her gender race and left wing politics.

  7. Solidarity to Claudia…..And to all the racists that come on here they can go screw themselves. If we had listened to Corbyn’s accusers over the last few years he would have been charged with treason and hanged by now. We all know what he’s like, and what he stands for. We also know what the Judiciary in this Country of ours is like, just look at the Assange case, a case initially brought by the current leader of the Labour Party on false and spurious evidence.

    Don’t expect the racist Labour Party to act any differently with a socialist black Labour MP, we know what they think of them.

    Hopefully all the cases about to be directed at the Labour Party, over the misuse of our data, will bankrupt them for good.

    1. What possessed Claudia Webbe to make a further 15 calls to her victim after she had been warned off by the police?
      What was she thinking?

  8. Is there an echo in here?

    (There’s certainly a gobshite or two).

    1. Toffee – Can you explain why Claudia chose to ignore the police’s clear advice and continued to harass her victim.

      1. I wasn’t talking to you.

        Can you explain the difference between smarmerism and conservatism?

  9. A few observations:
    1. Many people appear to be prejudging the outcome of the appeal.
    2. Can anyone give the exact quote regarding “acid”? I seem to recall a report at the time of the trial saying that Ms Webbe would be happy to hear of such an incident rather than that she had claimed she intended to make such an attack.
    3. Whether or not the appeal succeeds, it is clear to me that the abuse Ms Webbe has received is vile. Shame that some who are commenting appear not to recognise this.
    4. SteveH seems to be absolutely delighted by Ms Webbe’s conviction, much more so than would be warranted by simply wishing to see justice done. Why?
    5. PC states “‘George Peel supports acid attacks on women’. Thank you George for clarifying your stance on this matter.” PC may wish to provide George with his/her real name and address in case George wishes to instruct his solicitor.

    1. goldbach – Who knows, maybe she will come up with a plausible reason why she decided to ignore the police’s instructions and phoned her victim on a further 15+ occasions

      1. Maybe her appeal will be successful and maybe it won’t. We’ll have to wait and see.
        In the meantime what is your view of the abuse Ms Webbe has received?
        And is your delight at her conviction simply bred of the desire to see justice done?

      2. goldbach – Of course the abuse she has received is abhorrent and is in no way justified.
        I have mixed feeling about her conviction. On the one hand it is gratifying that she has been brought to book for her crimes but on the other I am profoundly disappointed that her conviction has inevitably brought shame on her office and the Labour party. It is also disappointing that Claudia appears to have lost all sense of perspective in her personal life and ruined her reputation and what was a promising career..
        I’m surprised that there is so little empathy for her victim on these pages.

      3. “I’m surprised that there is so little empathy for her victim on these pages.” I can’t speak for others but the evidence was so weak that a conviction should have been accompanied by her being bound over to keep the peace. As a woman who has received nuisance calls, it’s not nice. Understanding for Ms Webbe seems to be lacking from my perspective. I’m all sure I’d be pissed off if my partner was visiting another woman over a two year period and breaking lockdown rules.
        Methinks you do protest too much.

      4. lundiel – The point is that it wouldn’t have gone any further if she hadn’t willfully ignored the police’s advice. One would have thought that a visit from the police would have been a wake up call for someone in her position.
        I’m still looking for a plausible explanation as to why she continued to harass this woman after being warned off by the police. I’m guessing that whoever hears her appeal will be asking the same question.

      5. Yes, lundiel. It would appear that this is a case of a “triangle”.
        In such cases it is usually the case that two people are being misused by the third.
        The third person in this case appears to have had no come back for his actions, whereas the other two have been cast as victim and perpetrator..
        I know which one of the three I’d like to see banged up.

      6. Let’s face it, no one knows what happened apart from two people with opposing views. In cases like this where someone is accused of causing a nuisance through reason of passion it is normal to bind the offender over. Unfortunately, nothing about this case has followed normal procedure and it became a tabloid wrecking job. I am now concerned that Ms Webbe is being denied a jury in her appeal.
        I don’t understand why you keep referring to the police warning. The only thing that concerns this case are one recorded call and a small number of calls made from Ms Webbe’s phone. Can you offer evidence of which and how many of those occurred after a police warning?

    2. “The court was told on one occasion she made an “angry” call, used a derogatory term and added: “You should be acid.””
      This is conjecture by the defense and has no collaboration. The judge must have decided that a) Ms Webbe made the comment. b) he attributed a literal meaning to the alleged comment. None of which makes it true. However, that is what Ms Webbe now finds herself guilty of and people like PC are using it to make political capital.
      There is no evidence Ms Webbe made all the calls, some of them were from a witheld number. The calls ranged over a two year period, if that was happening to me, I’d have recorded the lot of them as it’s very easy to do. In the one call that was recorded she was heard shouting “get out of my relationship”. I’m surprised it went to court. However, nuisance calls are nasty and Ms Webbe seems to have issues.

  10. Two comments while we await the result of the appeal.
    1. “Claudia appears to have lost all sense of perspective “. – Yes, that’s what happens when someone places you in such a situation.
    2. ” …… what was a promising career.” – Those who see politics as a career shouldn’t be representing us in parliament.

    1. goldbach – Instead of ignoring the police I would have thought that most reasonable people would find a visit from the police to be a big wake up call. Most would immediately cease all contact with the victim and protect themselves by recording any unavoidable telephone conversations.

      It is undeniable that Jeremy has made it his lifelong career.

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