Dear Keir: if asked whether you want the Scum’s support, the right answer is ‘no’

At least if you want to be welcome in the city where Labour holds its conference every couple of years

Labour leader Keir Starmer’s dire Channel 4 interview included the question whether he would welcome support from the rag known to many as the Scum, especially for its lies about the victims of the Hillsborough tragedy and its appalling bigotry. Starmer dodged the question by saying he want ‘as many people to endorse the Labour Party as possible’:

No, Keir – the answer is ‘no’.

Liverpool – joined by some other places – has banned that foul rag and Labour’s annual conference is held in the city every other year. If you want to be welcome there, you don’t welcome the endorsement of the Scum, not even in mealy-mouthed weasel terms.

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  1. Greasy, slimy, prevaricating wimp.
    Get out of the way,I want my fucking Party back.

    1. What’s a fucking Party? I still have a T shirt in Gaelic that says ‘I still fucking hate Thatcher, it does not say I still hate fucking Thatcher’. There is a difference.

  2. True colour finally shinning through. Obviously KS does not have appreciation or understanding of the word struggle.The history of the exploitation of power that the Murdoch corporation exerts in creating a false narratives is well documented, it’s astonishing that the LOTO has so detached from Labour heartlands ❤️.
    HOLE becoming deeper and deeper.

    1. “Obviously KS does not have appreciation or understanding of the word struggle….” – SM (above)

      Or the word ‘class’, or else he would not be contorting every fibre of his being(and his newly-acquired Party) to make himself and said Party indistinguishable from the party of Capital.

      Keith Starmer is a dangerous leader of Labour, but we will outlast him – and his enablers – in Labour.

      1. You say…” Keith (sic) Starmer is a dangerous leader, but we will outlast him – and his enablers- in Labour…” . the delusion of the constantly defeated, but ever hopeful gormlessly ineffective Labour Left in a nutshell, qwertboi !

        Since its creation in 1906 the utterly timidly mildly reformist, monarchy and British imperialism/colonialism-supporting, Labour Party has had only THREE mildly Leftish leaders, George Lansbury, Michael Foot and Jeremy Corbyn. All of them were stunningly ineffective in shifting the Party from its utterly ‘Reserve Party of UK capitalism and imperialism, line of march by one iota. The mythical ‘great reforming socialist era of Labour’ – ie, under Attlee’s short-lived post WW2 government , remember – under under the viciously RIGHT WINGER Attlee, was more to do with stabilising UK capitalism via mass nationalisation, and ‘quietening down’ the UK working class in the initial postwar period when too many of them had recent military experience, and seeing off the ideological threat of the Soviet Union’s propaganda image of ‘Communism’, than anything actually transformationally radically socialist. At the same time as Attlee was creating the NHS he was arming Greek fascists to smash the Greek Left, and building the UK atom bomb, and working hand in glove with French and US imperialism to ensure the postwar world stayed capitalist (even as the British Empire deflated year on year like a rotten pumpkin). .

        The ENTIRE history of the Labour Party is one utterly dominated by the corrupt, status-quo supporting, Labour Right and their equally corrupt trade union baron, bloc-vote toting allies. The Labour Left has always been easily outmanoeuvred by the Right and at every crunch moment of Right v Left conflict has been gripped by a profound cowardice at taking on the Right. You are simply asking yet more generations of naive socialists to waste their time actually campaigning to put into Labour seats more opportunist careerist scumbags like Kier Starmer. Those staying inside the Labour party now, after the utter defeat , without any real resistance at all, of the hopes of the ‘Corbyn Surge of 2015 to 2019, are simply gullible and sad , not as they like to think – heroic stoical fighters for socialism.

        No matter how difficult it proves to build, a new radical Left Party is the only way forward. Unfortunately the existing tiny ranks of the incestuous ‘radical Left’, inside and outside of Labour, is so full of ageing middle class sectarians and fruitloops that any such new Left Party would have to deliberately exclude most of those hopeless middle class, EU-loving, unlimited Freedom of Movement-demanding, identity politics obsessed , ‘Corbynista activist Left’ or it would go down exactly the same barren middle-class-bubble dead end that past initiatives like Respect and Left Unity went down.

      2. jpenney, for what it’s worth I agree with much of what you say but when it comes to pinpointing one of the major reasons for the catastrophe we are now witnessing, you suffer from a classic case of cognitive dissonance. You know quite well that it was Zionists and their adherence to the racism of Zionism which was a major reason for Jeremy Corbyn’s defeat but because you are a defender of Zionism, you will not say so.

        If a radical left Party did emerge from the wreckage, as you no doubt wish, it would condemn Zionism outright for being the racist doctrine it is. Where would you be then? answer: continuing your one man crusade, at war with yourself.

      3. I always enjoy reading your posts jpenney and usually agree with much of them, but on today’s I differ with you (and some of the points you make) on two issues:

        1 – I believe the ONLY way to deliver socialist measures and economics is through DEMOCRATIC (elected) means, as such;

        2 – Until our billionaire press and FPTP electoral system are reformed so that socialist policies are achievable, then, for all its deficiencies and inadequacies, the Labour Party is, I believe, the only vehicle through which policies for the many can be affected.

        So yes, I take your accusation on naivety (and worse) on the chin, commit my efforts to making socialists both through education and a better (socialist) news media and by championing electoral reform to replace FPTP and, even though it can like now feel retrogressive when charlatans like Keith Stomo and his centrists supporters assume control of the PLP, dedicate my efforts to the Labour movement. (FWIW, since Jeremy’s replacement by the knighted leader, I will NEVER campaign for any incumbent or candidate who is not endorsable by the SCG).

      4. Dearie me, a troll at it again, with the deliberate diversionary, ” watch that squirrel” stuff ! JackT, that tiresome resident purveyor of that perennial distraction of the limited issue Left’ of ‘Zionism’. Rightly or wrongly, the potential mass working class members and voters for a radical Left Party don’t in the main give a flying fuck about the entirely niche issue of Israel/Palestine or ‘Zionism’, or any of the other huge issues of global oppression, like the ongoing pogrom of the Burmese/Myanmar Muslim Minority, or the mass incarceration of China’s Muslim minority , or the current ongoing life and death struggle of the Kurds in Turkey and Syria . But then today’s middle class limited issue obsessed ‘Left’ also don’t care about any group of oppressed Muslims but the relatively few ones in Palestine either !

        JackT and his fellow paid constant trolls just raise the niche issue of ‘Zionism’ (with no explanation of what this really means- it is actually a very complex, nuanced, topi,c historically and currently – to all but naive ultralefts and Nazis who each hold to very different, but equally crude, interpretations of the term and context) ) at every turn, because, a) Jack appears himself to be a rabid conspiraloon anti-Semite on the ‘Zionism’ issue, and b), the tiny middle class UK Left are so easily distracted by an issue that is of no relevance whatsoever to the current need to build a radical mass Left Party which actually focusses on the bread and butter economic issues millions of working class people will relate to and rally around.

        And lastly, ignore the smearing bollocks of Jack T and his fellow distractive Trolls, I personally have exactly the same ultra-critical position on Israel and its policies as Jeremy Corbyn, The PLO, the UN, and the Labour Party, and most world governments, which does not make any of them, or myself, ‘Zionists’ in the daft blanket sense the ‘Zionist conspiracy’ peddlers like Jack T would like to promote to distract the Left. Only a few obsessed ultralefts, and the clerico-fascists of Hezbollah, Daesh and Hamas, and the fascistic theocracy of Iran, has Jack T’s pernicious position on Israel and ‘Zionism’.

      5. Bad Penny
        You make a lot of valid points on the fundamental weakness in the Labour party, starting again with the chosen few whoever’s they are is not an option
        I see the younger generation coming through and they are sound, the internal report is the game changer, it’s a straight fight for the soul of the party between left and right
        I see Chris Williamson as the bridge between JC and the younger generation, it’s our duty to clear the path for them

      6. jpenney, your ill tempered response is a typical Zionist reply i.e. don’t look at us, look at them, Zionism is complex, criticism of Zionism is anti-Semitic etc, etc.

        I don’t see all those other oppressed groups you mentioned forming political groups such as the LFI and the JLM within the Labour Party to undermine anyone who criticises the racist activities of Israel. Nor do I see their embassies providing funds to take down British MPs.

        There is absolutely nothing decent or good about Zionism, it is out and out racism nothing nuanced about it.

        As Norman Finkelstein the Jewish historian and anti-Zionist said, because debates about Zionism are silenced, the majority of the public and even many Jews do not know the aims and implications of Zionism. Do you?

      7. In his 7.07pm Reply to jpenny Jack T says the following:

        ‘You know quite well that it was Zionists and their adherence to the racism of Zionism which was a major reason for Jeremy Corbyn’s defeat…..’

        The thing is Jack, that but for the MSM conspiring with the JLM and the CAA and LAA et al, their A/S smear campaign against Jeremy and his allies and the left membership would have been totally ineffective. And as I keep saying in response to your infantile ‘white flag man’ propaganda tag (what with you being a paid shill) AND your endless repetition (Repetition being a favourite technique of black propagandists) of your falsehood in relation to Jeremy appeasing his enemies – and I’ll spell it out for you nice and big for yo – that:


        But what *I* find very odd Jack is THIS: What are you doing posting comments on a Jeremy Corbyn-supporting website/blog when you think so badly of him AND regard him as weak and cowardly for appeasing his enemies and not ‘fighting back’ AND not sticking up for Ken and Jackie and Chris etc, AND ditto Jennie Formby. Doesn’t make sense to me – as with a few other posters on here – who have ALSO repeated the same things time and time and time again. Care to explain?

        And just out of interest, WHEN did you first arrive at this conclusion – ie the view – that Jeremy was appeasing the smearers?

        PS A couple of days ago I just happened to check out the wikipedia entry for The Sun and, as such, put a few extracts from it together ready to post on here at an appropriate time. We ALL know about their vile and despicable demonisation of the Liverpool fans re The Hillsborough disaster, but there’s reams of other stuff. Please see down the bottom of the comments.

      8. Allan Howard, the aptly named White Flag Man. It may surprise you to know that I don’t hang on your every word. Nevertheless you, as the self appointed gate keeper of the SB blog appear to have some objection to me expressing my disappointment in Jeremy Corbyn, a man who was potentially the best PM we could have had, not being willing to stick up himself or his friends when they needed his support. If I feel disappointed, just imagine how they feel!

    2. The Knight attended one of the poshest private schools in Surrey,even the snobs couldn’t afford the fees.And we never saw any interst from him whilst I was a councillor and vice chair of Reigate CLP.And also the family showed no interest whatsoever.and none were members.How does he appear out of nowhere and rise to the hights of Labour leader…. Follow the money 💰💰💰.

  3. Poor Keith is f****d I’m afraid. He needs remain voters if he wants to become PM and he also needs the so called red wall who voted leave. His advisers are no doubt hoping they, and a helpful Tory press, can sufficiently influence northern voters to imagine the reason they voted Tory was because they didn’t like Corbyn so Keith won’t mention Brexit unless we leave without a deal. His only hope now is that the economy is so bad that he will be elected by default at the next election. However, his performance in Darlington was so bad I doubt people will even remember his name.

      1. Keith? It’s goy for Schmiel.. (and it leaves the name of a founder of Labour’s name untarnished by a Blaire Mark 3 (Mark 2 was Cameron))

      2. Yes Keith Starmer…. pronounced him Stoma.

      3. Keith Starmer… pronounced Keith Stoma.

  4. That Starmer got so owned by such a mediocre journalist tells us everything we need to know about the likely shelf-life of his Leadership!

    1. I believe David ( International rescue) milliband is the blairites most wanted. The true natural successor to tony bliar in the right wings mind. Starmer is interim leader , just a shoe in until manoeuvres are complete. The man starmer has fear of being found out in his eyes, not a natural lier to hold leadership for long? Where as david i believe was being nurtured by tony and at some point the fact he has worked for a charity will be the mask of acceptance that he is the messiah to save labour.. International rescue (I always think of thunderbirds when i hear its name) are go for the puppet masters ? Just maybe ?

      1. That’s a pretty astute analysis, stephen. And I suppose David M is in the Scott Tracey role, with strings you can barely see! 😉

  5. The S”N a rag then now and forever. Starmer the stupid strikes again. With him in charge we are all doomed.

  6. How much further can the party sink under his leadership. So it was fine while out campaigning to refuse to be interviewed by the paper. Now he’s successfully manoeuvred himself as leader is there any commitment he made during that time going to be kept?

    1. “is there any commitment he made during that time going to be kept?”
      No. None. Zero. Nada. Nil.

      1. I fear you’re right. I must have been a fool for believing he was going to keep many of the manifesto policies. At least I wasn’t that taken in by him. I voted for Rebecca, Richard and Dawn

      2. I voted Richard & RBL. Keith Starmer is no surprise to me. His record is despicable. He is a dreadful lump of something Thatcher excreted … Blair.

  7. So a second rate hack gets to ask the question no CLP can
    Was it a political decision to pay off Cockwombles

  8. ….. These years included what was called “spectacularly malicious coverage” of the Labour Party by The Sun and other newspapers. During the general election of 1983, The Sun ran a front page featuring an unflattering photograph of Michael Foot, then aged almost 70, claiming he was unfit to be Prime Minister on grounds of his age, appearance and policies, alongside the headline “Do You Really Want This Old Fool To Run Britain?”[53] A year later, in 1984, The Sun made clear its enthusiastic support for the re-election of Ronald Reagan as president in the USA. Reagan was two weeks off his 74th birthday when he started his second term, in January 1985.

    On 1 March 1984, the newspaper extensively quoted an American psychiatrist claiming that British left-wing politician Tony Benn was “insane”, with the psychiatrist discussing various aspects of Benn’s supposed pathology. The story, which appeared on the day of the Chesterfield by-election in which Benn was standing, was discredited when the psychiatrist quoted by The Sun publicly denounced the article, describing the false quotes attributed to him as “absurd”. The Sun had apparently fabricated the entire piece. The newspaper made frequent scathing attacks on what the paper called the “loony left” element within the Labour Party[55] and on institutions supposedly controlled by it. Ken Livingstone, the leader of the left-wing Greater London Council, was described as “the most odious man in Britain”[56] in October 1981.

    During the miners’ strike of 1984–85, The Sun supported the police and the Thatcher government against the striking NUM miners, and in particular the union’s president, Arthur Scargill. On 23 May 1984, The Sun prepared a front page with the headline “Mine Führer” and a photograph of Scargill with his arm in the air, a pose which made him look as though he was giving a Nazi salute. The print workers at The Sun refused to print it.

    In January 1988 the Sun described Chris Mullin’s efforts on behalf of the wrongly convicted Birmingham Six as being “Loony MP Backs Bomb Gang” and “If the Sun had its way, we would have been tempted to string ‘em up years ago”

    On 22 September 2003, the newspaper appeared to misjudge the public mood surrounding mental health, as well as its affection for former world heavyweight champion boxer Frank Bruno, who had been admitted to hospital, when the headline “Bonkers Bruno Locked Up” appeared on the front page…..

    On 17 April 2015, The Sun’s columnist Katie Hopkins called migrants to Britain “cockroaches” and “feral humans” and said they were “spreading like the norovirus”

    And the entry finishes by saying this:

    In April 2020 News UK instructed ABC that its circulation data should be kept private, and would only be shared with advertising agencies in confidence.

    1. So did the EHRC condemn Katie Hopkins and The Sun? No, of course they didn’t. Here’s an article by Mike Sivier on his voxpolitical blog that he posted in March:

      ‘Is EHRC too busy scrabbling for anti-Semitism in Labour to bother with obvious Tory Islamophobia?’

      And now we see that the EHRC is trying to squirm out of handling 300 documented cases of Islamophobia – in the Conservative Party.

      According to the Mirror, the dossier handed to the EHRC – by the Muslim Council of Britain – contains information about 16 Conservative MPs, one MEP, nine election candidates and 183 party members.

      The MCB also condemns the Conservative Party’s failure to suspend MP Daniel Kawczynski after he spoke at an event alongside far-right leaders, and for failing to take action on MP Karl McCartney, who shared Islamophobic and anti-Semitic social media content by Tommy Robinson and Katie Hopkins.

      1. PS And as I’ve said on a few occasions, the EHRC is run and controlled by Tories and IS, as such, totally corrupt. And as Chris Williamson said recently:

        ‘It would appear that, far from being an ‘equalities watchdog’, the EHRC has become a right-wing attack dog.’


        Taking on the EHRC (Please donate something if you can)

  9. Has anyone contacted the big working class celeb who endorsed and supported waxman Starmer, Ricky Tomlinson, how he feels about his man wanting the scum to endorse him ?

    1. Ricky Tomlinson…….wasn’t he once a member of the National Front?

      1. ……..apologies Eric; my last comment was a cheap shot.

  10. I was @ Hillsborough & still have the front page of the Murdoch ‘Sun’ on my living room wall, lest we forget. The ‘Truth’ is a word I seldom use without thinking of that headline. The last time I saw Keir Starmer; Lisa Nandy & RLB in the flesh (so to speak) was at the leadership selection hustings in Liverpool & I kept wondering at the time, about ‘the Truth’ being the first casualty of war in the Labour Party.

    It seems that politicians cannot be truthful as their ‘dark art’ is to become ‘the Everyman’…… all things to all people. Conviction politicians, whose beliefs do not conform to establishment mainstream ideologies are marginalised & ridiculed (see Chris Williamson). No platform; no voice, politics by MSM.

    As Bob Dylan once sang “don’t ask me nothin’ about nothin’, I just might tell you the truth”. Sir Keir Starmer’s lips are moving again. The casualties of politics are to be seen in Yemen & Palestine as British politicians sell arms throughout the world without criticism, as Julian Assange remains in jail…..Sir Keir!

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