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Standards Commissioner rejects right-winger Coyle’s complaint vs Corbyn

Neil Coyle had claimed Corbyn failed to declare relevant expenses in his parliamentary declaration. The Standards Commissioner says no

The Parliamentary Standards Commissioner has rejected notorious right-winger Neil Coyle’s complaint that Jeremy Corbyn had not declared donations he should have entered in the Register of Members’ Financial Interests.

Coyle had attempted to claim that legal support provided by the Unite union to Corbyn should have been declared, but the Commissioner agreed with Corbyn that the legal support was available to any member of Unite and was provided on that basis, rather than as any kind of donation to the former Labour leader as an MP – and accordingly rejected Coyle’s complaint in its entirety:

Coyle hit headlines last year when details of abusive messages he had sent to Corbyn were published. At the time he was sending them, he was being investigated by the party over bullying complaints. A little later in the year, Coyle tweeted in outrage about a statement by Socialist Campaign Group MPs demanding Corbyn’s reinstatement to the party whip.

However, in 2018 he was revealed to have been having drinks with the notorious right-winger who had been suspended by the party for tweeting about the rape and beheading of then-Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry.

In summer of this year, Coyle also drew criticism for calling for the proscription and automatic expulsion of left-wing Jews from the party. Members of the group in question have been shown to be as much as over 200 times more likely to be targeted by the right-wing Labour machine under Starmer sidekick David Evans.

Coyle was also the subject of a 2017 letter of rebuke signed by members who had campaigned to help get him re-elected – and had to apologise to a neighbouring Labour MP and her members – for his conduct.

Coyle’s failure represents the crash-and-burn of another right-wing attempt to discredit the former Labour leader. Last week, Panorama‘s John Ware was revealed to have abandoned an attempt to sue Corbyn over his comments about the programme’s impartiality and journalistic standards.

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  1. Let’s hope the voters of Bermondsey do the decent thing at the next election.

    1. I share that hope Goldbach!

      neil coyle is an extremely vile and nasty bastard, I wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire!

    2. Unfortunately he’s rock solid and even though he’s not universally loved by his electorate, there’s no one currently in place to remove him. Might be why he turned down an invitation to join CUK.

      1. besides which, wasn’t his predecessor Simon Hughes? The voters of Bermondsey and Old Southwark are probably delighted with Neil Coyle MP.

    3. ‘voters of Bermondsey’

      a constituent of coyle, i’ve angrily done the decent thing and left following his hate campaign against JC

  2. If Neil Coyle made a genuine mistake and made his complaint in good faith he should apologise to Jeremy.
    If he acted in bad faith i.e. maliciously then he should be disciplined for this and for bringing the party into disrepute.
    Neither of these things will happen of course. Neil Coyle like his right wing colleagues is without dignity or honour and can smear, undermine and demonise those on the Left, Jeremy in particular, with impunity.
    This is not the first time Jeremy has been targeted by Coyle who appears to harbour a deep and abiding and totally disproportionate hatred for him. I agree with Goldbach – I really hope the Bermondsey electorate kick Coyle out at the next election. They deserve better than this truly awful man

      1. If he stands again then an Independent Labour candidate must stand against him. Even a Tory has to be better than this scum. Better your enemy on the outside than in your midst.

  3. First Ive heard precisely about the Corbyh vs Evans Case ..though
    I knew he was invoking the law ..and I can guess what It is about.

    I suppose it is not possible to let us know the state vis a vis … ?

    Whatever ..!
    Well all power as they say ..

  4. Oh! Unlucky, coyle. 😏

    As for point 20, I’d have told him to sod off and stop wasting my time, rather than thank him for bringing the matter to my attention.

    Coyle needs to put a crack on his face and make his arse jealous. Can’t recall ever seeing him smile.

    1. 🙂 Point 20 – was – Parliamentary language for :

      ‘Now, f*ck off and stop wasting my time!’

      You know what they’re like – courteous to a fault.

  5. They have now moved on to JVL – who have had to start crowd funding ..
    I did not crowd fund Corbyn since he seemed to be doing OK –
    so I have donated a small amount to JVL.

    It seems that “money talks” in the New Labour Party

    Bullying Rules OK

  6. As a Unite member …. I can only say:
    – – – – – – – “ALL THE SWEETER” – – – – – – – –

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