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Video: Merseyside delegate cheered as she demands to know why the S*n allowed at conference

Delegates unite in disgust at presence of ‘lying Tory rag’ – but Beckett’s chairing is abysmal

Emma Whitby of Sefton Central CLP spoke compellingly for hundreds of thousands on Merseyside – and more further afield – when she spoke at Labour’s conference today and demanded to know why ‘lying Tory rag’ the S*n was being allowed to operate there.

The ‘Scum’, as it is usually referred to here, lied about Hillsborough victims, miners and others and has run grossly racist and homophobic headlines and regurgitated far-right conspiracy theories, to name just a few of its abuses.

Yet it has been welcomed to the Labour conference and as Emma Whitby was to find out, the party’s excuses for doing so are as watery and mealy-mouthed as could be:

Margaret Beckett, who was chairing the session, has been heavily criticised for her arrogant and high-handed management of the event. A glimpse of why is seen in her response to the justified outrage of Labour delegates, which she clearly saw as an annoyance to brush past and move on, with no understanding for the depth of feeling and the truth it conveyed.

The idea that the S*n should be welcomed with open arms in Brighton – which Labour admitted it would not dare do in Liverpool – shows all the spinelessness and triangulation that has turned the party into a hollowed-out shell in just a year and a half.

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  1. Fantastic comments from Emma, proud to say she is a comrade. A lesson to all delegates not to let the platform intimidate them.

    1. They’re likely already planning to suspend her on false accusations of antisemitism. And SteveH will say he doesn’t have enough information to question it.

      1. Indeed. I am all for free speech and heated debate, but it is so tedious having to wade through his relentless ‘provide a link’ ‘more information’ comments, and I do wonder why anyone engages with him?

    2. Becketts’s attitude to the conference as a disgrace and she refuse to let the leadership answer the point.

  2. Emma Whitby for a brief moment had them by the Sir John Halls
    She could have asked Temporary Embarrassment if he approved then Angela Rayner then asked for a hands up from the audience
    Disrupt and undermine them is the least we can do this week

  3. What sort of message are we sending out to our brothers and sisters in Merseyside when we allow the S*n, a filthy rag, to pollute our Conference.
    I and others have previously posted lists of the groups Starmer has alienated- people who are Muslim, BAME, people of Kashmiri and Irish descent, people who are LGBT+. We can now add Liverpudlians to that list.

      1. Gbeebies is useful for two things.

        1) Laughs.
        2) A barometer.

        It’s showing us the direction of both the country and labour. Not that labour isn’t showing us also.

        I see in the news that the government is about to stiff the Chinese on the Hinckley deal. With the French (possible compo for sub fiasco?).

        Do think Starmers labour would do the same to the Chinese?

    1. What else do you expect from the useless servants from the cult of new Labour 2.0 an ideology of care and socialism?

      Nope, they worship the right wing gods of Money, power and control. Where the goal is to be top dog and do and say anything to get there!

      1. I would normally say please criticise the woman’s handling of the issue and not her appearance, but on this occasion can only concur!

      2. Got a face on it like a bulldog licking piss off a nettle….

      3. Julia, I would not normally use that sort of language but I too believe on this occasion it was warranted.

  4. Murdoch has succeeded in damaging the prospects of all working class people and their children and grandchildren in the UK, helped along by Kinnock, Blair, Brown, Miliband and now Starmer.

  5. The first time I came across skwawkbox was when I was putting a leaflet together about a fake survey in the Sun, concocted and designed to have their readers believe that they – junior doctors, who were taking industrial action at the time – were hypocrites:

    ‘Survey shows 93% of junior doctors would back a fully privatised health service if it meant a pay increase’

    Huge number of medics would support the end of the NHS in its current form if they saw a ‘substantial’ wage increase

    The findings came in a secret questionnaire of 9,500 junior and student doctors.

    The survey — composed by a medic from Hull — asked them about the NHS, the new contract and potential future strike action.

    A medic from Hull! Oh, right, but it was a ‘secret questionnaire’ you see, so THAT would explain why the Sun didn’t mention the name of the person!! Yep, so a complete stranger comes up to you and asks you if you would back a fully privatised health service if it meant a big pay increase…… and the vast majority of the 9,500 junior and student doctors said ‘Yes’.

    There are no depths to which the fascists at the Sun will not sink!

      1. Sickening for Evans to mention his brother’s bullying, since only left-wingers oppose bullying and nobody who wants the Left crushed has ever cared about it.

    1. Was this survey conducted on a golf course because it couldn’t have been taken in a GP’s Surgery?

  6. I don’t know if Steve Walker mentioned this particular tidbit in his extensive coverage of the conference today, but here it is anyway:

    Earlier, Labour’s new general secretary David Evans – an ally of Keir Starmer who has faced opposition from the Labour left – faced heckles of “Oh Jeremy Corbyn!” as he asked members why they joined the party.

    He had asked the crowd: “Everybody remembers why they joined Labour. What was it for you?”

    In reply, some members began to chant “Oh Jeremy Corbyn!” and shouted out the former leader’s name as the reason they joined the party.

    Facing down the hecklers, Mr Evans continued: “For me it was seeing my brother Rob, who has a learning disability, being bullied.

    I have little doubt that Evans contrived what he said so that he could wind up left-wingers attending the conference – ie get in the ‘being bullied’ bit! AND amuse the Blairites attending the conference at the same time!!

    But that’s fascist psychopaths for you!

    1. I don’t think the message could be clearer, do you?

      Solidarity with Liverpool. Friends don’t let friends read the s*n!

  7. The Sun doesn’t have to have a double stall at conference for it to cover the conference and it is useless to have the Sun cover conference at all, since no one who reads the sun will ever again vote anything but Tory- there’s no such thing as a Sun-reading Labour or swing voter and never has been.

  8. The conference is effectively over….its only bluster from now on. and mourning of what if and the past.The only vote you have now is with your feet and your money…I could give a lodgical explanation of why you must break your addiction of being a member of the Labour party but its already been said by me and others.Stay and fight but I think we all know that its not just the leadership and management thats lacking in a moral compass,its the whole so called Opposition party from the Top to a substantial number of the members who capitulated over many the ideas of the broad church brigade.Talk Talk…but without the walk walk its just another form of capitulation until Evans and the Labour party put you out of your misery with the tag of AS fanatic and a racist on your backsides.

    1. Joe, you can’t ‘capitulate’ to a broad church, and you are spouting complete and utter gobbledygook garbage, like you so often DO! But you just lurve to keep the ‘broad church’ putdown going don’t you, eh!

      Jokeefe knows damn well that such terms were used for public consumption, and you’d have to be really REALLY thick and dumb as fuck to think and believe that Jeremy and Co actually believed there could ever be any unity between the Blairites and the socialist MPs. Of course they didn’t! Jeremy spent most of his life as an MP voting AGAINST the policies of the right-wingers in the party!

      But Joe will just go on repeating his falsehoods of course, just as he HAS since he first started posting on here.

      1. Well in a sense Joe is correct in that if the purpose of the Conference was to introduce
        Starrner to the general public and put him in a better light – then it has dismally failed

        It IS over so far as Starmer is concerned.

        However the rest of the Labour Party might have more interesting things to say .. and I
        for one will stay in it in the hope we get a proper Labour Government headed up by
        Dawn Butler – a WOMAN

      2. Reply to HolbyFanMw
        I am not able to attend Conference owing to ill health but I have been following it as closely as I can from my home. However I am a bit unclear about the electoral reforms
        As I understand it they are going to propose that MPs need 20% of the PLP to challenge the leader. If I am right about this and its carried there is no possibility we could get Dawn or any other Left MP in this parliament so we are likely to be led to disaster in the next election by one of the Dinosaurs on the right- doesn’t matter which, they are all basically the same.

      3. Oh, I see Holby, so you somehow think that it’s possible to capitulate to a ‘broad church’. Needless to say, your response is just MORE gobbledygook rubbish.

  9. Just listened to this and note he says OUR responsibilities – as if
    he alone worries about them?

    “OUR” responsibility Mr Evans is supposed to be to tackle antisemitism
    and in this we agree with EHRC in that discussing the report should be

    It should also be about stating the problem correctly – that
    one in 10 thousand (the scale of antisemitism s measured by actual
    numbers) is much less than one third (the scale of antisemitism
    as put about by MSM.

    Of course the irony is – after no-platforming a whole group of the Jewish
    community – you then proceed to first of all threaten, then
    expel then from the Labour Party without appeal.

    1. I still don’t know what anti-Semitism is? Is a hatred of Jews or a hatred of apartheid states?

      1. Steve Richards, all you need to remember, is antiSemitism is anything which upsets Zionists such as this:

        Human Rights Defenders
        “Judge to Police: “Waving a Palestinian flag does not constitute a criminal offence”

        On September 24th, during the weekly protest in Sheikh Jarrah, four protesters were violently arrested by Israeli police for waving Palestine flags.”

  10. Quite correct Holby fan mw……and what are you doing up and about although I must say you make a few good points even at this early hours in the UK.Well done ✔and solidarity with what is becoming a increasingly international fight against neo liberalism.

  11. Enjoy a rare victory in the humiliation of Starmer by the unions and the response of the toilet paper press on the appalling plans of the knight just hours before his big ideas “to teach the left a front of the media and a nationwide audience.Now Big Red” a women scorned enters the Arena and the fight begins for the leadership of the Labour party.Pigs in a trough “and the rutting and degenerates close in on the knight of the realm and his not so loyal misfits.

  12. I doubt keef’ll be planning on bringing conference to Liverpool again while he’s Fuhrer (Not that he’ll last long if they actually do have any sense about them).

  13. Greetings from Liverpool Sir Keir. I cannot tell you how much we look forward to next year’s Labour Party Conference, where the Sun will shine out of your ar..

  14. The Sun is vile.
    Apparently it is nearly £70m in debt but the rich & powerful (aided it seems by Right Wing Labour MPs?) is kept afloat as a useful propaganda tool to con some diverse working people.
    Breaking New! Starmer & Right just win on rule changes to make Leader candidates need 20% backing of MPs to be nominated, and making it harder to de-Select Labour MPs (Right Wing Labour MPs want a job for life?) oh and thanks to Right Wing unions like Unison (against internal democratic advice?) stabbing Labour members and the diverse working class in the back?
    A massive redistribution of power to Labour’s Right Wing elite – and note the rule changes were put forward top down and did not come from below.
    Are some still gonna leaflet and canvass and work for these Right Wing political turds?
    The Day The Labour Party Died – Part 2.
    Time for a new Left Wing Democratic Socialist Party for those who have the courage.

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