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Breaking: poll suggests more voters – Labour and others – think Starmer should resign than stay

The latest YouGov poll on the opinion of voters about Keir Starmer suggests that more voters – and even higher among Labour voters – think he should resign immediately as leader of the Labour party, a position many would say he has only ever held notionally anyway, rather than stay on.

The poll, highlighted this morning by the Stats for Lefties Twitter account, says that 36% of voters overall think Starmer should go compared to 31% who think he should stay. But among Labour voters even more – 41% think he should resign:

Of all the parties, only supporters of the drab and defunct LibDems think he should stay – arguably because he makes their lack of appeal look better by comparison.

The results are dire but not even a little surprising. Rather than fight the Tories or function in any meaningful way as an opposition leader, Starmer has instead hollowed out the party into an empty husk while waging factional war on democracy and the left – an outcome that party members in his constituency warned from the outset would result from his lie-driven win in last year’s leadership contest.

Of course, the Labour right is not much bothered about getting elected. That’s not what Starmer is there for. The purging of the left is his purpose and they’ll cast him aside as soon as it suits them, in favour of some right-wing horror even worse.

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  1. only supporters of the drab and defunct LibDems think he should stay – arguably because he makes their lack of appeal look better by comparison.

    keef makes ‘dead’ davey look hyper-intelligent as, well as hyperactive….As only keef can.

    Eamon Holmes
    Michael Aspel
    Martin Jarvis
    Nigel Mansell
    Andy Murray
    Father Paul Stone off ‘Father Ted’
    That other scottish fella with the monotonous drawling tone – professor Ian someone – the geologist that travels all over the world on your licence fee just to tell you things you already knew – Yeah, him….

    All of them fascinating personalities, in comparison to the dullard from reigate (or wherever).

    1. Brilliant list. I think that you have started something, a new Labour List. I’d write more but I am watching NM on YouTube. Deep, revolutionary, lipstick rebels. Climate Change etc. Right-wing triangulation. The workers are massing.

  2. New Labour lost 5 million votes between 97 and 2010 and came within a whisker of bankrupting the party
    In 2017 and 2019 they woke up every morning and thought how can I stop a Jeremy Corbyn government
    Red Tories are in the wrong party and off they must fuck

  3. I am amazed, and impressed, to actually have something in common with tory and labour voters at the same time for the first time ever, WOW!

    Who are the limp deadbeats…sorry lib dems anyway?

    Just read a great piece in The New Left Review by David Harvey and he points out a Bank of England report on quantitative easing shows the poorest decile between 2008 and 2014 got £3,000 but the top 10% got £350,000 so the poor got £10 a week and the rich £1,000 per week. (NLR, Jul/Aug, 21 p73).
    So will the Neo-Liberal capitalist grovelling Right Wing Barbarians at the top of Labour be attempting to massively level up?
    There’s also an inspiring piece in NLR on Guilherme Boulos, a socialist fighter for the homeless in Brazil.
    Such comrades put the Right Wing Labour nincompoops to shame!
    Some Left gains at Conference like Palestine, £15 ph minimum wage but these will just be ignored.
    Come on Baker’s union, get together with us genuine socialists and let’s fight for and alongside the oppressed!

  5. Not surprised.

    Under Starmer Labour are an empty shell only kept upright by residual fondness for Corbyn-era policies and the hope of change he brought to millions in 2017.

    The party’s careerist right, who were never liked, and never really had an electoral base, have convinced themselves they’re popular. Because that’s what their equally out-of-touch groupthink London based media pals told them when they were busily undermining Corbyn.

    Honestly think if Starmer stays all the PLP MPs will be in an existential fight for survival, but especially those with small majorities; just as New Labour in Scotland were wiped away, they just don’t know it yet . Whichever wing you’re on Starmer’s deceitfully led party, his continuation is potentially disastrous.

  6. Joe Starmer tries to bluff us
    that Labour’s back in business
    does he think we’re duffers?
    Labour’s back FOR business

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