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Starmer to ‘allow the S*n to report from Labour conference’ but not Socialist Appeal

Vilest Murdoch rag welcomed while left-wingers seeking a better country are barred, according to union leader

Keir Starmer’s Labour is to allow the reviled S*n newspaper to report from its annual conference beginning this weekend – but has barred the left magazine Socialist Appeal, according to BFAWU union president Ian Hodson.

Hodson, whose union may disaffiliate from Labour next week because of the party’s abuse toward him for his support for mistreated Labour members, tweeted his reaction to the news on Tuesday evening:

The rag is widely hated in the Labour movement – and across the city of Liverpool – for its abuses and smear, particularly toward the 97 victims of the Hillsborough disaster and their families and toward striking miners in the 1980s.

Starmer used weasel words to curry favour during his leadership campaign appearance in the city, when he said he would not be giving interviews during the campaign – and again when asked last year whether he would welcome the paper’s support, but is now apparently happy for the foul rag to have entry to and report from Labour’s conference in Brighton, having already put people on his front bench who have written for it.

He would get a very clear reaction if he tried that in Liverpool.

As Hodson observed, the Labour party under Keir Starmer is fundamentally diseased if it welcomes or even tolerates the ‘hate filled rag’ while left-wingers who simply want to create a better country – members as well as one left publication – are barred for political gain and out of political and moral cowardice and bankruptcy.

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  1. Hmmm, I didn’t expect this latest particular outrage. Will have 2 give everything fresh thought now.
    An open goal 4 the left, though when i first heard Zarah & met Dawn Foster RIP, i was not alone in lamenting the precious little VOCAL SUSTAINED solidarity with Hillsborough. Some of the MANY victims of SIR starmer’s DPP regime, for which he was gifted the trinket he said he loves “SIR”.

  2. Whether you like it or not there are a lot of Labour voters and potential Labour voters who read The Sun.

    1. Read? Gawping at printed lies ‘n footie ‘n racing results ain’t “reading”. Fuck ’em.

      p.s. General elections are rigged and have been for a long time, so who votes and how often doesn’t really matter these days.

      p.p.s. Zionist, Tory Labour needs to meet a quick, painful death – soonest – and not be “voted for”.

      1. It is surprising how similar the rhetoric is from the extremes.

      2. Spot on Wirral. Don’t let Starmer’s Chief Turd Polisher goad you. He’ll be out of a job soon.

    2. Rubbish. Nobody who’d even consider voting Labour gets most of their news from the Sun, and Labour can never gain votes by appeasing Murdoch.

      Labour isn’t going to get the votes of people who think the Hillsborough fans are to blame for their own deaths.

    3. If large numbers of Labour readers read “Der Sturmer,” would you be okay with Starmer and Evans letting their reporters into the Conference?

      1. But they don’t, so your attempt at some sort of silly false equivalence is nonsense.

      2. “But they don’t, so your attempt at some sort of silly false equivalence is nonsense.”

        No it isn’t, your response is nonsense, as you’re pretending to be too stupid to understand the point. (Of course they don’t read it today, Der Sturmer died out with Nazi Germany.)

        Your whole argument is that it’s accetpable to write for a hate-rag like the S*n because (you think) it has a lot of potential Labour voters. That is ENTIRELY an argument assuming that success alone entails justification, and therefore any principle can be compromised for it. What if Der Sturmer were still running today and being printed in the UK? Would you be okay with letting them into the party conference?

        Just answer, don’t make imbecilic dodges by saying, “They don’t.” We all know they don’t. It’s called a hypothetical.

        Where do you draw the line?

      3. Martin – Thanks for the invite but I draw the line at playing down hypothetical 🐰🕳️.

      4. As I say, you’ve completely taken me in with your cunning ploy, and the different name you’ve come up with has fooled me too.

      5. Martin – If only we were all as clever as you think you are
        Sorry about the typo.

      6. Yes yes, really brilliant rejoinder to distract from your evasion, magnificent diversionary efforts from a true master of fraud and deception.

      1. SteveH, look at how Keir’s behaving. He has turned into nothing but a petty tyrant and his only guiding princinple are “treat socialists like dirt and drag the party back to 1997”.

        Can you not see that it’s time for Keir to stop all this? That he’s doing nothing but damage?

        He doesn’t have to treat all left activists as the enemy and all core Labour values as expendable to win- and the polls prove that his tactic of waging endless war against his own party, while not fighting the Tories on anything but a few trivial side issues, is a complete failure.

        Unless you actually are paid to defend all this…why would you?
        What is to like in ANY of this?

  3. No matter how much Starmer crawls on his despicable belly, Starmer will never have the loyalty of sewer-press rags like Sun. Try as he will, and he will try very, very hard, he will never be right wing enough for them.

    Come the next GE, the Sun will tell its readership to vote Tory, as usual.

  4. Ever since keir “erik armrest” starmer became leader of the labour party I have said I will never vote for the party ever again.

    After reading this I will actively go out and campaign to encourage people to vote for any party other than labour.

      1. Tories – what you see is what you get. We know where Labour are going with this – a tory manifesto in red box

      2. charming64 – Come back and tell me all about it once you’ve read it.

  5. Such a betrayal of the people of Liverpool and their continuing fight for Justice for the Ninety-Seven.

    I’ll be interested to see if Starmer ever sets foot in Liverpool, again. Johnson hasn’t, for years. The nearest he’s got is The Wirral.

    Starmer, as you’d expect, dissembled – in Liverpool – during the leadership campaign.

    “I will never give an interview to the S*n newspaper – during this leadership contest.” *wild applause*

    That audience should have listened more carefully.

  6. It’s really about making a political and moral decision.
    The Sun is politically vile and shouldn’t be touched with a barge pole.
    Of course Left Wing Democratic Socialists as a political party (and you CAN politicise people) would not accept people as they are (fed crap all their lives by the Right Wing and Liberal media) and as we do this hopefully more would Dump the Sun!
    Last I heard the Sun was nearly £70m in debt but the rich and powerful find it a useful tool for trying to CON a significant number of people politically, so dreadful Right Wing Labour MPs by writing for it, actually legitimise it.
    Right Wing Labour puts out vapid leaflets to try to win just enough votes to take the power for themselves; they don’t want a politically conscious masses as they would be redundant!
    We Left Wing Democratic Socialists want to politicise the masses to empower them as citizens.
    And to build a society that serves diverse working people constructed WITH them, and not the status quo which serves the rich and powerful.
    Though some Right Wing commentators will scoff many of us try to politicise people every day by talking to them and campaigning ie against the £20 UC cut, a Left Wing (organised) Democratic Socialist Party could do more.
    Feck The Sun!

  7. Is there still time to get “Hillsborough 97 T-shirts printed for the conference?

  8. One thing is clear: No Labour leader who allows the Sun a booth at Labour conference can possibly be a socialist, or even different than the Tories in any way at all. The only people who read The Sun are people who have never had any non-reactionary views and can never be capable of having any.

    it’s not only an insult to the dead of Hillsborough- people whose loss Keir has now proven he couldn’t possibly care about- but it’s a failure as practical politics, since it cannot gain Labour a single votes.

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