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Wirral councillors, officers and members add their condemnation of Starmer

Merseyside’s disgust at Labour’s notional leader continues as Wirral on south side of Mersey demands apology

Councillors in Wirral, together with local Labour members and officers, have added their condemnation to that already expressed across the Mersey by Liverpool councillors sign condemning Starmer’s ‘betrayal’ of ‘basic decency’ – SKWAWKBOX, West Derby MP Ian Byrne and members and councillors in neighbouring West Lancashire of Keir Starmer’s disgraceful decision to get into bed with the Murdoch S*n.

The rag spent decades smearing the people of Liverpool and the victims of the Hillsborough disaster, as well as inciting hatred of striking miners, stirring homophobia and demonising ethnic minorities – and Starmer claimed he would have nothing to do with it during his campaign to become Labour’s leader, only to betray party members and working-class people by allowing it space at Labour’s conference, where he reportedly met it in secret, culminating in actually becoming a S*n hack last weekend.

Wirral councillors, including the council’s leader and deputy leader, alongside an array of members and elected officers of the party, have published a statement demanding a ‘full and unreserved apology’ for Starmer’s betrayal:

The below have also signed:

Christine Jones
Sharon Jones
Julie McManus
George Davies (current Mayor)
Gill Wood
Brian Parsons, TULO Officer, Birkenhead CLP

The signatories also warn Starmer that his disgusting conduct risks losing some of the last ‘surviving bricks in the ever-crumbling red wall’ and must not be taken for granted.

But Starmer seems determined to turn Liverpool into a Labour wasteland in the same way that the right’s arrogance and entitlement made Scotland a parliamentary desert for the party where only one unworthy MP clings on to drive voters even further away.

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  1. This is another cynical lunge at votes.

    The only two genuine socialists I personally recognise on that long list are Paul Davies, Kathy Miller and Jo Bird. As for the rest, I either don’t know them or they’re lying. The leader Williamson is waaaaay hard right on the quiet.

    As for Councillor Steve Foulkes, he was the council leader right through a 9-year period when £736,736.97 was unlawfully plundered from the bank accounts of a large number of disabled Council tenants, ending around ten years back. Post external investigation some of the councillors listed here had to be dragged kicking and screaming into reimbursing the abused tenants.

    The DWP treated the reimbursements as ‘windfalls’ and docked their benefits, shitting again on the disabled tenants who’d already been shat on by council officers and members.

    Councillor Steve Foulkes tried and tried and failed to cover it up, and successfully forced a whistleblower out of his job and onto the dole for many years. He was later elevated to Wirral Mayor and driven around in a limo.

    “Socialist” my A R S E …

    Short local news video here:

    1. Perhaps they are responding to pressure from their constituents. Quite possible.

  2. I bow to your local knowledge Paul, but at least they put their names to a damning criticism and charge.

    Good on ’em.

      1. More than half of the signatures are from CLP members and I’d say that is a big part of the reason the councillors risk their ‘disloyalty. If members shut-up about Starmer, then he wins. Sin silencio.

  3. As the first Labour Leader in the Wirral MBC I am proud to associate my name to your protest. I despair at the direction of travel that a once proud socialist party, controlled by the centre right is now pursuing. Friends that I knew like Nye, Michael and Tony must be spinning in their graves

    1. Well first thought comes to mind and I have no doubt that these councillors are as bad as described by wirrelittogeter ,he knows his patch better than us..The only conclusion I can think of(short of a conversion on the way to Damascus)is that the right wing are even deserting the knight and are becoming badly frightened of retaining there seats and generous expenses.that could very well happen with the serial looser the knight.Time for the left group to make a parliament and see how much support there is for a leadership challenge in a sort of back to the future broad church candidate…..The knight must go and soon…Bolton wanderers crash at Hillsborough with a 1 …0 defeat against Sheffield Wednesday.

      1. Josephe okeefe

        Have you ever heard the expresion, less is more?

        You are all over every post like a rash. Sometimes, your posts are worth reading, but most are just self indulgent, rambling bullshit.

        “Well first thought comes to mind and I have no doubt that these councillors are as bad as described by wirrelittogeter ,he knows his patch better than us”.

        I am from the same patch as Wirral and I do not recognise some of the bull he comes out with in respect of some of the MPs and councillors. In his opinion, most are crap and in some cases that cannot be denied. Others are just trying to wade through this quagmire of deceipt and corruption best they can, as I was in 2017, at times not fully understanding what is happening. They may be not fully on board with shenanagens or the best way to counter it. Some are good people lost in a maze of corruption. Wirral’s experience and the resistnace he has encountered from the authorities can be demoralising and can corrode judgement and while he is entitled to his opinion, it’s just that. So let’s not extrapolate from that one opinion

        I suggest, if you don’t know what you are talking about (as you and others are falling over yourselves to denounce others, like the other resident troll Steve H for the same reasons) why not just give it a rest?

      2. Nemtona I comment,you comment….IF I no nothing about local councillors then I can only fall back on local knowledge and my experience of being a councillor amongst mainly right wing fellow councillors.Now why my comments upset you personally I do not know but I think I really don’t need your intervention to act as moderator on here because none of your warped comments on here have added any further information or enlightment on a very local issue only your personal comments about my posting which on this issue leads into nowhere but then again maybe you have your own personal problems which leads to your attack on me and helps to blow off steam here.IF you have nothing more on the subject then go and lay down in a darkened room and hope that maybe you might contribute a little bit of local knowledge next time and learn that attacking somone on the same team is a very futile and exercise in helping the right wing of the Labour party.Less is more with you thankyou mr mrs miz whoever you are.?

  4. Brian Kenny…

    Merseyide Fire and Rescue Authority’s committee chairman for Community Safety and Protection.

    …Who thought it’d be a good idea to have just TWO appliances covering the whole of the Wirral. An area of 60+ sq km and a population in excess of 320,000 people.

    When asked if he’d be attending the meeting about the removal of adequate cover he gave me the snottiest of replies without answering the question (sound familiar?).

    I’m surprised he didn’t tell me to get stuffed a-la de piffle.

    Lovely fella… As Paul says above, there’s only Paul Davies and Jo Bird worth their salt on that list. Kathy Miller I’m afraid I’m unaware of but if Paul vouches for her then that’ll do for me.

    1. “Nemtona” … Stop being anonymous. Stop being vague. Name that ‘bull’, whoever you are. Then I can deal with you”.

      Anonymous? From somebody calling themselves Wirral In It Together? Ok.

      And dealing with you sounds very much like a threat. For what? Not agreeing with you.

      Fuck off and try and bully somebody else.

      1. That’s a picture of me, mate, next to the name. I ain’t cowering out of sight, like you! And I wipe the floor with bullies. Even when they’re Council directors (×2). Which takes honesty. You didn’t explain what the ‘bull’ is.

        From Wirral, are ya, Mr Anonymous? Maybe you’re Cllr Steve Foulkes, the abuser? Who else would defend that kind of sickly behaviour in public…?

      2. So how many of them ARE you familiar with wirral, OR, *not* familiar with? Cheers

  5. kindest word I have ever heard about the gob shite Starmer is from George Galloway who said Starmer looks the type who tucks his shirt into his underpants.

    1. He nicked that from Steve Bell and his withering portrayal of John Major. Sorry Mac the Hat, but some of us have…memories.

  6. The right wildly responding but this is a revolt and means massive trouble come general election time. Whataboutary does not help. It’s the people of Merseyside who will have the last say with their votes and regardless of, he did, she did, they will respond to a Labour leader who embraces the S*n. Its not about ‘socialist my arse’ its about writing for a newspaper who the masses of Liverpool loath with a vengeance. it’s not about the motives and the behaviour of individual Councillors its about the mass consciousness of the people of Liverpool.

    1. Teeside Voice. I tried to like your comment but was unable to do so. You are absolutely right. It was bad enough to have this filthy rag at Conference but for the leader of the LABOUR party to contribute to it is unforgivable.

  7. Apart from those criminals identified by yourself a Councillor does
    not HAVE to be left wing to be disgusted by Starmers writing for
    the Sun .. It was not just the left wing who joined in with the
    outlawing of that Newspaper it was pretty mum h everyone.

    Call it an unexpected display of virtue.

    1. I agree with you, HolbyFanMw. I’m certain that the people of Liverpool could be of any political allegiance and still despise the scum rag and disgusted with the con artist MR keir “erik armrest” starmer writing for it.

  8. And yet there hasn’t been so much as a peep from the illeagle twins, or dame of blame angela’s partner in whinge mcgovern. All merseyside MPs, all smarmites.

    Res ipsa loquitor

  9. How do you dismantle the Labour Party? Lesson One get it to abandon its principles ie Socialism; Two expel anyone who challenges the leader (especially previous leaders)”anyone who disagrees with me is part of the problem & Three, alienate all traditional voters, especially the working class & concentrate on Tony Blair’s centre ground & Four, create division based on religion.

  10. The comments from the Liverpool Councillors was by far the most powerful of all the many critics of the knights behaviour over whats fast becoming “Scumgate” for the knight.The councillors actually said ” The Sun newspaper actually acussed the fans of sexually assaulting the bodys,robbing and urinating over the bodys. “.I had not actually heard of this before because I was not in the country and news in them days abroad was mainly the horrific pictures that were bad enough.The Liverpool Councillors rounded off by saying that the scum was not just a attack upon Liverpool,but an attack upon the whole “Working Class” . My memory is failing with old age but those comments will stick with me forever and also made me reflect on Bolton wanderers V…Sheffield Wednesday at Hillsborough yesterday with the knowledge that three thousand Bolton wanderers supporters from a typical working-class Town and how I would have felt to see them labeled in the crudest terms possible Rob,sexually assaulted,a dead person and urinated.on the body….Hard to believe and I believe it was an attack upon the whole Working-class people of Britain.Well done wirrel and well done Liverpool.and well done West Lancashire.we are proud of being working class.

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